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What to do if iPhone won’t turn on after jailbreak?

Turn off your smartphone.

Hold the volume up button on the side of your iPhone.

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With the key pressed, try to start the mobile device.

An iPhone turned on in this way boots without programs from Cydia. If the gadget turns on normally with the volume key pressed, the point is definitely in one of the tweaks.

It will not be possible to establish exactly which jailbreak tweak is problematic. erase the programs one by one (starting with the one that you downloaded last) and after each operation try to start the smartphone in the usual way.

If the smartphone does not turn on even with the volume key pressed, the user has no choice but to jailbreak. We talked about several ways how to remove jailbreak from iPhone. in case of the “white apple” problem, it is recommended to flash the device.

Re-flashing. it just sounds scary, in fact, the procedure is quite simple:

Launch iTunes and connect the iPhone to PC with a cable.

Put your smartphone in DFU mode. If this is not done, the PC simply will not see the connected gadget. You can find detailed instructions on how to activate DFU-mode on an iPhone in our article on DFU-Mode.

ITunes will notify you that iPhone has been detected in recovery mode.

Click on the “Restore iPhone” button.

iTunes will download and install the new firmware on the gadget itself. You just have to wait for the completion of the procedure.

Re-flashing in the described way is fraught with the loss of all data. the user will receive a completely “clean” device.

IPhone Freezes When Turning On: Possible Causes

Ordinary iPhone users are often victims of wars between hacker teams. the very ones that develop jailbreaks. For example, the desire of the Evad3rs group to overtake the rest of the teams and release the iOS 7 jailbreak first led to the fact that the problem of freezing Apple gadgets on the logo in 2013 became an epidemic. Due to the “dampness” of the Evasi0n 7 jailbreak utility, smartphones got into a cyclic reboot. they switched on and off sequentially until the charge ran out.

Unsuccessful jailbreak and installation of a “buggy” tweak are two reasons that in the vast majority of cases cause a “white apple”!

However, if the iPhone turns on before the “apple” and turns off, this can be caused not only by a stupid attempt to “jailbreak” the device, but also a malfunction of the gadget at the hardware level. Here are some of the hardware problems that can trigger the appearance of the “white apple”:

    Breakdown of the power circuit. Such a breakdown is a consequence of a sharp voltage surge. In order to protect the gadget from power circuit malfunction, you should not put it on charge during a thunderstorm. Battery failure. You can extend the life of the battery if you use only original and high-quality chargers. Owners of old mobile devices are advised not to let the battery drain completely. Faulty motherboard. Such a breakdown does not immediately make itself felt. If with each launch of the iPhone the apple burns on the screen longer and longer, the user should take this as a symptom and start saving money for repairs.

The problem of the “white apple”, finally, may be due to the fact that the gadget is simply frozen. The Apple website has the following scale:

From this illustration, it is easy to understand that the manufacturer does not guarantee stable operation of the iPhone at temperatures below 32 ° Fahrenheit (which corresponds to 0 ° Celsius). If the smartphone is at a temperature of 4 ° Fahrenheit (-20 ° Celsius) for a long time, expect trouble.

The easiest way to get rid of the “white apple” caused by low ambient temperatures is to place the iPhone in a dry, warm place and leave it alone for at least 20 minutes.

How to get rid of the “white apple” if the iPhone is not jailbreakable?

If the “white apple” appears on an unjacked iPhone, the first thing the owner of the device needs to do is to reboot the smartphone and after 5 minutes try to call it. What will such a test give? It is very simple: if the call is in progress, it means that the download of the gadget is interrupted at the very last stage. therefore, it is possible to access the file system of the mobile device. And if there is access to the file system, then there is an opportunity to demolish the “buggy” applications that provoked the problem of the “white apple”.

You won’t be able to make changes to the iPhone‘s file system through iTunes. You will have to use one of the alternative file managers. for example, iFunBox or iTools.

Connect the gadget to a PC and, through the file manager, erase recently downloaded applications one by one (by analogy with tweaks), alternating uninstall operations with checks.

