Lenovo stopped working on a laptop. Possible reasons for the keyboard failure

Keyboard Lenovo Ideapad 320 does not work

The Lenovo Ideapad 320 keyboard in some cases may stop working. First of all, we will determine why the keyboard does not work on the Lenovo laptop. Based on this, you can take actions to eliminate the problem.

Firstly, the reason can be purely mechanical. For example, damage to the keyboard lenovo due to external exposure. In this case, the solution is one. the replacement of the keyboard. Of course, you have to buy the keyboard Lenovo Ideapad 320.

Secondly, if there was no mechanical damage, then the reason may be programmatic. For example, often the problem is the conflict of drivers. Consider the main options for solving software problems with the keyboard.

Lenovo Ideapad keyboard does not work. solution

If the keyboard does not work on Lenovo, it is recommended to check Windows update.

First, check the availability of Microsoft Windows 11 updates if this version of the OS is installed. As well as the official Lenovo website to update pre-uploaded applications.

This will prepare the Lenovo Ideapad 320 laptop for Microsoft Windows 11. Updating equipment and peripheral devices guarantees maximum performance. As well as the latest functions and better security.

Secondly, it is recommended to use the Windows and Lenovo System Update Update Center. This will maintain the system and equipment in the current state. Similarly, Windows should be done with earlier versions.

Hardware problems

If your laptop has stopped working on your laptop, do not rush to contact the service for the service in the service. Although the source of the malfunction may become hardware reasons, in some cases you can cope with the task yourself without the use of specialized equipment. Before proceeding with the stated methods of decision, it is worth starting with the most obvious and primitive, namely, check the power, eliminate the fact of damage and identify the scale of the problem. For example, if only part of the buttons does not work, there is a high probability of poor contact due to the key of small particles, crumbs or spilled fluids. the issue will be solved by cleaning them, and the inactive digital block is turned on using the Num Lock key.

Another simple and universal solution that saves many mistakes and failures is the reloading of the device. If you examined the laptop and tried these simplest actions, in the absence of the effect we move on.

Remove the laptop battery

Although at first glance the decision to completely de.energize the laptop and is seen absurd, it often helps to eliminate the malfunction.

A complete shutdown of power involves extracting the battery of the device, for which you need to turn off the device, close the lid, turn it up and, armed with a screwdriver, unscrew the back cover. Remove and inspect the battery. If it swollen, it is dangerous to leave it inside the case, but if everything is in order, we return the element to its former place.

lenovo, stopped, working, laptop, possible, reasons

Checking the train

A more advanced user can go even further and disassemble part of the laptop body to find out the cause of the malfunction. Often the culprit becomes a train that connects the keyboard with the mother. Depending on the model of the laptop, there is a disassembly nuances, so we recommend that you study the relevant instructions.

You will have to collect the laptop in the reverse order, so it is better to remove the process on the camera so that by the end of the work all the structural elements have become in their place and there are no extra details. Previously, we de.energize the device, after which you can proceed to disassemble using the screwdriver. Raising the upper part with the keyboard, check the quality of the train connection. it can disconnect, as a result of which there is no response. Turn off the train, pulling the latch, check it for oxides or damage. If the element is in order, there is a probability of a problem in a microcontroller.

Causes of the program level

With a situation where the input device ceases to operate on the laptop, the owners of devices of different brands are faced. a problem may occur on the Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Acer, Sony VAIO laptop. There is no dependence on the installed system (the above instructions are relevant for Windows), and one or another solution method is used depending on the source of the problem, but since most often the provoking factor is not obvious, most likely it will have to be sorted out in search of solutions. Consider why it happens that the keyboard does not work on the laptop, and also analyze the effective methods that are suitable in situations with software reasons and are used to eliminate the problem of Lenovo, Samsung, ASUS, Acer and other models.

