Laptop Does Not See Huawei Phone

The computer does not see the phone. this is a frequent process among Huawei users. We begin to wonder what to do, how to fix the problem of malfunction.

Why the computer does not see the phone via USB

The computer does not see the smartphone via USB, because it is the most popular, common way to transfer information from devices. Together with the phone, the instruction is a USB cable device. The phone automatically finds a removable disk, there are problems during the connection period. It is impossible to choose the most important reason, they are all common. Often there are incorrectly entered drivers, a faulty program, incorrect standard settings. Next, we will understand in detail why a computer, a laptop cannot see a mobile through a wire.

Hardware check

The cable for connecting devices must be a special, standard from the set with which the device comes. If it is bought, especially Chinese, possibly cheap, then it may not correspond, give resistance, and do not meet the requirements.

Before buying a USB-cable you need to follow the advice of a consultant, providing your device, do not spare money. See that the ports of both devices are in good condition, clean and in good contact.

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When the computer recognizes the USB flash drive, and the smartphone at this moment simply charges, in this case, everything is normal with the connectors. There are such cases that through the cable the computer recognizes Android, which means that the USB is working, then the reason for not recognizing the device in the standard settings. It is possible to meet exceptions to the rules.

In this case, you need to connect to the portals from another PC. As for the old mobile models, it is better to connect to USB with a port extension.

Windows connection problem

There are other problems, because of them there is no connection. The main problem is the malfunction of software systems, incorrect installation, lack of components required for this.

Temporary crashes in Windows or Android

There are problems that can be fixed, just restart the device. To do this, turn off the computer, mobile, even pulling out the battery, the charger. Wait a few minutes, restart the equipment. After rebooting, connect it to the cable.

Device driver failed

It is necessary to eliminate interference associated with drivers. When connecting a new mobile to a computer device, you need to establish the correspondence of the drivers. If the PC crashes for this, go to the installation section, see what color the phone is installed on the driver item: red or yellow. This will indicate the problem areas of the driver.

First, try to remove this device, and then update the configuration in the equipment. Refer to the properties and find out about the status of the device. It happens that the equipment indicates problems and errors. Then you need to start the driver again, which is located in the properties section.

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If the mobile has previously been connected and the driver is configured to the system, then we will also search on the PC used.

Universal adb driver

When a computer device does not recognize the phone from Android, then how can you put the standard, convenient, popular program Universal Adb Driver. It can be downloaded on any site. Perhaps this particular driver will help solve your question in connecting devices through a wire. It is he who will help you if there is no Iphone driver or tablet.

If you have any questions or have complaints. let us know

Programs for synchronization

To avoid resolving issues with connecting devices, it is recommended to use only special and high-quality programs. They have the correct and competent feedback that is necessary for various settings.

Error code 19

When a system failure occurred, after turning on the devices, a Windows error is issued, the settings for this device are damaged. Perhaps this was due to a registry failure. You need to find the regedit component, then remove the UpperFilters. Then we reboot the PC and try to connect the phone. If the question was just that, it would disappear right away.

Laptop Does Not See Huawei Phone

The computer does not see the phone via USB, but is charging

The phone does not connect to the computer via USB, but only charges:

  • very often it happens that the cause of the failure lies in the cable itself. After all, often they are not made of quality material, are not durable and unreliable;
  • one more important problem. usb port of connection is faulty;
  • It is also necessary to double-check the device jack.
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The reasons given must be noted.

Incorrect settings in connecting a mobile device

The reason for the connection failure may be in the Huawei device, in the wire itself, in the computer device, in the wrong settings. One of the most common cases when a computer does not pick up a phone through a wire is incorrect settings regarding the connection. Modern Huawei smartphones have several modes of inclusion. It is worth noting: if you want the explorer to display Windows, you need to turn off the charging mode.

Important. Try a memory card, but separately from the mobile: to detect errors, an obstacle to recognizing a Windows program.

What to do if there is no connection of Huawei to the computer via USB

The main problems are disclosed, but there are others. Also, the task is not resolved, it may be in the factory telephone firmware, a damaged file system, the memory inside the mobile is full, the battery charge is low.

To resolve them, you must restart the device, set the factory settings, this is not a full guarantee.

Having examined some of the reasons for which there is no connection, through usb, we conclude: it is possible to solve not complicated problems. There are serious, global tasks that can be solved by specialists, service center masters who work with devices for a long time, have great experience.