Lenovo tablet does not turn on what to do

Software breakdowns

It is more difficult to diagnose software breakdowns, but in most cases it is not difficult to fix it. To understand that the problem is in the software platform, see if the LED lights up at startup. If it is on, but the download is not progressing, then the matter is most likely in a software failure.

How to fix “No Power” Lenovo Tablet

Also, an obvious sign of a software malfunction is a tablet computer that starts up, but constantly freezes. In this case, it is recommended to put the device into safe mode and not delay the visit to the service center.

There are many options for which part of the software is out of order. But it’s more important for us to find out how to turn on the tablet, and not what exactly happened to it. There is one surefire way to fix the situation by performing a flashing or full reset to factory settings. We recommend starting with a reset, which is also called Hard Reset.

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You can do it even if the tablet is turned off. To perform a Hard Reset, do the following:

Lenovo tb-X103F Tablet Factory Reset

  • Press the power button and the volume down key at the same time.
  • We are waiting for the Android logo to appear on the screen.
  • We get into Recovery mode and select the Wipe Data item using the volume keys.
  • The system will ask you if you are sure of your actions. We agree to completely remove all settings and data from the tablet.
  • When the procedure is complete, click on Reboot System to reboot the tablet.

This is a rather radical way, because all user data will be deleted from the mobile device as a result. But if there is no choice left, you will have to apply it. We recommend placing all tablet data on the cloud on the Internet, then the unexpected need to reset all data will not be a problem for you.

Possible reasons

There are two main reasons why the tablet stopped turning on:

  • Hardware problem;
  • Software problem.

In the first case, the device may not boot due to some mechanical damage. It is very easy to determine this. as a rule, such damage is noticeable visually. You might not even notice how you hit the gadget on something, even if not hard. But in the end, because of this, it does not work.

Also, it cannot be ruled out that some internal part of the tablet is out of order, which is extremely important for turning it on. This could be a battery, for example. Such a breakdown will not be catastrophic, because it is easy to replace a failed part, and this requires a minimum of time.

Software problems are somewhat more difficult to diagnose. If the tablet does not turn on because of them, then the matter is in some kind of viruses or a malfunction of the software platform. It is possible to determine what exactly prevents the tablet from starting up by experience, but practice shows that it is better to entrust this matter to the master.

Lenovo tablet won’t turn on

Tablet computers from Lenovo have long won a solid position in the mobile gadgets market. They are reliable, durable and functional, allowing the user to implement a lot of urgent tasks.

At the same time, like any technology, tablets are not perfect, and sooner or later they stop running. This may mean that your Lenovo tablet is out of order, and you need to think about how to bring it back to life. The best solution would be to contact the repairmen, but this will inevitably entail additional expenses. To avoid this situation, you can independently find out why the Lenovo tablet does not turn on. If the problem is not very serious, then you can fix it on your own, even if you are not an expert in the field of mobile technology.

Let’s see what to do if the tablet does not turn on, and what are the main reasons for this situation are known today.

Hardware breakdowns

If the tablet does not turn on due to a hardware failure, then the first step is to hold down the power buttons for 10-15 seconds. If nothing happens and the power indicator is off, then remove the battery from the device, and after a while, put it back in and try turning on the tablet again. Perhaps, some contact simply went away, and after doing these manipulations, you will solve the problem.

It is likely that the tablet does not boot due to a discharged battery. Many users sound the alarm at the sight of a non-working tablet, but they simply forgot that the battery was completely discharged. Of course, in this case, the gadget will not boot until you put the tablet on recharge.

If the tablet computer put on charge still does not turn on, then most likely the problem is either in the charger, or in the tablet connector to which it is connected, or simply the battery is out of order. It’s also worth checking if the power button works.

Often the tablet does not turn on also due to problems with the screen matrix. You are unlikely to be able to do anything to correct the situation at home, so take it to the service center right away. The same can be said about cases when the system does not start after the fall of the gadget or its impact on something.

If you bought a mobile device at a licensed point of sale, and the problem with its operation began within a year after purchase, then you won’t even have to spend money on repairs, since this situation is covered by the seller’s warranty.

[Solved] How to Fix a Lenovo Tablet That Won’t Turn On

The recommendations given in the article are universal, and they are suitable for Lenovo 3300 tablets and other device models of this manufacturer. We hope our tips will be useful for those who have unsuccessfully updated the software platform or encountered other problems in the operation of the tablet computer.

SIM card

There are many reasons why the Lenovo Tab does not turn on. And one of them is a SIM card. If all the above methods of resuscitation of the gadget did not work, then before proceeding to serious measures such as resetting to factory settings, you need to check the SIM card.

A loose installation may cause the tablet to not turn on. Dealing with the problem is quite simple: just remove the back cover of the case or slide out a special sector of the SIM-card. Next, you need to remove the card and reinstall it. If after that the tablet does not turn on, then you should go to the next item.

Mechanical problem

The first step after the owner realizes that the Lenovo tablet won’t turn on is to determine the type of problem. The tablet may not work due to hardware or mechanical damage. If he was previously in the wrong hands, then it is necessary to carefully examine him for chips and damage. Often, even the smallest scratch on the tablet can cause damage. In cases where chips or cracks were found on the case, experts do not recommend that gadget owners personally open the device and fix the breakdown. In more than ninety percent of cases, such a “repair” becomes the cause of even greater malfunctions.

However, even if there are cracks and chips, you should not immediately carry the device to the service center. To begin with, you should make sure that the Lenovo tablet does not turn on precisely because of mechanical problems. You can verify this by conducting a series of tests of the hardware and software of the gadget.

Tablet electronics failure

Each gadget, including Lenovo tablets, is a small box with the electronic filling of the device inside. It can fail for many non-mechanical reasons: a power surge, high humidity, or even a factory defect. Most of these faults are covered by the warranty.

But sometimes even problems with electronics can be solved at home. Many people ask themselves the question: if the Lenovo tablet does not turn on, what to do? For example, when did the gadget fall into the water? If you do not react quickly, the electronic “filling” of the tablet will not be restored.

  • Place the tablet quickly on a soft cloth.
  • If possible, remove the battery.
  • Dry the gadget with a hairdryer.

If the tablet has a non-removable battery, then you need to put the gadget in a bag of rice for several hours. After that, check the performance of “Lenovo“. If the tablet still does not start, then you will have to contact the service center.

Software crash

If the Lenovo tablet is frozen and the “Power on” button does not respond to your manipulations, then most likely the problem is in the software, namely in Android, on the basis of which the gadget works. Too many different applications and programs, as well as downloading malicious content, can lead to a malfunction.

Problems with the battery, charger

Charging is an equally common problem. It happens that the tablet has turned off, you connected the battery to the network, but nothing has changed, the screen is still black and the gadget itself does not work. There are several ways why this might happen. We will consider the solution below.

Software “bug

Lenovo tablets work on the basis of the Anroid operating system. Owners of such devices have access to an extensive catalog of applications: games, themes, organizers, tutorials, and so on. But sometimes it is the applications that cause the tablet to “freeze” or not respond when the power button is pressed.

You can fix the problem by simply uninstalling the application. If it was downloaded and installed on the memory card, then it must be removed and formatted. If the program is installed in the tablet’s memory, then only a factory reset will help. Information on how to reset the parameters to standard without turning on the tablet should be found on the official websites of the manufacturers.

Sleep mode

It often happens that Lenovo freezes and does not turn on, does not respond to buttons. Perhaps the whole thing is in sleep mode. If the device has entered it, then it may well not show any signs of work until you do certain manipulations.