Lenovo tablet hangs on the screensaver when turned on

What to do if the Lenovo tablet does not turn on?

The article is designed to familiarize yourself with the situation where the Lenovo tablet is not included and the methods of its resuscitation. Sometimes there are problems with electronic technology, in particular, users cannot turn on or recharge the gadget. What to do if a few months later he suddenly turned, as the people say, into a “brick”? If support engineers have developed a number of recommendations for users faced with this malfunction. So, we recommend reading the following points that deserve close attention:

Lenovo tablet does not turn on due to the power button

As a result of mechanical damage, fluid flooding, dust accumulation under the device case, the power button fails. The optimal solution in case of a malfunction of a similar nature is the replacement of the damaged part in the service center. The master will easily cope with the task.

How to solve the problem

So, after turning on the power on the device screen, the Android system or the manufacturer’s logo appeared and “froze”. Before you run to the service center, you need to try to cope with the problem on your own. Sometimes malfunctions disappear after turning off and re.Turning on the device, and then it continues to work normally. However, it happens that the smartphone freezes more thoroughly and ceases to respond to touch for a long time. In this case, it is advisable to immediately use more radical measures. The methods that will be described later are considered universal and are suitable for any mobile devices, regardless of the current version of the operating system and the manufacturer’s brand.

Simple (soft) reboot

Specialists in the field of repair and restoration of mobile devices recommend starting with sparing methods of exposure. These include the so.Called soft restart. It is suitable for those situations when the user has the opportunity to get on the phone menu and activate the corresponding function. This is done in this way:

  • First, it is necessary to unlock the touchscreen;
  • Then find the nutrition key, squeeze it and hold it in this position for 2-3 seconds;
  • When a menu appears on the screen with the functions “inclusion”, “restart”, “screenshot” and “flight mode” select an option to restart and activate it.

The system will automatically perform all the necessary actions, after which all parameters must be uploaded correctly. However, there are times when access to the menu cannot be obtained. Then you just need to turn off the power, pressing the corresponding button. The smartphone should make the sound of vibration and put out the display. After some time, you should try to turn on the device, re.Clamping the same key. If the situation is repeated, you should go to the next method.

Hard reboot

This option provides a more stringent method of returning the smartphone to working condition. It is used in a situation where the display screen burns, the Android logo is displayed on it, but it is impossible to perform any actions. The buttons located on the body of the mobile gadget will come to the rescue.

lenovo, tablet, hangs, screensaver, turned

Unlike the previous manual, where it was required to activate certain options, in this case it is necessary to use a combination of three buttons. On the body of the device, find and simultaneously squeeze the keys “power”, “volume adjustment” and “home”. The last button is recommended only on Samsung mobile devices.

Restoration of performance through Recovery Mode

Another effective way to return the hanging phone to working condition is the method of holding two keys, also known as recovery. It is suitable for models with a fixed battery, and should be performed as follows:

  • Using the key “./Off.”Disconnect the device;
  • Когда дисплей потухнет, зажать одновременно кнопки питания и увеличения громкости;
  • In the menu that appears and open the section “settings”;
  • Here select and go to the Format System tab;
  • Activate the “Reset Android” option;
  • If an automatic reboot does not occur, you will need to use another option “Reboot System Now”.

This method works on almost all devices, but has a significant drawback. When breaking the necessary keys, enter the “Recovery” mode and, therefore, it will not work to restart the smartphone.

lenovo, tablet, hangs, screensaver, turned

Reset to factory settings

In case of inefficiency of previous actions, you should resort to a more radical method. Reset the devices settings to factory values. Usually it is left in an extreme case, since during the process of the process all user data like photographs, video, SMS messages and contacts, as well as the changes are deleted, are deleted. But in the future you can restore messages. If you don’t know how, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the material. How to restore remote messages on Android.

