Lenovo Yoga How to Reset Password

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Lenovo Yoga How to Reset Password

When is a full reset necessary?

There are several reasons why a Lenovo hard reset is needed. For example, if it was decided to sell a smartphone. In this case, it should be prepared, get rid of applications and programs that were installed during operation. Often, users are faced with situations when the phone starts to slow down, and by rebooting it is not possible to achieve the desired effect. It happens that the display is locked with a graphic key, and the code necessary for unlocking is lost. The described situations require a complete reset to return to the factory settings.

Before deciding to take such a step, you should know how to hard reset on lenovo, and also remember that all current data from the device’s memory, including the phone book, will be lost. Therefore, it is recommended that you first rewrite important numbers and information, or copy them to a memory card.

Resetting using the menu

The easiest way is to use the Settings menu. Just go to it and select the appropriate section. By clicking “Reset Settings”, the phone will do everything by itself.

However, most often this need arises in cases where there is no access to the menu. For example, the device is stuck and does not show signs of life, does not respond to commands. In such a situation, there is no choice but to use the instructions below.

Resetting in a more complicated way

To perform a hard reset to Lenovo, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

2. At the same time, the “Power” key is pressed, as well as the volume control (immediately “up” and “down”). They are held until the Recovery menu appears on the display.

3. When using the button for adjusting the volume level, the transition to the wipe data / factory reset option is performed. To confirm your choice, use the “Power” key.

4. After that, a window will appear on the screen where the line Yes. delete all user data is selected. This is a confirmation of a hard reset to the factory version.

5. After the Lenovo hard reset is completed, the smartphone restarts. There are such models in which automatic restart is not provided. In this case, you have to force it.

After turning on the device, the settings will already be reset. As a result, the user will receive a “clean” smartphone, as it was immediately after the purchase. In this case, braking and other malfunctions should disappear. If this does not happen, you will have to contact the service center so that the experts carefully examine the device. It is possible that the reason is not in the hardware. The possibility of failure of one of the internal elements cannot be ruled out. If so, you cannot do without its replacement.