Lags telegrams on Android why. Application version

Doesn’t Telegram really work for you? Try to fix it.

Did Telegram really stop working for you? This may be due to several reasons. But don’t worry, we will help you fix it without any problems.

Doesn’t Telegram really work for you? This is one of the most popular messaging services among those who care about security. This is an excellent alternative to ordinary messages to exchange messages, especially if you take care of confidentiality, reliable encryption and open source code. We understand how the TEELGRAM shutdown can cause disappointment, so we are here to tell you about some common ways to eliminate malnutritions, so that the application will work again.

Note by the editor. Some instructions in this article were created using Xiaomi Mi 11 with 5G under the control of Android 12. Keep in mind that steps may vary slightly depending on the smartphone you use.

Why telegram does not work?

There is a chance that the failure of Telegram has nothing to do with your smartphone or application. First, we must determine if the problem with Telegram servers is related, since the elimination of problems can take several hours, cause headache and repeated hair pulling out. The best way to find out if Telegram is working to go to a site such as

Downdetector collects user reports and reports when Telegram does not work. There is even a living map for determining local disconnects. Check and see if Telegram has a widespread shutdown. If so, all that you can do is wait until it connects to the network again.

Telegram does not open: we will identify the general causes and eliminate

Telegram developers made sure that the messenger could be installed on a device with any type of OS. To this you can add two more undoubted advantages. all information about users are protected, and the data transfer speed at a high level.

But even such a popular messenger sometimes has problems, for example, when telegrams do not open. In the article we will deal with the causes of the problem and ways to solve them.

Inexpensive subscribers Telegram of the channel very close. Follow the link and you will see for yourself.

So, here is a list of possible malfunctions and factors that caused them:

You installed a messenger on a phone or computer, but it does not start or opens and freezes. In this case, you should try to restart the gadget. If this did not help, then remove the application and load it again;

The page of the online version does not open and a window appears, which says that the server is not available or something like this. The application on the computer and the phone opens, but you observe that the connecting installation icon does not stop spinning. In this case, the problem lies in the lock of Telegram. To eliminate difficulty, install an anonymizer, download a browser with a proxy or set it manually in the messenger itself. Do not forget to check the connection with the Internet yet, because such a problem can be caused by its absence, and not by blocking;

The application does not start or works incorrectly due to the fact that its version does not correspond to your device. Check compatibility and, if necessary, reinstall the program. Also make sure that the application has been taken from an official source. If you have established a non.original version of the messenger, it is likely that it will not work correctly;

Sometimes Telegram is blocked by antivirus. Try turning it off and check if the application works after that.

Now you know why telegrams do not open. Any problem is solved, and each user will be able to independently eliminate it and continue to work with the messenger.

If you want to understand all the nuances of Telegram or any other social network even more, then go to the AVI1 and read the most relevant information about their use.

How to fix the problem with Telegram connection

Telegram is a well.known application for exchange of instant messages that can be used to send and receive texts, photos, videos and documents. Since everyone is currently using Telegram, there are many problems that people face when using it. The most common problem reported by users is “how to fix the problem with the connection in Telegram”. In this part, we will discuss the reasons for this problem and solutions that you can use to eliminate it.

How to fix the problem with connection to Telegram

, You need to check the following:

  • Make sure you have the latest TG version
  • Reload the phone or tablet
  • Clean the cache and Telegram data
  • Reinstall Telegram from Play Store or App Store (iOS)
  • Update the telephone operating system

So, the best way to solve the problem of non.working TG is to restart the device and reinstall the application. If you are still faced with a problem, try connecting it to another Wi-Fi network. In addition, Telegram seeks to minimize the number of errors, constantly updated. We also recommend this interesting article about Telegram and WP Wars.

Telegram does not work today October 2022?

Does not open, does not load, is not available, lies or buggy?

Admin comment is fixed # Perhaps on Telegram.Org incorrectly configured redirection from different versions. In this case, use the links below:

or telling about today’s failure without registration Identification does not require Комментарии и мнения владельцев with obscene vocabulary and insults are deleted

Dima 3 days ago October 2022

All Putin, against dill, was cut down the cart.

Dima 3 days ago October 2022

Man 4 days ago October 2022

Does not scan the QRCOD for entering the PC version. SMS does not come to confirm the entrance. The same with Googgl account. SMS confirmation of the entrance does not come

Anton 5 days ago October 2022

SMS/call does not come. The session flew out as if nothing had happened. Now I can’t go.

Marina 5 days ago October 2022

The chats in the telegram are not shown, they are simply loaded and all

In the mobile version on Android, chats are not loaded, there is just a gray screen, on the desktop on Windows everything works fine

In the mobile version on Android, chats are not loaded, there is just a gray screen, on the desktop on Windows everything works fine

The second day is not updated, the tape shows, shows old messages.

I can’t send and get messages from telegram for an hour

Chats do not load, reinstalled, the code for SMS does not come.

It is very slowly loaded, now I am not allowed to go in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев in the news group, because “this is a private channel”, although literally 10 minutes ago I could see Комментарии и мнения владельцев. over, I signed (:: |) also disappeared the tab with Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Inhibit the receipt and sending of messages to Desktop versions.

From 8 hours.30 in the telegram application on iOS Constant update. Beeline

Neither PC nor on the tablet works: it hangs in an endless update

Telegram does not work on all devices. Notifications for the phone come, but the application has an endless update and almost all the chats disappeared. Send a message or read. does not work

Same. On the phone, order and on PC empty. Overloaded and there is nothing empty window.

Telegram does not work on PC (((10.ten.2022

Hi! The second day does not open a list of sites. Android 12. the code comes, now the number has been blocked. Technic breasts of the cart are silent))

Chats have not been loaded for a week. Although you can go through the search

The channels are not loaded, the “Replies” section is not updated, the update is endless, it is not possible to scroll out the chats below a certain small part at all. Memory also eats inadequately a lot and you won’t understand what these 7 GB consist of.

When opening the application, it immediately flies away, the reboot does not help

There are no updates from 20.45 Yekaterinburg time

Doesn’t answer. I updated yesterday. White screen. All. What now?

After the update, I can’t enter. How to solve a problem?

Bought premium 2 months, I sincerely understand, but I wait for something except the moving smiles nothing changed, the video will be loaded for a long time, it got worse. Today. After the update, the ability to format the text disappeared.

After the update, it flies out at the entrance. What to do.

When trying to go immediately, the reinstall did not help, what kind of.

Solve the problem with the body! Everyone does not work after the update, correct the errors!

Notification did not come. I decided to upgrade. Now I can’t enter at all. White screen

After the update does not open. White screen and flies out

Opens for 3-5 seconds and closes arbitrarily. Before that, there is a download in the window of some files.

I wanted to uninstall my account I can’t something

Calls do not go through. chats terribly lag, it is not possible to call. Chelyabinsk

The bot that the code should say does not call. SMS does not come either.

apps auto back & crashing problem fix any android | apps automatically closing | keep stopping

SMS does not come or a call to enter the account

SMS/call for entering the account does not come

SMS does not come to the phone number to enter the account

Voice does not reproduce either on PC or on the body

SMS does not come to the phone number for dospup to the account

Chats in the cart do not load. PC works without problems.

It seems to be opening, but with Wi-Fi 5GHz does not work at all, with a mobile some.Stupid on terrible, it is not possible to communicate with people.

Hours not working since 16. Constant update and eats somewhere memory.ChZh? Everything is dancing well on the decay

does not open at all, the white screen and writes the connection/update. And does not go anywhere. Updated, restarted, to the sense of zero

27.09.22 Comes a notification about SMS. I see it in a banner, but does not load in the chat and is constantly hanging in chats. “update. “But it looks not all chats. and some sample. somewhere SMS reach somewhere no. What to do with it?

My cart itself comes out from the call. We are sitting with a friend on a broadcast in our chat, we communicate, but if I have a cart in the background, then at any moment I can throw me out of a conversation

After the update, the application just stopped opening, deleted. I downloaded it again, I started registering. But after entering the code, it flew again and stopped opening

The application has been updated and does not open anymore, it immediately flies out

Does not load chats, but you can go into each by search. On the laptop plows norms

In principle, telegrams have not turned on for 2 days, yesterday at about 8 in the morning I left the telegrams and could no longer go, deleted it, downloaded it again, the phone overloaded, all the non.sore.

