Lenovo S850 How to Copy Contacts from iPhone

How to copy contacts from your phone to a SIM card and why you need to do this, read below.

But whoever faced the problem of a complete breakdown of the phone, or the situation when it was necessary to reflash the memory, knows what surprise can be obtained in the end.

You pick up the device from the service center, are going to make another call, and you understand that the contents of the phone, accumulated for months, and sometimes for years, have passed into a state of pristine purity.

The guys from the service center did not take care of saving the data and simply completed their direct task.

So that this situation does not become yours, you need to take care of maintaining contacts in time. The most commonplace way is to store their copies on a SIM card.

Life hack for transferring contacts to SIM

To copy contacts from the phone book to a SIM card, it’s enough:

    Open the “Main Menu” on the phone, find “Contacts”.

Lenovo S850 How to Copy Contacts from iPhone

Enter the “Import / Export” submenu, click “” and select “Export to SIM card” in the drop-down list.

But first, select the source, where from you should copy the contacts (ie phone) and clicks “next”, and then choose a place, where to contacts should be copied (i.e. SIM card).

Now it remains to tick off the necessary contacts, and press the “Finish” key, or “Copy”.

Now you know how to copy contacts from phone to SIM card correctly. It should be borne in mind that on a SIM card, familiar contacts will look different than on a phone.