Lenovo G580 Laptop Fan Control

Notebook BIOSes independently control the cooler speed, and usually nothing more needs to be done. But sometimes, automatic speed change does not work as we would like. For example, the processor heats up too much, and the fan is not going to accelerate to maximum speed. But more often the opposite, when you are just reading from a laptop, and it is noisy. For such cases, there is a special program for controlling the cooler.

In a previous article about managing coolers in a computer, I described SpeedFan. But SpeedFan does not work with a laptop fan, well, it may be suitable only for very old models.

Key Notebook FanControl settings

This is a free program that fits most modern laptops: Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Packard Bell, Sony, Toshiba, Xiaomi, HP, Dell and others, it is often updated.

Scroll down the page and download the program from any link:

Install the NBFC program and run. To control the cooler you need to select your laptop from the list:

  • Click on the button with three dots in the “Select Config” field
  • Choosing a model or series of your laptop
  • Click the “Apply” button

Lenovo G580 Laptop Fan Control

If everything went smoothly, now you should see the current processor temperature (Temperature CPU) and the current fan speed as a percentage of the maximum (Current fan speed). By default, the program does not control the cooler, but only reads the current readings, look at the switches:

  • Disabled: all features are disabled
  • Read-only: read-only mode of current parameters
  • Enabled: manual or automatic fan speed control enabled

To set a fixed rotation speed of the cooler, enable “Enabled” mode and move the Fan slider:

In the screenshot, I set the fan to a speed of 51.6% and received a real value of 52.9% of the maximum possible. The pivot-on-pivot does not necessarily work.

Setting automatic control of laptop cooler speed

To enable automatic control, the slider must be moved to the right until it stops, the value “Auto” will appear. Now Notebook Fan Control will change the rotation speed depending on the temperature, and this behavior can be configured: click on the “.” button (where we selected the laptop model) and then “Edit”.

On the “Basic Configuration” tab, the “Critical Temperature” parameter is changed. the critical temperature at which the maximum cooler speed will automatically turn on (100%).

This number is automatically adjusted for the selected laptop model, but I recommend not to leave the value above 85 degrees, the laptop will last longer!

Go to the “Fan Configuration” tab, click on a single line in the table and click “edit”:

Next, go to the “Temperature Thresholds” tab.

A convenient window with sliders appears with a double click on the line. Then everything is simple, the rotation speed is set for each temperature range of the laptop processor:

  • Up threshold. upper temperature limit
  • Down threshold. lower temperature limit
  • Fan Speed ​​- cooler speed

For example, I have indicated that at a temperature of 35 to 50 degrees a speed of 30.3% will be applied to cool the processor. After making the changes, click “OK. save. Apply Enabled »

Program auto start

In the main window of the NBFC program, click on the gear icon in the lower right corner:

  • “Start with Windows”. the program will load with Windows
  • “Close to tray”. if you minimize or close the program, it will go to the system tray (next to the watch) and will show the current cooler speed, and will not take up space on the taskbar
  • “Tray icon color”. color of the icon with the speed value

Watch the on working with the program:

Answers and Questions

It is worth noting that if you exit the program, the cooler will remain spinning at the speed set by the program. So be careful! If you set a low speed and exit the program, thinking that now everything will spin as usual, then no, and the processor may get very hot!

The program writes the values ​​to the EC controller and then its presence in the memory is not required, except for automatic adjustment.

To return the original behavior of the laptop, you need to open the program and change the “Enabled” switch to “Disabled” or “Read-only”. If this is impossible to do and the laptop stops turning on, then to reset the EC to default values:

  • Turn off the laptop and remove the battery for 20 seconds
  • Put the battery back and turn on the laptop
  • If the battery is not removable, turn it on while holding down the power button for 15-20 seconds
  • In other cases, refer to the user manual.

In some cases, on laptop computers with Nvidia graphics cards, it may be that when starting games, automatic control will stop working. This is a technical feature and can not be solved.

If your laptop is not in the list of laptops, then look for a similar one, it is highly likely that the program will work. You can also create the configuration manually, for this there is an instruction in English https://github.com/hirschmann/nbfc/wiki/How-to-create-a-NBFC-config

What to do if threshold settings are not saved

If for some reason the settings of the temperature threshold values ​​are not saved, then you need to manually edit the XML settings file. For this:

  • In Windows Explorer, go along the path: “c: \ Program Files (x86) \ NoteBook FanControl \ Configs \”
  • Locate the file with the name of your configuration (laptop model). Tip: sort the file display by the time of change, and your configuration will be at the very top of the list.
  • Open the config in notepad
  • Find the section through the search and edit the values ​​manually
  • Save file