LG does not show the screen but there is sound

LG TV no picture sound is

No matter how perfect the appliances from the manufacturer LG, they are subject to wear and tear and mechanical damage. This article is about a problem such as no picture on the screen, when the sound continues to be broadcast, and the channels are switched using the remote control. Here we will consider what can be the causes of this malfunction and options to address these causes.

  • Inverter malfunction;
  • Failure of the matrix;
  • Failure of the power supply;
  • Blew capacitors;
  • Cable from the screen to the board is damaged or out of socket;
  • Burned out LEDs;

In fact, all of these problems are almost impossible to diagnose by yourself, it requires special knowledge and at least a minimum set of equipment. Usually in this case, the owner of the equipment immediately turns to the service center LG, but we will still consider each of the problems in detail.

Why does the LG TV screen become darker?

There are a number of faults that cause the screen to go dark and the TV receiver stops showing a picture. They are the same on TVs of different brands and can appear on products from LG, as well as on the device from Samsung or other brands.

If when turning on the LG TV, the user discovers that the screen has become dark, and the picture is practically not visible, the cause of the breakdown may be:

If the power supply failed due to a power surge, poor quality soldering, blown capacitors or for other reasons, the TV screen will stop shining or there will be visible stripes.

To make a diagnosis, the device is de-energized and disassembled. Signs of failure are burned elements, burnt holes, blown capacitors, etc.Д.

You need to find the damaged node and repair it, sometimes you need to replace the entire power supply. You can check the part after the repair with a multimeter or with an ordinary light bulb connected.

If it’s not defective, it will light up brightly, then dim and then burn at half power. If the unit is damaged, the lamp will always be very bright. The same way will save chips from damage if you connect a faulty or incorrectly repaired unit.

If the video amplifier fails, the screen goes dark, but there is sound. The second sign is an even white or green display light. You need to open the brightness settings and change this parameter. As a rule, the monitor with such a defect does not respond to the user.

You need to inspect the damaged unit and check the integrity of the capacitors. Broken elements are replaced, in rare cases the entire faulty part has to be replaced. T-con card failure is similar to motherboard failure, so it’s better to entrust such repairs to professionals. Some receivers are equipped with a special diagnostic function T-con board. It is necessary to disconnect the power supply and LVDS cable.

A test picture will appear on the screen, if there is any distortion on it, it means that the part is out of order. In most cases you will need to completely change the board. Sometimes the problem may be caused by oxidation on the LVDS cable pins. If you clean them with an ordinary eraser, the problem will disappear.


Consumers often wonder why the screen on the Samsung TV was dark and what to do to fix it. Technics of this brand breaks for the same reasons as the device LG. To fix the problem you need to check the power supply, video amplifier and T-con board. If these parts are intact, the malfunction may be related to the matrix.

How to fix it yourself

If the image in the TV begins to flicker or disappear, you need to make your own diagnostics of the devices and, having found the cause of failure, to make repairs. First, you need to look closely at the equipment. If the TV is new, when a defect occurs, you can think about a factory defect. If the device has been serving you for several years, it is possible that some parts are out of order.

As practice shows, the TV does not always break down by itself. For example, the antenna cable can simply come off, the work in the switchboard can be disturbed. It’s not necessarily a problem with the circuit board, the circuitry, or the blocks.

If you have turned on the TV and you see only a black screen and the sound is present, first of all check it:

The cause of a bad or vanishing image is most often a loose socket, where the plug is inserted. After all, if the signal from it is weak, there will be no picture. To check, pull the cord out of the socket and then plug it back in.

Now take a working TV, connect the antenna to it, so you can verify whether the signal is coming or not. Then it will exclude the option of irregularities in its supply. If there is no signal, the problem is in the antenna or cable. In case of breakage of the first one you need to call an outside antenna service company.

If the manufacturer of TV is Philips, Toshiba, Sony, LG or Samsung, there can be a setting that turns off the image. This is possible because of the special function that these TVs have, which allows you to listen to the device as a radio, without video, or connect a DVD when the picture is turned off. Your task is to check whether this feature is not turned on.

If there is no malfunction at this stage of diagnosis, the TV most likely has hardware damage. It is due to failure of LEDs that illuminate the screen or lamps. To diagnose this fault, you should use a flashlight to point it at the screen of the TV off to determine if there is a problem with the backlighting.

