Lenovo B590 Problems With Wifi

Here is a budget version of a laptop from Lenovo. The combination of minimalism in design and speed in operation allows this laptop to be considered one of the best in its price category.

Key Specifications

  • Type of processor Celeron / Core i3 / Core i5 / Pentium;
  • CPU frequency 1800-2600 MHz;
  • The size of RAM is 2-6 GB;
  • The volume of the drive is 320-1000 GB;
  • Screen size 15.6 inches;
  • Intel GMA HD / Intel HD Graphics 3000 / Intel HD Graphics 4000 / NVIDIA GeForce 610M / NVIDIA GeForce GT 610M / NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M;
  • Weight 2.5 kg.
    Lenovo B590 Problems With Wifi

Main advantages

  • Price. the cheapest model can be found within 10 thousand rubles. In terms of price and quality, the model is optimal;
  • High performance. a fairly fast and resource-intensive laptop, enough power for all possible needs for study and work. You can also safely play modern games;
  • The pleasant rough surface of the laptop leaves a pleasant feeling and provides protection against minor scratches;
  • Virtually no heat and no noise;
  • Convenient touchpad, which is very important when constantly working with a laptop. It is with the touchpad that you will deal most often, so carefully look at how convenient it is for you before buying;
  • Convenient keyboard with quiet buttons.

Main disadvantages

  • Not the highest screen resolution. It is not critical if for you the main goal is surfing the Internet and working with various documents.
  • A small viewing angle, which is quite inconvenient, you have to adjust the angle each time for optimal quality.
  • Lenovo B590 has periodic problems with wi-fi. The problem is that on many models the Internet is periodically disconnected. Sometimes this is due to the manufacturer’s marriage and this can be solved only by returning the computer for repair, sometimes with a certain malfunction in the settings. In a separate article, we talk about how to fix this problem.
  • The material is not of the highest quality. It feels like plastic is cheap, but it doesn’t really lubricate the impression of a laptop. His appearance from it, at least, certainly does not suffer.
  • The sound is not of the best quality, both in recording and in playback. Again, the most critical factor if you need a computer for study or work.
  • Combined audio jack. This is quite inconvenient because most headsets are designed for two inputs. If, for example, you want to talk on Skype, then you have to buy an adapter.
  • There are practically no drivers, you have to download from the official site. Not the most difficult process, but rather laborious, keep in mind that you have to sweat.

Ideapad B590 Reviews. Who should buy this model

If you need an inexpensive and good laptop for study or work, then this is definitely the perfect option for you.. This model has certain disadvantages, but you can come to terms with them. The only significant drawback that not all models have, but it does appear really often is Wi-Fi problems. We have instructions on our site on how to get rid of this problem, but we believe that we should pay your attention to this. Despite certain shortcomings in this price category, you are unlikely to find something better, after using the laptop left a really pleasant feeling with the speed of work and its ease of use.