After the last update, the cart stopped working, at the entrance just a white screen and immediately flies out what to do?!

on PC does not start. Yaroslavl region. 26.09.22

With 23.09.2022, does not start on the computer. It is connected every 64 seconds, to no avail.

News are not updated, already deleted and rebuilding, now SMS does not come. Germany

TsFO. SMS does not come for activation for the second day.

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All chats are gone and nothing loads

Chats disappeared, through notifications and the search enters

All chats are gone, you can only go by search

All chats, empty folders disappeared, nothing is loaded. Only a search can be found

Methods of updating

Almost all applications are updated automatically, if it is indicated in the settings during downloading and installing. Then, when connecting to the network, it will itself verify the version of the program with the latest and, if necessary, update it.


Some users nevertheless neglect the auto.reinforcement, for example, take care of the memory on the device or simply forget about the need to download new versions.

If the update is not available, then there are no fresh packages yet.


In order not to waste time updating the program each time, it is enough to do all the above once and at the end to press the “menu” icon on the front page of the application. Put a checkmark opposite the “Auto Refine” field. Subsequently, telegrams will download and install new packages of improvements.

How to update telegrams

On different devices, the stages of the procedure are slightly different, but the algorithm of actions is identical.

On Android

A smartphone more familiar to the user with this “filling” will update telegrams in several finger movements.

On the iPhone

Yabloko added one additional step to the update algorithm, but, in general, it still remained simple.

  • Find telegrams in the list that appears. If he is not there, then the version is still relevant.
  • Open the application page and slip to the inscription “Update”.

On the computer

The developers made sure that their brainchild was available on any electronic device. Therefore, they made it working not only on smartphones, but also on PC. over, regardless of the operating system, telegrams always look the same.

And according to the following scheme, it will be updated equally successfully both on Windows and on Linux or Mac OS.

Technical support

Sending a message to technical support is an extreme measure undertaken when other attempts to resolve the problem did not give a result. You can write a letter inside the application or on the Telegram website. Before sending the message, the user should check the account status and make sure that the profile is not blocked for spam. This can be done using a spambot robot.

There are several special situations that may interfere with the forwarding of multimedia investments:

  • A large number of subscriptions.
  • Exceeding the permissible maximum by file volume (1.5 GB).
  • A ban on access to the camera, microphone or internal memory installed on the device.

When blocking the shipping of investments, check the volume of free memory, make changes to the device parameters and make sure that the displayed file has a size of no more than the permissible limit.


Telegram subscribers periodically meet with obstacles when loading media files. Usually the problem is eliminated with a second attempt or after reloading the device. Sometimes you need to make corrections to the parameters of the device or contact the provider that provides communication services.

With prolonged hanging the server, download will have to be postponed for several hours, but this situation occurs extremely rarely. For the prevention of failures when loading, the user should regularly free the internal memory of the device from unnecessary information.

If the interlocutor’s question arises, what to do if the picture is loaded in the telegram for a very long time, the video file is not played, the image is not sent, share this material.

Telegram is not loaded: why and what to do. general recipes

Telegram is a convenient social network, but even it sometimes causes problems. Sooner or later, every user is faced with a situation where telegrams are not loaded. In the article we will tell for what reasons this happens, and what can be done.

Use a great chance to get subscribers and increase the number of views in telegrams inexpensively without risks and write.offs.

Factors that can cause such problems, there are plenty of. Let’s talk separately about each of them:

The most common reason affecting Telegram performance is the messenger blocking. It’s no secret that the social network is subject to attacks by special services. This directly affects her work.

But you should not be upset because. Firstly, the situation is short-lived and is allowed with itself. If today and tomorrow the application does not work, then in a couple of days everything can return to its place. Secondly, you can always independently fix everything and bypass the system blocking. To do this, you need to configure the proxy. So, if you have no time to wait for the messenger to unlock, then take everything into your hands.

The second reason why telegram is not loaded is the incompatibility of your device with the installed application. Each type of telephone and computer operating system has its own version of the messenger has been developed. If you download the program from the official website https: // then you will see it right away.

Telegram also regularly releases updates and it is possible that the new version of the messenger is not suitable for your gadget.

The third reason is the software file that you downloaded, broken. This often happens when applying applications from non.original sources. As a result, they turn out to be non.working or work incorrectly.

Many users are faced with a problem at the authorization stage in the messenger. They enter the phone number, but cannot get the code, it does not come. In this situation, the matter is most often not in Telegram itself. Perhaps you entered the phone number incorrectly and dialed 8 instead of 7 or entered the country’s wrong code. Sometimes problems arise from the operator, then the issue must be solved directly with him.

Как установить Юзербот для Telegram на Android(Python)

The fifth and rather banal reason is the absence of the Internet or a bad connection. Probably its speed is simply not enough to connect.

If you connected the VPN, then the server constantly used may stop working due to workload. This happens from time to time. In this case, it is recommended to simply add another proxy and try to connect again.

We dismantled the main factors because of which telegrams are not loaded. Knowing the reason for the problem, it can be quickly solved.

Technical support

If none of the following methods helps, you must write in Support. You can contact the Telegram website by filling out a special form “Support”. Another way is to find in the settings of the application to the column “Ask a question”.

It is recommended before sending a request to technical support, check if the profile is blocked. To do this, use the Spambot bot (name for search).

The code does not come to SMS

Sometimes there are situations when you have to enter confirmation code for authorization in the messenger. Then you may encounter an endless loading of a telegram. this is unpleasant, but solved.

You have done everything according to the rules, but you still do not have a connection in a telegram on a phone or computer and the code has not come? This problem can be caused by several reasons:

  • You opened the telegram account on another device;
  • The connection with the Internet leaves much to be desired;
  • You clicked too many times on the code sending button to SMS;
  • When registering, a virtual phone number was used;
  • The wrong code of the country is indicated (not 7, but another value);
  • The operator accepted the SMS message for spam and deleted it.

To restore talegram the connection, you can wait a bit. certain difficulties disappear automatically, after a while the desired message will still go to the smartphone.

If the expectation has not helped, contact the Support Telegram. this can be done so:

  • Follow the link, first be sure to turn on any VPN extension, and which is namedly, you will learn further in the article;
  • Find the field “Describe your problem /Prista your problem”;
  • Write in detail about the difficulties of Telegram Connecting in English;
  • Next, enter the mobile that the account was registered;
  • Indicate the contact address of the email;
  • Wait for a detailed answer and further activation of the profile!

Let’s look at the last unpleasant reason why you do not connect Talegram on a computer or phone.

Access is blocked

Mobile version or Telegram Desktop is not connected? We recall that in April 2018, RKN blocked the messenger. you can still face the consequences of this blocking.

The first solution is to connect a VPN service for a telegram. You can download and install the program on a computer and phone. we recommend trying such software:

  • Turbo VPN;
  • Betternet VPN;
  • Vyprvpn;
  • Cyberghost;
  • Onavo Protect,;
  • Protonvpn;
  • Freeopenvpn;
  • Hola VPN;
  • Tunnelbear.

These are only recommendations. the final choice is yours! It is enough to just start the VPN application and feel free to open the telegrams, there will be no problems-you can install the connection.

The second solution is to work through proxy. First you need to choose a working (paid or free) proxy. Look for several resources:

You can use other sites! Found you like the data for connecting a telegram? We start work:

  • Enter the telegram messenger and click on the menu icon. three strips on the computer and on Android;
  • Go to the “Settings” item (a separate icon on the iPhone);
  • On the computer, look for the section “Advanced Settings” and go to the “Network and proxy” item;

We talked about why your Telegram does not connect to the network and shows endless download. As you can see, there are no reasons for panic. this difficulty is easily overcome by improvised methods, even a novice user will cope! And our tips and instructions will always come to the rescue at a difficult moment.