If the information is valuable, and a third.Party recovery is installed on a smartphone or tablet, a backup should be performed before the rollback. And only after saving data can you proceed to reset the device. The algorithm is simple and similar to the one that was described in the previous paragraph. It should be remembered that in this mode the sensor does not always work, so you need to switch between the lines using the volume control key, and confirm the choice by means of the power button. So, you will need:

After that, the device will reboot, and will look as if it had been turned on for the first time. To cancel the validity of the rollback and exit from the recovery, you will have to choose the option “no” or “Go back”.

Extracting SIM cards

Often the problem of freezing the mobile device at the time of the appearance of the screensaver is the malfunction of the SIM card. To check if this is, you need to take such steps:

If the device is loaded normally, the problem can be considered solved. But the SIM card will have to be replaced by contacting the office of the mobile operator.

Extracting SD cards

No less often the reason for the freezing of the smartphone at starting is a faulty memory card. Experts believe that almost half of all glitches when turning on is due to this small chip. Therefore, in search of a solution to the problem, it is recommended to get the card from the device. There is no universal method of extracting Micro SD, the sequence of actions depends on the device model and is spelled out in the instructions.

Other problems

If the Lenovo gadget freezes, but reacts to the user’s actions, then most likely the matter is in software failures or viruses. It is necessary to scan the file system using antivirus, you can also remove the application that causes errors.

Now you know what to do if the Lenovo tablet does not turn off or hangs on the logo/outflow during the turning on.

Full discharge

There are quite a lot of reasons why the tablet may not work. But we are talking about cases where Android does not start on the tablet. That is, there is some reaction to the inclusion of the device, but nothing happens further.

Most often, this is manifested in the “dependent” logo of the manufacturer or the Android logo, as shown in the figure

There can be a lot of reasons for this phenomenon, but the most common of them are:

  • Incorrectly installed applications;
  • Incorrectly working applications;
  • Forcedly completed system applications;
  • Some applications close or affect other.

In this case, the only way out is to make a complete reset of the device.

  • Turn off the tablet and just in case take out the SIM card and Microsd memory card.
  • Click the increase button (on some models you need to press the decrease button) volume and at the same time with it on the power button. On different models, the entrance to the system menu can occur in different ways. If the above instruction in your case does not help (such a picture is not displayed as shown in the figure), read the documents to your tablet. You can also go to the official website of the manufacturer and find all the necessary instructions there.
  • A system menu will appear in which, using the same buttons of increasing and decreasing volume, go to the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” item.
  • In some models, you need to go to Settings, then to Format System and, finally, press “Reset Android”. After that, the tablet will reboot, it may begin to vibrate, in any case, the process of washing all the information and return to the original state will begin.

It is worth saying that the full reset is not always done the first time, therefore, if the tablet does not load after all the above actions, do them again.

How to prevent braking and freezing of the tablet?

From practice, it is noted that in braking and hanging a mobile device, the user himself is most often to blame. It is his actions that lead to malfunctions in the system.

In order to avoid such problems in the future, it is important to follow some simple tips:

  • It is not necessary to install a lot of programs or applications that require large costs of resources, especially for devices with low performance;
  • It is necessary to periodically clean the operational and constant memory of the tablet from the so.Called “garbage”, that is, from unused files and programs. For the normal operation of the tablet, its load should not exceed 90%;
  • Do not install programs and applications with dubious sources;
  • Use only official firmware and reliable antivirus. The latter must be regularly updated;
  • Protect the tablet from mechanical damage and moisture;
  • Do not violate the rules of operation of the device;
  • If you have problems, seek help from a service center for specialists.

What to do in this case

If you are faced with the above problem that the Android smartphone is not loading beyond the logo, you can try to eliminate the system failure yourself. If a smartphone or tablet “survived” a serious fall, overheated or contacted with liquid, restore working capacity without professional assistance is unlikely to work. If we are talking about a systemic error, you can act according to the given algorithms.

