LG split system how to turn on the heating

How to turn on the warm air on your air conditioner

When buying an inverter, you need to understand that this is quite a complex technique, which requires skilled installation and compliance with the rules of the manual. It is worth finding out in advance from the seller how to turn warm air on LG air conditioner and switch it back to cold. You should also pay attention to the convenience of its operation.

Before you turn on the warm air you need to make sure that:

Inverter manual is written in each package under what conditions it can be used. If in doubt, it is better to contact the company that carried out its installation. A simple air conditioner can be used up to.5 degrees, but it is better not to exceed the limit of 0 degrees. When installing winter equipment, the split-system works in an additional mode and it is allowed to operate at.at 30 degrees.

How to turn on the LG air conditioner on heat

Review of LG conditioner

Having bought a new LG conditioner, many owners have questions concerning the control. In this review we will consider in details how to switch on LG conditioner and how to change it to one of the basic operation modes.

When the hot summer period is over, there is no need to cool the room, but you may need the help of air conditioner for heating. Let’s see how to activate the heating mode on LG air conditioner with the remote control.

Most of remote controls for conditioners are equipped with small monitor, which displays active modes and other necessary information. The “mode” key is responsible for changing the temperature mode and switches the climate equipment from cold to warm. Now, with the help of the buttons and., you can adjust the temperature to the desired level.

All manipulations are quite simple and do not take much time, but only if the remote control is in good order. Now we will consider another variant, which will include the list of necessary actions, which allow to switch on air conditioner and change the operation mode without a remote control.

If your remote control has simply stopped working, most likely it will not be possible to repair it by yourself, it is better to entrust the complicated electronic components to specialists of LG service center.

On the body of each LG brand climate control device, there is at least one button, you can find it under the protective cover, it is located under the metal curtains. To remove the protective part of the case a little effort is required, in any case you can cope with the task yourself, without using any tools.

split, system, turn, heating

When you get to the desired button you have to hold it for a few seconds, after that the indicator under it should light up green. Location of indicator light and its color in an operating mode can also differ depending on a specific model of equipment. If everything is done correctly, you will hear the characteristic sound of the device, you only need to change the mode.

One can switch a conditioner between operation modes also with the help of the same button, but in this case one does not need to keep it. In a essence this is all that an owner needs to know to activate conditioner without a remote control.

You can ask your question to masters of our service center, when you call by phone or write your question in feedback form.

LG air conditioner, how to turn on the heat without remote control

On the body of each LG brand climate control device there is at least one button, you can find it under the protective cover, it is located under the metal curtains. To remove the protective part of the housing you need a little effort, in any case you can do the task yourself, without the use of any tools.

When you reach the desired button, you need to hold it for a few seconds, after which the indicator under it should light up green. Location of a light-emitting diode and its color in an operating mode can also differ depending on concrete technique model. If everything is done correctly, you will hear a characteristic sound of device’s work, the only thing left is to change a mode.

One can switch AC between operation modes also with the help of the same button, but in this case one should not keep it. In a essence, this is all that an owner should know to activate conditioner without a remote control.

You can ask a question to the masters of our service center by calling or writing your question on the feedback form.

What to do if conditioner does not switch on heating

In some models of conditioners at switching modes the sign Sun or Heat does not appear, and in characteristics this function is declared. The secret is simple. Gentlemen, carefully read instructions to everything you buy! Most probably your model has a protection from first switching on heating. We have met such a problem with air conditioners Neoclima and Shivaki. It is necessary to switch off air conditioner from the remote control, then take out the batteries and switch off air conditioner from a network. We put everything back and voila the sun icon appeared. We wait 5-10 minutes and we meet African wind.

Attention ! Before you start using conditioner on heating please read the article till the end.

Conditioner for heating: advantages and disadvantages of inverter split-systems

Of course, each technique has both strengths and weaknesses, so it is impossible to choose the perfect option, consisting solely of pluses, completely without minuses. But a splitsystem has a number of important advantages because of which it certainly is superior in comparison with oil and electric heaters. Those, who chose equipment not only plans to use it in summer, but also ask a question how to switch conditioner on heating, should know all advantages and disadvantages of such purchase.

  • Fast heating. Due to the heat dissipation of the fan a room of about 25 square meters is heated in five minutes. When using a heater this process takes one or two hours. And with the help of control panel the owner himself sets the speed of the fan.
  • Safety. The construction itself is not heated, so it remains quite safe. In addition, air conditioners are often installed in a place inaccessible to children, while the majority of convectors are floor standing.
  • heat. As it was already mentioned above the efficiency of split-system is 4 times higher, and power consumption remains the same as when using convector.
  • Completely automatic process. the owner has to only press a couple of buttons.
  • Easy maintenance. The care for the air conditioner is unbelievably simple. wipe the air conditioner from dust, clean the filters once in several months and periodically conduct the scheduled maintenance.
  • Long term of operation. Quality invertor models can serve for more than 10 years in case of proper work and careful treatment.
  • Versatility. The air conditioners can be used at any time of the year. In summer they reduce the discomfort from heat and in winter give the sensation of comfort and warmth.

As for the minuses, they are much less. First of all, it is worth noting that every manufacturer sets temperature limits, the permissible figures are indicated in the manual. The compressor will wear out much faster than it is supposed to if it is not used properly. If you are planning to switch splitsystem in winter, so before buying check at what marks of thermometer the device can be switched on. Some models can withstand cold up to.30 °С. So, it is necessary to pay attention to gree and cooper Hunter models. The company produces progressive models that can not only control the temperature in the room, but also disinfect the air. For example, CooperHunter Nordic Premium White R32 air conditioner eliminates unpleasant smells, harmful bacteria and plant pollen. It is the best option for families with children or people with allergies.

Also it is necessary to specify high cost in the list of disadvantages. Multifunctional models, designed for use at any time of year, are a little more expensive than those that are aimed exclusively at cooling the premises.

How an air conditioner works for heating

Operation of any splitsystem is based on freon circulation through the closed contour and heat exchange between it and the surrounding air. Freon is a gas at normal pressure and temperature, at high pressure it condenses. What happens after turning on the air conditioner in heating mode?

  • The compressor in the outdoor unit compresses freon and heats it when it enters the liquid state.
  • The heated freon moves into the room through pipes and the heat exchanger of the indoor unit gives out the surplus heat to the ambient air.
  • The freon is cooled down to a temperature lower than the outdoor air temperature.
  • The cooled gaseous freon moves to the outdoor unit, where its temperature is increased by heat exchange with the outdoor air and compression.
  • This cycle is repeated until the set point temperature is reached in the room, after which the non-inverter air conditioner is shut down and the inverter one is in the energy-saving mode.

Conditioners in a heating mode consume about 3-4 times less energy than the electric heaters. The converter-type heater or fan heater converts electricity into heat, and the air conditioner works like a heat pump, the energy is only used to run the compressor.

What buttons are on the remote controller of air conditioner?


  • ON/OFF button;
  • Mode button (cold/heat) Mode button;
  • Double temperature control button /-;
  • Vertical louver Swing button;
  • Fan speed adjustment button;

Before using, you must plug in the air conditioner to the power supply and then the light indication on the indoor unit must appear. Depending on how the unit is connected, either the unit is plugged in and you just have to plug it in, or you can turn on the air conditioner with a separate “circuit breaker” on the electric panel.

When switching on you will hear a characteristic sound or buzzer from the inside unit. Now we can move on to setting the air conditioner to heat.

Model Selection Button

Select your air conditioner model (if you don’t have one, read on):

Practically all split-systems use “MODE” button for switching of operation modes. With this button you can switch between the modes:

split, system, turn, heating

They are in a different order for each model. You just have to wait until the sun icon, “HEAT”, appears on the remote control’s display, or this inscription is marked with a checkmark or an arrow.

Some models are equipped with universal remote controls. If the mode is not switched in a normal way, you need to:

  • Take the batteries out of the remote control and put them back in;
  • Wait until the arrow on it starts blinking between the “HEAT” “COOL” positions;
  • Press the button “MODE”, when the arrow will be opposite to the inscription “HEAT”.

And now let’s have a closer look at how to switch on air conditioner on heating depending on the manufacturer:


You will need to use the MODE button on the remote control to select the mode. It alternately switches the air conditioner in the following modes:

On the remote control screen, it looks like this:

When you turn on the air conditioner for heating, it can work in the ventilation mode for a while. It is needed for conditioner to “warm up” and not to blow cold air over the room. If heating mode is switched on and in 5 minutes air conditioner is not heating. it is a signal about malfunction.

To switch LG conditioner on heating, it is necessary to use the MODE button. On some consoles it can be marked with three icons: snowflakes, drops and sun (see. photo).

You have to wait until word “Heat”, “Heating” or sun symbol appears on display during switching. Then you can adjust the temperature. Otherwise some models will not heat the air.


For switching in a mode of work on heating in air conditioners Ballu it is necessary to use the MODE button. It can be located separately, or it can be located on the joystick control (see “The Joystick”). photo).

When selecting a mode, the remote controller screen on the air conditioner may show a different reading. photo). In the first case, a schematic picture will be shown in the highlighted area of the screen, in the second case, the arrow will point to the selected mode.

You have to press the MODE button until the sun symbol appears on the display or the selection arrow moves to the “HEAT” inscription.


In many (but not all) models, to run Dantex air conditioner in heating mode, you must use the MODE button. Switch modes until the arrow on the remote control display points to “HEAT” or the sun icon appears.

In some models, the heating or cooling mode is set by turning off the remote control. To change from cold to warm mode, remove and re-insert the batteries. After turning on, modes will blink. Select heating and press any button.

General Climate

General Slimate air conditioners have a HEAT, MODE or MASTER CONTROL button. If there is a first one, it turns on the heating mode. The display should show a sun symbol, “Heat”, “Heating”, or the arrow should move in front of the corresponding designation.

Some models have similar buttons on the indoor unit. These can be hidden under a cover that is easy to lift with your hands. With their help you also can switch on the General Slimate air conditioner on heating.

To switch Gree air conditioner to heating mode, use the MODE button. Use it to cycle through the modes until you find the right one. It will be indicated on the remote control in one of two ways:


Electrolux air conditioners can be implemented in two ways to turn on heating. In some models it is enough to use MODE button. Press it until “Heat”, “Heating”, the sun icon, or the arrow moves in front of the same inscription or symbol on the display.

In some models, to change the mode, you must first enter the menu. For this press “MENU” or “SELECT” button. After that one should choose the necessary mode.


As in most other models, to turn on the Mitsubishi air conditioner for heat, you need to use the MODE key. With the help of it you will have to switch between the following modes and choose the last one:

If after your choice nothing happens or air conditioner stops blowing, it is necessary to switch it off by pressing “ON/OFF” button. Then turn it on again and repeat the program selection and set the fan speed with the FAN SPEED button.

Oasis, Akvilon, Zerten

These split-systems are completed with universal remote control. Therefore, it is not possible to switch from cooling to heating mode in the usual way.

To turn on the Akvilon, Zerten or Oasis air conditioner for heat, you must:

Then an arrow will appear on the display and move between the two positions, COOL and HEAT. To turn the air conditioner to heat, you need to press the MODE key when the arrow is in front of the word “HEAT”.


To turn the Haier air conditioner on to heat, use the MODE key. In some models, it must be held down, in others, it must be pressed. The modes of operation will change in the following sequence: