Kyocera printer prints with stripes what to do. “Dried up” ink on the print head

What to do if the printer smears sheets: how to fix the dirty print on laser and jet devices

Among the many defects that the user can see on a printed sheet, a often problem is when the printer stains the paper when printing. Externally, the defect may differ in nature and is eliminated for each type of printer in different ways. For example, sometimes getting pages along the edges of the sheet, or dirty along the entire sheet in different places. Often the printer smears sheets when printing, leaving black or gray traces.

Devices of all manufacturers can get dirty: Brother, HP, Epson, Canon, Xerox, Kyocera, Samsung, Oki, Pantum, etc. D., different technologies. But the problem under consideration is more relevant precisely for laser printing.

Causes of dirty print

The main reason is that the printing device has ceased to normally transfer the ink to the carrier (paper). That is, the problem is in cartridges.

But this can lead to additional, including natural factors.

  • Poor.quality products. Even the cheapest device immediately after the purchase and for a relatively long time will be printed well. But if, after purchasing, the device is a little bit, and even more so, the sheets dirty strongly, then problems with the device are possible. It is advisable not to do anything yourself, but to contact the distributor store to find out the reason.

All-In-on Printer Kyocera FS-C8525MFP / Elimination of strips and dirty spots when printing

On this device, the seal is very intense. In one month, two sets of cartridges are consumed.

The procedure described below, in a particular case. This is a temporary solution. With a frequency twice a month, I had to clean the hopper from the transfer tape to manually.

It lasted for three months. The following decided to buy a new transfer tape. After replacing questions in the press there is no.

All parts that can be removed without disassembly. cleared. Drama is normal, the stove is normal, working out where it is necessary. But the result does not change, the stripes and dirt remain when printing. After the transfer tape was removed, twisted, torn, dirt rained from there (working out).

This is how this apparatus prints after preliminary shake out of the dirt (working out) from the bunker of the image transfer tape.

The transfer tape is from the right end. We take out the paper, close the tray and pull the handle.

An area marked with a red rectangle, you need to remove.

I don’t fly away all the details and springs, everything remains in its place.

We release the fee and take it to the side with the wires.

Squeeze the latches and remove the lid. You can at the same time twist the screw.

There were two screws (we twisted). Put and remove the part.

It was not possible to disassemble completely to remove the rocket and blow everything out of there. But without this it turned out to gut everything. We turn and press the circuits circled in the areas (they spring).

This part is fixed in a closed and open position. (closed)

(open) direct access to working out. Ground off, blow, scroll through the villous shaft and vacuum it.

Here’s so much dirt inside. When scrolling the tape, all the dirt on it settled, she had nowhere to go.

The tape can be scrolled and wiped with a damp cloth.

We collect in the reverse order and install in All-in-One Printer.

Important ! As a result, this procedure was temporary (in a particular case). The efficiency spoiler is located at the beginning of the article.

Horizontal stripes when printing

Horizontally strips. a sign of wear of a photo printer photovat. If the toner is enough and he did not wake up, it is worth evaluating the state of this part. A knot of fixing the image may also get out of order. To avoid the appearance of dark and light strips across the sheet, it is important to ensure that particles of dust and dirt do not get inside. Inkjet models are also printed with horizontal stripes due to the clogged print head.

The design of such devices differs from the internal device of the jet. Inside you will not find standard cartridges for them with multi.colored ink, because the seal is carried out thanks to a special powder: Toner. It fills a special bunker consisting of several elements. Most often, the All-In-One Printer will crawl because of it.

If dense vertical stripes on the sheets appear in random places, and when printing documents, the pattern in their location is not traced, it is useful to pay attention to the state of the cartridge used. If the seals and elastic bands have not become tight enough or cracks appeared on the housing, and the toner is spilled out, it must be replaced with a new.

When heterogeneous stripes appear, consisting of dots or spots, it is worth checking whether the cartridge has been tilted correctly. This version of the striped print may indicate that the tank with a spent bulk substance has been overflated. In rare cases, the reason for the poor.quality imprint in the metering blade (rocket), which was incorrectly established.

White stripes located longitudinally and in certain places on the page usually indicate that the toner ends. The problem is solved by refueling. Sometimes colorless lines. the correct sign that an extraneous item fell under the cartridge. To check this, you need to de.energize the printer, let it cool. Only then you can open the cover of the device, disconnect the bunker and carefully remove the excess.

