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How to find out the model of your laptop?

Today we will consider several proven and simplest ways to find out the model of a laptop or netbook, starting from the built.in tools of the operating system, ending with specialized software.

Almost every user, during the operation of the laptop, is faced with the need to know the name of the device. This is useful not only to check its technical characteristics, but also for the acquisition of various components and accessories. Also, it is not worth excluding cases of repair when when calling to the service center, the operator can clarify the brand and model of equipment to check the availability of the required parts in the warehouse and name the estimated cost of the upcoming work.

First of all, the information of interest can be found on a box from the product, in the attached user instruction, on a warranty coupon or in the purchase check check. If there is no packaging and documentation, adhere to the following points from our article and be sure to find that you are looking for.

We look at the information on the panel and in the battery part

To date, the lineup of laptops, netbooks and ultrabooks is incredibly huge. Manufacturers can sculpt stickers in different parts. For example, on most laptops Samsung, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Dell are on the front side, not far from the touchpad.

Some modifications of MSI, Acer Aspire, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu-Siemens, Sony VAIO received the designations from the side or on the bottom. In any case, carefully inspect the technique from all sides and most likely you will see the necessary information.

Another option to see the serial number and find out a specific laptop model is the battery.

Pre.turn off the power! After 10-15 minutes, try to carefully turn your “iron friend”, remove the latches and the cover on the back panel and pull out the battery. Find a marking on your laptop battery, which can be located on the front or lateral part, in the contact area.

on the sticker and in the documents

We read the documentation

If documents and instructions for PC are preserved, look at them. Most likely, there will be all the necessary information about the manufacturer and characteristics. As well as links to loading drivers, programs and other useful information.

We examine the laptop

Inspect the laptop. As a rule, on the front side, near the keyboard, the label is glued. It shows detailed information about the model and characteristics: information about the processor, memory, hard drive and others.

If the labels are not on the front, turn the laptop. Often there is a sticker on the back side.

If the label is missing, try to search for the battery. Pull the latches on the case at the same time, the battery must disconnect.

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Additionally inspect the battery itself. It may indicate information for which model it is intended.


The inscription on the label has been peeled off or not readable? It doesn’t matter: the model and characteristics of the laptop can be viewed by built.in means of the operating system.

On a note. If the name of the motherboard is displayed instead of the model, do not be afraid: this happens when the laptop is not branded, but manually assembled by a Chinese manufacturer.

On the command line

Enter the CMD launch and start the command line in the menu.

Print WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME and press the Enter key.

The next line will show the manufacturer and model of the device.

In the information about the system

In the Start menu print msinfo32 and open the application.

In the section “Information about the system” will be displayed information about the manufacturer (device brand) and model.

Slipping the section a little down, you can see which motherboard and memory are installed. In the “Components” section, additional information about components is available.

In DirectX diagnostics

Print DXDIAG in the Start menu and open the application.

In the “System” section, you can see information about the manufacturer of the computer and the model.

The “screen” and “sound” tabs shows what video and sound card is installed.

Through the command line

One of the quick ways to find out the name of the HP laptop. a request for information through the command line. To do this, press the hot combination of the “win” keys “r”. A “execute” window will appear in front of you, where you should register “CMD” in the field and start the process. A window will appear on the screen where you need to prescribe the request “WMIC CSproduct Get Name” on the command line, and then press the “Enter” button on the keyboard. The desired information will appear in the line below.

Also on the command line you can specify the request “Systeminfo”. The configuration of the system will start on this command. Next, you will need to run the “System Information” item, where all the elements of your PC, including the laptop model, will be described in detail.

Another command line request that will help you identify the name of the HP laptop. “dxdiag”. It launches a DirectX diagnostic tool, where right on the first tab you will see data about the manufacturer and accurate computer name.

On the official page of the manufacturer on the network

The site support site HP will help you find out the exact name of the model. But for this you will also need a serial number or product number of your PC. Enter these data in the search field and the site will provide you with data about your model.

The HP program will help identify the exact names of your gadget models. Usually this utility has already been installed in the system. But if HP Support Assistant is missing, then download it, install and run it. In the open application on the “My Devices” tab, information about all the devices of the HP company connected to the system will be displayed. The description of the gadgets will indicate all the necessary information. the product number, serial number, as well as the model.