Laptop power setting

If the problem is episodic in nature and incorrect operation of the keyboard is observed after completely shutdown, and after the restart of the system is already turned on, it is worth trying to turn off the fast starting, for which we go to the power supply settings:

  • From the context menu, Start select the “Power Management” item (an alternative option to open the same window involves going to the control panel. equipment and sound. power supply).
  • On the left side of the window, click “Action of the power buttons”. Here we will choose “Changing the parameters that are now unavailable” and remove the mark from the option “Turn on fast start”.
  • We save the settings and reboot.
lenovo, stopped, working, laptop, possible, reasons

Creating a new task and adding CTFMON.EXE in auto loading

If the keyboard does not print on the laptop, refusing to work at the entrance to the account, the set of text in the search bar or applications, while working normally in BIOS and Windows, for example, in text editors, the CTFMON process may serve as a malfunction source.exe, which does not start with the OS.

You can forcibly start the process in the task dispatcher (we open the service by selecting the corresponding item from the context menu Start). We are looking for a “CTF loader” in processes and if it was not found among the list of neglected, you can start a new task manually through the “file” menu menu. In the “Creation of Task” window, we enter in the line “Open:” CTFMON.EXE and click “OK”.

If the method helped, the reason for the problem of the non.working keyboard really became the unfinished CTFMON.EXE. Now let’s look at how to include it in the auto load:

  • We go to the registry editor (for example, using the console “execute” (Winr or select the start.up from the context menu) and the Regedit command).
  • In the registry, we follow the path of Hkey_local_machine. Software. Microsoft. Windows. Currentversion. Run.
  • Click PKM in the free field and select “Create”. “string parameter”.
  • We set him the name “CTFMON” and the meaning “C: \ Windows \ System32 \ CTFMON.exe ”(to set the value, open the properties by clicking a double click on the created parameter).
  • Reload the device.

In addition, you can check the availability of a task in the problem planner, for which we perform such steps:

  • From the context menu Start (click PKM) select “Computer Management”.
  • Choosing “Task planner”.
  • Next, we go along the branch of the Library of the Planner. “Microsoft”. “Windows”. “TextServicesframework”. We look here whether MSCTFMonitor works.
  • If it does not work, click PKM and turn on the task from the context menu.
  • We reboot and check, the symbols began to be printed, reacting to keystrokes or not.

Check for malicious

Viruses are a fairly common cause of the non.working keyboard of laptops with Windows 10 or other versions of the OS, so the following actions should be aimed at checking and cleaning the system from malicious and undesirable programs. You can use both the installed antivirus and additionally use special utilities by launching the full scanning of the computer (for example, using Malwarebytes, DR.Web Cureit).

Cleaning from system garbage and cleaning the registry

Due to the numerous accumulations of garbage files in the system, the keyboard may also stop responding to keystrokes.

Cleaning of all kinds of garbage, software residues, old, erroneous records of the registry and other unnecessary, clutching files of files will return to the system normal functioning. For this purpose, you can use wedgers, for example, a good cleaning tool is CCleaner.

Check the key stuck mode

The reason for the lack of reaction of buttons to pressing may also be the activated key of the keys. This can be checked as follows:

You can also turn off the keying of the keys through the control panel (the “Special Opportunities” section. “Center for Special Opportunities”. “Reasoning Work with the Keyboard”). Here you can turn off the option and configure so that the sticking is not activated by a combination of keys in order to avoid accidental inclusion in the future.

Windows update

Often the reason that the keyboard on the laptop no longer works is updating Windows 10. If the malfunction was preceded by the installation of the next Windows update, then it can be deleted, for which in the settings of the system we select the “Update and Safety” section, then “View the Journal of Updates”. Here you can view the installed updates that provoked the failure of the keyboard and remove the selected. After rebooting, check the work.

Problems with keyboard drivers

An effective way to solve the problem in a situation with a non.working keyboard or the absence of a response of individual keys is to update the driver, since often the reason is in it. So, you can update the software by performing the following actions:

Any laptop & computer Some Keys Not Working keyboard How To Repair Computer Keyboard With


This item will be useful for owners of a separate digital block.

When in non.working state there are numbers on the keyboard, the reason is the inattention of users of this device. Some of them, by their negligence, often press the Num Lock button, which ensures the operation of this unit. turns on and off it.