Let’s return to the test with a call: what to do if the result of the experiment is negative and the call on the iPhone with the “white apple” does not go? Such a test result speaks of a hardware problem: only technical docks, masters of a soldering iron and a multimeter can fix it with their own hands. If you cannot call yourself a “guru” of mobile technology, you should not open the iPhone and go into the filling. you will only make it worse. Better hand over the broken “apple” gadget to the caring hands of the service center masters.

iPhone won’t turn on: apple is on and off

Salon consultants make a helpless gesture: iPhones, which do not turn on after the “apple burns”, are regularly brought under warranty. Buyers do not even know that they can solve this problem on their own. and it will take a minimum of time to fix the problem.

The notion that Apple technology is the most reliable is outdated; now iPhones are regular “guests” of service centers. One of the most common iPhone malfunctions is popularly called the “white apple”: the gadget starts up, the “apple” burns on the screen for a long time, then the screen just goes out.

Users, not knowing what to do in such a situation, immediately carry their gadgets to service centers, although they can fix the malfunction with their own hands. without material expenditures or a 45-day wait for warranty repairs. How to get rid of the “white apple”?

How to fix the unable to activate error on the iPhone 7!

If the problem of the “white apple” appeared after a failed jailbreak, you should not hang your nose. In this case, you can fix the problem with your own hands. by flashing your smartphone and removing previously downloaded tweaks from Cydia.

But if the “apple” “hangs” on the iPhone, which did not go through the jailbreak procedure, for the owner of the gadget it is a wake-up call. It is very likely that the iPhone refuses to turn on due to a hardware breakdown, which will require you to contact the service to fix it.

What to do if it doesn’t catch the network on iPhone 6?

If iPhone 6 suddenly stops picking up carrier beeps, check your date and time settings. Connect to Wi-Fi and set the automatic update mode for this setting. After that, the smartphone must be rebooted. Check the functionality of the SIM card and reset the network settings.

Iphone 7 / Iphone 7 Plus Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi Fix. Fliptroniks.com

What to do if iPhone won’t catch Wi-Fi?

If your iPhone does not find a Wi-Fi network, the first step is to restart your router. If other devices see the wireless network, and the smartphone does not catch the network, then most likely the problem is not in the Wi-Fi module, but in the software. … Reset network settings back up and reflash iPhone.

How to remove carrier name on Android?

We go to the display settings of your mobile device. There should be a menu through which the color and other elements of the screen’s appearance are adjusted. We are looking for the “Operator logo” tab and disable it. We do the same with the “Operator Name” tab.

How to manually select a network on iPhone?

  • Select Settings Cellular Data Cellular and disable Automatic.
  • Select the required telecom operator.
  • Return to the main Settings screen and wait while the iPhone or iPad connects to the network.

How to increase internet speed on iPhone?

The secret to speeding up internet on iPhone is to use a fast DNS server different from your ISP’s. Such servers are offered by various leading companies, for example, Google. However, the fastest public DNS server for use was created by the well-known company CloudFlare.

How to remove carrier name on iPhone?

Do you know the answer to this question? In order to hide the name of the network operator on the iPhone without jailbreak, you just need to move the Enable switch to enable or disable logos, and in the Carrier Text section you can enter your own inscription or logo.

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Why iPhone connectivity is lost?

The main reason that the iPhone 6s is losing the network is non-compliance with the operating rules, the lack of careful handling of the smartphone, since modern branded gadgets do not break so easily.

My iPhone is losing network

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If you lose the network on your iPhone, do not get upset and rush to the service center. you may be able to fix the problems on your own. In some cases, it is not a hardware failure of the phone itself that leads to such a problem, but a software failure or the peculiarities of the device’s settings. First, you need to find out why the network is lost on the iPhone.

SIM card and no reception on Apple devices

The simplest root cause of a malfunction is poor contact with the SIM card. It may be associated with incorrect cropping of the map to the desired size. Also, some SIM cards wear out over time and stop working correctly. Typical signs:

  • the network appears and disappears
  • periodically neither the network nor the mobile Internet works
  • reception suddenly disappears even during a conversation

There may be several solutions. First, try to take the card out of the phone and just wipe it thoroughly. it happens that the contacts are oxidized, because of which the reception may deteriorate or simply not work. The second option (if the first did not help) is replacing the SIM card on the iPhone. Before doing this, it is best to check if the other SIMs on your phone are working (known to be good).

