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Sign in to iCloud from a Windows computer

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In this article, we will show you several ways to access the iCloud cloud from a computer or laptop on Windows, or through any browser.

Why is this needed? For example, to transfer a file or photo to your computer. Or go to someone else’s Apple ID. Add calendar notes, events and reminders to your smartphone from your computer, or find your lost iPhone.

Sign in to iCloud.com with Mobile Safari

If you open iCloud.com on iPhone through Safari, instead of the authorization window, there will be recommendations for setting up the cloud.

Bypassing this protection is simple: use a third-party browser (for example, Chrome) or open the full version of the site in Safari. The button for switching to the full version is hidden inside the share button. The site looks crooked on small screens, but sometimes it can help.

Logging into Iclaud through the website

The easiest way to log into iCloud without installing additional software is to open the icloud.com website. This can be done from a computer, smartphone, or even a TV with a browser. Enter your Apple ID mail and password to sign in. You can also create a new Apple ID right there.

After logging in, the site will offer to change the language and time zone, put an avatar.

All data from your device is available through the browser: mail, contact list, calendar, photos, iCloud Drive, notes, reminders, online versions of Pages, Numbers, Keynote programs, search for friends on the map or your Apple devices. ICloud Drive lets you upload and download files directly from your browser.

iCloud for Windows

To work with the cloud not through a browser, but using Windows Explorer, install the iCloud program from the official Apple website https://support.Apple.com/en-us/HT204283.

  • Download and Launch iCloud for Windows.
  • Reboot your computer.

When you turn on Photos, a separate iCloud Photos folder is created in Windows Explorer. New photos and videos from your computer will go to Uploads so you can watch them on Apple devices. Photos from Apple devices will go to the Downloads folder for viewing on a computer or laptop. The Shared folder contains files that you have shared with other users.

If you turn on iCloud Drive, a separate folder appears in File Explorer. In fact, this is an analogue of Yandex Disk. All files inside this folder are synced and stored in the Apple cloud.

You can also enable syncing of contacts and mail with Outlook.

All iCloud functions after installation are available through Start. But most of them open the official site, as it was written in the first method. That is, when you click on Mail, not the program will open, but the web interface in the browser.

When you turn off iCloud on Windows, all files from the program folders will be deleted from the computer, but they will remain in the cloud.

Another feature of the program. Windows login is not displayed in the list of my devices through the site.

How to sign in to iCloud from a computer?

In the window that appears, you will need to enter your Apple ID email address and, accordingly, your password.

When the login is successful, several available sections will open on your screen, depending on which iCloud backup features are activated.

If no iCloud section contains any information, it can be assumed that your Apple device has backup disabled.

To enable it, open the “Settings” menu on your device and go to the “iCloud” section.

Select “iCloud Drive” and make sure that the toggle switch next to this item is in the active position. If not, activate it.

iCloud is a great built-in backup tool for all the information that appears on your Apple devices. By activating this function, you can be sure that if your device is lost, important information will not be irretrievably lost.

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Login iPhone

Login from computer and iPhone

The safest way is icloud login through the program. The official website has all the useful information regarding iCloud functionality.

Download the program and wait for the download to finish. Then run “iCloudSetup.exe”. In the window that opens, enter your data: username and password.

If you do not have an account, then register through an Apple device. Now you need to activate the device to synchronize the application by checking the corresponding checkboxes.

Now all that remains is to click on the “Apply” button.

How to recover iCloud password

Users often forget passwords created in various services. If a user has registered in iCloud, that is, created his own Apple ID, and then forgot his password, it can be easily restored. This can be done through the iCloud website as follows:

  • Go to the iCloud website: https://www.icloud.com/;
  • Further, at the bottom of the window to enter your login and password, you need to click on the button “Forgot Apple ID or password?”;
  • A new page will open on which password recovery takes place. Enter in the indicated window the mail to which the Apple ID is registered, and also confirm that you are not a bot by entering the image from the picture in the appropriate column;
  • Next, choose what you want to do. reset your password or security questions. In this case, you need to select the option with a password;
  • A window will open offering options to reset your password. One of the options is to send instructions on how to recover your password by email, and the second is the answers to security questions that were specified during account creation. Choose a convenient option for you to recover your Apple ID password.

