Lenovo Laptop Does Not Activate Windows 10

Telegram for Windows 10 is a universal application for communication among millions of users! We will tell you how to download best and how to use Telegram on Windows 10 as safely as possible.

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How to download the Telegram installer on Windows 10

In order to download the application to your computer or laptop with Windows 10, there are 2 main options:

Lenovo Laptop Does Not Activate Windows 10

We recommend you the first option, since the classic application is more stable than its UWP version for Windows 10.

If you use one of the “classic” versions of the OS, then be sure to look at the reviews on them:

Installation and Registration

  • After downloading, we start the installation of the downloaded file, for this just click on it a couple of times.
  • Installing a messenger on Windows 10 is no different from many other programs. It is enough to choose the installation location and the need to create an icon on the desktop and taskbar.
  • After the installation is completed, the Telegram Desktop will open automatically. Click on the “Start Messaging” Button
  • Enter your current phone number. Remember that you need to enter the number available to you, since it will receive an activation confirmation SMS code (unless of course you already have Telegram installed on another device, then the code will come there).
  • We enter the received six-digit code and all. You will be taken to your usual account, previous chats are synchronized automatically. If this is your first registration, then you will need to enter your name and choose an avatar.

The whole subsequent process is no different from the classic version.

Russify the messenger

Download Telegram to Windows 10 in Russian does not work right away, you need to download a separate localization. What is the reason for this feature is hard to say. According to the initial statement of the developers, this was due to the fact that “Russia is not a priority area.”

In fact, now we are seeing a rather twofold picture: the mobile versions of the messenger have built-in localization into Russian, but the versions for PCs and laptops do not. However, we can hope for an early release of the long-awaited update, which will fix this feature.

What to do now? Everything is simple, you need to download the file for translation into Russian using the button below and follow the simple instructions.

  • Go to the application settings;
  • Type on the keyboard the command “loadlang” and then the download window will open;
  • Open the downloaded localization.string file.

In addition, you can use the functionality of special bots, which, upon request, will send you a localization file. We recommend that you use time-tested: @telerobot or @ruslangbot

In a separate article we talked in detail about the simple Russification of the messenger. Here we will not dwell on this moment.

Why you should choose it

To date, the messenger from Pavel Durov is one of the fastest growing solutions on the market. Maintaining constant communication with their users, developers quickly implement useful and important functions. As a result, at the moment, there are several key features of the application:

  • The best speed and stability among analogs;
  • Message security, the struggle for which is confirmed by a number of high-profile lawsuits or even the threat of a Telegram blocking in a number of countries;
  • Secure calls with today’s standard quality and level of connection, again, compared with the main competitors;
  • Channels in Telegram have turned into a “trending” media platform that does not bypass sharp social and political topics;
  • The administration’s tough attitude regarding the promotion of violence and unlawful acts. Even the ubiquitous Roskomnadzor in one of its previous appeals admitted that the creators of the application are one of the few who are systematically working to block groups and channels with the promotion of prohibited activities and substances.

Summarizing all of the above, we can say with great certainty that if you are looking for a functional and convenient messenger for communication, then you should definitely download a Telegram for Windows 10.