Laptop Doesn’t See Meizu M5 Note

Many owners of Meizu smartphones face a problem when connecting the device to a PC. Why doesn‘t my computer see Meise’s phone via USB? Often the solution is simple, and sometimes you have to try to set it up correctly. Next, problems and their solutions will be considered.

Phone does not recognize PC

Initially, it is necessary to check all mechanical connections and then proceed to the software component.

  • Checking the USB cable for possible physical damage. Not always the defect is visible from the outside and the problem may be covered inside.
  • Be sure to check your gadget settings. The computer sometimes does not see the Meizu M5s phone via USB, but the smartphone successfully charges. This means that charging mode is selected. You need to change the mode to “File or multimedia transfer”, and folders with files from the device will appear.
  • If the smartphone’s settings are made correctly, then it’s worth trying to change the USB cable itself, even when it successfully charges the device. It happens that the cord is simply not suitable for transferring files. Despite the fact that the type of cables of smartphones, be it Meizu M2, M3, M5, M6, MX5 or even the Mini (Mini), Pro (Pro) and Note (Note) series, are the same, their specifications may vary.

If none of these items help, then go to the next section.

Laptop Doesn't See Meizu M5 Note

PC does not recognize the phone

When there is a problem connecting the Meise U10 device to a personal computer, the culprit may be not only the smartphone, but the PC itself.

  • First of all, you need to check the USB connector on the PC. it could fail. You can try plugging another connector into the cable or connecting another device.
  • Right-click on the “My Computer” folder, select the properties and find the item “Task Manager”. In the task manager, you need to select your device and double-click to go to its properties. Next, on the “Driver” tab, click on the “Update” button. In the same section there is a button “Delete device”, which can be used in case of unsuccessful update. After removal, you will need to install the driver from scratch.

None of the methods help, what should I do? We will have to use the extreme measures that are described below.

Operating system issues

There are frequent cases when Meizu does not see the computer due to errors associated with the gadget’s operating system. In this case, there are two outputs and both are associated with resetting the device to the factory settings:

  • Open the “Settings” menu by clicking on the gear icon in the blind. Next, find the “Reset and Restore” section and select “Reset Settings” inside.
  • If the software reset was not successful, you should use the hardware functions: you need to turn off the Meizu M3C, hold down the lock and volume up buttons for fifteen seconds. When the picture appears on the display, you need to release the buttons and wait for the smartphone to reboot. Secret codes walking on the Internet are not recommended.

Common problems

In many cases, minor problems that the user may not see can prevent the device from connecting to the PC correctly.

  • Enabled USB Debugging. This mode can be enabled by default and to remove it, you need to go into the settings, select the “Accessibility”, go to the section for developers and uncheck the box.
  • Meizu M5 works in modem mode. In this case, for the PC, the gadget will play the role of a browser on the Internet, and the files will become inaccessible for viewing. The modem mode is turned off in the network settings and the PC will be able to see the device.
  • The device is in a locked state. Phone files become unavailable after locking the smartphone, so after connecting it is necessary to unlock it once so that the file system is recognized on the PC.

Unusual solutions

In the era of computer technology and the rapid development of wireless connections, there are a number of solutions that will help transfer files from the device to the Meizu M5s on a PC and vice versa.

The correct connection sequence

Often Meizu does not connect to the computer due to the lack of knowledge of the user. For the correct connection of the device to the PC, the following sequence of actions is required:

  • Using the USB cable, connect the phone to the PC. Be sure to check if the smartphone is unlocked. If the PC is in sleep mode, you need to “wake it up” and return it to working condition.
  • Lower the shutter of the smartphone and select the connection method: “Transfer media files”, “Transfer in USB mode” or “File storage” (the name depends on the version of Android and firmware). It makes no sense to connect to Meise in charging mode.
  • Wait until the drivers are installed on the PC. If the automatic installation failed, you need to download the driver from the official site and install manually.
  • Open “My Computer” and find the gadget in the list of folders.
  • If the device has a MicroSD drive, then two devices will appear in the folder: “Internal memory” and “Removable disk”. You can upload files to both folders.

Meizu gadgets, such as the M5C, MX3, MX4, U20, M3S, and many others, experience connectivity issues due to user inattention. It is recommended that you follow the instructions for connecting your smartphone to a PC and use only original cables.