LG TV Missing Image What to Do


The simplest thing that an average user can do is to conduct a visual inspection of the equipment. Within reasonable limits, it is permissible even to disassemble the TV and carry out its internal cleaning. How to independently detect breakdowns?

  • Discharge of capacitors by disconnecting equipment from the network.
  • Opening the back cover of the TV.
  • Inspect cables for possible kinks and breaks.
  • Inspect the power supply for swelling and melting of capacitors or resistors.
  • If you have special tools, you can measure the voltage of the input circuits of the power supply.
  • Gently tapping the TV case, you can understand the quality of the soldering of the modules and wires (if the technician reacts by blinking during manipulations).

Failure of the matrix

This is perhaps the most common cause of breakage. In this case, the image can “jump”, the picture can be only half the screen, or the monitor “stripes” with all kinds of rainbow colors. The matrix tends to break due to moisture ingress, strong impact or falling. The component can also fail due to short circuits.

In this case, it is impossible to make repairs with your own hands. So, if the reason is mechanical damage to the matrix, then you will have to change it to a new one or purchase a new TV. Nevertheless, if the picture “becomes cloudy” or doubles, then the repair is carried out in the service center without replacing the part. With due experience, the matrix can be replaced independently. But the difficulty lies in the ability to find an original quality part. Otherwise it’s a waste of time and money.

Repairs. LG TV has sound but no picture: reasons and repairs

Sometimes even high-quality equipment can fail. It is very unpleasant when the TV works, but like a radio. In some cases, you can make repairs on your own, but you may need the help of a specialist. First, you need to figure out why the LG TV has sound, but no picture. What are the reasons?

Cable problem

If the broadcast volume is normal and the screen is dark, then it is worth testing the antenna cable and HDMI cable. It may well be that the reason is the provider’s dishonest work or the breakdown of the cable TV set-top box. The Moninfo utility will help you detect probable failures.

You also need to check the quality of the connection of the cable contacts and their integrity. To do this, it is recommended, with the TV turned off, to pull out and re-insert the plugs of the antenna wires and the electric cable into the connectors. If the problem lies in the quality of the HDMI cable connection or connecting wire, then it is enough to restart the set-top box or replace the docking cable.

Additionally, you need to pay attention to the router. is the indicator flashing (the connection to the Internet may have been interrupted). And if the cable connector itself is “loose”, then the replacement should be done as soon as possible. Damage to the cable insulation is extremely dangerous and fraught with the closure of the equipment contacts. In addition, the user may be injured.

Matrix loop

Signs of malfunction of the matrix loop:

  • the TV does not show the image, the picture periodically disappears;
  • the appearance of ripples or interference in the broadcast;
  • the display on the screen is distorted. stripes or duplication of the picture.

It will definitely require repairs in the technical center. The breakdown can be eliminated depending on the specifics of the loop damage. At an early stage, the detected malfunction is eliminated by soldering the damaged sections of the element. Otherwise, you will have to replace the part completely.

Power supply does not work

If LG video equipment has sound, but there is no image or the picture jerks, then the problem lies in the breakdown of the power supply. You can independently carry out the following series of manipulations.

  • Turn off the TV from the network. This will discharge the capacitors. Next, you need to unscrew the fixing bolts and remove the back cover. Check cables and cables for damage. It is also worth paying attention to the performance of the buttons and fuses.
  • Inspect the power supply for melted or damaged resistors and capacitors.
  • Measure the voltage of the output circuits of the power adapter. Indicators must correspond to those specified in the instructions.
  • Tap gently on the TV cabinet. In the case of the normalization of the operation of the equipment, it is worth carrying out a full diagnosis of the power supply. Poor adhesion may be the cause.

In this case, it is best to seek help from a master or the nearest service center, since improvised tools can aggravate the breakdown.

Burnt capacitors

Strong voltage surges in the network greatly affect the operation of capacitors. The main sign that a capacitor has broken is a dimming display. Also, the transmission disappears immediately after switching on or after a short time the picture begins to double, the brightness may disappear.

If you disassemble the device itself, then you can see a swollen or exploded capacitor on the board. The fuse also blows out. By the way, after a power surge, the TV’s power supply does not turn on first. In this situation, you need to turn to specially trained people for help. If the breakdown is not eliminated in time, the problem will become more complicated, as it will lead to a breakdown of the power supply.

Types of problems

The most common causes of missing images on Korean LG TVs are:

  • the equipment broadcasts sound, but the image itself on the screen has disappeared;
  • the screen is black;
  • the backlight does not work;
  • distortion of the image;
  • dullness and dimness of the picture;
  • periodic disappearance of the image or the screen goes blank;
  • color reproduction in green or black and white.

There is no picture on the TV, but there is sound. how to fix the problem

In our time, a rare person does without a TV. Every year, the models are getting thinner, larger and offer more and more new functionalities. Modern plasma screens with Smart TV technology have little in common with devices that were on sale some ten years ago. However, the commonality between the old and new generations still remains. breakdowns and malfunctions still happen. The reasons for this can be very different: blows, falling, ingress of moisture and direct sunlight, or an elementary marriage. In this article, we will take a closer look at what to do if the TV has lost the image, but there is sound. Let’s figure it out. Go!

What to do if there is no picture on the TV

First, it should be noted that a similar malfunction occurs quite often in a variety of brands of TVs. TVs of all brands are equally affected by this: Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, Panasonic and many others. Therefore, there is no point in blaming the manufacturer.

There are many reasons for the absence of an image on the screen, and it is unlikely that you will be able to determine it yourself by eye. Most likely, you will still have to contact a service center or other repair service. It all depends on the nature of the problem. on this below.

It happens that when you turn on the TV, a splash screen with the manufacturer’s logo (LG, Samsung, Philips, and so on) appears first, after which the screen simply goes out. With this, you can change channels and hear the sound. Some users noticed that after a while the image appears, but when you turn it on again, everything repeats and there is no picture. In this case, try the following tips:

  • Check the cable connection of the receiver as it may have come off. Make sure the cord is plugged in securely. If there is no video signal from the set-top box, many TVs simply turn off the screen.
  • Also, the problem may be in the cable itself. The wire may be damaged or simply be of poor quality. This applies not only to HDMI cables, but also to cables with bells. In them, the transmission of the audio signal and the video signal occurs through separate wires, and the problem may lie simply in a broken wire or its poor contact. In some cases, replacing the wire can correct the situation.
  • Check the power cable. It must also be securely connected.
  • Some users have found a rather original way to solve the problem. to increase the volume to the maximum (or close to it). After a few seconds, the image will appear and then you can set an acceptable volume level.

Please note that all the above tips will only help if the screen is working. This is indicated by the splash screen when the TV is switched on. If the screen saver is absent and the screen is constantly dark, this already indicates that some component of the TV that is responsible for the image is out of order.

There are several components, failure of which can cause no picture on the screen. It is quite common that the inverter breaks down, which supplies voltage to the backlight lamps. The lamps themselves can also fail, and this, in turn, provokes a breakdown of the power supply. In addition to the faults listed above, it is not uncommon for a matrix or motherboard to break down. Also, the problem may lie in the loops, converter and decoder. In this case, non-working parts and elements will have to be replaced with new ones.

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It is not recommended to carry out repairs on your own, since modern TVs are rather complex devices, and you run the risk of aggravating the situation even more. If the above simple tips did not help, then the best solution would be to turn to professionals, since the TV will need to be disassembled. It can be a service center of a manufacturing company or a private office, where repairs will be carried out efficiently and quickly.

One way or another, it is impossible to determine what is the reason for the breakdown of your TV without a thorough examination. In any case, the device must be disassembled and diagnosed for non-working parts and components. It is best if this is done in a workshop with appropriate conditions, however, if you do not like this option, then many telemasters provide all these services at home.

Of course, replacing some parts can cost a pretty penny, but it should be noted that matrices or motherboards themselves rarely fail. Usually, damage occurs as a result of physical damage to the part, for example, when the TV falls or gets wet. In general, you cannot do without a TV master.