If the lines are located horizontally, this is a sign of a violation of the contact between the magnetic shaft and the photo bank. It arises due to the toner used by the toner or its sprinkle outside the vessel. It is necessary to de.energize the equipment and carefully remove the powder without using detergents. The second reason is damage to the drum, shaft or rocket. The best solution would be to replace parts with new.

The wear of a hollow tube with a core is also evidenced by wavy transverse stripes, dots, spots. Black fishing line for a trimmer with uneven edges, passing clearly along the edge of the sheet. a sign of a malfunction of the photo. All these breakdowns should not be tried to eliminate yourself. The laser printer is quite sensitive to mechanical stress, so it is better to entrust its repair to a specialist. So the risk of damaging the mechanism comes down to zero.

Strips when printing on a jet printer

One of the common reasons for the uneven printing of jet models is the lack of ink in the cartridge. If before the appearance of dark or light lines on the sheets you printed for a long time, you need to check their number. This is most convenient to do through the menu, but more often the printer itself displays information about the ending paint on the computer screen. The best way to solve the problem is to buy new consumables.

If an ink system is connected to office equipment, information about their level will not be displayed correctly. It is more convenient to control it independently, determining the fullness of the eye. The problem with the lines will help solve a gentle refueling in compliance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. It is important to carefully consider the train, according to which ink enters cartridges. There should be no bubbles inside, and excesses and clamps are unacceptable. You can check the air filters. If they are clogged with particles of dust, this will cause strips when printing documents.

If you are rarely printed, and after 1-2 weeks of downtime, the printer began to break down, it is worth examining the printing heads. Inkjet models are so arranged that the coloring substance in them periodically dries out if the device does not use regularly. Dubs dried ink are scored. special holes on which they enter the head. This leads to the formation of contrasting lines on paper.

Modern models support automatic cleaning of cartridges. To execute it, just run the corresponding option in the menu of the device. The procedure should be repeated 2-3 times, and then leave the equipment at rest for half an hour. If this did not help, you need to rinse the dozed duzer. But cleaning the PG using household chemicals is not recommended. This is a fairly expensive detail, the breakdown of which can turn into a more serious repair or purchase of new equipment. If the functions of cleaning are not enough, you should contact the service center.

A rare case. malfunctions in the work of software. Sometimes viruses interfere with the correct work of the manufacturer’s utility. If the antivirus has found them, you should clean the computer and reinstall the equipment drivers. They are easy to find on the official website of the manufacturer, and sometimes a disk is sold with All-in-One Printer. Less commonly, the stripes appear once due to interruptions in the supply of electricity.

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If the listed measures do not help, the reason may be in violation of the tightness of the cartridge. Malfunction often occurs when trying to refill it manually. To check the integrity, it is enough to shake it over a clean sheet of paper. If points or spots remain, it is not sealed and needs to be replaced.

If you print for a long time, sometimes such a problem arises as clogging of an encoder disk or tape. If paint or dust enters them, horizontal strips will appear on prints. To get rid of them, you need to carefully cleanse the surface of contaminants. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a dry or slightly moistened napkin.

Laser printer

Printing strips on a laser printer is a problem that occurs sooner or later on almost every similar device. Malfunctions that cause such behavior of technology, a huge number. It is necessary to understand the main ones so that it is clear whether there is an opportunity to restore the printer.

Damaged surface of a photo bus

Photo busan is a fairly important element, and it is from it that the laser is reflected during the printing process. The damage to the shaft itself is practically excluded, but its surface, sensitive to radiation, often wears out and certain problems begin with the appearance of black stripes along the edges of the printed sheet. They are always the same, which allows you to easily identify a defective place.

By the way, by the width of the strips you can understand how exhausted the layer of this drum. Do not ignore such manifestations of a problem, because these are not just black stripes, but an increased load on the cartridge, which can result in more severe consequences.

This layer can be restored, and many services are even engaged in this. However, the effectiveness of such a procedure is not high enough to neglect the usual replacement of the element, which is recommended in this case.

Bad contact of the magnetic shaft and drum

Another same stripes that can often be found on printed sheets indicate a specific breakdown. Only in this case are they horizontal, and the cause of their occurrence can be almost anything. For example, a crowded bunker of waste or a poorly seasoned cartridge. All of them are easy to analyze in order to understand whether they could become the result of such a problem.

If the toner does not participate in this problem, then it is necessary to check the wear of the drum and the shaft itself. With frequent use of the printer for many years, this is the most likely outcome. As mentioned earlier, repairing such elements is completely unjustified.

