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How to manage a TV with Xiaomi (Redmi)

One of the important distinguishing features of the Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphones is the presence of an IR port. IR port in modern phones is used as a control panel, if you want a TV, if you want, air conditioning, and other household appliances, a list of supported devices is huge:

  • Mi TV
  • TV set
  • Prefix
  • Air conditioning
  • Fan
  • Smart prefix
  • AV resaver
  • DVD player
  • Projector
  • Satellite television prefix
  • Camera

Xiaomi has developed a special Mi remote application, using which it is possible to set up any television, even modern, at least quite old. Fortunately, the telecom control codes via IR almost do not change, which allows you to turn the Xiaomi smartphone into a universal control panel.

How to broadcast the phone screen for the Xiaomi TV?

To configure the TV-ski in this way, you will need a phone on Android and Google application. Open Google on your smartphone and drive the phrase “Settings of the device” in the search bar or give the appropriate voice command. Give the service for the requested permits and wait until your phone finds your TV-style.

Other methods of connection

Naturally, it would be strange if the methods of connection were limited only to Wi-Fi and connecting through the cables. There are several more ways for which you need an appropriate application or modern TV model and nothing more.

This method does not require any wires, but does not allow you to show online broadcasts on the screen and streaming video. The bottom line is that the TV will see the phone like a flash card. To do this, you need that both the smartphone and the TV are connected to one Wi-Fi network, and the Bubbleupnp application has been installed on the phone. Synchronization is very simple and sets up through the application.


This method is very similar to the transfer of images via Wi-Fi, but does not require the Internet in any form-the broadcast goes directly, from one device to another. The only condition is that the miracast function is on the TV, and the phone works on miui.

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For use, you need to do the following manipulations:

  • Make sure Miracast is on on the TV. This is done through the menu, most often at the “Source” or “Network” items.
  • On the phone, select “Settings”.
  • Select “additional functions”.
  • Click on the “wireless display” item and wait.
  • When your TV appears in the list. Choose it.

At the same time, in 2019, some complain about the perching of the video and distorting the image. Such problems are rare and problems with a video sector are very insignificant, but still there are. So, if you want to watch videos in very good quality, then in the absence of the Internet it is better to use the cable.

If you were not able to find this function in the TV menu, check the specification for the device, it usually indicates where you can turn it on. The same applies to information on how to choose images through USB and HDMI.

All methods are quite simple and, if you already have all the necessary applications, and also have suitable cables, then the connection takes about a minute, and sometimes even less. Do not forget to use all the possibilities of your technique.

Problems when connecting and correcting errors

It happens that various problems arise during the connection process. Devices may not see each other or not connect. What can be done in this case:

  • During the connection of the devices, a software failure occurred. In this case, you need to repeat the procedure, it happens even several times;
  • The smartphone does not see another device. It is recommended to restart the phone and device and repeat the setting. Perhaps they are far from each other, so the smartphone needs to be brought closer to the TV or computer;
  • The broadcasting device is outdated and simply does not support this function;
  • After connecting, the image on the TV can hang, since TV is not so powerful and has less RAM, unlike the computer. Interference or black stripes along the edges of the screen are also possible;
  • On the TV, the quality of photos and text documents is better than on PC, but the video is better played on a computer. This is due to the fact that the wireless connection is not as completely as wired;
  • If a computer or laptop has a Windows 7 operating system (not lower), then to turn on the function of the wireless display, you need to install additional software. You need to download the Intel Wireless Display Software for Windows (WIDI) program, which will allow you to broadcast different content from one device to another. After installation on the PC desktop, a shortcut will appear. Having launched it, you need to enable the “adapter” option that appeared in the new window. During the first launch, the software will request to enter the proposed password. Next, you need to confirm the action and put the checkmark next to the automatic connection function in the future, so that the user participation does not need to be involved in the next time.

The “Wireless display” function becomes very popular. It works on the basis of Miracast or Widi technologies and has both advantages and disadvantages. In any case, connecting a smartphone to a TV or PC will not be difficult and is in many respects very convenient way to work with various files, especially if the technique is modern and meets all the requirements.

Is it possible to connect the phone to the old TV?

The connection diagram is very simple: insert one end of the HDMI/VGA cable into the TV, and the second into the adapter for Apple devices, and then connect the iPhone to the adapter. You can also connect to the second Lightning charging connector so that the battery does not sit down during operation.

How to connect a Xiaomi smartphone to a TV and PC

We got to the main, wireless display of Xiaomi smartphones, we alternately attach to the devices:

TV set

  • On the phone we enter: “Settings”. “additional functions”. “wireless display”.
  • We activate, all the televisions available in the radius appear.
  • Choose the right one. A gear settings appears.
  • We go to TV, we go to the network in the settings menu, and in the list of wireless networks you need to find Intel Widi Miracast. If there is no mention, then the TV does not support this exchange, and we connect an external adapter. As soon as it is installed in the system, the possibility of choosing.
  • Choose your phone, confirm connect, do the same on a smartphone, connect to the TV.
  • That’s all, there is nothing more to set up, the image from a small screen will appear on a large.

Computer with new versions of the OS

  • For Windows 10 and 8.1 third.Party software there is no need to download, setting is simple. I remind you that the main thing here is the presence of a network card that can work with widi. On the keyboard, click simultaneously winp.
  • A new panel will open, where you will need to select a wireless display connection. This activates the projector’s function available in 10-ke.
  • Further, as in the case of the TV, we connect the phone.

A computer with old versions of systems, not lower than the seven

  • I need additional software, as I wrote earlier and indicated a link to download. Install Intel Wireless Display Software for Windows. An Intel Widi icon will appear on the desktop.
  • We launch the program, in the new window there should be the option “Adapter”. Turn it on.
  • At the first launch, the program will ask to enter the password offered to her. Confirm and indicate a checkmate about automatic connection subsequently. The next time the conjugation will occur without your participation.

How to connect Xiaomi to TV

It is not difficult to connect the Xiaomi smartphone to the TV if the user is the owner of the device with firmware Miui 11 and above. This does not require additional software, if there is a TV that supports the Smart TV. Samsung, Sony or LG function, actions are performed in several clicks:

xiaomi, phone, video
  • Control curtain is called. This can be done with a swipe from the bottom up the screen.
  • Among the opened shortcuts is the CAST option.
  • In the window that opens, a TV receiver is selected, with which you have to “make friends” smartphone. Now you can start a broadcast.

However, those whose phone model does not allow to update the version of the shell above the 10th to perform the action is more difficult. There are several ways to install a connecting station with a TV.

Through Wi-Fi

Most users prefer a wireless connection, especially since almost all the latest generation TVs support the module and allow you to broadcast the picture on the screen without loss of quality.

Xiaomi telephone owners are easiest to connect via Wi-Fi Direct. This possibility is provided for all models of TVs and mobile devices. Act according to the following algorithm:

  • The “Settings” menu (in the control curtain is indicated by the gear icon) the section “Wireless Networks” is found.
  • Transferred to the active position of the slider near the paragraph “Wi-Fi Direct”. Find in the list of available devices a TV with which they are going to install a conjugation.
  • In the settings of the TV, select the “Network” item and also connect “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • They are waiting for the establishment of the Connect. The user learns that the connection is made by the smartphone.


When installing the conjugation, both devices-mobile and TV are connected to one Wi-Fi network.

Through HDMI

This method seems to be the simplest and most reliable. The HDMI port is equipped with almost all of the latest generations, usually it is located near the USB connectors.

If the Xiaomi model has an appropriate port, it is easy to connect the phone to the TV receiver. In case of absence, the adapter with USB to HDMI will help to solve the issue.

The conjugation is performed in the following way:

  • The cable is connected at one end to the connector on the smartphone, and the second. On TV.
  • In the “Settings” menu on the Xiaomi device, the “Connections” section is found and a check is placed opposite the HDMI line.

It remains to wait until the phone determines the TV receiver. Similarly, you can carry out a TV with any smartphone model.

Through USB cable

This method is as simple as the previous one, but in terms of functionality it loses strongly. Thus, it is only possible to display the media files stored in the gadget’s memory on the large screen. Organize stream will not work.

Connection is carried out in a method similar to the described in the previous paragraph. Only instead of an HDMI cable is USB used. But for any phone model you do not need an adapter, and the connecting cord itself is included in the phone delivery kit.

Through Chromecast

Google allows users to connect to the TV in another way. For this there is a special device. Chromecast adapter looks like an ordinary flash drive that is connected to the TV.