In addition, the module responsible for color, framing or line scan, matrix, tuner can be broken. In this case, it is better to contact the service center, so as not to worsen the condition of the device, if you are not a professional.

Amateurs should not fix the hardware damage by themselves, because it is quite complicated, there is a risk to completely lose your TV. If these tips did not help to solve the problem, take the device to a service center or a private company engaged in repair of modern LCD.

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Either you or a master will have to disassemble the TV to look into it and find the cause of failure. If you have all the necessary tools, you can do it yourself. Having found a breakdown, go to the store to buy spare parts or a new hardware device.

Most often it is not the whole device that breaks, but a separate part of it because of mechanical damage, for example, due to a fall, moisture. TV technician will be able to help solve this problem.

To conclude

This article presented all the moments when the broadcast can be absent from the TV, and the sound. Work without interruptions. To repair TV, you need to understand electronics. If you don’t know enough, you’d better contact a service center, so as not to break your TV completely.

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A common breakdown when your TV plays sound, but the screen doesn’t work

On repair forums TV masters often discuss TV breakage, when the screen does not light up. The sound and backlighting of the TV control buttons may work. Most often this malfunction is observed on cheap devices of little-known brands.

It is also not uncommon to fake popular TVs from LG, Samsung, Toshiba and others. Inexpensive models are fitted with low-quality backlight modules. As a result of a short use of the TV, the screen goes out.

And the only way to save it is to replace the diode strip or the backlighting equipment. Ribbon usually consists of an aluminum sheet with a few diodes placed on it (5, 6 or 7 pieces).

Ribbons are placed on a substrate at a certain distance from each other so that the light is distributed throughout the screen. If the test determines that one of the diodes is out of order, it is replaced by a new one. To quickly fix the failure sometimes cut out a diode from the other ribbons.

But this approach can only temporarily fix the failure. Since each ribbon may have a certain voltage. When changing this equipment, there is also a need to adjust the backlight inverter driver. If one or more diodes are out of order, dark spots may appear on the screen.

The black screen on the TV when you turn it on, as well as the presence of sound does not mean that the breakdown may be serious. Before you get to the internal modules of the device, you need to check other possible causes.

What you need to know before fixing the problem

When your Samsung TV has sound, but no picture. You should understand the specifics of your TV:

  • The analog signal is delivered “as is,” and the digital signal is encoded into packet data, transmitted over a communication channel and decoded into audio and video. That is, if your TV works with digital channels, data loss will affect both signal and audio performance. To lose the video signal so that the sound remains clear. This is impossible in principle. The problem may be in the picture transmission from the receiver to the TV itself.
  • You need to determine. What is wrong with the screen?! It does not show, or does not work at all (that is, it is the same with any lighting that in the “on” state that in the “off” state).


No matter plasma or kinescope TV, the breakdown can only show itself in these ways:

  • The screen will not light up, although the indicator light or blinks as usual;
  • The indicator light comes on and goes out immediately when the TV is turned on;
  • After starting, there are clicks, unusual sounds.

Troubleshooting should be done in stages. First of all we look at all external elements, and then the internal parts. Starting with the remote control, which often breaks and the power cord. If you have the skills, you can open the TV and check the internal elements. If no damage is visually visible, then the diagnosis should be carried out by specialists.

The indicator light is on, but the TV won’t start

Quite often users wonder why LG TV sets don’t turn on, but the indicator light is on. This happens when the device is in the standby mode, it must be turned on. For this purpose, we apply the remote control or press the button on the machine itself.

If the TV set continues to ignore commands, but the remote control is in perfect working order, then the problem is with the power system:

In such a situation, the power supply may indicate that power is supplied, but not enough to start the device. In this case you need to contact the service center, unless of course you know how to fix it yourself.

does, show, screen, there, sound

Indicator is blinking

Now let’s understand what to do if the LG TV does not turn on, but the indicator light flashes. Almost in all LG models, before the image appears indicator flashes red several times. If there is no picture on the screen, the problem is probably the voltage.

For stable working, TV has to be connected to a network with a stable voltage of 220 V. Regular surges, can contribute to the fact that the protection is triggered. Even if the voltage is brought back to the correct value at a later time, the unit will not turn on. You’ll need to disconnect it from the mains for 30 minutes, and then restart. Although this approach will not help with all models, in some models only a master can disable the lock. You can avoid such problems by installing special safety devices, for example, a voltage regulator.