Now you know what to do if the TV has lost the picture, but there is sound. You will also understand what could be the reason for such a malfunction. Write in the comments if this article was useful for you, share with other users your experience in solving similar situations, and ask any questions of this article.

Why does a black screen appear on TV and sound works

Try to find out if your TV has a mute function. This is true for newer LCD / LED TVs such as:

  • Philips (Philips);
  • Toshiba (Toshiba);
  • Sony (Sony);
  • LG (LG);
  • Samsung (Samsung).

Certain TVs have the ability to turn off the picture: this function allows you to listen to the sound of the TV or DVD player when the picture is turned off. Make sure not to enable this function.

But if we exclude all factors from the outside, then only the problem remains at the hardware level. Let’s see what’s the matter.

A common cause of malfunction of new TVs, due to which the image disappears when sound is present, is the failure of lamps or screen backlight LEDs.

The easiest way to determine whether the problem is in the backlight or not is: take any light source (lamp, hand torch or even a flashlight on your phone) and, with the TV turned on, bring the light source to the screen.

If you see that the image is there, but it is very hard to see, then your lamps or LED strip are out of order. Of course, there is a possibility that the color module, power supply, frame and line scan unit, tuner or matrix are out of order.

If you are not an expert in this matter, it is rather difficult to replace or repair the listed parts, therefore, this work should be carried out only by a TV repair specialist.

Proper handling of the TV is the key to its long-term service!

Often equipment fails due to improper operation.

Unscrupulous attitude to the appearance of minor malfunctions, mechanical stress, penetration of moisture into the body. all this leads to wear of components, as a result of which malfunctions appear.

One of the most vulnerable spots in modern TVs is the inverter. This part fails quite often. An inverter is an expensive part, so a specialist will often recommend repairing it rather than changing it. This problem, for which the picture is missing, is typical for TVs of LG and Samsung models.

Why is there a black screen on the TV, but the sound remains?

You faced this problem on TV: the TV screen is black, but there is sound. Naturally, due to this malfunction, viewing the programs is not possible. In this article, we’ll show you what to do about this problem. What caused the picture to disappear? Let’s look at the internal and external causes of the problem.

  • To understand what is out of order, first: we look at the equipment. If the equipment is completely new, this malfunction may appear due to the manufacturer’s defect.
  • If the device has served you for several years, there is a possibility that the batteries or backlights are out of order.

It follows from practice that the technology itself most often has absolutely nothing to do with it: this malfunction is not always the result of equipment failure. Uninterrupted image reproduction depends not only on internal elements (boards, circuits, blocks), but also on external ones (antenna cable, distribution box, etc.)

Don’t be discouraged if you just see a black screen when you turn on the TV.

There is a chance that the solution to the problem is very close:

  • Antenna cable (cord);
  • Distribution board;
  • Plug;
  • An external antenna located on the roof is the most vulnerable element in this problem.

Inspect these items, especially the plug. Basically, it is connected from the back to a special connector (socket).

First you need to pull it out of the connector and insert it back. There is a possibility that due to poor contact, the signal coming through the plug is weak. This could be one of the sources of image fading.

Next, you need to connect a second TV (of course, a working one) to the antenna wire in order to check the signal quality.

If, after connecting, a poor-quality signal began to arrive or there is simply no image, then most likely the problem is either in the external antenna or in the antenna cable.

If there is a problem with the external antenna, then it remains only to call the organization responsible for its maintenance.

For what reason, the image disappeared on the TV screen connected via HDMI?

Let’s just superficially touch on the connection via HDMI of a computer to a TV. In rare cases, with this connection, the image may disappear quite often. The first thing to do is test the HDMI cable itself. Also check if hibernation is running on your computer.

The sound can also be played, but the picture will never be. Basically, everyone can cope with the connection via HDMI cable, and this is not a serious problem with a whole and working HDMI cable. But this issue has its own pitfalls that the user may encounter.

So what to do. If you do not have an image when connecting, check the cable for kinks, bends, breaks, if there is such damage, you need to replace the HDMI cable.

You also need to check the settings and make sure that the computer has not entered sleep mode. Another option is connector failure. In this case, you need to refer the technician for repair to specialists.

These are the main reasons due to which, when the TV is connected via HDMI, the image is not displayed.

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Is it possible to fix the TV myself if the screen goes out?

In the overwhelming majority of cases, if a modern TV breaks down, you need to contact a service center or any TV repair shop where you managed to find a qualified technician. It is not recommended to repair the TV yourself; this can be done only if you are clearly oriented in the LCD TV device and understand how to correctly diagnose in order to identify the cause of the malfunction.

If you do not understand how, for example, an LG TV (or any other) works, you should not experiment and repair it yourself. This development of events is fraught with the fact that you will cause even more damage than before. Of course, this will happen unconsciously, through carelessness.

However, there are some breakdowns that you can fix yourself without contacting a service center:

Damage to the cable. if one of the cables that carries the signal or the power cable is damaged, then it will not be difficult to replace it yourself. Such work does not require disassembly of the TV or knowledge of its device.

The image flickers, the brightness level is low, the TV turns off by itself. check the settings, possibly an energy-saving mode is activated, which should be turned off.

The picture quality has become poor, the colors are not displayed correctly. you should disconnect the cable from the signal source and connect it to the TV again. You may need to roll back your TV to factory settings.

The brightness of the image has dropped sharply. in the TV settings, you should find the item “Additional settings”, where it will be possible to adjust the brightness level to the required.

If the operations done do not lead to the desired result, therefore, the malfunction lies not in the TV settings or damaged cables, but in the hardware. It is recommended to trust such breakdowns to an experienced master who will correctly identify the malfunction and correct it correctly.

What to do first?

If you have just discovered a malfunction, you should take certain measures, because the reason for the absence of an image on the TV screen can be very commonplace. In the case when there is no image on the screen, but there is sound, you should remember the basic basics, which tell us that in the absence of a signal, you need to check its sources.

Here’s what to do if the screen goes blank:

We check the connections. the signal source for your TV can be a tuner, an antenna, a satellite dish, the Internet, and so on. If the image is disturbed, or disappears altogether, check the cable connection. The cable should not be loose, the connection should be tight. Try unplugging the cable from the socket and plugging it in again until it stops. But you shouldn’t overdo it.

We check the integrity of the cable. if everything is in order with the connection, you should visually inspect the cable. There should be no visible damage or burnt areas on it, and cable kinks can provoke malfunction. You should check not only the cable itself, but also the connection cable, it should also be undamaged. Ideally, you should connect another cable (if any) and check the work with it.

We check the power cable. we do the same procedure with the power cable. We check it for damage, burnt areas, the cable should not be transmitted. If there is no visual damage to the cable, you should check the reliability of the connection to the TV, the cable may have come out of the socket.

An interesting life hack. if checking the integrity of the cables and the reliability of their connections did not reveal any deviations, you should resort to non-standard methods. If the screen goes blank, but there is sound, set it to the maximum setting. In this case, after a short time, the picture on the screen can be restored, the sound can be turned down.

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The image on the TV is gone, but there is sound. What to do?

For many decades, the TV has been the device that can gather the whole family at its screen. And although over the years of their evolution TVs have changed markedly, they have become “smarter”, having received the opportunity to connect to the Internet, TVs have become larger in screen diagonal, but at the same time they have become very thin.

Changes in external and functional over the course of several years are a natural phenomenon, but the main purpose of the TV remains the same. If you want to watch a movie in high definition and on a big screen, we will definitely turn on the TV. An interesting premiere of a popular show will also be more entertaining to watch on a large TV screen.

However, only a working TV can produce positive impressions. But imagine, you turn on the TV, hear the sound of the beginning TV show or talk show, but the image does not appear. What to do in this case?

The main reasons why the image on the TV disappeared

No breakdown occurs for no reason. Accordingly, if a malfunction occurs and there is sound on the TV screen, there is no image, you should find the root cause of the breakdown and eliminate it.

The main reasons for the absence of a picture on the TV screen:

Capacitors burned out. this usually happens as a result of changes in the power grid. If the capacitors are burnt out, the image may be absent altogether, the picture may be, but the brightness level is minimal, it may be doubled or the TV will turn off on its own. Also colors may not be reproduced correctly.

Damage to the matrix. such damage occurs due to voltage surges in the network or mechanical impact, for example, shock. On an LCD TV, a damaged matrix cannot be restored or repaired, it must be replaced. With such a breakdown, many stripes may appear on the TV screen, part of the screen may not work.

The inverter has failed. in this case, problems with the picture cannot be avoided, because it is the inverter that transfers the voltage to the backlight of the screen. When the inverter is inoperative, the picture on the screen will be distorted or absent altogether. There may be low brightness or the picture appears, but quickly loses brightness and goes out altogether.

Damage to the cable. if there are no problems with sound, but there is no picture, or it is of poor quality, you should check the cables that transmit the signal. It can be an antenna cable, “tulips”, HDMI, a cable from a provider or an Internet cable.

Incorrect operation of the power supply unit. another reason for the malfunctioning of the TV screen, or rather its hardware, may be a burned out power supply unit. In this case, the picture may ripple, twitch, the brightness level may be minimal or there will be no image at all.

The backlight does not work well or does not work at all. modern TVs have LED backlighting, which largely determines the brightness of the image reproduction. If the backlight does not work, the brightness level of the picture may drop noticeably, the image may blink or be completely absent.

The matrix cable is damaged. depending on the degree of damage, the manifestations may differ. The image may disappear only periodically, or it will not appear at all. Color or black-and-white stripes may appear on the screen, noise appears on the screen.

When to contact the service center?

For any breakdown that requires intervention in the hardware of the TV, you should seek help from a specialist. This will not only save time, because an experienced master knows and understands how to correctly diagnose and what to look for in the first place. He will also repair or replace the damaged part in compliance with all the rules and will not provoke additional breakdowns during the repair.

If there is no image on the screen, but the sound continues to work, the wizard will perform the following work:

Replacing the matrix is ​​the most common cause of such a breakdown. If the matrix is ​​damaged, it cannot be repaired, only replacement is required. It is practically impossible to replace the matrix at home, because it is a rather fragile part. It is necessary to change only for a proprietary matrix, because only it will work correctly on the TV.

Replacing capacitors. Initially, it may seem that replacing capacitors is not difficult. However, this is a fairly meticulous work, an error in which will certainly provoke more serious damage, for example, the power supply may fail. Due to the peculiarities of such a repair, you should not experiment, it is better to trust a professional.

Replacing the LED backlight. before replacing the backlight, it is necessary to correctly diagnose the failure. This will require special tools that are rarely available in the household. It may be necessary to completely replace the backlight, or partially separate LEDs.

Power supply repair. if the TV’s power supply fails, in some cases it can be restored. To do this, you will need to re-solder the contacts or its individual elements. In the most difficult cases, it may be necessary to replace the entire power supply.

Repairing a TV is a rather specific activity, which requires knowledge of the device of the TV itself, the presence of a specialized tool, theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Without all this, it is strongly discouraged to repair the TV yourself, because unskilled intervention in the design of the device can only aggravate the malfunction and provoke new breakdowns.

However, there are some options for eliminating the malfunction with your own hands without contacting the service center. They are associated with damage to external cables (signal and power), which can easily be replaced by yourself. Or the malfunction could have been triggered by the TV’s software settings, which are also easy to restore.

In all other cases, when it is necessary to disassemble the TV and the master must intervene in the hardware component of the device, you must contact the service center, where an experienced specialist will make qualified diagnostics and fix the breakdown.

The TV has lost the image, but there is sound. all the reasons and effective repair options

The TV has lost the image, but there is sound. all the reasons and effective repair options

Step 3. Repair

Note! Before carrying out any repair work, you take full responsibility for the possible consequences. If you are not confident in your skills, we advise you not to take risks and seek help from a master.

Next, we will consider the detailed process of repairing the inverter, lamps and the main board. components that in most cases cause the picture to disappear on the TV.

Main board

In widescreen TVs, the card is part of the TV chassis, while in conventional TVs it is an independent unit.

Remove the board, perform visual diagnostics. We recommend paying special attention to filter capacitors. They are often the cause of board malfunction.


The video shows a detailed backlight repair process:

Step 2. Diagnostics

After determining the nature of the breakdown and identifying possible broken hardware components, it is important to carry out a diagnosis.

At this stage, you need to disassemble the TV, get to the component you need and check it for a short circuit, deformation and other external signs of failure.

If you are not sure what exactly is broken, we recommend starting with the power supply. It is this component that is essential for any TV.

Any malfunctions in its work along the chain provoke other malfunctions.

In the case when the power supply is operating normally, it is necessary to check components such as horizontal and vertical scan units. If the diagnostics of these parts did not reveal any problems, check the video card.

If there are no problems with the components mentioned above, the die is most likely broken. LCDs break down quite often.

This problem is typical for absolutely all types of TVs, regardless of manufacturer or year of manufacture.

Important! Be sure to check the general TV functions as well. For example, whether the remote control is working, whether the light indicators on the case are on, whether the device overheats, and so on.

The TV has lost the image, but there is sound. all the reasons and effective repair options

The TV has gone missing and you don’t know what to do? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Modern Smart-TVs and conventional LCD TVs are a complex system of hardware and software components and it often happens that users encounter breakdowns. the TV may lose its image, but there is sound, various problems with the software shell, and others.

Consider why the picture disappears on the TV, how to fix the problem at home and when to contact a service center.

Step 1. Determine the nature of the breakdown

By the characteristic features of the breakdown, it is easy to identify what caused it.

An extinguished screen refers to a malfunction of such hardware components:

  • If any interference appears on the screen, this indicates that there is a problem with the antenna. When the signal is stable, there is no interference and the channels are switched, but there is no TV picture. this is a breakdown of the radio channel or the connected / built-in TV tuner;
  • If the screen does not work and you see only a one-color fill (the color itself is unimportant) or a certain color is not shown on the TV, the video amplifier or main video processor is broken in the device;
  • If there is no picture on the TV and the sound “hisses” or is completely absent, it is necessary to replace the video processor;
  • The appearance of a strip in the middle of the screen indicates that the color is broken due to a broken line scan transformer.

If you are facing a problem for the first time, you should start fixing with the simplest. turn off the TV and turn it on using a different outlet.

Problems often appear due to power outages. If the breakdown is permanent, identify which of the components is most likely to fail.

It is very important to correctly determine the nature of the breakdown. Without this, it will not be possible to carry out a successful repair. If you do not have the skills to repair equipment and special devices for diagnostics, we recommend using the services of a qualified master or service center.

The table below will help you quickly navigate the possible nature of the breakdown:

Kind of problem: Possible breakdown:
No picture (TV seems to be off) Backlight diodes / inverter / motherboard / power supply
Image size does not fit the screen Frame scan / power outages
The appearance of a vertical stripe Transformer
Horizontal stripe Power supply and / or vertical scanning does not work
The appearance of dead pixels LCD matrix
Strong decrease in brightness LCD matrix
TV screen color fill The work of the color block and / or video amplifier is broken
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How does the problem appear?

If there is no picture, but the sound track is still playing on the TV, the problem can be easily solved by yourself.

First you need to decide on the type of malfunction, because it can manifest itself in different ways:

  • There is no picture (maybe just a black screen), but the channels are switched and the sound volume is adjusted using the remote control;
  • Loss of image with inability to navigate through channels. At the same time, there is sound. Error signals are often heard instead of the sound of the saved TV channel;
  • The backlight does not work. If a picture appears when a flashlight (or other light source) is brought up to the screen, the LED backlight on the TV has stopped working. There is an image, just the eyes practically do not perceive it;
  • Distorted picture. The system changes the aspect ratio of the image, TV channels are shown in poor quality, and so on;
  • The color scheme has changed, the picture has become dull;
  • The TV works, but while watching, the screen turns off spontaneously and after reboot turns on again.

Note that there may be other varieties of the problem, but the above options are the most common. The rest of the distortion is mostly related to problems with the signal or Internet connection.


The task of the inverter is to supply energy to the lamps that provide the backlight of the display.

If this component is broken, the TV screen ceases to light up and the picture disappears for the human eye.

You can only see the frames with close examination or with the help of a flashlight.

LG TV Missing Image What to Do

Repairing the inverter can fix the problem. As a rule, the inverter is located on the board, where there is also a power supply.

First, make sure that the voltage is being supplied to the inverter and there is no deviation. Then observe how the start command of the inverter board works. At this stage, there is often a breakdown.

Burned-out or deformed parts can be identified using visual diagnostics of the inverter.

For repair, try replacing the cables connecting the inverter to the lamps. If the problem persists, then you need to proceed to repairing the lamps themselves or the main board.

Broken cable

If the quality of the audio signal does not raise questions, and there is no picture, it is imperative to check the integrity of the connecting elements. It’s about the cable. Which one? The answer to this question depends directly on the signal source. Therefore, you need to inspect:

  • antenna cable;
  • HDMI wire;
  • cable connected by your cable TV provider;
  • Ethernet cable (provided that you are using Smart TV).

Use special software to determine the cause of the black screen. For example, the Moninfo utility. It helps you identify audio and video problems. If the program detects malfunctions, you must carefully inspect the cable for damage.

Burnt out power supply

If there is sound, and the picture is constantly twitching, the screen is dark, the brightness has dropped, other defects have appeared, then the power supply unit of the LCD TV is not functioning correctly.

However, the diagnosis can still be carried out independently at home:

  • Start by discharging the capacitors. Unplug the TV from the wall outlet. Unscrew the fixing bolts, and then remove the rear cover. Check cables and loops, some of them may be damaged. Be sure to test the functionality of the buttons and fuses.
  • Inspect the power supply for melted or charred resistors, capacitors. If there are such elements, then they must be replaced immediately.
  • Measure the voltage of the output circuits of the power adapter. The obtained indicators must correspond to the parameters indicated on the board or in the documents of the equipment.
  • Voltage drops. For example, the voltage level reaches 200V, find the cause of the breakdown in the primary power circuit.
  • If you knock on the TV case, and the image is normalized for a few seconds, then the problem was caused by poor-quality soldering of the power supply elements.

Soldering contacts and other elements must be carried out with professional equipment. The use of improvised means is fraught with the aggravation of the original malfunction.

Capacitors burnt out

In LCD TVs, capacitor problems are caused by power surges. Capacitor failure symptoms:

  • the picture is double;
  • there is no image;
  • the TV turns off arbitrarily;
  • low brightness level;
  • incorrect color rendering.

In order for the device to start working correctly again, you need to disassemble it. On the board, you will see a damaged capacitor and a blown fuse.

If the breakdown is not eliminated in a timely manner, the malfunction will worsen. After a while, there will be irregularities in the operation of the power supply. The set of procedures aimed at diagnostics is identical to the situation with a broken matrix.

Matrix loop

Sometimes the image on the LG TV disappears due to damage to the matrix cable. Breakage manifests itself in the following signs:

  • the image periodically disappears;
  • unsatisfactory picture quality. there are interference, ripples;
  • horizontal or vertical black-and-white, colored stripes appeared.

The specifics of the elimination of the breakdown will directly depend on the specifics of the damage to the loop. If the malfunction was detected at an early stage, then the service center masters will rewire the damaged sections of the loop, restoring the TV operation. In some situations, you have to change the matrix cable completely.

The second option is considered a more durable solution to the problem. A soldered loop will work for a relatively short time. Therefore, it is wiser to immediately change it to the original component. You should not do this on your own. Entrust the work to professionals.

Burnt out inverter

Due to the fact that the inverter has broken down, the TV screen stops working. Breakage symptoms:

  • distortions appear, the picture twitches;
  • the image is missing in principle or takes a long time to load;
  • TV display dims after switching on and instantly goes out;
  • sound is transmitted correctly, but ripples appear on the screen;
  • the picture is very blurry, low brightness level.

The main function of the inverter is to supply voltage to the backlight lamps. Therefore, if the TV screen does not light up, then perhaps the reason lies precisely in the malfunction of the inverter.

The module performs many other functions:

  • conversion of direct (12-volt) voltage to alternating;
  • stabilization of the input current of the lamp to the required indicators;
  • adjusting the brightness level of the image;
  • matching the output stage with the input tube resistance;
  • protection of microcircuits and boards from possible short circuit, overload.

How to determine if the problem with the absence of an image is caused by an inverter breakdown? It is necessary to disassemble the TV and conduct a comprehensive diagnosis. The breakdown of the module can be determined by visual inspection.

To restore the TV, you need to have at your disposal a hot air and infrared soldering station, as well as a multimeter. A good knowledge of physics and electronics is also required. It is extremely difficult to say which element has failed. Incorrect TV operation can be caused by a breakdown of the lamp, transformer, controller board.

What to do if a picture is missing on your LG TV, but there is sound

Users encounter such a failure quite often. Run diagnostics to determine why there is no picture on the LJI TV, but there is sound. Mostly the reason lies in the malfunction of the hardware modules. However, in no case can you rule out software failures.

Users can fix some defects on their own. complex breakdowns that require a complete disassembly of the TV, it is better to entrust the specialists of the service center.

Reasons for the disappearance of the image

The most common reason that the image on the LV TV disappeared is hardware failure. What to do in such situations? How can I restore the correct broadcast of digital or analog TV? It is necessary to carry out diagnostics to determine the failed module.

Immediately after identifying a damaged component, it must be replaced. You can do this yourself. However, this option is relevant, provided that you have the necessary skills and equipment. If you do not know how to repair TV, then contact the service center.

Now let’s move on directly to considering the main reasons for the disappearance of the image.

Failure of the matrix

Failure of the matrix is ​​perhaps the most common reason that there is no picture on the TV screen. Also, damage to the matrix can cause a number of other symptoms:

  • video shakes;
  • the image is displayed only on half of the screen;
  • various stripes appear around the perimeter of the screen.

Why is the matrix not working? The component fails due to short circuits and mechanical damage. It is impossible to repair a faulty matrix. Therefore, a part is replaced. If defects began to appear for no reason, for example, the image darkened sharply. The matrix elements are probably damaged, their replacement is much cheaper than the entire module.

Can you change the matrix yourself at home? This is theoretically possible. However, it will be extremely difficult for a person who has never repaired TVs. In addition, instead of the broken part, you need to install the original matrix. It is very difficult to buy branded components.

Types of problems

If there is no image on the LG TV, but there is sound, then this is just one of the signs of a malfunction of the equipment. There are other symptoms that also indicate the presence of problems in the operation of the TV device. Let’s consider the most common defects.

Features of breakage elimination

Image flickers continuously, brightness level has decreased.

Deactivate power saving TV mode.

There are defects on the screen and the diagnostic test found no problems.

Check if the connection is correct according to the signal source.

Incorrect picture brightness.

Go to “Advanced settings” to adjust the brightness settings.

The image is doubled or too blurry.

Activate the Avto Motion Plus option.

TV turns off randomly.

Disable Eco Mode and Energy Saving Features.

Poor picture quality, distortion.

Check the TV reception quality.

Incorrect color rendering.

Disconnect the cable and then reconnect it.

Distorted color rendering.

Roll back TV to default settings.

A dotted line appears along the TV screen.

Change the aspect ratio to 16: 9.

The user can eliminate the defects listed above on his own. Many of the troubleshooting methods described above can also help if there is no picture but there is sound.