Make a computer screen on Windows.

How to make a screenshot of a screen on a computer or laptop

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The screenshot of the screen is a picture of a certain area of ​​the display or the entire desktop. It may be needed if it is necessary to demonstrate the capabilities of the program, show a problem when contacting technical support or fix the contents of the page of the site. Sometimes photographs in the browser are protected from downloading. then they can also simply be screened.

You can create a photo of the screen in good quality using system tools or special software. Today we will tell you how to take a screenshot on a laptop or computer with different methods.

How to screenshot with standard Windows tools

The first thing that comes to mind here is, of course, hot keys and functions already built into the system. You do not need to install software, but there is a minus. Standard services do not offer additional options for editing and fast sending pictures, for example, you will not be able to arrange a long screenshot with scrolling or send a result to instant messengers.

Screenshot in Windows XP

On Windows XP you can create only a screen of the entire monitor. You will also need a graphic editor to save the picture. To capture content:

  • Open the window you want to capture. At the same time, click Alt Print Screen (PRTSCR). Where to look for a button? See in the figure below. Most often it is located at the top of the keyboard between F12 and Scroll Lock.
  • Launch any photo editor, for example, Paint. In the upper line menu, click “Edit”. “insert”. You can use Ctrl v combination.
  • Click on the “file” menu and export the image.

Scissors program in Windows 7

You can use the Buildings “Scissors”. It will remove the selected area or the entire monitor. How to make a screen?

  • Open the “scissors” tool. To do this, click on the “Start” and dial the phrase “scissors” in the search bar.
  • Pull the cursor on the arrow next to the “create” and select “arbitrary shape”, “rectangle” or “all screen”.

✦ When using a rectangular fragment, select the desired area with the mouse.

✦ In full.screen mode, the service will remove the material immediately after choosing the type of capture.

Recommendations for Windows 8.1, 10

To remove the display on Windows 8 and 10, you can use the “Scissors” tool. A quick screenshot can be designed using the keyboard:

How to make a screen picture in Microsoft Windows

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From this article you will learn how to make a screen picture (screenshot) on a computer running Windows. On computers with Windows 8/10, the screenshot of the entire screen can be made and saved using a key combination, and in any version of Windows. using the Print Screen key. You can also use the “scissors” utility to take a screenshot of a certain area of ​​the screen. A screenshot can be made on a tablet running Windows.

Display the screen whose screenshot must be made. Make sure that it has no extra elements, such as open windows or neglected programs.

  • If the screen does not fade, certain display settings are disabled on the computer. This is most common on old computers on which the system was updated to Windows 10.
  • If the screenshot is not displayed on the screen when you pressed the key, try to press Ctrl ⊞ Win ⎙ Print Screen or Fn ⊞ Win ⎙ Print Screen.

Display the screen whose screenshot must be made. Make sure that it has no extra elements, such as open windows or neglected programs.

  • As a rule, this key is marked with “PRTSC” or a similar reduction.
  • If the computer has a FN key in the lower left side of the keyboard, press FN ⎙ Print Screen.

Insert a screenshot. In the Paint program opened, click Ctrl v. To insert a screenshot. The screen picture will be displayed in the Paint window.

  • To change the file format, open the “file type” menu (at the bottom of the window) and select the desired format in it (for example, “jpeg”).
  • The most common graphic formats are JPG and PNG. Recommended format for screenshots. PNG, because it guarantees high quality picture with a small file size.

Click the window whose screenshot must be made. The screenshot of one window is a picture of the screen of only an active window, that is, the window that is located on top of other windows.

With special. utilities (editing: arrows, discharge, etc.)

It is much easier to explain to another person what you want to show in a screenshot or photo. if you draw an arrow on it, or highlight the place where you need to pay attention (especially relevant for large screenshots).

To make such a beautiful screenshot quickly. you need special software. Now there are already dozens of programs for creating screenshots, in the kit to which the editor is in (in fact, with it you can easily add arrows, inscriptions, cut the edges, etc.D.).


In general, programs for creating screenshots. hundreds! But not every of them “normally” works in the new version of Windows 10. In addition, part of the programs does not allow screenshots of any windows and applications.

One of those who “sees everything, and all” is Greenshot (after its use. no “black” screens, instead of a screens, should not be!).

make, computer, screen, windows

A small but powerful program for creating screenshots. I will immediately describe its main advantages:

  • graphic editor: you can cut the edges, make inscriptions, highlight the necessary areas with circles or rectangles, cut the edges, draw arrows, etc.D.;
  • Automatic appropriation of names files: default names are taken from the name of the application window. By the way, a very convenient thing when you make many screenshots;
  • the ability to make screenshots of both the entire screen and its individual region;
  • Hot keys tuning: the program will hang constantly in the tray, and as soon as you press the coveted combination of buttons. get the screenshot of the screen. Very comfortably!
  • It works correctly in all versions of Windows, including in Windows 10 (Microsoft is required to work.Net Framework, although if you don’t have it, the program will offer to download).

How to make a window screen in Greenshot

After installing and starting the program, you will have a characteristic icon in the tray. Click on it and in the menu that appears, select “Capture Region” (this means choosing an area on the screen that needs to be filmed, see. In the photo below).

Next, holding the left mouse button, highlight the area that needs to be filmed (t.e. Add to the screen). In my example below. I filmed the area of ​​the main window of the player “Winyl”.

After the area is selected. it will automatically open in the editor of the program. Now you can, for example, add arrows, icons, etc.

make, computer, screen, windows

In general, all the main tools are shown on the left:

  • – an icon for dragging the selected elements on the screen (for example, if you put the shooter in the wrong way, you can transfer it to another place);
  • – release of a rectangular area;
  • – allocation of the oval region;
  • – draw a straight line for a trimmer;
  • – draw an arrow;
  • – draw an arbitrary fishing line for a trimmer;
  • – Add text inscription;
  • – an insert of dialogue (relevant, if you have a character in the screenshot and you want to show that this phrase belongs to him);
  • – counter (a circle with a number inside: 1, 2, 3). It is convenient to mark the steps, or where and how to press the mouse, in what sequence;
  • – pouring yellow (transparent) of the dedicated area;
  • – blur the allocated area so that no one can make out or read what is displayed on it;
  • – cut the boundaries of the screenshot (a beautiful cut, as if they were torn off);
  • – cut the selected area (the rest will be removed);
  • – turn the picture clockwise / counterclockwise;
  • – change the size of the screenshot, for example, out of 1024×768 to make 800×600;

To add the arrow to the screenshot, just select this tool in the editor (in the column on the left) and put it in the right place (see. for an example below).

Actually, after adding everything that is needed, it remains only to save the screenshot: File/Save as. (File/save as. ). Your beautiful screen is ready (and no black screens) !

In order not to press the icon in the Greenshot icon every time. you can open the program settings and set hot keys (General/Hotkeys section).

  • Capture Full Screen. make a screen of the entire screen;
  • Capture Windows. shoot the selected window;
  • Capture Region. shoot the selected region;
  • Capture Last Region. to shoot the same area as in the previous screenshot.

In general, there is a Russian language in the program, but when installing it is automatically not selected (you have to switch it manually).

Game screen

Many users, when they are looking for how to make a screen, understand by this to get a picture of the screen from any game.

In general, from many games you can’t take a screenshot in a classic way. for this you need special. utilities. One of the most popular and convenient is Fraps (I recommend it!).


How to fix White Screen on Windows laptop or Computer monitor

Description of the Link program: see. material

The most popular game lovers program. Allows you to observe the amount of FPS (number of frames per second) in any game, make screenshots and shoot the video of everything that happens on the screen (the program uses its own codec, which does not load much PC, and the video can be recorded even on the old gland).

In general, an indispensable thing for screenshots in games!

After installing and starting the program, I recommend configuring the main parameters.

First open the FPS tab. Here, pay attention to two settings:

Next, open the Screenshots section. Destroy the following here:

After configuring Fraps. You need to start the game. By default, in the upper left corner of the screen you will see yellow numbers that will constantly change (this is FPS, which means Fraps works!).

Now it is enough to press the Page Up button (which we set up in the previous step) and the screenshot go to our folder (by the way, the yellow numbers are characterized by blinking).

Actually, going into the folder, which was set in the settings (by default, this is C: \ Fraps \ Screenshots), in it you will find all the screenshots made (now they can be re.reset with Greenshot and apply arrows).


How to make a screenshot in the game: 4 ways. see. Instructions.

If you use Steam

If you use the Steam online client, then the creation of screenshots can take place even easier to use a default button by default. F12.

Change this button, as well as specify the folder where the screenshots will be preserved, you can in the Steam settings in the “In the game” section.

By the way, note that a checkmark is set opposite the item “Enable Steam Overli in the game”. If this parameter is turned off. Creation of screenshots on F12 may not work!

We use the capabilities from the video card manufacturer (for example NVIDIA)

If you want to make super-screenshots with high resolution, then without special. the capabilities from the manufacturer of your video card cannot be dispensed with! In this subsection of the article I want to dwell on such a “thing” as Nvidia Ansel.

Thanks to this new NVIDIA video cards, users are able to create screenshots with a resolution of up to 63360 × 35640 pixels (which is 30 times higher than Full HD format)!

In addition, there is an opportunity to make not just a 2D screen (to which everyone is accustomed), but in 3D format (t.e. the one that can be turned and viewed from different angles!).

To use NVIDIA ANSEL, you need:

  • Update drivers (to version 1.24) and install GeForce Experience (link officer. NVIDIA site);
  • Next, start the game and press the ALTF2 combination (note that not all hits are still supported);
  • Then you can turn the picture on the screen, choose the best angle, and then press Snap (“Remove”). By default, the screenshot remains in the “Image” folder.

How it looks like you can see in the NVIDIA gallery (link to the officer. website). Please note that the screen can be twisted in different directions, add/move (considering the smallest details), put as wallpaper, etc.D.

Screen from the game Witcher 3 (from the NVIDIA website)

In general, a very, very interesting “idea” of developers (as it seems to me).

On this so far all. Other options. welcome in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

How to make a screenshot using Printscreen

This is the oldest way to work in all versions of Windows. The keyboard has a special key to create screen images. It is usually located in the upper row on the right and is called Printscreen or abbreviated PRTSC (depending on the keyboard there may be other names options). Below, for example, a photo keyboard photo is given, on which the button we need is emphasized.

[Click on the picture to increase] Help: how to save photos from sites

The created picture of the screen is placed in the clipboard of the exchange, from where it can be inserted either into the graphic editor or not to be saved into a file, but immediately inserted with the program you need. Here are some examples of programs and sites in which you can insert screenshots from the clipboard:

To insert the created screenshot, go to the desired program, put the cursor with a click of the mouse at the screenshot insert (if necessary), and then either click the CRTLV key combination, or the Paste button on the mouse (the most convenient way). You can also click with the right mouse button and select the “insert” menu item, although this is a less convenient option.

If you want to save a screenshot into a file on a computer, then insert it into any graphic editor, for example, in Paint Windows. If the picture was not inserted, then you did not take a screenshot and you need to make it again.

Please note that with each press of the Printscreen key, the new screenshot replaces the previous one.

By inserting a screenshot from the exchange buffer in Paint, select the “file / save as. “, Specify the format (better jpeg) and where exactly to save the file. Check that the file is saved by finding it through the conductor. An example is shown in the figure below.

[Click on the picture to increase] Help: how to save photos from sites

You can also take a screenshot not the entire screen, but only the actual program windows at the moment. To do this, press the combination of AltPrintscreen keys. All other operations are exactly the same.

If you want to know how to make a quick screenshot, read on.

How to make a screenshot and immediately save it

Indeed, in the new versions of Windows (8 and above), these two operations can be performed literally by one pressing keys. In this case, a new screenshot of the screen will be created and immediately saved as a picture.

To make a quick screenshot in Windows 8 or 10, click the PRINTSCREEN keys.

At the same time, the computer screen is slightly darkened, so you will definitely understand that the screen is taken. For comparison: with a simple press of the Printscreen key, this does not happen (nothing noticeable happens at all).

The created picture of the screen is immediately automatically stored in the standard “Image” folder. Please note that the file format will be PNG, which provides the maximum quality of the preserved screenshot. If necessary, you yourself can call the picture to any other format using Paint or another graphic editor.

Of course, there are other ways how to take a screenshot in Windows, but for this you already need to install special programs. For example, a great program for creating screenshots is included in the Yandex app.Windows disk. However, the meaning of installing programs is only when you often take screenshots.

You can learn to work on a computer at online courses of Windows user presented on our website.

If you have your opinion on the creation of screen images, then write a comment after the article.

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Standard applications

In any operating system there is such an opportunity. Only it has a minimum of functions.

Windows 7. 10

In Windows, you can remove the screen in two ways.

Key “Print Screen” and editor Paint

In the upper row, click on the “PRT SC” key, if we want to take a picture of the entire screen, and Alt PRT SC. to remove only an active window.

make, computer, screen, windows

The picture will remain in the exchange buffer, now it needs to be copied from there to some graphic editor, for example, in standard Paint. Open it and insert it with a Ctrl v key combination. A picture of my desktop appeared in the editor.

It can be edited in every possible way: cut, draw on it, insert figures and so on. After that, click the “file”, “save how” and select the desired format, for example PNG.

Choosing where to save it, and rename it.

PC to Mac Screen Extend in 5 mins. Without Installing Windows on Mac!!

The screen will remain where it was indicated.

“Scissors” tool

Open the application, click on the “Create” button and select the area, the picture of which we want to make.

Unlike the first method, with scissors you can cut an arbitrary shape, although I won’t know the mind who may need it, well, suddenly. There are a couple of editing tools: feather and marker. Next, click on the disk and keep the picture.


The poppy also has a standard set of commands provided by the system. To see and change the combination of keys for shots of the screen, you need to go into “Settings”. “keyboard”, select the “Combination Combination” tab and in it “screen pictures”.

If you have a new macbook with Touch Bar touch panel, then you can take out a special button on this panel.

  • Command ⌘ Shift 3. takes the screenshot of the entire desktop;
  • Command ⌘ Shift 4. calling the tool with which you can highlight a specific area for conservation;
  • Command ⌘ Shift 4 gaps. takes a picture of the program window.

With an additional click on the “Control” key, the image will remain in the exchange buffer and you can immediately insert it into the document.

Lightshot program

Lightshot (by link you can download it). multifunctional free program for screenshots. It has an application for Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu and expansion for Google Chrome.

The advantage of the application is that it works and starts automatically in the background, shows the dimensions of the selected section of the screen, has a set of tools for processing (arrow, emphasizing, colored markers, etc. D.), the ability to instantly load the screenshot into the cloud storage in one click and get a link to it.

There is also a fast.saving function of the entire screen. It is convenient to use to create screenshots in games, films, applications. A set of hot keys indicated in the settings, they are automatically stored on the desktop or on the server.

I recommend registering on the Lightshot website. This is necessary so that screenshots are loaded into your cloud, and if necessary, you can find them there.

How to make a screen picture in Windows 7 (s): luigi opdido. Luigi OPDIDO- owner and technician of the company repair company Pleasure Point Computers in Santa Cruze, California. Has more than 25 years of experience in repairing computers, updating, restoring data and removing viruses. The Computer Man Show is also conducting more than two years! on KSCO in Central California.

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From this article you will learn how to make a screen picture (screenshot) in Windows 7. You can take a screenshot of the entire screen or separate window. The screenshot is made using the combinations of keys or utilities “Scissors”.

Open the document or create a new. Do this in any application that supports the insertion of images, for example, in Word, Outlook or Paint.

Insert a screen of the screen. To do this, click Ctrl V or open the “edit” menu and select “insert”. The screen of the screen will be inserted into the document. Now it can be saved, sent by e.mail or print.

Open the document or create a new. Do this in any application that supports the insertion of images, for example, in Word, Outlook or Paint.

Insert a screen of the screen. To do this, click Ctrl V or open the “edit” menu and select “insert”. The screen of the screen will be inserted into the document. Now it can be saved, sent by e.mail or print.

Click and drag the pointer to highlight the rectangular area of ​​the screen. A picture of the screen will be taken inside the frame.

Apowersoft Free Screen Capture

Apowersoft Free Screen Capture provides the ability to capture the entire PC desktop, selected site, an active window. After you create the image, additional tools become available. With their help, you can improve the created screen, embedding text, figures, lines, arrows, removals, adding the effect of the side.

Free Screen Capture offers several conservation options, among which exports in the selected format and downloading to the Internet and FTP. In addition, the screenser displays the exact image parameters, allowing you to quickly find out its size, weight and metadata.

In addition to the desktop version, on the official website you can make a quick screen online and download the screen picture to the computer or send it to the repository. The application is not translated into Russian, which makes it difficult to work, since management here is not very intuitive. A number of options are also blocked in the free version, including the editor, and a watermark is applied to the screenshots.


Screenshooter is an easy, comfortable and intuitive program for maintaining screenshots in the folder. Work with her will not represent special difficulties even for beginners who have never used screenshots before. It is enough to select the desired area or click the hot key, and you will get the desired picture. Immediately after this, the picture can be supplemented with handwritten inscriptions, headlines, arrows and lines, as well as cut the frame.

When installing, the installer tries to load a whole set of advertising software like antiviruses, computer games and other utilities, so do not forget to reject unnecessary offers. The minus can also be attributed to a somewhat long process of creating screenshots. two clicks in this case cannot be dispensed with.