We learn through the command line

Open the command line, for this, press the Win R keys at the same time and enter the command. CMD

Already on the command line enter the command. WMIC CSproduct Get Name

Interesting! If you enter this command on a regular computer, the name of your motherboard will be displayed.

We find out in AIDA64

Install AIDA64 on the laptop. This is one of the best solutions to see all the data about the resources of your laptop or computer.

Launch and go to the left column on the “computer”. “dmi”. In the right window, click on the “System” section, after which the information we need will be displayed from below.

Interesting! This information can also be seen in other programs, for example, in CPU-Z.

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Built.in Windows

The developers of the Windows operating system are well aware that sometimes the user needs an additional description of the parameters of his laptop to optimize it or solve current problems. Therefore, they created several tools at once to find out the laptop model.

MSINFO32 file “System Information”

Windows has a special system file that contains basic information about your personal computer. The file itself is stored at this address:

C: \ Windows \ System32 \ MSINFO32.EXE

But in order to quickly get to it, we suggest using the “Perform” application.

A window will open in front of you, where the main data on the laptop model, including its manufacturer, series, model, type, version of BIOS and other useful information will be indicated right on the first screen. Also on the left side of the screen you will see a tree with a list of categories where you can see additional detailed information about your computer software and hardware components.

Access to this file can also be obtained through the search line in the “Start” menu. Start dial the phrase “information about the system” or “msinfo32”, as soon as you have a result with an icon in the form of a computer and the letter “I”, you can click on it with a mouse to launch a file.

Diagnostics DirectX

This tool also helps to collect detailed information about your computer. It is also easiest to launch it using the “Perform” application:

  • Call “execute” by holding on the keyboard in any layout Win and R.
  • We prescribe the name of the tool opened: dxdiag.
  • We start his work by clicking the OK button.

Immediately on the first screen, find the lines “manufacturer” and “model”. this is the information that you are looking for.

Command line

Another convenient tool for obtaining computer information. Inexperienced users, he may seem awesome: after all, there you need to enter commands on the black screen! But then it will give accurate information about the name of the computer.

The command line is also easiest to launch through the “Perform” application. But for a change, we will open it through the Start menu:

  • Start dial in the search bar “Command Stand” or “CMD”.
  • In the resulting results, click on a line with a black window icon.
  • In the opening window after the words C: \ User \ Name of the_Poller, enter the command:

On the screen in the next line you will have a model number. Do not be surprised if it does not look as sonorously as the trading name of the model, because it is not needed for the beauty and convenience of memorization, but for quick identification of the exact assembly of the laptop.

Third.party applications

Built.in Windows tools are quite suitable for a simple user in order to find out the laptop brand. However, if you need in.depth knowledge about your computer and its components, it is better to use third.party applications that make a more detailed analysis. For example: CPU-Z or AIDA64.

How to find out a laptop model by brands: Acer, ASUS, HP, LENOVO

The easiest option is to see the information in the documentation that goes when buying any laptop. As practice shows, the operating instructions are very often lost over time. But if you have a packaging of the device, you are guaranteed to find data about the model inside.

You can also look at the stickers applied by the developer. Most often they are located on the back of the device. But this is not the only type of laptop marking. If the stickers were erased for any reason or the information on them is illegible, do not be discouraged. Try to look for the name of the model on the laptop battery.

To do this, you will need to remove the battery by unlocking the special latches, which are located along the edges of the battery. There can be two such fixers. If you do not see latches, the battery is hidden under the lid. It will have to be completely unscrewed with a screwdriver and remove. After that, remove the battery and turn it over. A manufacturer will be written on the back, as well as a series and model.

How to find out a laptop model? Consider the following options.

Information about the system

If the command line displays the information incorrectly or you just want to verify again and check the name of the model in another way, use alternative built.in functionality. How to find out a laptop model?

  • Click the key combination “Winr.
  • In the window that appears, enter the MSINFO32 command and confirm the operation.
  • System information will open. Look at the lines “manufacturer” and “model”

DIRECTX diagnostics tool

You can also find out the laptop model using DirectX Diagnostic Tool. With it, you can also view other data on the device. For example, the volume of RAM and a pumping file, version and type of operating system, BIOS version and model of the installed processor.

  • Click the key combination “Winr”.
  • In the window that appears, enter the DXDIAG command and confirm the operation.
  • Look for the lines “manufacturer” and “model”.

