Making A Screenshot Is Easier Than Saying One-Two-Three!

Making A Screenshot Is Easier Than Saying One-Two-Three!

Take a screenshot to save the information that is currently on the screen of your iPad or iPhone? Easily! There are several ways to do this. Check them out, choose the most convenient option for yourself and go on to save all the necessary information.

Built-in Features

It is possible that you don’t want to understand the programs, and you need screenshots only to save information, and not to edit the images later. Then you can recommend using the standard tools that are already embedded in the operating system of your iPad or iPhone.

The quality of the pictures will be no worse than if you used some specially designed program to take screenshots. The built-in features of the iPad software allow you to make the screen as sharp and clear as possible.

The screen will be saved as an image. And then, you can transfer it to a computer, share it on social networks, exchange it in instant messaging programs or drop it to someone by e-mail.

IPad Screenshot:

What needs to be done to get a photo of the screen as a picture?

  1. Display the website, message, map, or what you want to save as a screenshot on the iPad screen.
  2. Find the Home button.
  3. Find the lock button. She’s the On / Off / Sleep / Wake button.
  4. And now we press Home and without releasing it, we press the lock button once. In theory, you should hear a fairly characteristic sound for the camera. In addition, your iPad’s screen will blink, indicating that the image has been saved.
  5. We open the photo application, find our screenshots, masterfully made with one movement of the hand and enjoy!
  6. Well, if you still need to edit the screen image: crop the area, add a signature, then we turn to some program.

Screenshot on iPhone:

Here, things are the same as with the iPad. In order to just take a screenshot, you need to perform similar actions.

  1. Open the desired image or load a web page.
  2. Find and click the Home button. Without releasing it, once we press the button responsible for locking the screen.
  3. A distinctive click is heard and the saved image is moved to the folder with your phone photos ands. By default, this is the camera folder.

Program selection

In order to make a screen with an iPad or iPhone, you can use one of the specialized programs. Below we will consider the capabilities of the most popular.

The Joxi program is an application that saves all your screenshots in the cloud storage. They will be stored there for as long as you need it. Because only the owner can remove them.

You can send screenshots taken on your favorite iPhone to the network, instantly share the received images on social networks, through instant messaging programs or e-mail.

In addition, thanks to Joxy, you can send both one screenshot and several at once. Sending can be done at your discretion: in the source or placed in one archive.

In addition to the fact that you can instantly take a screenshot on your gadget, the program makes it possible to edit it right away. Agree, this is convenient when you can immediately add a signature, indicate with the arrow or underlining the most important information in the image or give a comment.

Easy, intuitive Joxi service will help you quickly and accurately edit the resulting image. Working on the iPad in this program is a real pleasure. With one move of your fingers, you can move the borders of the screen if for the first time they did not suit you.

With an already drawn arrow, you can change the length, thickness or direction. And then, when editing is complete, the finished image in 2 seconds will be sent to the “cloud”. And then you will get a link to the uploaded photo.

This program combines many advantages:

  • Easy to make a screen;
  • Conveniently edit the picture;
  • Third-party resources and applications are not needed;
  • Icon for Joxi cloud storage. on the desktop;
  • The program is fast and flexible.

ScreenshotMaker Pro

With this program, you can take a screenshot of the entire screen, an arbitrary area, or save a screen of only the active window.

Formats for saving to choose from:.png.jpg.gif or.bmp. Where to save. you also decide by writing the address of the directory for storage yourself.

If you need to make a series of screenshots on an iPhone or iPad, the Auto Screenshot function will help in the implementation of the plan. Screenshots will be taken at the required time interval. It is possible to select an interval that is less than 1 second. There is also a spy mode.

You can use the function that allows you to cut out a specific portion of the screen (the pipette function), you can scale the screenshot, add a comment with macros to it. The program interface is clear and easy to manage.

As you can see, making a screenshot is very simple. And it doesn’t matter what you use: the program or the built-in features. The main thing is that all the necessary information is now at your fingertips.