To take the opportunity, you need to install a special Chromecast application on the smartphone. It is available for free download in the Google Platy Market. Then they act according to the following algorithm:

  • Launch the program.
  • Enter their profile in the Google account.
  • In the lower right corner of the application of the application there is a icon in the form of a little man. They slip along it.
  • In the opened tab, a “broadcast from the screen” is found.
  • Find the same button, click on it.
  • In a pop.Up window in the list of devices, choose their TV. After a few seconds, the connection will be held. The signal of this will be the smartphone.


The broadcast is made in high quality, but some time behind the time.

Through the broadcast

Through the broadcast, you can connect Xiaomi to TV if the TV supports Miracast protocol. Когда в TV-приемнике есть такая функция, то коннектинг производится без дополнительных устройств и стороннего софта.

First you need to connect the option on TV. In different models of devices, this happens according to its schemes:

  • Samsung needs to press the “Source” button on the remote control, and then select “Screen Mirroring” on the screen;
  • The “setting” key is involved on the LG, after which “Miracast” is selected in the “Network” menu and the sliders are transferred to working condition.

After activating the function, I act according to the following algorithm:

  • In the settings of the Xiaomi smartphone, they find the “additional opportunities” menu (it may be called “additional. Functions “).
  • Choose a string of “wireless display” and connect the option by the transfer of the slider to the “v.””.
  • Wait for a list of devices to appear. Click on the TV model.

If the smartphone works under the “clean” Android (models Xiaomi A1, A2, A3), the scheme will differ:

  • In the Gadget settings menu, the “screen” section is found.
  • Click on the Broadcast tab.
  • Find a TV receiver in the list that appears. Further, the connection is installed as in the previous case, within a few seconds.

How to connect a Xiaomi smartphone to a TV

There are several methods of connection, by the name of which it becomes clear what is necessary for this. Most of them are wireless, which is a huge plus, because the cable is always not very convenient, and less practical.

Next, consider each in order, highlight the advantages and features.

How to broadcast a picture and sound via HDMI? Very simple. Connection by HDMI is perhaps the best wired method of interfacing with your TV, since the image is transmitted instantly on the screen and in the best quality.

Any actions on your smartphone will be transferred to the TV device, you literally transfer the entire image from the phone to the TV without any delays.

How to connect your Xiaomi and display the image? Very simple, you just need the HDMI to USB adapter, one side of which connects to the TV, and the second-to the charge slot to the phone.

If the image on the screen does not appear, go to the settings, then to the “connection”, and select HDMI. It is worth noting that such cables, of course, exist, but more often, in everyday life, you can find HDMI to HDMI, that is, such wires that have both ends the same as for connecting to the TV. Masters advise using such cables to those who ask the question: “How to connect a laptop to a TV?””. But for the phone, this type of connection is unsuitable. Therefore, you will need to purchase an adapter, they are full on the Internet, and the order is made in two clicks, so there should be no problems with this.

How to connect a phone to a TV via USB? Connection via USB is very similar to connecting via HDMI, it is carried out even by the most primitive call wire disconnected from the battery, or any other USB cable.

On modern TVs there is always a USB input therefore, this method is the simplest, but with a share of unpleasant minuses.

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Unlike HDMI, USB will make your mobile device with a removable rigid video disk. This can be compared with the fact that a flash drive was simply inserted into it.

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As soon as you make a connection, a notification will appear in your smartphone, which will offer to clarify the use of USB, whether it is charging, viewing media files and the like. Choose at your discretion, but to display the storage you will need to click on the “viewing of the media” (the name may be different, it all depends on the type of device, but the essence will remain the same). It is also worth considering that not all file formats support even the latest TVs, so be prepared that you are unlikely to be able to view text documents, archives or even some kind of video, the format of which is not read by your device.

xiaomi, phone, video


Let’s move on to the first wireless method of connecting. Like USB, it is a very simple and affordable option, but not without minuses:

But sometimes this connection method can come in handy, so we consider in more detail the stages. To get started, turn on Bluetooth on both devices, then select your TV in the smartphone in the list available for connection. After that, find the “Wireless display” item, turn it on and wait for your TV in the list. As soon as he appears there, click on him. That’s all. The image will instantly display on the screen.