Lenovo Ideapad Reinstall Windows

Some Lenovo laptops are sold with the free Dos123 free operating system preinstalled, which, to put it mildly :), is not suitable for work. Many owners of Lenovo laptops (and not only) are faced with the problem of installing the operating system on their own.

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The first problem that you may encounter is persistent booting from the hard drive and ignoring the drive or flash drive with the operating system distribution kit, for example Windows XP / 7/10, inserted into the drive. This is because the BIOS is not configured correctly, namely, the boot order is set incorrectly. First we need to enter the BIOS setup. This is done at the initial stage of loading the laptop, a few seconds after turning on, before loading FREE Dos.

The system will write that to enter the BIOS (or SETUP) you must press the DEL key or one of the “F1-F12” buttons, usually F2 (depending on the model). On models of the Lenovo G500 series, you need to press the OneKey Recovery key with the laptop turned off, and on some models FnF2 (F12) is triggered.

Next, find the “Boot menu” and set the boot priority there. To do this, look for the inscription “First boot device”, go into it and select “CD \ DVD-Rom” from the list that appears. Sometimes the boot device selection list is not offered, then just go to the “CD \ DVD-Rom” position and move it to the very top by pressing the \. keys.

To select a flash drive, you need to find it by the name of the model and also move it up. By the way, a flash drive can be in the subsection of hard drives (Hard Drive, HDD). Then we just find the exit from the SETUP program. select “SAVE ALL and EXIT”. “Yes.” Or just the F10 button. For a one-time boot from a flash drive, you can not go into the BIOS, but instead press F9 and select the boot device from the menu:

For models of the G500 series, and indeed, it is recommended that you first reset all the default settings (“Load Defaults”) and only then set the desired boot priority. Also check that on the “Startup” tab the “UEFI / Legacy Boot” value is in the “Legacy Only” state, otherwise the installer may not start.

Lenovo Ideapad Reinstall Windows


Some are wondering if some special version of Windows for a laptop is needed, unlike a personal computer? No, Windows is one for everyone, it is only important to choose the right version: XP or Seven / 10, depending on the configuration of your laptop or monoblock.

To install Windows 7/10, in most cases, it will be enough to know that you have at least two gigabytes of RAM, and for x64 versions you need from 4 GB. Another such moment, if a driver disk for Windows 7/10 was supplied with the laptop, and you, for any reason, need to install Windows XP, then before installing it you will have to download all the drivers for this OS.

Next, we boot from the boot disk with the operating system distribution kit and follow the instructions of the installation wizard. The procedure will not be different from installing on a regular computer. Also, reinstallation is no different from installation. Only at the stage of selecting the target disk, you need to format it, i.e. erase old data. For more information, see my free course “How to Install Windows 7″

Watch the how to enter BIOS on Lenovo laptops

or how easy it is to boot from a flash drive or disk: