Mac Os Catalina Sync With Iphone

Just a month ago, macOS Catalina was released. an updated version of software 10.15 for personal computers and servers, developed by Apple. This is the 16th version of the OSes. She brought many innovations and improvements to users. But the biggest innovation was the fact that it no longer has iTunes. a media player for working with music and. But there were much more functions in it, as for a regular media player.

Mac Os Catalina Sync With Iphone

What has iTunes replaced in macOS Catalina?

ITunes features were divided into 4 separate programs in the new software version:

We will pay special attention to the latter.

How to sync iPhone using Finder?

Syncing handheld devices and Mac through Finder is very similar to working with iTunes. In order to connect your apple phone with a poppy via a USB cable (which we highly recommend) you need to perform just a few simple steps:

  • Open the Finder, your phone will be displayed on the side;
  • When asking for trust in the device, confirm by clicking on the “Trust” button;
  • Select the type of data you want to synchronize from the list;
  • Click “Apply” below. Synchronization will start automatically. Otherwise, click “Sync.”

Updating the software on the iPhone follows a similar scenario:

  1. With the device connected, select the “Settings” or “General” tab;
  2. Click “Check for updates” and then “Download and update”;
  3. The program may also ask you for a password.

Important! Back up your data to iCloud before starting the upgrade.

What devices are related to innovations in “Catalina”?

You can install “Catalina” on the following and older models of “Macs”: MacBook Pro (2012), MacBook Air (2012), MacBook (2015), iMac (2012), iMac Pro (2017), Mac Pro (2013), Mac mini (2012). You can view the full list of compatible devices on the official Apple website.

Changes from iTunes concern only macOS, the iOS Store will remain on iOS, and for Windows, the desktop version of iTunes will continue to exist.

What to do if you have problems updating your macOS Catalina iPhone?

If you have any problems updating your iPhone on a new OS, please contact us! IFix SC is a network of urgent repairs of Apple equipment, which for more than 5 years has been carrying out repairs of any degree of complexity: from modular to component and software problems. We are always ready to solve any of your problems with apple gadgets. Just leave a request on the site and within 15 minutes we will help you!

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Where did it disappear in macOS Catalina iTunes and how to update iPhone without it now?

Just a month ago, macOS Catalina was released. updated.