Lenovo G50 30 80g0 Motherboard Replacement

For every taste. Lenovo IdeaPad G50-70. inexpensive laptop with many different configurations. Consider a model with a low-voltage Core i5 and discrete graphics from AMD.

IdeaPad G50-70. another inexpensive Lenovo‘s laptop, which, however, promises sufficient features for multimedia entertainment at a low price. Exist dozens of different configurations G50-70, featuring a processor (low voltage Intel Haswell from Celeron to Core i7), RAM (2-8 GB), storage device (regular or hybrid hard drive) and the presence or absence discrete graphics. Just the last one for us is of the greatest interest, it is AMD Radeon R5 M230. we rarely come across laptops with it, and even less often a bunch of Intel processors (in our case. Core i5-4200U) with an AMD graphics card, except that the combination of an AMD processor and an nVIDIA graphics card is common. All other characteristics. 15.6 inch glossy screen resolution 1366 by 768 pixels, housing, interfaces and battery on 32 Wh. they are the same not only for all G50-70s, but also G50-45s (G50 variant based on AMD processor) and G50-30 (variant with low-power Intel Bay Trail processors).

We’ll find out how well the configuration chosen by us manifests itself in games (why do we still need a discrete entry-level card?), And for what other tasks is the G50-70 suitable.

Design and build quality

Include a metal case in a not too high price. it means sacrificing performance or something else important, and Lenovo didn’t, fortunately, do it. But plastic was used quite qualitative and pleasant to the touch. The ribbed surface texture of the lid reduces the likelihood of the laptop slipping out of your hands while carrying it when closed. The quality of the construction could have been better: the body lends itself to pressure in the same areas as the G500s, including the screen cover (distortions appear on it). The latter is also quite easy to twist.

A laptop easy to maintain. To remove the cover on the bottom, just remove the three screws. After that, access to both SODIMM-slots of RAM, hard disk, wireless adapter and fan. This is a good difference from some budget competitor laptops, “not intended” for independent upgrade and maintenance and not allowing access to components without complete disassembly.


Interfaces have worsened compared to the G500s. Well, why did you need to remove the second port USB 3.0? Now he stayed only one, the other two are USB ports. Deprecated 2.0. Even if you take two external media (flash drives or hard drives) with USB 3.0, data transfer from one to the other will still be limited by USB 2.0 speed. We cannot but condemn such greed of the manufacturer, which leads to customer irritation.

This is not to say that after that we were surprised at the lack of gigabit support Ethernet. There is a connector, but the used adapter from Realtek (RTL8102E) is limited 100 Mbps. If you often transfer large files over a wired network at home or at work, then this drawback is extremely critical.


The Realtek RTL8723BE adapter, of course, does not support the latest 802.11ac standard and dual-band operation. there is only standard 802.11 b / g / n. But reception quality wifi signal good enough: at a distance of 10 m from the access point and through three walls, the Windows indicator showed 4-5 bars of 5, five walls reduced the signal level to 2 bars, but the connection remained stable and fast enough for normal operation in the browser. For most apartments and offices this should be enough.

Lenovo G50 30 80g0 Motherboard Replacement

As with all modern laptops, the wireless adapter also provides Bluetooth 4.0.


Despite the Dolby logo, the usual software of the same name for sound adjustment is not installed. But sound does not matter very loud, a distortions It doesn’t even listen at the maximum level, which pleases. There is no bass, but the speech of the interlocutor of the call or the actors in the film is heard very well.

Input Devices

Lenovo should stop brandishing Accutype right and left. Once this name was given only to very comfortable and high-quality keyboards of Thinkpad series laptops, which was, in fact, a market standard. Now, the Chinese company has made a bunch of laptops, whose keyboards also received this designation, but do not deserve it at all. The only common feature of these keyboards is with the real AccuType. slightly concave key shape, and Lenovo brazenly use it. at first glance there are no differences. Perhaps users accustomed to the keyboards of budget laptops will not notice anything (although laptops appeared cheaper in our laboratory, equipped with much more convenient keyboards), but any ThinkPad owner will come to a legitimate indignation. Recoil keys very weak, short stroke, a center the keyboard is noticeable sags when typing. This is the third or fourth Lenovo laptop in recent times, disappointing with its keyboard (and the disadvantages are not always the same). a company should either pay more attention to the quality of this component, or at least stop relegating it to the same group as the ThinkPad keyboards that deserve all praise. It is clear that a budget notebook for entertainment should not be equipped with the same keyboard as it costs two to three times more and is designed for ThinkPad professionals. and the list of characteristics should clearly reflect this fact, and not convince uninformed users of the opposite. Anyway, where did Lenovo‘s famous quality go, why couldn’t it even improve the design and get rid of subsidence in the center?

As a replacement mouse is used touchpad, not clickpad. Although its buttons do not make a special impression (loud clicks, simple plastic), they still work quite reliably. You can’t say the same about gesture support. she is but gestures are not always recognized. We hope that the touchpad itself is not to blame and that an updated driver will be released to correct the situation. The rest of the touchpad is quite pleasant, although users who prefer smooth touchpads will definitely be unhappy slightly rough surface of this.