No indication at all

If the TV is plugged in but shows no sign of life, you will most likely need to take it in for repair. However, pay attention to the following factors beforehand:

  • Power button. All models are equipped with a power button. It is located near or close to the power button. To turn on your TV, you just need to press it. After that, the indicator light should begin to glow a red or green shade, and the device itself will respond to commands from the remote control.
  • Sleep mode.LG Company cares about their customers, making their devices as economical as possible. That’s why there is a power saving mode in the latest models. It activates automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. Also sleep mode is triggered if the AV/HDMI/TV connector is not active.
  • Voltage in the electric supply system.Check if the power outlet the product is plugged into functions properly. Connect another appliance to it or use a screwdriver indicator. If you use special surge protectors or extension cords, be sure to check their functionality. It is necessary to check not only the devices, but also the wires.

If all these actions failed, then the TV needs professional diagnostics. The power supply may have failed or the motherboard may be broken.

How to Fix Your LG Smart TV That Won’t Turn On. Black Screen Problem

Extraneous noises

If you can clearly hear different specific sounds, clicks, for a long time the display does not turn on, when you start the TV:

The security lock is triggered, this can happen during a thunderstorm.

The fuse could have burnt out. And this defect is typical for all LG TVs.

Quite often the breakdown happens after a thunderstorm, as during this period there are strong surges. As a result a safety interlock works, excluding serious damage to the microcircuits. Only specialists are able to repair the TV.

The firmware is out

It should also be noted that LG Smart TV working on the WebOS platform, can break due to a software error. It happens after a failed update installation.

The problem is solved quite simply. From the flash drive installed a working firmware. Any user can cope with it. Carefully study the instruction manual for your TV, read the recommendations on the Internet. If you categorically do not feel confident in your abilities, then you had better immediately call the master.

The TV is completely out of order

If your LG TV doesn’t show any signs of life, the first thing to do is to check the outlet and the cord. If the socket or extension cord has turned black, it means that the TV has stopped receiving power, which could be due to a short circuit or overvoltage. In this case, the socket must be replaced just like the extension cord.

In addition, the contact could simply fall off, visually such a malfunction can not be identified. Simply plug another electrical appliance into the socket and if that doesn’t work either, then that’s the reason. Carefully examine the power cord of the TV set itself, even if it seems to work, check the technique with another, identical cord.

If this does not help either, then the problem lies in the working parts of the appliance. To say with absolute certainty that in this case it is broken is impossible, there is a need for professional diagnostics, therefore, you should not undertake anything either.

Why it’s best to go to a handyman to fix your appliances?

If the initial advice I gave you above did not help, then I suggest you take your TV to a repairman. Why? I’ll tell you!

On your own, you are unlikely to be able to make quality and safe repair. Tampering with your TV system like this not only endangers the technology, but it endangers you as well.

Miserable craftsmen at home have ruined more than a hundred TV sets that could have had a second chance. But a cruel fate befell them, so now they are either given for parts or in a landfill.

Home repair is not always the answer. Sometimes it’s better to pay a professional. Remember, the cheapskate pays twice!

Thank you for reading my article! Hope I was able to help you get your TV up and running!

Hello! Most likely the diodes in the backlight are burned out. Preferably do not operate the TV until the backlight is restored. The fact is that, in the place where the diodes burned out, the diffuser begins to melt, and to fix it will be very difficult. After melting the diffuser on the TV you will see gaps.

LG Smart TV No Picture but Sound Fix it Now

Take a flashlight and shine it at the TV screen at an angle. Take a look to see if there’s an image. If there is, the cause is in the inverter (but this is a rare case). Most likely the backlight of your TV is burned out.

A child threw a toy at the TV. The screen is covered by cracks. Can the TV screen be repaired or should it be replaced??

Good time! If the matrix is broken, it definitely needs to be replaced. The thing is that the matrix costs 50-60% of the cost of the TV. Plus, it’s better to buy a new TV. It is easier to buy a new TV.

Your TV works, the screen shows. When you switch the source of the channels on the tricolor set-top box, a black screen and no picture. What can you advise?

1) Replace the cord that connects the set-top box to the TV. 2) Try to connect the set-top box to another TV to check its functionality.

This is not a TV breakdown. Your ISP has encoded channels. Probably overdue a service charge.