Another possible solution to the problem is resetting the settings and getting updates to your iPhone from a mobile operator often helps to troubleshoot network problems.

If the iPhone does not catch in the cold

Sometimes in Apple smartphones the network disappears in the cold. Many iPhone users face this problem, but it is not always possible to solve it. To reduce the negative impact, it is recommended to disable 3G. In this case, the connection will be lost less often. If, even after arriving home and warming up your iPhone, reception does not resume, try one of the following:

  • restart your iPhone
  • check the settings from the cellular operator
  • turn on and off the “Airplane” mode
  • in the cellular settings, set the automatic network selection mode

If a solution to the problem has not been found, then it is better to contact a specialist. Most likely, frost simply became a reason for a breakdown, and the root cause lies in mechanical damage (even after a fall from a low height, malfunctions of the antenna or radio module may occur).

Incorrect date and time settings

Crashes of important programs and applications also cause network problems. In particular, the iPhone loses the network if the time and date are incorrectly set. The sensors get confused when the phone is not used for a long time or it falls. In this case, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • connect to any wireless network
  • open the basic settings of the cell
  • select “Date and time”
  • opposite the “Automatic” menu item, move the slider to the on position
  • restart your iPhone

iPhone 7 “No Service” issue (Explained and Fixed)

Usually, after this simple procedure, problems with the network disappear. then the device works correctly and receives calls normally. If this does not help, then you can try hard resetting the gadget. To do this, follow a few steps:

  • press and hold the power and Home buttons for 10 seconds
  • wait for the Apple logo to appear on the display
  • turn on your iPhone as usual and wait while it connects to the mobile operator’s network

Signs of faulty reception

It is quite easy to recognize this type of malfunction. the inability to call clearly signals that something is wrong with the iPhone. The main symptoms of signal problems are as follows:

  • connection appears and disappears
  • network signal disappears when blocked, in frost
  • communication does not work only indoors or outdoors
  • no mobile internet, although the operator’s network is working normally

The reasons for such a malfunction may be software or operating system malfunctions, lack of contact with the SIM card (the problem may be in the SIM itself), hardware failures. But before looking for the root cause of the malfunction, filter out the most likely options. make sure that your phone is not locked under a certain foreign operator (such a nuisance often arises for those users who have purchased a gadget, for example, on Ebay). If the problem with the network arose precisely because of this, then you cannot do without the intervention of specialists to unblock (to check, just put another SIM). You should also make sure that the “Airplane” mode is not enabled, in which the network will also not work.

Software errors

Common software reasons for missing sound include:

    Unsuccessful jailbreak. Hacking the system can lead to an error in the iOS code. Installation of unofficial software. Only those tweaks should be downloaded from Cydia that have been verified and recommended by experts on thematic portals. The operating system freezes. Incorrectly set iPhone settings.

IPhone has lost sound. what to do?

There are many reasons why sound can be lost on iPhone. The user will hardly be able to identify the correct one, so he will have to take various measures in order to eliminate the deficiency. What are these measures, this article will tell.

An iPhone that has lost sound actually loses most of its functions. it cannot be used either as a music player or as a means of communication. Therefore, the user, faced with such a malfunction, is forced to immediately attend to its elimination.

The iPhone owner does not need to immediately prepare for the worst. to call for service and expensive repairs. If the device is mechanically working, then the user will most likely be able to solve the problem on his own.

What to do if sound disappears on iPhone?

An ordinary user will hardly be able to accurately diagnose the cause of the loss of sound. Therefore, you will have to take measures aimed at eliminating all sorts of reasons. starting with the simplest.

Perform a visual inspection of the gadget. The reason for the lack of sound may lie “on the surface” and consist, for example, that the speaker is covered with a film or a cover.

Restart your gadget. As a result of the restart, the cache will be cleared, temporary files will be deleted, and iOS will start working again. A reboot can eliminate a cause such as a freeze of the operating system. If after launching the iPhone there is still no sound, you should exclude this reason from the list of possible ones and move on.

Reset the settings. With this action, you will bring all the settings of the mobile device to the initial configuration. Follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “Reset”, click on “Reset all settings”, then enter the password twice.