Login from your phone

If you want to access iCloud on Android phone. then, first of all, you need to launch the Email client. Enter data from iCloud mail and select “Configure manually”.

Next, select the type of account: IMAP.

In the manual configuration form, fill in all the required fields:

  • E-mail. iCloud mail address.
  • Username is the part of the email address before @ icloud.com.
  • Password. email access code.
  • Server. imap.mail.me.com.
  • Security type. SSL or SSL with all certificates accepted.
  • Port. 993.
  • No need to fill in the IMAP path prefix.

After entering all the data, click “Next” and start configuring the SMTP server:

  • Address. smtp.mail.me.com.
  • Username and password are the same as in IMAP settings.
  • Security. SSL or TSL.
  • Port 587.

That’s all, if a request for authentication appears, then click “Yes”.

How to sign in to iCloud from a computer

iCloud is Apple‘s cloud storage system for storing device backups, photos, notes and other files. If necessary, you can get access to your iCloud account from any computer. How this is done, and will be discussed in the article.

In order to log into your iCloud profile, you must have a registered Apple ID, which is also used on your Apple devices and in the iTunes program.

How to sign in to iCloud account from computer

One of the advantages of Apple is a single iCloud account on all devices, which allows you to link your computer, smartphone, tablet and other gadgets of the corporation into a single ecosystem. An iCloud account gives users access to mail, as well as a number of other Apple services. You can log in to your iCloud account not only from the Apple Corporation device, but also from any other computer, tablet or smartphone through a browser. As part of this article, we will consider how to create an iCloud account, recover its password from it, sign in to it, and other questions.

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Login to icloud.com

The easiest way, which does not require the installation of any additional programs on a computer (except for a browser) and works not only on PCs and laptops with Windows, but also in Linux, MacOS, and on other operating systems, in fact, in this way you can enter iCloud not only from a computer, but also from a modern TV.

Just go to the official website icloud.com, enter your Apple ID details and you will be logged into iCloud with the ability to access all your data stored in your account, including access to iCloud mail in the web interface.

You will have access to photos, iCloud Drive content, notes, calendar and reminders, as well as to the Apple ID settings and the ability to find your iPhone (you can search for iPad and Mac in the same paragraph) using the corresponding function. You can even work with your Pages, Numbers and KeyNote documents stored in iCloud online.

As you can see, logging into iCloud is not difficult and is possible from almost any device with a modern browser.

How to Use iCloud on the Computer : Using Your PC

However, in some cases (for example, if you want to automatically download photos from iCloud to your computer, have easy access to iCloud Drive), the following method may also come in handy. the official Apple utility for using iCloud in Windows.

How to sign in to iCloud from a computer

What is it for? For example, in order to copy photos from iCloud to a Windows computer, be able to add notes, reminders and calendar events from the computer, and in some cases, in order to find a lost or stolen iPhone. If you need to set up iCloud mail on a computer, there is a separate article about this: iCloud Mail on Android and computer. Also Helpful: iPhone Backup to iCloud.

ICloud app for Windows

On the official Apple website, you can download the iCloud program for Windows for free, and in case of using Windows 10, use the iCloud application from the Microsoft Store, which allows you to use iCloud on a computer or laptop in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

After installing the program, the links to which are further in the instructions (and then restarting the computer), log in with your Apple ID and perform the initial settings, if necessary. If two-factor authentication is enabled for your account, your iPhone, iPad or Mac will display a code that you will need to enter into the window after entering your password.

After applying the settings, and after spending some time waiting (the data is synchronized), you can download your photos and see the contents of iCloud Drive in the explorer, as well as add photos and other files to iCloud from your computer and save them from there to yourself. If you have Microsoft Outlook on your computer, it can also be synced with iCloud to use mail, tasks, contacts and calendars.

In fact, these are almost all the functions that iCloud provides for a computer, except for the ability to get information about the space in the storage and detailed statistics about what exactly it is used for. The iCloud Drive folder integrates into Windows Explorer like any other cloud storage:

And you can find the folder with iCloud photos in the system Pictures folder. over, with the default settings, all newly created photos will be automatically downloaded to the computer in the appropriate folder. Old photos can be downloaded manually:

Some basic actions (such as uploading a photo from the previous paragraph) iCloud are available in the menu that opens when you click on the corresponding icon in the notification area:

Additionally, on the Apple website you can read about how to use mail and calendars from iCloud in Outlook or save all data from iCloud to your computer:

  • If iCloud does not install and displays a Media Feature Pack message, the solution is here: How to fix the error Your computer does not support some multimedia features when installing iCloud.
  • If you sign out of iCloud on Windows, this will automatically delete all previously downloaded data from storage.
  • When writing this article, I drew attention to the fact that despite the installed iCloud for Windows, where I was logged in, the computer with Windows was not displayed among the connected devices in the iCloud settings in the web interface.

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no iPhone, it’s broken, how can I enter iCloud from a PC without an identifier that it requires

Those. without an Apple ID? No way. You can try to restore (below the login fields there is a link. forgot Apple ID or password).

icloud windows 10, error. “icloud an error occurred during authentication”, the file host is empty, no antivirus, no protections, no proxy connection. Everything is ok from the browser, from the application it does not work.

Is there no tricky characters or Cyrillic characters in the password? This may be the case. Well, just check that you are entering correctly.

Hello. For example, my icloud photo library is broken / nothing helps in fixing and updating. and the former version. it’s too late to roll back. in the future, on subsequent views, an endless wait for the icloud drive 64 object hangs, the photo only reaches the choice of photo years, then the process is 5.10 seconds and in the cut. event log, then there is no replacement for ntdll, except for windowPE and whether it finally bugs
Faulting Application Name: iCloudPhotos.exe
Faulting Module Name: ntdll.dll
Exception code: 0xc0000374
Error offset: 0x000e0e23

I enter the ID, password and get into the account. There is no first window as in the first photo in the article with folders. The account has a list of devices. I press iphone 6 (my device), show “Request is currently unavailable. Please try again later »I can’t get my data

I have blocked aikloud. I can’t enter. What to do?

Hello everyone. Tell me why every half hour (approximately) iCloud on a computer with windows, throws out a window with the inscription: “To continue working with iCloud, enter the password.” And even if I enter the password, then after a while he will again show me the same window, with the same request. In this case, you are logged into icloud.
Maybe someone came across?

1) after installing icloud on windows 10, the program several times could not download photos and synchronize them with the PC: as a result, after that I created many icloud photo folders in the quick access panel of the explorer, tried to delete them, but I deleted the application, the folders were still preserved, but already Without links to photos and photos themselves, I repeated the installation of the folder again in the same place, what should I do now? tell me

2) when syncing PC files with icloud, icloud asks for compatibility with Google Chrome (I am a user of this browser), asks to install the extension, but the extension is not installed, indicating that I may not have the latest version of Windows 10 (my licensed home version is 18363.836)

And a simple right click on such a folder and “unpin from the quick access panel” does not work.?
If not, then, in theory, in the registry key

A subkey named or is responsible for these folders (you can delete these subkeys and restart your computer).
2. And here it is not clear to me. In theory, he should not forcibly install any extensions.

Thank you for your prompt reply)) I did not expect that so quickly)))
Found this subsection :. but unfortunately no results after the reboot, as there were 8 extra folders and remained (
And a simple right click on such a folder and “unpin from the quick access panel” does not work? Answer: There is a point to Pin folder, but clicking any result. The folders themselves are not located
For three days I have already been tormented by everything, leafing through the Internet, I do not know what to do, there is already a desire to throw off Windows and reinstall (

Then I give up. maybe digging the computer on the spot and finding something, but like this remotely I don’t know what to offer. There are no restore points by accident? Check if they could be automatically created and then you can use them.

Hello Unfortunately, my iPhone broke yesterday. Those photos are those contacts that I need so much on the iPhone. Without a password, you cannot enter iCloud from your computer

Don’t know your iCloud password? Then I’m afraid there is no way to help. Well, except to try to recover the password there on the site.

Hello! Please tell me how to remove iCloud drive and iCloud Photos from the left pane of the explorer?