BIOS shows a lot of useful information for the user. You can find out with him a model of components even when the OS does not start. How to find out the version of the laptop in this case? Usually the desired combination is written at the bottom of the screen in the closing area when the system has just loaded. This is “del” or “f2”. The combination “F1”, “F8”, “F10” is used very rarely.

Command line

If you could not find a single brand, try to find out the model due to built.in utilities. For example, command line.

Find the model number on the case

This method is the fastest and simple way to find out what your laptop you have. Just turn it upside down and find a sticker or engraving on the device case. There should be information about the exact model of your laptop, or at least the number by which you can find all the data you need on the Internet.

Different manufacturers post information in different ways. For example, ASUS, MSI and Lenovo number of the model is indicated on the label on the bottom of the case, on the HP devices, the laptop model is indicated with the number on the right, and for Gigabyte on the same sticker as the barcode.

This method is fast and simple, but in some cases, for example, with ASUS laptops, you may need the Internet to find out the full name of the model. However, while your device works, you can find out all the characteristics of the computer without access to the network via BIOS. In the latter case, it is not necessary even the presence of the installed operating system.

Find out a laptop model through BIOS

To enter the BIOS, you usually need to press the Del or F12 key immediately after starting. Once inside, you can find out what your laptop you have, in just a couple of seconds. Below we have listed the rules for access to BIOS for different popular brands of laptops and where the information you need is:

  • To access the BIOS settings on Acer laptops, click F2 or Delete.
  • To find out the model of your device, find the Product Name field on the Information tab in BIOS.


  • Alienware laptop owners should press the F2 key after turning on the computer.
  • The name of the model is indicated under the inscription “Bios setup” in the upper right side of the screen.
  • ASUS laptops should be turned off before an attempt to access BIOS. When the device is turned off, press and hold the F2 key, and then press the power button. Hold F2 until the BIOS configuration menu appears.
  • Having gained access to the menu, press the F7 key to enter the advanced mode.
  • Next, click on the “Advanced” button, located in the upper part of the screen between the “Main” and “Boot” tabs.
  • In the expanded menu, select the ASUS EZ Flash 3 Utility option. Once inside, you will see the appropriate mark.
  • To access BIOS on Dell devices, click F2 after turning on the device.
  • Once inside, you will see a model of your laptop under the inscription “Product Name” on the main screen.


  • Access to BIOS on Gigabyte laptops opens using the DEL key.
  • After BIOS starts, you can see the name of the model on the main screen under the inscription “Product Name”.
  • You can enter the BIOS on HP devices by pressing the ESC key immediately after turning on the computer.
  • When you see the launch menu, press the F10 key to access the BIOS settings utility.
  • After access to the setting utility, you can find a model of your laptop under the inscription “Product Name”.


  • If you have a Lenovo laptop, turn it on and press FNF2 or just F2 several times, depending on your device.
  • In the BIOS settings, click the Settings Blue button, located in the lower left of the screen.
  • Next, we are looking for the “Information” tab.
  • Once there, you can find a model of your laptop under the inscription “Product Name”.


  • As for Razer laptops, press the F1 or DEL key several times as soon as the device turns on and you will see the Razer logo on the screen.
  • After the BIOS opens, you can see the name of the model on the main screen under the inscription “Product Name”.

We are looking for information on the laptop body

If you have an Apple laptop. DNS or any other brand, the best way will be to see information about the model on the case. It can be located:

  • on a square sticker located in the lower part of the case. in most models;
  • between the loops of the display mounting directly on the case. at Apple;
  • under the battery. in some options for machines;
  • under the display in the right corner. at Sony.

Stickers often abrupt during use, so you should find alternative methods. If you have a box from the equipment or documentation, it will be easier, but in any case you have several alternative options.

Software ways to search for a laptop model

There are several built.in utilities that collect all the information about the device, including its model. Their advantage is that you do not have to specifically download and install utilities, the program described in this part most often already stand on your computer.

Command line

One of the most popular and necessary tools is the command line. With its help, you can work with the register, settings and system processes. It will help and find out the laptop model. The command line is caused as follows: on the keyboard, click the combination of Win R and enter CMD in the line that appears. After that, click on the OK button or click on the Enter keyboard. This method works on all versions of the Windows operating system.

After the command line window appears, you need to enter: WMIC CSproduct Get Name and click Enter. A laptop model in the form of numbers and letters will appear in a line below, only its manufacturer will not be indicated. This option will help if you only need to solve the problem, how to find out the number of the laptop model. It will help those who already know the manufacturer of their equipment.