A reset of this type will not delete the user’s personal data, therefore, it is not necessary to create a backup before this operation.

Uninstall apps. Remember which of your actions preceded the loss of sound. Perhaps you installed a tweak from Cydia and then immediately discovered the problem? “Take down” applications and tweaks that have been downloaded recently, reboot the device again and check the sound.

Back up your data in any way you want. The following operation will delete information on the iPhone.

Restore the gadget through DFU mode. Connect iPhone to PC with cable, open iTunes and enter “apple” device into DFU MODE. How to start DFU mode is described on our website. When iTunes prompts you to restore your gadget, answer yes.

If none of the above measures worked, there are no software errors. the problem lies at the hardware level. All that the user can do in this case with his own hand is to clean the headphone jack and speaker.

This work must be done as carefully as possible! Do not use metal tools (such as a needle), otherwise you risk scratching the contacts. You can remove dirt from the 3.5 mm connector with a toothpick or a thin cotton-tipped stick.

It is best to use a dry brush with soft bristles to remove debris from the speaker.

If cleaning does not work, you will have to come to terms with the fact that the iPhone needs professional repair.

Why iPhone lost sound: a description of possible reasons

The reasons why most often the sound of a call or a sound during a conversation on the iPhone disappears can be conditionally divided into software and hardware.

Hardware problems

Hardware problems that can lead to the loss of sound during a call and in the speaker are as follows:

    Filling. Due to the ingress of liquid under the case, the headphone jack microcircuits are oxidized. Because of this, the iPhone constantly “thinks” that a headset is connected to it. although the 3.5-Jack connector is actually free. It is better to “treat” the iPhone from flooding in a service center, however, “first aid” should be provided to the gadget with your own hand. Our article tells you what to do if your iPhone falls into water. Clogged speaker or headphone input. This problem most often affects people who prefer to carry iPhones in their s without using protective cases. The speaker grill and 3.5-connector are inevitably clogged with small debris and dust. Mechanical damage to the speaker. Loudspeaker breakdown is a consequence of physical impact on a mobile device. In this case, you need to replace the speaker or at least a non-working microcircuit. The replacement can be done by a person who knows how to disassemble iPhones and owns a soldering paw.

Where to carry the iPhone on which the sound has disappeared?

Unfortunately, the loss of sound is usually not the result of a factory defect, but the user’s careless handling of the device. If the iPhone is flooded or if its speaker is broken due to mechanical impact on the gadget (falling), there will be no warranty repair. the seller will return the broken smartphone to the buyer.

Before going to the seller and demanding a free fix, the iPhone user should look into the SIM card slot. There is a humidity sensor. if it is red, then you can not count on the seller’s assistance. iPhone is a drowned man and is no longer under warranty.

After the seller refuses, you will have to carry the iPhone to the service center yourself. The table below contains the approximate for the elimination of defects that can lead to the loss of sound:

Causes of the problem and solutions

If you like videos, then watch the following video:

I offer an overview of the easiest ways to solve Wi-Fi problems on iPhones.

Software Update

Another reason when Wi-Fi goes down is due to the operating system. It is relevant for devices that are outdated and no longer supported by Apple’s official policy. When Wi-Fi is not working on iPhone 4s, 5s will most likely have to manually try reconfiguring the operating system.

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Although the “old” models no longer receive updates, you can do the following:

  • Connect your phone to a computer on which the current version of iTunes was previously installed.
  • In the “Browse” menu you need to find the “Update” button.
  • It is pressed when the smartphone is connected via a cable. The system will automatically check for the availability of suitable firmware for a specific model and try to install them.

The method is effective, but if the version is older than 4s, for example, if Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone 4, then it will not be possible to use it. The manufacturer has completely refused to “help” the owners of outdated devices. “Buy our new products”. suggest Apple.

Network reset

Before proceeding with more complex manipulations, it is advisable to simply reset the network settings. This applies, first of all, to constantly used connections to the router. home, work, in your favorite cafe.

If Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone 6 (the problem is typical for this model), then you should always start with the following manipulations:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • We select the sub-item “Basic”.
  • We find the option “Reset network settings”.