What actions help in such cases:

  • The first thing you can try is to restart the device. In approximately half the cases, this helps to turn on the gadget, after which you can diagnose the system, check the memory and operation of the applications.
  • Connection of the charger. Also a simple and effective way to solve problems with the battery. If on the phone, the screensaver has changed a charge icon, you need to wait for the process to end and try to turn on the phone again.
  • In case of failures in the device after recheating, a simple restart of the system will be ineffective. To restore the performance of the device, it will be necessary to reset the settings to factory. In this case, the files saved on the internal drive may be lost.
  • To delete all the changes dedicated when flashing the device, you must go to the Recovery Mode menu. Typically, for this, you need to click on the power of the volume and power keys on the shutty phone (combinations depend on the device model). If such manipulations do not affect the system, then the problem lies much deeper and it will not be possible to solve it independently.
  • In the proposed menu, you can choose one of the options for updating the system. The “Wipe Data Factory” section will help to reset the settings to the factory, so the data installed during the recharge is deleted. To activate this mode in the section, it is necessary to find and confirm the “Reset” item. The device after such a procedure restart and update.
  • If the failure appeared for an unknown reason and this was not preceded by a fall or software changes, you can reflash the device. It is not recommended to do this yourself, except that you definitely know the optimal algorithm and the program fully compatible with your gadget.
  • If the conflict of the system is associated with the installation of a new drive, it is recommended to pull out a memory card and restart the system. Typically, such troubles occur with the incompatibility of the phone with the drive model, or if the technical characteristics of the memory card much exceed the optimal physical volume for such a device.
  • If the problem appeared after downloading the applications, or installing updates, the best option would be to remove new programs. To do this, just turn on the device in safe mode and manually delete possible “culprits” of the problem.
  • The most difficult option for solving the problem requires replacing or repairing fees and chips. This is best done in the service center, but the cost of such a repair, together with spare parts, is often not much lower than buying a new device. That is why this option is not so popular, especially since the repair does not guarantee the unprofitable work of the smartphone in the future.
lenovo, tablet, hangs, screensaver, turned

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The proposed actions are rather a recommendation, because system failures in the operation of the device are not always permissible to eliminate independently. The problem can affect the programs and settings of your gadget much deeper, and inept actions will lead to a complete failure.

Electronic problems

The charger burned

If it was exposed to moisture or was included in the network without a voltage stabilizer, then it could well burn. The only way out is to purchase new and preferably original, which is not always possible.

To brands such as ASUS FONEPAD 7 ME372CG, Huawei Mediapad M2, Samsung SM-T311 Galaxy Tab 3 8 8.0, Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, Lenovo Tab A5500 H is possible to buy the original charging, then for Chinese brands Smarto 3GDI10, 4GOOD Light AT300, Digma Plane 7546S 3G, Ainol Novo 9 SPARK, BQ, ThMSON Hero, Thomson Hero, Thomson Hero, Thomson Hero, thqson Hero, thqson Hero, thqson Hero, thqson Hero, thqson Hero, thqson Hero, thqson Hero, thqson Hero, ThQson Hero, thqson Hero, thqson Hero, thqson Hero, thqson Her Select it on the basis of the characteristics of the burned block. Pay attention to Voltage (standard. 5 volts) and how much ampere (recommended from 1A to 2.5A) issues the acquired adapter

In the meantime, try to charge from USB by connecting it to a computer or external battery.

The battery died

Modern gadgets are equipped with lithium or lithium with polymer batteries. Such batteries are equipped with charge controllers, which are responsible for preventing the deep discharge of the nutrition element. It is impossible to store such batteries. The battery tends to loss of capacity. It is necessary to ensure that they do not discharge to zero and do not overheat above 45 degrees.

The average duration of the “life” of the battery with active use is 3-4 years (about 300-400 cycles).

To check the nutrition element, you need to measure the voltage for batteries and board. Remove the battery and connect the charging. Now check the indicators on the voltmeter, the parameters must correspond to the following data:

5 v 3.7 v 3.9. 4.2 V
9 v 7.4 v 7.9. 8.2 V
12 v 7.4 v 7.9. 12.2 V

Water got into microcircuits

Contact with water is very destructive. Anything can happen here. Oxidation of contacts, violation of the speakers, fire, overheating. Once on the microcircuits, the liquid leads to a closure and turns the smart technique into a brick. If suddenly it happened that water still hit, then the first thing to do is turn off. Then turn the tablet with a display upward to prevent fluid to penetrate the internal elements. If possible, remove the battery, SIM card and flash drive. Remove moisture thoroughly. You can place a tablet in the same position in absorbent absorbents. The simplest and most publicly available rice. After, let the device dry completely at least a day.