Когда на экране не появляются цифры, а просто перемещается курсор, то следует повторно надавить на эту клавишу. In this case, the indicator should light up, which confirms the working condition of the function. It should be borne in mind that in certain models of laptops for this purpose, a combination of keys such as: FN Num Lock is provided.

Viruses and breakdown of drivers

When the breakdown is not related to the hardware, then it should be searched in the software area. Some viruses act in such a way that they can “destroy” the keyboard driver. To verify the correctness of this assumption, you should scan the system on the possibility of introducing spy. After the reloading process, you need to put the driver in place. In many situations, these actions bring a positive result.

What to do when the driver does not want to install or return to working condition? Sometimes it is not possible to remove it in the usual way. In order to get the result, you can try to turn on the keyboard on the device using a safe mode.

For these purposes, it is necessary to reboot as a result of periodic pressing on F8. With its help, you can call the menu for choosing additional loading methods. In it you need to choose the usual “safe mode”. When the OS is launched, the actions described below should be performed.

You need to try to remove the problem utility or put it on “rolling up”. The last action can bring the result in a situation where the driver was updated before that, which influenced the performance of this device. After that, a version of the.

Open “my computer” and then click on “Properties”.

We perform the transition to the “dispatcher” and select a special section with the keyboard.

It has a certain view in the screenshot:

We press the keyboard with the right mouse button and open the “Properties” item.

With an incorrect update of the driver, we press on the “roll back”. In a situation where the system does not see the keyboard, then click on “delete”. For the last option, you must have original drivers at hand, which are provided by the manufacturer of this equipment.

Correct a physical failure

In this case, you will have to disassemble the keyboard and in stages to see what could fail there. To do this, follow the following actions (it is very important to adhere to just such a order in which all actions will be listed further):

Turn off the laptop and remove the battery out of it.

Take a flat screwdriver and gently push all the latches of the plate on which the keyboard is held. If you do not see any latches on your laptop, you should pick up the instructions and read what is written about the keyboard and how it is extracted. In any case, some mounting mechanisms should be present.

Fix Lenovo Keyboard Not Working Windows 10/8/7. [3 Solutions 2022]

The process of opening the latch of the keyboard plate

So, if there are obvious damage to it, you just need to remove the train and replace it with a new. To do this, take the old train, go to the nearest electronics store and buy the same.

If the train is not damaged, it still needs to be removed. At the same time, the train should not be taken for the conductors in any case! You can only take up the plastic parts with which it is attached to other parts of the laptop. For clarity in Figure 10, those parts are shown for which you can take on those that you cannot take on. True, keyboards are usually used by slightly other train.

In the same place, under the plate of the keyboard you can find a microcontroller. It must be dried and try to stretch the dust with a vacuum cleaner.

Explain how to find this very microcontroller is quite difficult. To say simply. this is exactly the device to which the train is attached. Just in case, when removing the keyboard, go through all controllers that you will see. Independently, without special knowledge, nothing else can do anything else. Again, if you see obvious damage on the microcontroller, it is better to replace it.

If everything is fine with the train, you have to disconnect the keys and clean them. Usually the button can be removed in a standard way. lift the same flat screwdriver. Start with problem buttons. If you see damage under them, replace the elements with which the button is attached to the laptop.

And if everything is fine, remove all the buttons. Then you should stretch all the dust with a vacuum cleaner and wipe the entire visible surface with a cotton wool with alcohol.

Try to use the keyboard again.

If the problem has not disappeared, remove all the buttons and remove the aluminum plate that is under them. Usually she also has special mounts that are removed quite easily. But under it is hidden polyethylene board with drawn paths.

Inspect it on the subject of obvious damage. if any, there are two options: draw new paths or buy a new fee. In any case, go through the board with a vacuum cleaner.

To check the integrity of the tracks, use the tester.

Checking the integrity of the tracks on the keyboard board by the tester

To draw paths, use a set for repairing threads of the rear glass of the car (called).

If nothing helps, it is best to hand over the computer for repair.

The video below clearly shows the process of disassembling the laptop keyboard.