At the same time, the Wi-Fi connection is lost, but it is restored after a while.

Sometimes such a measure is enough to restore the stability of the network. The phone simply updates all the settings on its own, getting rid of the accumulated errors. The Wi-Fi problem on the iPhone 6 causes inconvenience to many phone owners, but it is also easy to “cure” it without requiring additional intervention or manipulation.

“Symptoms” of the problem

Let’s start with how we can determine that we have problems with Wi-Fi. The main symptoms of the problem are:

  • The smartphone does not connect to available points, despite the fact that other gadgets are catching the network as expected;
  • The Wi-Fi icon is inactive (grayed out);
  • You know for sure that there are connections available, but your iPhone cannot see them;
  • The network periodically “falls off”.

Wi-Fi not working on iPhone: does not turn on or disappears

Internet access is a basic function of any smartphone. Most of the functionality, from the ability to use the browser to updates, depends on the availability of a network connection. The easiest way to connect is a home or public router.

If you have problems with the connection, you can almost always find out yourself why Wi-Fi may not work on your iPhone. Sometimes you need to change the settings. In other cases, you cannot do without reinstalling the system or even hardware repair.


In other cases, the problem with not working Wi-Fi appears after an iOS update. The situation concerns just new products. For example, Wi-Fi may not work on an iPhone 7 or 8, or even a brand new X or XR. This is called a “beta firmware issue” and is fixed as follows:

  • You will have to use iTunes again.
  • We go to the same menu “Settings”.
  • Here, in addition to “Update”, we find the “Restore” option.
  • We choose it.

It is advisable to make a backup copy of all data available on the phone. contacts, photos, videos. In theory, everything you need is stored on iCloud, but additional protection is never superfluous.

Restoring your phone can also help if Bluetooth (Bluetooth) is not working on iPhone 7. This function is now rarely used for its original purpose. to transfer files. But Apple used it to connect to wireless headphones. Therefore, if branded Airpods have stopped connecting, you may also have to restore the phone through iTunes options.

Using iTunes

If you have access to a PC, it is possible to create and save a backup copy of the data to the hard disk of the computer. To do this, you need to connect your iPhone via USB and open iTunes. Provided you are using the latest software, a small iPhone icon will appear in the menu bar. After clicking on it, the option “Back up and restore manually” will appear on the right.

The “Create a copy now” button allows you to start copying data to the hard drive.

In the event that the option “Automatic creation of copies” is set, this process will begin immediately after connecting the iPhone to the computer. You can see the date and time of creation of the last one in the item “Last copy”.

If you click the checkbox next to Encrypt iPhone backup, the system will ask you to set a password. After that, iPhone restoration will not be possible without it. This will protect your personal data from unauthorized access. Encryption also makes it possible to save the data of the programs “Health” and “Activity”.

What to do if Wi-Fi is not working on iPhone

For the iPhone to work properly, it needs to be connected to the Internet at all times. Today we will consider an unpleasant situation that many users of Apple devices face. the phone refuses to connect to Wi-Fi.

Hardware problems

Wireless problems are almost always software glitches. They arise from “bugs” and “bugs”. Especially if the phone is no longer new, iOS was updated several times “over the air”, and besides, the owner of the gadget takes part in beta testing of new versions of the operating system.

The reason why Wi-Fi does not work or disappears on the iPhone can be considered more serious if none of the methods helped. Or if the connection icon itself remains “gray” and is inaccessible, regardless of the presence of a router. They indicate a breakdown of the module. that is, a hardware malfunction, which will have to be repaired by opening and reinstalling spare parts.

Similar malfunctions can occur on iPad or iPod.

Before taking the device to the service center, make sure:

  • That the router itself works. Sometimes the problem is in it, then all the “home” gadgets refuse to connect. If a non-Apple computer or laptop also does not work, this is a router firmware failure.
  • That the phone is not a Jailbrake. Many “illegal” iPhones start to behave unpredictably from time to time.
  • That a test has been carried out for possible software problems.

A Wi-Fi module on any device rarely breaks down by itself. Remember if you dropped the device, did not get water. A positive answer to this question most likely indicates a malfunction with contacts or a completely burned out part.

Failure in network settings

  • At the bottom of the window, select the “Reset” section. Then tap on the item “Reset network settings”. Confirm the start of this process.
  • Why iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi

    There are various reasons for this problem. And only when it is identified correctly, the problem can be quickly eliminated.

    Options for the daredevils

    There are a couple more ways to “revive” non-working Wi-Fi. They should hardly be called scientifically sound, so you can use them only at your own peril and risk. These methods take as a basis the problem of breaking contacts, and solve the problem using extreme temperatures as follows:

    • take a phone;
    • put it in the refrigerator
    • hold for 15 minutes;
    • reload.

    Remember that the technique is fraught with the formation of moisture condensation on the contacts!

    • we take a hairdryer;
    • we bring it to the iPhone;
    • warm up with hot air for ten to fifteen minutes;
    • also reboot.

    What’s happening? “Home” imitation of soldering. Sometimes it really helps if the contact on the Wi-Fi module has moved away. But there is also a great chance that the phone will deteriorate completely. As a rule, the technique of a refrigerator or hair dryer does not “last” for a long time, but there will be enough time to wait for a complete repair.

    Our team in no way encourages the use of these methods! They just exist, and we are obliged to tell about them.!

    If you have questions, or want to discuss this article, please write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! And I say goodbye. Be kind!

    What to do if Wi-Fi is not working on iPhone

    From time to time, there are situations when users of Apple smartphones do not have Wi-Fi on the iPhone. often than not, you can successfully connect your phone to the network using simple troubleshooting steps, although in rare cases more complex methods are needed. Before taking the phone to a service center, it is better to try to figure out why Wi-Fi does not work, and find ways to fix the problem yourself.


    In other cases, the problem with not working Wi-Fi appears after an iOS update. The situation concerns just new products. For example, Wi-Fi may not work on an iPhone 7 or 8, or even a brand new X or XR. This is called a “beta firmware issue” and is fixed as follows:

    • You will have to use iTunes again.
    • We go to the same menu “Settings”.
    • Here, in addition to “Update”, we find the “Restore” option.
    • We choose it.

    It is advisable to make a backup copy of all data available on the phone. contacts, photos, videos. In theory, everything you need is stored on iCloud, but additional protection is never superfluous.

    Restoring your phone can also help if Bluetooth (Bluetooth) is not working on iPhone 7. This function is now rarely used for its original purpose. to transfer files. But Apple used it to connect to wireless headphones. Therefore, if branded Airpods have stopped connecting, you may also have to restore the phone through iTunes options.

    No sound (disappeared) on incoming call on iPhone, what to do?

    If the sound of an incoming call or messages has stopped playing on the iPhone, this does not mean that it is time to run to the service center. There is a chance that you have stumbled upon a rare, but not a single bug. A banal reboot or turning on / off the silent mode switch may not help, which is why try using our instructions.

    iPhone needs restart

    If the volume switch is in the correct position, but the ringtone still does not sound, your device may need to be rebooted. A hard restart will fix software bugs that could have caused the ringtone to disappear. We talked about how to restart iPhone (4 ways) in this article.

    Troubleshooting with AssistiveTouch

    Go to Settings → Accessibility → Touch.

    Go to the AssistiveTouch section and activate this function through the corresponding toggle switch. A virtual button with additional menus will appear on the screen, which can be positioned anywhere on the display.

    Tap on the AssistiveTouch menu and select “Apparatus”.

    On the right there should be a “Mute” icon with a crossed-out bell (if not, then put this function in this position), and on the left, tap on the “Louder” (volume up) button to increase the ringer volume.

    Disable AssistiveTouch as unnecessary.

    What to do if there is no sound (disappeared) of an incoming call on iPhone

    Despite the fact that the iPhone is a very reliable thing, sometimes users are faced with a sudden disappearance of the ringtone when making a call. There is an incoming call, but there is no beep, what should I do? Below we will tell you how you can solve this problem.

    No sound on incoming call on iPhone. Do Not Disturb is activated

    If the ringtone on your iPhone stops ringing, check to see if Do Not Disturb is turned on. Users often mistakenly activate this mode without noticing it. If you see a crescent-shaped icon at the top of the screen, it means that you have Do Not Disturb mode turned on, which turns off all sound notifications.