The ending toner

The easiest to replace the printer element is the cartridge. And if there is no special utility on the computer, the absence of toner can be noticed along the white lanes along the printed sheet. It is more correct to say that some remains of the material in the cartridge are still available, but this is already not enough to qualitatively print even one page.

The solution to such a problem lies on the surface. replacing a cartridge or a toner refueling. Unlike previous defects, this situation can be solved independently.

Cartridge leakage

Problems with the cartridge are not limited to only the absence of toner in it. Sometimes the sheet can be crowded from various kinds of stripes that always appear in different places. What happens to the printer at that moment? Obviously, the toner just gets enough sleep during the printing of the sheet.

Get a cartridge and check its tightness is not a matter of a matter. If the rash place is noticed, then you need to check if it is possible to eliminate the problem. Maybe the matter is only in the elastic band, then no difficulties should arise. only its replacement will be required. In the case of a problem, it’s more time to look for a new cartridge.

Overflow of waste bunker

What to do if a strip is found on the sheet that appears in the same place? Check the waste hopper. A competent master will certainly cleanse him of the remaining toner when the cartridge will refuel. However, users often do not know about such a tool, so they do not carry out the corresponding procedure.

The decision is simple. to examine the bunker of waste and the integrity of the rocket, which shakes the toner into a special compartment. It is very simple and any person will be able to perform such a procedure at home.

The consideration of all relevant methods of independent repair can be completed, since the main problems were considered.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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Kyocera printer prints in stripes

If the printer began to print with horizontal or vertical stripes, it is important to pay attention to their appearance. Horizontal black stripes indicate that the tank with a spent toner was overflow. Vertical stripes can occur due to a faulty photo bus or magnetic shaft. Light stripes. a sign of an extraneous object entering the printer.

  • A magnetic shaft or photo bank came out of the system.
  • The tank has accumulated in the tank, or the metering blade is incorrectly installed.
  • A piece of paper or stationery fell into the printer.
  • Disassemble the printer and remove a foreign object.
  • Repair or replace a photo bus or magnetic shaft with a new.
  • Clean the tank for the spent toner or correctly install the metering blade.

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Leave us your phone number and our specialist will contact you within 10 minutes!

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A fault of the print head

To begin with: I can’t help but note that in rare cases, 2-3 times the head cleaning, checking the dozen, and calibration (using a standard function built into the printer) helps to restore the operation of the device for some time.

But this applies only to those “malfunctions” that are caused by dried paint. In other cases, it will need to be changed.

By the way, in many jet printers, the print head is in the cartridge (and, of course, when replacing it, this problem is automatically solved). However, Epson printers have a separate head, and often its replacement is very expensive (sometimes cheaper to replace the printer itself with a new one).

Checking the level of ink

Of course, sooner or later inks end in all cartridges. If the SNPF is connected to the printer, checking the amount of remaining paint is not so difficult, but the volume of containers is determined a little different. To do this, you can use one of the driver tools. In our other article, by link below, you will find detailed guidelines on this topic. If it turns out that the level of ink is too small, you will need to refuel the cartridge yourself or take it to the service center.

There is a special hole responsible for the air supply on each inkwell. The quality of the seal is also dependent on the amount of oxygen. If you only connected the continuous printing system or replaced the cartridge with a new one, remove it and check if the hole has clogged and whether it is done at all. If necessary, make it with your own hand with improvised means.

Prevention of drying the print head

Not all users actively use the printer every day. If it was not in operation for a fairly long period, there is a high probability that the print head has dried a little. Then you need to perform software cleaning using the tool at least a couple of times, and this can be done like this:

Perform this operation twice, and then let the printer stand for at least an hour. During this time, the condition of the print head should be restored. If you use the printer extremely rarely, it is recommended to cleanse at least once a week to avoid the final drying of the mentioned element.

Restoration of the DV-1110 printer KyoCera printer block

The elimination of the defect and improving the print quality of the printer is implemented by restoring the blocking unit. The blocking block for the formation of toner is responsible for the magnetic shaft of transfer. To analyze it, you will need tools:

Let’s proceed to the analysis of the blocking block. The first thing to do is to remove the gears of the toner. We fit the protruding axis with a flat screwdriver and pull out pulling. Then we remove the mechanism consisting of 2 gear.