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In Registry Editor, navigate to

Maybe I didn’t send a message and I’m sitting there waiting for an answer, knocking there everywhere), then I apologize, maybe some bug. I wrote that I don’t have such a section (screenshot). and I found a subsection by searching, but it’s in a completely different place (screenshot). and I didn’t dare to delete it. How to be ?

Do not delete. But do it a little differently. Do you see (in your second screen) the IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree parameter on the right? Click on it twice and set the value to 0.
Also: take the time and go through all of these subsections in this section with names that look like code. You can quickly do it like this: select the top one, then scroll down with the keyboard. And with each transition, pay attention to the “default” option on the right. For most it will mean “not assigned”, but for some it will mean names. And, if you come across something with the name “iCloud something” and there will also be the IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree parameter. also change it to 0. Close the registry editor, reboot.
There is no need to be afraid, nothing will happen. But you can, just in case, pre-create a restore point.

On your mac

See if you’re already signed in with your Apple ID

You may already be signed in to one of your Apple devices. View a snapshot of the Apple ID you use for Apple Services.

How to sign in to Apple ID from a computer

Use these steps to find your Apple ID.

Your Apple ID is the account you use to sign in to all Apple services. If you’ve forgotten your Apple ID or aren’t sure which one you have, there are several ways to find it. You can also reset your password to regain access.

On Apple TV

On iCloud.com

Go to iCloud.com. If you’re already signed in to iCloud, click the Options button. If you’re not signed in to iCloud, your Apple ID may fill in on the sign-in screen.

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod

Registering iTunes for Previous Purchases

If your Apple ID has changed since you made a purchase, then the name in the file information will not work.

If you find your Apple ID but don’t remember your password, reset your password.

How to view photos in the cloud?

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Click the Photos tab to view your photos.
  • Click the Albums tab to view the My Albums, Shared Albums, People & Places, Media Types, and Other Albums sections.

How to remove Apple ID from computer?

Remove a linked iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Click Settings [your name] and select “iTunes Store & App Store”.
  • Choose your Apple ID.
  • Click View Apple ID. You may need to sign in.
  • Scroll down to the “iTunes in the cloud” section and click “Remove this device”.

How to Log in to Spotify with Apple ID on PC?

  • On the Spotify login page, click Sign in with Apple.
  • Indicate that you want to share your email address.
  • You will see a pop-up confirming that the Apple ID email address matches the one on your Spotify account.
  • Sign in to your Spotify account in the usual way.

How to Sign in to Spotify with Apple ID?

  • On the Spotify login page, click Sign in with Apple.
  • Indicate that you want to share your email address.
  • You will see a pop-up confirming that the Apple ID email address matches the one on your Spotify account.
  • Sign in to your Spotify account in the usual way.

How to remove Apple ID from another device?

If your device uses iCloud and Find [device], sign in to your account at iCloud.com/find or Find My on another device, select the device you want, and click Erase. After deleting the data from the device, click “Remove from account”.

How to sign in to Apple ID from a computer?

How to view iCloud storage?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to [your name] iCloud Settings. For details on how apps and services use storage, click iCloud Storage or Manage Storage.

How to sign in to iCloud from a computer without an iPhone

iCloud is one of the most popular cloud storage solutions developed by Apple. Anyone with mobile devices from Apple can log into iCloud. each user has an account in the cloud storage. The developers made sure that the cloud can be used both from the phone and from the computer. In this article, we will figure out how to enter iCloud from a computer without an iPhone.

We enter through the browser

The fastest way to log into your own iCloud account through a computer is to use the browser version of the cloud storage. In this case, you will not have to download additional software or go through additional registration procedures.

To log into Apple cloud storage through a browser, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the official iCloud website. You can use any browser convenient for you.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password to login into the authorization form.

You may have come across this article because you want to use iCloud, but you do not have an Apple ID and do not own an iPhone or iPad. In this case, you can register a personal Apple ID:

  • We also go to the official iCloud website, and then click on “Create Apple ID”. The button is located at the bottom of the site.
  • We enter our own first and last name in the form, indicate the country and region, select the date of birth and insert the email address, which in the future will be your personal ID. It can be used to sign in to all Apple services.
  • We write down the password and repeat it, insert several security questions that will be used to restore access.
  • Select the types of future subscriptions, enter characters from the image for verification and click on “Continue”.