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    Solving this problem is as easy as shelling pears. Open Control Center and turn off Do Not Disturb mode. The beep should now appear again.

    You can change the Do Not Disturb settings by going to Settings → Do Not Disturb.

    Network disappeared after Jailbreak

    Sometimes the iPhone network gets lost after jailbreak. This is especially true for those models that were originally locked for a specific telecom operator. In such cases, it is best to take the phone to a service center, where it will be unlocked by IMEI. However, this procedure can take several days, depending on which operator the smartphone is blocked by.

    Signs of damage to the modem or antenna

    It is not uncommon for the iPhone to stop seeing the network due to damage to the antenna or modem part. This can happen due to the impact of the smartphone, ingress of moisture and subsequent oxidation of the board. Also, this may be due to poor-quality repairs or non-original cheap parts. There are such breakdowns in the iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 series, as well as in the iPhone X.

    To check if there really is a problem with the modem, you need to:

    • go to “Settings” and go to the “General” submenu;
    • click the “About this device” menu;
    • find the field “Modem firmware”.

    If it is empty, then the modem really has damage, which can only be repaired at a service center. This is a rather difficult and painstaking work and it is impossible to carry out it yourself, without the help of a qualified master.

    An antenna malfunction can be judged by the appearance of the phone: if the gadget falls, gets damaged, it is quite possible that the antenna is out of order. In addition, an inoperative Bluetooth or Wi-Fi can also talk about damage to the antenna. Such damage should also be repaired only by an authorized service center.

    No network after flashing, iOS update, factory reset

    Sometimes it happens that after repairing the device, updating the operating system, flashing or resetting to factory settings, the iPhone loses the network, and the operator’s logo does not appear on its display. Instead, you can see “Searching” or “No network” on the screen. This is especially true for iPhone models 7 and 8, as well as earlier. 4, 5 and 6. The first thing to do in such cases is to make sure that the SIM card is working properly. To do this, you just need to install it in any other phone.

    If the SIM card is working, but the problem remains, you should pay attention to the correct time display on the device display. If the current date and time is displayed incorrectly, which happens quite often after repairing a smartphone in a service center, as well as after self-flashing or updating, you must perform the following steps:

    • connect to Wi-Fi;
    • go to the “Settings” menu item;
    • in the submenu “General” find “Date and time”;
    • move the “Automatic” slider to the active state;
    • if this item is active by default, deactivate and reactivate the slider;
    • restart smartphone.

    It should be remembered that the phone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network without fail, otherwise no changes will occur to the cellular network.

    If there is no access point nearby, you can create a Wi-Fi connection using a second iPhone that has access to the mobile Internet. This can be done as follows:

    • enter the “Settings” menu and go to the “Cellular” menu;
    • click on the item “Cellular data network”;
    • go to the “Modem mode” section;
    • enter the network identifier in the APN field, which can be found in the technical support of your operator;
    • the fields “Username” and “Password” are optional;
    • return to the “Cellular” submenu and switch the “Modem mode” slider to active state.

    After these manipulations, the gadget will begin to “distribute” the Internet.

    Loss of network after replacing the SIM card

    There are also cases when the iPhone does not see the network after replacing the SIM card. Such a problem, like the previous ones, can occur in absolutely any model. If this happens, then the first thing to do is to get out and examine the SIM card. It can deteriorate when trimmed by yourself, when water gets on it, or for some other reason. In the event that it is damaged, it will have to be replaced with a new one. The operability of the card can be checked by inserting it into another smartphone.

    In some cases, it helps to simply pull out the card and put it back in again. It happens that the network simply “glitches”, and such a simple procedure can restart it. Also, as in the previous cases, you can try to turn off and then turn on the smartphone, or several times to activate and deactivate the “Airplane” mode.

    No network when roaming

    It often happens that the iPhone loses the network of the cellular operator abroad when using the roaming service. The most likely solution to this problem is to switch the smartphone from 4G to 3G mode. The fact is that mobile operators, for the most part, do not provide services abroad in LTE networks. Plus, owners of the latest iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max often complain about network issues when using 4G mode. Therefore, it will be advisable to switch to a third generation network. This can be done in the menu “Settings”. “Cellular”. “Voice and data”.