Part of the keyboard on the laptop does not work: what to do and how to fix is ​​a detailed guide

Part of the keyboard on the laptop does not work: what to do and how to fix is ​​a detailed guide

Simple ways to solve the problem

Not always in order to restore the performance of part of the keyboard, you need to do something difficult. Often the problem is solved quite simply. Therefore, from the very beginning, do this:

one.Try to press the FN and Num Lock keys. It is possible that pressing one of them blocked some buttons on the keyboard.

Squeeze fn and press Num Lock, then release both buttons. In some cases, such a simple way allows you to run the full operation of the keyboard.

Take a brush and go through it in all buttons. It is possible that some kind of dust has accumulated under one of the buttons. If possible, take a vacuum cleaner. On the Internet you can find special vacuum cleaners for a small keyboard.

Reload the computer. In some cases, the system may have some insignificant bug that does not allow certain buttons to work.

In most cases, the problem will be insignificant, and it can be fixed with the help of one of these actions. If nothing happens, go to the next step.

Correct a software failure

It is possible that the problem is the improper work of some programs or services. To check this option and fix the problem, you must do the following:

Load from under a safe mode without drivers. To do this, reboot the computer and immediately start pressing F8 button. Among the options for loading, select “Safe mode”.

Note: Depending on the configuration of the system, a button for choosing a loading mode may vary. Therefore, try using all the buttons from F1 to F12, if pressing F8 does not help. As a result, approximately such a window should appear as shown in Figure 2.

Options for choosing a system loading mode

Try to create some kind of document and use all the buttons from the keyboard. You need to check not only those buttons that had previously refused to work, but all the rest! If the matter is really in a software failure, a set of non.working keys can change at every new launch.

So, if all the buttons work well, then the problem is really in the operating system. The most likely solution to the problem lies in updating the drivers. It is best to do this in a standard way:

Device manager in control panels

  • Open the “keyboard” item;
  • Usually there is only one keyboard, click on it with the right mouse button and select the item “Update the drivers” (if there are several keyboards, which is very unlikely, do the same with everyone);
  • Choose the item “Automatic search”;
  • Wait for the drivers to be found on the Internet, their installation will occur in automatic mode.

Updating drivers in the standard Windows method

You can also download and install the Driverpack Solution program. It allows you to scan the entire computer for the presence of the latest available drivers. If the keyboard has incorrect (roughly speaking “) or irrelevant drivers, you can easily surpass them. The use of this program is as follows:

  • Download the program (here is the link);
  • Install it and run it;
  • There will be an automatic scan, after which just click on the “update all” button.

Scan the system with your antivirus and delete all the detected viruses. And also for this you can use special utilities such as Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free.

If updating and scanning drivers does not help, try to roll back the system until the moment when everything worked well.

Point “System Restoration” in the “Start” menu

  • In the window that opens, click “Next”;
  • Then choose the desired recovery point, and they are sorted here by dates and time (you need to choose the one that most accurately corresponds to the time when everything was fine);

Selecting the recovery point for the rollback of the system

In principle, you can reinstall the drivers and roll back the system in cases where the keyboard also works incorrectly in the safe mode. But in this case, the likelihood that this will help is very small. Most likely, the problem is already mechanical, and not software and it is necessary to solve it with physical intervention in the computer device.

Solving the problem with working keyboard and touchpad on Lenovo laptops

Completely turn off the laptop and connect the charger. Click and hold for about 20 seconds the “Power” button until the charging indicator goes out. Next, just turn on the laptop and everything works.

As you can see, no drivers should be demolished/put, they did without indebions from toads and tears of virgins, but anyway, such a decision is such. I understand that this is abnormal by such shamanic actions every time conjure over the laptop, but the method is really working.

Lenovo did not find anything like this in the maintenance guide. By the way, who is interested in at the end of the article can find a link to him (not every manufacturer posts a full guide to disassemble his laptops).

I can assume that the Embeded Contoller settings are reset in this way. This is a built.in controller designed to control the platform (usually. mobile) both at the level of turning on and off, and for processing the ACPIs. The tasks of the EC controller include maintenance of the battery of the mobile platform: selection of the mode of its charge, control of discharge. As a rule, on mobile platforms using the EC controller, the keyboard controller is also sold.

This is usually done by a disconnection for some time of the battery, but now almost all laptops are made with a non.vegetable battery and in order to get to it you need to disassemble the case.

lenovo, stopped, working, laptop, possible, reasons

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Probably a typo: “We completely turn off the laptop and connect the charger”. Probably you need to turn off the charger. On the extreme mines on my Lenovo Ideapad 330-17ich I am “flying” the regular Bluetooth loss: in the task dispatcher I delete an unidentified device, turn off the laptop, turn off the charging and then 60 seconds (although it may be 20 enough) I hold the pressed button

Bluetooth on Lenovo V510 is also constantly falling off and finger scanner. The battery shutdown in BIOS helps. Glump vile laptop.

It worked out, it worked, I began to go crazy that the button was sticking out for a stupid paper, even with a disconnected train

Thank you so much for the advice: “We completely turn off the laptop and connect the charger. Click and hold for about 20 seconds the “Power” button until the charging indicator goes out. Next, just turn on the laptop and everything works.”

lenovo, stopped, working, laptop, possible, reasons

After installing the programs on this laptop for one lady, the first time all Gdadko passed, she turned to change the program again. The built.in keyboard and touchpad did not work, except for the upper row of buttons. I soared my brain for a long time. And then this shamanic method appeared. Hooray!

The keyboard and the touchpad on the Lenovo laptop stopped working

I faced a strange problem today. On the Lenovo B50-10 laptop, the keyboard and touchpad suddenly stopped working, and some keys, nevertheless, worked. It should be noted that on the eve, instead of Windows 7, a fresh “dozen” was installed and initially everything was fine. Having climbed through all kinds of forums, it turned out that the problem with a non.working keyboard is massive in nature.

However, they did not limit themselves to this oddity. the control of the brightness of the screen worked exactly the opposite. To raise brightness, you should press on ☼- instead of ☼. The only right solution on the forums could not be found, the options were so.so and very controversial:

The mouse works fine. There are no USB pounds. Rolled up a week ago. everything worked. Miracles. It is unlikely that the virus, the problem will appear again, I will try to launch with Live CD.

The problem is definitely programmatic. Something either blows to the clava after loading the operating room, or some other problem. The choice of “loading the last successful configuration” does not solve the problem. This used to have been 1 time, I chose this item and everything became fine. We used the laptop for a month, there was nothing like that. Now again and the choice of this item does not help anymore. Who has come across? There is a solution to solve this problem once and for all?

For owners Lenovo (in particular, I have B50-10). After the usual reboot, the keyboard and touchpad stopped working at all (only buttons associated with the brightness of the screen worked). At the same time, the external keyboard connected to USB worked. System. Windows 10. I didn’t work in the bios either. I tried it: Fnshift, updating the drivers, what I did with special capabilities-nothing helped.

In fact, everything is solved quite simply, it is enough to install the fresh BIOS firmware, which is loaded from the manufacturer’s website. Apparently, one of the Windows 10 updates and leads to a similar effect.

Even if you do not have an external USB-keyboard, you can get out of the position using a screen keyboard (the mouse then works without problems). Just do not forget that BIOS needs to be “sewn” with a laptop charging device connected to the network. After installing fresh firmware, happiness will return to the house again.

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Connection of the keyboard on the screen

In case of data input problems, it is recommended to activate the screen computer keyboard. You can bring virtual letters and numbers to the monitor from the desktop or from the entrance screensaver.

A simple way to activate the screen computer keyboard:

How to fix the problem

If the computer keyboard is first inactive, it is recommended to turn off your PC. Then. disconnect the computer from the mains and pull out the battery. Such simple actions sometimes help to return the laptop to normal working condition. If the problem has not disappeared, it is recommended to activate the virtual keyboard and try to fix the problem with another method.

Forced launch of the CTFMON process

If it is impossible to introduce a login at the time of entering Windows, then CTFMON is not activated.exe “. Before starting this process, it is recommended to enter the OS (through a virtual device).

How to check the activity of “CTFMON.exe “:

  • Pass: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Current Version \ Run \;
  • Create a string parameter → “CTFMON” (type “Reg_SZ”, value “C: \ Windows \ System 32 \ CTFMON.exe “);

Disconnecting quick start

If the malfunctions with computer equipment occur at the time of turning on the laptop, but disappear after its reboot, then perhaps the OS just buggy. The deactivation of “quick launch” will help to fix such a problem. Usually this default option is activated and allows PC to load faster.

A simple version of deactivation of “quick launch”:

  • Activate: “Changing the parameters that are now not available”;
  • Go to the “Parameters of the completion of work”;
  • Deactivate the option: “Turn on a quick start”.

Elimination of malfunctions with drivers

After the next update of Windows, problem situations with drivers are possible. It is advisable to go to the site of the “native” manufacturer of your laptop and download the set by. System drivers are recommended not to update, but reinstall. Simple update is sometimes not able to cope with the problem. It is recommended to manually install “relatives” drivers. If after the update the laptop works fine, but sometimes the keyboard is turned off, then you can first update (reinstall) its driver.

How to eliminate the problem of input of letters and numbers:

  • After rebooting, the system itself will install a working driver;
  • If the system itself has not installed a new driver, then you need to call a pop.up window for a problematic device;
  • In the window, select “Update the configuration of equipment”;

Checking the OS for viruses

Problems with printing letters and numbers can arise due to the activity of malicious programs. It is advisable to start antivirus and scan the system. Threats discovered by the antivirus program must be removed or quarantined.

If the PC check for viruses has not given any result, you can go to the “safe mode” and check the condition of the input device of the letters and numbers. It is advisable to scan a laptop again using antivirus again.

How to go to the “safe mode” from the desktop:

Important! Sometimes the problem is not caused by the virus, but the work of the antivirus program. If the computer keyboard has stopped working after installing the antivirus, then there is a conflict situation. You can deinstall the antivirus program or disable the option in its settings, which is responsible for the safe input of various letters and numbers.

The key fn

The FN key on a laptop or netbook in combination with the upper row keys and some others performs quite useful functions-reduction/increase in the volume, brightness of the screen, turning/off Wi-Fi and TouchPad, as well as some other functions.

When pressing one FN key. usually nothing happens. It works in combination with other keys.

But if the combination of FN with the keys of the upper functional row does not work, then it is not included or the appropriate software is not installed to control the combination of hot keys.

The reason why the FN keys do not work:

  • Unknown drivers to control the combination of the FN keys. In some models of laptops, it needs to be turned on in the bios.
  • She could clog or a foreign object (garbage) fell under the button).

First of all, you need to install the corresponding driver. To do this, we go to the laptop manufacturer’s website.

We download the desired software there, install and use a convenient combination of hot keys.

How to enable FN key in BIOS

At the time of reboot, press the entrance key to BIOS. Enter the System Configuration tab (system configuration).

Note: When switching the value on the Disabled point Action Keys Mode in Bios, you thereby turn off the priority of multimedia keys. With installed drivers, the keys of the upper row will work only when the FN key is pressed.

With the value of Enabled. the multimedia value of the keys will be in the priority. That is, the keys of the upper row will perform their multimedia functions, without a combination with the FN key. and functional keys F1-F12. They will work only when pressed with a fn key.

For different models of bios menu laptops, it may vary depending on the firmware.

At the entrance to the BIOS, look for a line in the name of which will be the word key. Sometimes it is Function Key Behavior in some cases. Action Key Mode.

  • Function Key. standard execution of the functional keys Enabled \ Disabled.
  • Multimedia Key. multimedia performance of functional keys to return their standard value, additional pressing of the FN key is required. Enabled \ Disabled

The keyboard is clogged. the FN key does not work

Often various garbage can fall into the keyboard, from dust to Bukhankaa crumbs, animal hair, in which case it is enough to clean the keyboard yourself or contact a specialist.