If after all the manipulations the tablet does not turn on, it is better to trust the hands of professionals at the service center.

Fault in the screen or video adapter

It happens that the tablet PC functions and the display simply does not light up. Touch the back cover. It should bask. A working tablet makes a short noise or vibrate when turned on. There are two options. Either after the firmware, the actions of viruses or other software exposure, the display is not launched, the touchscreen is damaged or the video adapter died. In the first case, a reset is required for factory installations or flashing. You need to replace the train if the latter moved after the blow.

To check the video adapter, you will need a TV or computer. On the new generation gadgets there is a video output of Mini or Micro HDMI, with which you can attach a tablet to the TV. If the problem is in the display, then the image will appear, but if the video adapter is damaged, then the TV screen will remain dark. It is better to entrust such repairs to specialists.

The processor or memory burned out

With a strong daily load and the launch of a large number of applications, the processor can be overheated or even burned, which will cause a violation of the functioning of a mobile computer. In a very small number of modern devices, a built.In cooling system is used. Over, you should not count on it if you have a cheap mobile PC. The more active you use the tablet, the more often your CPU overheats, which leads to loss of performance. If the maximum permissible temperatures are exceeded, microcircuits, loops, RAM, printed circuit board suffer, which will lead to the closure of power circuits. The processor is repaired only in the service center, but will fly into a penny.

If the tablet does not turn on, it is worth checking the flash memory. If you have experience, you can try to repair yourself, while even increasing it.

None of the above helps-perhaps the problem in the software.

What to do if the tablet depends Lenovo

When the Lenovo tablet is a shift, a logical question arises. What to do? Often table owners are limited to rebooting the device, but this is a simultaneous solution to the problem. Naturally, when it comes to hardware problems, it will not work to repair the device on your own. This requires the involvement of specialists who can replace a part whose defect causes a situation in which the tablet is not loaded. But when the reason is a software error, the user has the opportunity to eliminate the problem on his own. In this case, two options are possible. Memory release and hard discharge (Hard Reset). But at the same time, it is worth considering that the second option involves removing user information and the device of the device to factory settings.

Когда проблемы возникают при включении планшета и девайс зависает на заставке при появлении логотипа, здесь речь идет исключительно о проблемах в аппаратной части. These symptoms signal that one of the important elements of the hardware part has broken. Therefore, when the manufacturer icon appears on the screen and the tablet freezes on the logo, contact the service center. In this case, repair is required.

And now the answer is for those who are interested in how much the repair of the tablet costs, which freezes. The price of restoration of the device depends on the nature of the problem. The cost will be set by the master after diagnostics. But before that you need to order the performance of the service. For this there is a multi-channel call center that works around the clock. Call the phone number indicated on the website, and the operator will advise on each issue related to the restoration of faulty computer technology. After a conversation with the client, an employee of the applications reception service will transfer the order form to the service center manager, who will send the courier to the home or working address of the customer. Delivery is free, as well as the diagnosis of a faulty tablet Lenovo, which freezes. When it is necessary to carry out the repair urgently, the customer is enough to say about this to the operator and the corresponding note will be included in the application.

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The use of specialized equipment and original spare parts guarantees the qualitative elimination of the problem. After restoring the functionality of the Lenovo brand device, it passes through testing in the quality control department. If there are no errors during the check, the tablet is delivered to the owner for free. In this case, a guarantee for further work is issued. The duration of the warranty period depends on the reason that caused the situation in which the Lenovo tablet freezes occurs. In case of repeated malfunction in the operation of the device, repairs will be carried out in the service center for free.