    If this does not help, then you can do the following:

    • turn the device off and on again;
    • take out and insert the SIM-card again;
    • reset network settings in the “Settings”. “General”. “Reset” menu;
    • update to the latest software version;
    • reset your smartphone to factory settings;
    • update the settings of the mobile operator in the menu “Settings”. “General”. “About this device” when Wi-Fi is on.

    It may also be that the mobile Internet does not work in roaming. In such cases, you need:

    • go to “Settings”;
    • go to the “Cellular” submenu;
    • find the menu item “Data parameters”;
    • move the slider “Data roaming” to the active position.

    If none of the above worked and the smartphone still shows that the network is unavailable, then you should contact the technical support of the operator for help.

    Another reason the iPhone can’t find the network is that the mobile operator is not providing its services in the region. That is, it happens that when entering an area where the coverage of a telecom operator is absent, the network disappears, and leaving it does not appear. In some cases, this can be corrected by activating the “Airplane” mode for a while or by turning off and then turning on the device. This will help reboot the frozen network.

    Why the iPhone does not see the network?

    Apple makes one of the best smartphones out there. iPhone. But even he sometimes fails his owners. There are times when “Search” or “No network” is written on the phone screen instead of the operator’s logo. Questions about why the network disappeared on a smartphone most often come from owners of iPhone models 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, X, less often. XR, XS, XS Max.

    What could be the reason for this? What if the smartphone does not catch or is constantly looking for the network? Does this mean that something is wrong with the device and it is broken? In this article, we will try to figure out why this is happening, consider the most likely causes of such a problem and offer options for solving it on the iPhone.

    Why the iPhone network goes missing

    There may be a problem with the SIM card:

    • Take out the SIM card and clean it. Over time, the card could oxidize, causing malfunctions.
    • Move the SIM card to another device and check the stability of the mobile Internet.
    • If a similar problem with the mobile Internet occurs on another gadget, then contact the communication salon of your mobile operator and replace the SIM card.

    Internet disappears on iPhone: why and what to do?

    Often users ask themselves: why the connection on the iPhone was lost? Sometimes this happens when there is a good signal of the cellular network and the 3G icon, the mobile Internet disappears on the iPhone, then the problems can be associated either with the SIM card or with the device settings. Today we will tell you what to do if the network goes out on the iPhone.

    The network on the iPhone is lost, what to do:

    We fix the problem in the device settings:

    • Go to the Settings General Reset.
    • Click on Reset_Network_Settings.
    • Restarting iPhone.
    • We reconnect to our cellular operator.

    Why is the network disappearing on the iPhone, what to do:

    • only flashing a smartphone or tablet will help;
    • download data from the last backup saved to iCloud.

    Frequently asked questions from users why the Internet stopped working on iPhone

    Why the connection on the iPhone 6 (7) disappears. users in most cases complain about problems with the Internet for these models of smartphones from Apple, perhaps the phones were not fully adapted for software and communication in Russia. That is why a conflict may arise between the device software and the SIM card. You should update the gadget’s firmware to the latest version, then the problem will be eliminated.

    The network on the iPhone is constantly lost. this can happen if the SIM card moves away from the contacts in the smartphone slot. Fix the card more tightly with paper or cardboard.

    The mobile Internet does not work on the iPhone. the lack of mobile Internet or the iPhone does not access the Internet, it may be due to non-payment, or due to the fact that the traffic that is included in the basic communication service package of your operator has run out.

    Why the beeline (megaphone) network disappears on the iPhone. often mobile operators do not have network coverage in remote areas. You should check the availability of a network in your area if it does not work on only the Internet, but also there is no signal.

    If 3G (mobile Internet) disappears on the iPhone, then the problem may arise due to the work of the operator. E.g. work in progress on a tower.

    Another reason could be if the device is in cold or hot weather. If you have been in the cold for a long time or, on the contrary, left your phone in the direct rays of the scorching sun, then the Internet on the iPhone may “glitch”. After the temperature of the device returns to normal, the normal operation of the gadget will be restored automatically.

    Now you know why there is no Internet on the iPhone, and you can solve the problem yourself.