After signing in to iCloud, you will be presented with the storage menu. Here you can configure key account settings, see connected devices and find out how much free space is available for use.

By going to the “Devices” tab, you can see from which gadget and at what time your account was logged in. If suspicious activity is detected, you can change the password.

The key advantage of the browser version of iCloud is that you can use it from any computer. you just need to know the Apple ID and password to sign in. The only drawback is that files will not be loaded from the computer automatically.

We use the official application

To use the storage from a computer without any restrictions, you can use the official iCloud program for Windows. In addition to all the functionality of the browser version, you will get access to mail and data synchronization functions. for example, the cloud will automatically download the selected files from the PC.

Login with iCloud.com

The easiest option is to log into iCloud through the website. As mentioned above, this option is suitable for any OS, even Linux and Windows XP. From anywhere in the world, from any computer, you can enter the system using your username and password. How to log into iCloud computer?

How To Login to iCloud Step By Step Tutorial | iCloud Sign In

Go to the site of the same name, enter your Apple ID and password.

Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in to iCloud

After entering your information correctly, you will be logged into iCloud. If two-factor authentication is enabled on your Apple account, you will also have to enter the verification code that will be sent to your devices.

Confirmation of iCloud sign-in with iPhone

After confirming the login by entering the code on the site, you will see the entire list of iCloud functions. Here you can check your mail, see contacts, events in the calendar. You can also view photos and videos synced to the cloud. iCloud Drive, notes, iPhone search, friends search. all this can be done right on your browser screen. Signing in to iCloud through a browser is an extremely convenient feature that I have needed more than once.

What else do you need to be happy? Of course, install iCloud for Windows, although, I confess, I like the web version more.

How to sign in to iCloud from a computer

iCloud is Apple’s cloud service that lets you sync data across ecosystem devices such as iPad, iPhone, iMac, iPod, and more. By adding a contact or note on iPhone, you automatically get data across all your devices. This is really convenient, but there are times when you need access to iCloud from your computer.

In this article, I will walk you through the basic ways to log into iCloud from a Windows computer and other OS. For example, through the web version, you can easily log into iCloud from Linux without losing a drop of functionality. However, I recommend installing the iCloud app for Windows to have more convenient access at all times.

ICloud app for Windows

Download the app from the official Apple website. Open the installation file and follow the instructions.

Read and accept the license agreement

Wait a few seconds for the installation to finish. After installation, you will be prompted to restart your computer; this is optional. The iCloud icon appears in the tray (bottom right corner of the screen). Click on it and click “Login”.

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Next, enter your Apple ID and password and click Sign In. If your account has double authentication enabled, you will be prompted for a verification code. By the way, I highly recommend enabling two-factor authentication for your Apple ID. It will save you from unauthorized access to your data.

Enter verification login from iPhone or other device to login to iCloud

The iCloud app may ask you to send diagnostic data to Apple. To agree or not is your decision. This will not affect the performance of the application in any way.

After these manipulations, Photos and iCloud Drive will appear in Windows Explorer.

Sadly, at the time of this writing, the Notes and Contacts applications, for which I installed iCloud for Windows, simply open the iCloud website. And not through the default browser, but Edge (hello, Internet Explorer). That is why I prefer the web version first of all. Yes, you can install the iCloud app simply because it is there, and its functionality may expand in the future. But at the moment I don’t see much point in it, except for viewing photos and accessing iCloud Drive.

In this article, I looked at two ways to log into iCloud through a computer. Hope this information helped you. If you are experiencing any difficulties, write in the comments.

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How to sign in to iCloud from a computer

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage system for storing device backups, photos, notes and other files. If necessary, you can get access to your iCloud account from any computer. How this is done, and will be discussed in the article.

In order to log into your iCloud profile, you must have a registered Apple ID, which is also used on your Apple devices and in the iTunes program.

Sign in to iCloud from your computer

You may need to sign in to iCloud from your computer in different situations: to save photos to your hard drive, view contacts, notes, or even find your lost iPhone. For authorization on the service, you can use both the web version and the Windows application.

Sign in with iCloud.com

This is the easiest way to access Icloud, which can be used on any device with Internet access.

  • Open a new browser tab, go to icloud.com.
  • Log in to the site using your Apple ID.

After authorization, you will have access to iCloud mail, notes, contacts, reminders, Apple ID settings, as well as the “Find iPhone” function, which can be used to locate a lost phone.

You can work with documents and notes directly through the iCloud web interface, which is also very convenient. But if you want to get more options for managing storage, then download the app for Windows.

ICloud App

ICloud for Windows is available as a free download on Apple’s official website. It can be installed on all modern OS versions from Microsoft: 7, 8 and 10.

You must also use your Apple ID to log into iCloud after installing the app. Before the first launch of the utility, you must restart your computer, otherwise the program will not work correctly.

After authorization, you will have to wait a little while the cloud storage and the application are synchronized. After successful synchronization, the program window will display the contents of iCloud Drive and your photos. The status bar is also displayed here, which shows the available storage space with an indication of what data is taking up how much space.

In fact, this is what the Windows application is about. After installing the program, all the main sections of iCloud appear in the “Start” menu: KeyNote, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Find iPhone, etc. But when you launch them, you will be taken to the web interface of the storage on icloud.com, that is, these are regular links, and not standalone applications.

If, after installing the iCloud utility, you want to disable iCloud Drive, then all data previously downloaded to your computer will be automatically deleted from the hard drive. They will remain on the “cloud”, but you will not find them on the computer.

iCloud: Overview: Contacts

Contacts can be organized and easily found in the Contacts app on iCloud.com. The changes you make appear automatically if you’ve set up iCloud for the Contacts app. Therefore, there is no need to connect the device to a computer to update contacts.

IPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac: Changes appear in Contacts.

On a Windows computer: Changes will appear in Microsoft Outlook.

Each contact will appear on a virtual card called a vCard. You can share vCards with other users and add vCards that are open to you. For more information, see Importing contact information and Exporting contact information.

To get started with the iCloud Contacts app, go to icloud.com/contacts and sign in with your Apple ID (if you haven’t already).

If another iCloud app is open, click its name at the top of the iCloud.com window, then select Contacts.

When using the iCloud Contacts app, use the browser recommended in the Apple Support article System Requirements for iCloud.

How to view contacts in icloud from a computer

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How to sign in to iCloud from a computer?

In the window that appears, you will need to enter your Apple ID email address and, accordingly, your password.

When the login is successful, several available sections will open on your screen, depending on which iCloud backup features are activated.

If no iCloud section contains any information, it can be assumed that your Apple device has backup disabled.

To enable it, open the “Settings” menu on your device and go to the “iCloud” section.

Select “iCloud Drive” and make sure that the toggle switch next to this item is in the active position. If not, activate it.

iCloud is a great built-in backup tool for all the information that appears on your Apple devices. By activating this function, you can be sure that if your device is lost, important information will not be irretrievably lost.

Thank me, share the link with your friends on social networks:

The system will indicate options for how your address will end:

Important! The suggested ending depends on the device.

If you already have a registered ID, it is possible to synchronize the data stored there. It must be specified when activating the device.

Registering icloud will allow you to store:

  • Contacts
  • Posts
  • photos
  • notes
  • All information from your device
  • Complete cloud data server

Password recovery

This operation will not take more than 5 minutes of your precious time.

Registering Apple ID and mailbox @ icloud.com

Email is a service that, originally conceived for the quick exchange of letters, appeared in 1965, then its functionality was expanded, it became possible to attach documents and files. Now, when registering on any site, an email is required.

@ Icloud.com is a special client service created by Apple developers in 2012. When activating any product IPod, IPhone and. etc., you must provide an existing email address or the device will prompt you to create a new Apple ID. Below are instructions on how to create a mail account.

Apple Mail. delete

The service features include deleting the user’s account and mail. Sometimes you need to untie iphone from icloud.

How to log into an account from someone else’s computer on Windows?

Most people with iPhones, iPods, iPads do not have a PC with Apple’s operating system. This is due to their price range, as they cost 3-4 times more than budget Windows-based models.

Advantages over other services

Apple is the fastest growing company that is ready to offer its users the best they have.