Utility for displaying information about the system

Windows built several tools to obtain information about its condition. One of them contains data on the laptop model and its main technical characteristics. You can call this utility using the Win R keys and commands for the “execute” line. msinfo32. A window will open in front of you, in which you need to pay attention to the lines “manufacturer” and “model”.

DIRECTX diagnostics tool

If you play desktop games on your laptop, then you most likely have a DirectX graphic libraries. They also have a utility for certificates containing information about your system. Call it through the line “execute” (win r) you can command: dxdiag.

In the window that appears, open the “system” tab (usually it is activated by default) and on the first page pay attention to the “manufacturer” and “model” tabs. This information is on the first page. In the same window, you can learn about other technical parameters of your laptop.

How to see a laptop model: Means in Windows

Many users have difficulties where to find out the laptop model. After several years of operation, the information sticker on the device is often absent at all, or the information on it is erased and is not read. However, even in this case, it is possible to get the necessary information. In particular, you can find out the model of the laptop by Windows means.

Command line

To find out the laptop model through the command line, first you need to run it.

To do this, use the command “Perform”. In her window we collect CMD and click OK.

Another option is to use the search for the system. Enter the CMD search line and after the appropriate line in the list, launch the program.

After starting the command line, type “WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME” in it and click Enter.

Information about the system

You can also find out the name and model of the laptop by calling system information. To do this, we perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Launch the command “Perform”. To do this, click on the “Start” menu with the right button in the opening list, select the corresponding item.
  • In the “Perform” window we recruit the MSINFO32 command and click OK.
  • As a result, a system utility is launched about the system.
  • Here we are interested in the lines “manufacturer” and “model”, which indicates the necessary information.

DIRECTX diagnostics tool

Another option for how to find out the laptop model is the use of DirectX diagnostics. We act according to the following algorithm:

  • We launch the command “Perform”.
  • In the window that appears, we collect dxdiag and click OK.
  • As a result, the DirectX window opens.
  • We go to the System tab, where in the paragraph “Model” we find the necessary information.

We will analyze how to find out the laptop model in BIOS.

To call BIOS, immediately after turning on the laptop, press and do not release the F2, Tab, Delete keys. As a result, the BIOS menu will be displayed. In the System Information or Main tab we find the Product Name item, where the laptop model is displayed.

Computer properties

Elementary method that allows you to find out the laptop model.

  • Run the standard Windows conductor.
  • Choosing “this computer”.
  • Click on the icon with the right mouse button.
  • Click on the “Properties” item in the drop.down menu.
  • We are looking for a line “Model”.

The disadvantage of the method is that it does not work on laptops of some manufacturers.

We learn the laptop model using third.party software

In addition to Windows, which may not always work, you can find out the laptop model with special third.party utilities diagnostics and monitoring the state of the computer. In addition, they allow you to get information about components, for example, find out the model of a video card, matrix, laptop battery, etc.D.

The popular utilities of this type include:

Each of the programs can be easily downloaded on the developer website.

Hwmonitor Error

A simple type of third.party software is the utility Hwmonitor Error. Launch the program on your PC. In the utility window you need to find the line of Desktop, which contains the manufacturer and model number of the device.

AIDA64 Error

The AIDA64 Error utility refers to paid software, but is provided with a trial for 30 days, which is enough to find out the laptop model.

After starting the program in the left panel of the working area, you must click on the “Computer” tab and select the DMI item in the drop.down list. Next, go to the right panel of the window of the program, where we are looking for the line “System”. All the basic data of the devices are displayed here, including the laptop model.

Sisoftware Sandra Error

Another simple and convenient way to find out the laptop model programmatically. After starting the Sisoftware Sandra Error utility, you need to open “devices” in her work window and select “Maternal Code”. Information about the PC model can be indicated in the lines “Version” or “Model”. You need to choose the line where the brand and code consisting of letters and numbers is indicated. This will be the name of the model.


The Everest Error utility allows you to easily find out the Lenovo laptop model or any other brand. After starting the program, we alternately pass along the tabs and lines:

In the last window you can find the name of the brand and the model number that is placed in the line “Product”.

BELARC Advisor

This utility does not need to take any additional actions at all to find out the brand and model of the laptop. After starting, the program automatically scans the system and gives a window with the result. Here you need to find the System Model item, which contains information about the manufacturer and PC model.