Listening To Music And Other Features Of The Music Program

Listening To Music And Other Features Of The Music Program

Listen to your music library and discover new artists using the Music app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Android devices.

You can use the Music program on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the latest version of iOS or Apple TV with the latest version of tvOS. On your Android device, download the Apple Music app.

Functions of the Music program

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device: Use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to navigate in the Music program.

Apple TV: Swipe down on the Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote to display the navigation menu.

Media Library

If you have an Android device, you must subscribe to Apple Music to listen to purchased or offered music.

If music is downloaded to your device, click “Downloaded Music” to display only this content and listen without using a cellular data network or Wi-Fi network. 2

For you

If you subscribe to Apple Music, this tab will display music recommendations and playlists tailored to your preferences. You will also have access to the Friends Music, New Music, My Favorite Tracks, and Chillout Mix playlists, which are updated weekly, and information about what your friends are still listening to.


If you subscribe to Apple Music, this tab will display the latest music, as well as the most popular songs and clips. Here you can also watch clips and find their collections. You can add and download any of these materials to your library.


On this tab, you can listen to Beats 1, NPR and other 4 radio stations live. Apple Music subscribers can also listen to radio stations by genre and create their own. Learn more about the radio in Apple Music.

On this tab 5, you can search for individual songs, albums, artists, playlists, lyrics 6 and much more. Select the search field, and then select Apple Music or Your Music Library, depending on where you want to search, in the entire Apple Music directory or just your music library.

2. You cannot download content to an Apple TV, but it can be streamed over a Wi-Fi network.

3. iTunes Store is not available for Android OS. You cannot purchase music using your Apple TV. Use other Apple devices with the same Apple ID for this.

4. Streaming radio stations that you can listen to without subscribing to Apple Music are not available in all countries and regions.

5. In Apple Music on Android devices, a search field is available in the upper right corner of each tab.

6. Lyrics search is available only in certain countries and regions. Find out what’s available in your country or region.

Listening to music

When playing music in the Music app on an iOS or Android device, the player appears at the bottom of the screen. Tap the player to open the Running screen 7 and access all the playback controls.

On Apple TV, the “Running” item is available in the menu at the top of the screen. On a Mac or Windows PC, use iTunes to listen and search for new music.

Built-in controls

On the “Running” screen, you can adjust the volume, start and pause playback, fast forward, go to the next or previous song. On iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, you can also click to change the audio playback device.

Swipe the “Running” screen up to display more actions, such as shuffle and repeat, view 8 lyrics and add music to the play queue. To close the Running screen, press or swipe down from the top of the player.

ways to control playback

Control playback with your fingertips. or voice. Ask Siri “What can I do?” To learn more about Siri’s music and sound commands. You can also:

  • control the audio that is being played from the lock screen and the Control Center on the iOS device;
  • Manage your music library or listen to Apple Music on your Apple Watch
  • Play music, podcasts, and audio books in your car with your iPhone.

7. On the iPad in portrait orientation, the item “Running” is located in the lower right corner. On Apple TV: open the Music app, swipe down on the Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote to display the Now Playing item in the top menu bar.

8. Lyrics are not available for all songs.

Change settings

On your iOS device, go to Settings “Music”. There you can change the following settings.

  • ICloud Media Library: If you have an Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription, turn it on to access content on all your devices. Learn more about the iCloud Library.
  • Cellular data: enable or disable music streaming in the Music program on iPhone, or iPad when they are connected to the Internet via a cellular data network.
  • Downloaded music: manage content downloaded to your device.

You can also control certain Apple Music features in the Music app on your iOS or Android device. Select “For You,” click the button or your photo, then click “Edit” or “View.” Here you can create or delete an Apple Music profile so that your friends can follow what you are listening to and we can improve recommendations for you in Apple Music.

Additional Information

  • You can create playlists from songs. If you have an Apple Music subscription, then you can share your playlists with friends in Apple Music.
  • You can manage your Apple Music subscription on your iOS device, iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC, Apple TV, or Android device.

Apple Music features may vary by country or region. Learn more about what’s available in your country or region.

Apple Music may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. Read the full terms and conditions.