Marking Samsung Tvs

Marking Samsung Tvs

From the Samsung TV’s markings, you can find out some technical information about the model. All manufacturers do this, and Samsung has encrypted the technical data in the designation.

For example, take the model UE43KU6400U (2016 Samsung TV). As you can see, the marking consists of a set of letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers, each of the letters and numbers carries some kind of information.

Samsung TV labeling on the label

The first letter denotes the screen manufacturing technology:

  • Q. QLED screen on quantum dots;
  • U. LCD screen with LED backlight;
  • K. OLED screen (not available today);

Since 2016, the screens of all Samsung TVs have been built on liquid crystal matrices. In 2017, QLED screens were introduced. the best in the lineup.

The second letter indicates the continent of distribution:

  • E. Europe;
  • N. North and South America;
  • A. Asia, Africa, Australia.

The first two digits indicate the size of the diagonal of the screen in inches.

After the size is a letter indicating the year of manufacture:

  • NU / N / Q N. 2018;
  • MU / M / Q. 2017;
  • KS / KU. 2016;
  • JS / JU. 2015;
  • HU / H. 2014;
  • F. 2013;
  • E. 2012.

After the year of release, there may be another letter:

  • U. means Ultra HD (4K),
  • S. means SUHD (it was only until 2017, since 2017 not), so Samsung means its best TVs, they come with a resolution of 4K.

If after the designation of the year of release there are no more letters, it means a Full HD screen, this applies to LED screens.

All QLED models come with 4K resolution (Ultra HD).

Next are the numbers for the series and subseries. Information about the series is important for the buyer; in different series, the characteristics vary greatly. Usually there are series from the 4th to the 9th. Subseries do not affect parameters so much. The last two digits refer to the design, there is no exact decoding for buyers.

At the end there may be letters indicating the type of tuner and country of destination.

The tuner is indicated by two or one letter:

  • AW (W). DVB-T / C, may be indicated by a single letter W;
  • AK (K). DVB-T2 / C, may be designated K;
  • AB (B). DVB-T2 / C / S2, since 2014 AU (U) has been used;
  • AT (T). 2 x DVB-T2 / C / S2

There are other lettering for tuners, but they are used in other countries.

The destination region is marked with two letters, and in front of them may be the letter X, which means that the model is mass-produced.

  • XRU. Russia;
  • XUA. Ukraine;
  • XCS. Kazakhstan;
  • XBT. Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia);
  • Xxh. Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and so on).