Remove the lid on the right side, it is on latches. We take out all the gear of the reducer of the block block KyoCera FS-1040. With the left, we head off the plug, remove the contact spring.

The back cover is also on latches, carefully dismantle it. Toner is located under the lid. It should be removed from the bunker in order not to get dirty. This is the easiest to do this using a special vacuum cleaner.

In front of the magnetic shaft is the dosing blade. It is attached to two screws on the sides. We dismantle it. After removing the metering blade, it remains only to dismantle the magnetic shaft of the toner transfer and the screw mixers.

Carefully remove the bearings on the left and right side. Raise the right edge of the magnetic and pull out. Do not lose pucks and landing plates. We take out the lower and upper screw mixer.

We carefully clean all parts of the manure block of toner residues. We wipe the magnetic shaft and the dosing blade with isopropanol or solvent. The assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

Laser printer stripes

The culprit also becomes cartridge. But unlike the “jet” in the laser cartridge, there are much more moving elements. Details have a limited resource of work, which means that they are susceptible to wear or damage when refueling (assembly and disassembly of the cartridge).

If the laser printer prints in strips, the reason may lie:

  • in the small level of toner, approaching zero;
  • in the overflow of tubes with a spent toner;
  • in an incorrect location or damage to the blade;
  • in a malfunction of the photosensitive coating on the drum or the surface of the magnetic shaft;
  • in damage to the cartridge case, which led to depressurization.

In each case, the strips will have a different character, which allows you to accurately identify the source of the problem.

The reason is in the photo bank

Photo Bask. a shaft of a large length that is covered with black, blue or green (most often) sensitive layer. It is also called a photoval, like other details, requires replacement after the next service life.

A clear sign of wear or damage to the coverage of a photo bus is black stripes along the edge of the page on the right or left when printing with a laser printer.

The defect can be interpreted, wavy or solid over the entire height of the sheet. The nature of wear affects the nature.

If the damage has already happened, you can print further. Of course, if it does not bother that the side of the strip.

Wear when continuing the seal will only increase. If you do not change the part at all, then the strip will expand and may appear on the second side. Only replacing a photo bus will help to fix the situation.

By the way, in the program of laser technology an algorithm is laid down, which calculates the rampart resource. After a certain number of prints, the indicator will burn or the message “Replace the toner” will appear on the screen. It is not necessary if the quality of printing satisfies, and even more so when the stripes are absent. In this case, it is necessary to reset the message about the replacement and continue to use the printer.

There is little toner left

When the powder ends in the tube, white stripes appear when printing, the size of which gradually increases.

What to do: put a new cartridge or fill the existing.

Sometimes it is recommended to shock strongly and even knock a cartridge on the table to get a few more printed copies. It is not recommended to do this, there will be no result, but the risk of damaging the cartridge increases multiplies.

The bunker of waste is overwhelmed

The toner unused when printing is cleaned into the compartment. When there is no place for the new toner in the bunker, the powder begins to get on the sheet during printing. At first, dark points, dashes and blots are noticeable, but then full.fledged stripes form on printed paper.

It is necessary to clean the bunker and further clean with each gas station, as the technology assumes according to the rules. If the refueling was made by the specialists of the service center, it is recommended to change the company.

Dosage blade

After refueling, if the cartridge is incorrectly collected, the blade can become incorrect, which will lead to a violation of the main function. The blade can be polluted during the press, which is why the gap in some places will become smaller. Toner in the scored places will not be able to enter the photo bus in normal quantities. The result on the paper will be vertical white or pale stripes, depending on the size of the pollution. A white fishing line for a trimmer appears when the toner does not pass at all.

How to Clean a Clogged Epson ET-2550 EcoTank Printer Printhead

What needs to be done: only re.recover the cartridge with parallel cleansing of the details.

Stripes always in one place vertically

Probably, there is little powder-dye or in certain areas of the photo bank is not fixed toner. Seal Toner-Tububa, and if the refined cartridge continues to issue vertical stripes, disassemble, carefully clean the drum, remove extraneous objects in the event of detection and detection. If contaminants appear, remove carefully, pure rags.

Stripes made of microdes

The incorrect installation of the dosing blade is overwhelmed by the operation compartment, when refueling, the assembly of the cartridge made errors or inaccuracies.

How to prevent stripes

In some cases, it is very difficult to diagnose a cause without knowledge and necessary data. Therefore, if you notice striped on paper when printing, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Indicate the model, show the sample of the stripes, attach a duz test, try to help.