Knowing Apple Id What You Can Do

Be careful, do not become victims of intruders!

We have already warned you against getting into unpleasant situations, now we’ll tell you about a new method of extortion.


Recently, the network began to appear mentioning another trick of scammers. Attackers get to know the owners of Apple technology on thematic forums or on social networks. For a couple of days they are “rubbed” into trust, they don’t ask you for special secrets, they talk a lot about themselves and their devices. Most often, the conversation is conducted from the account of a person of the opposite sex, in order to attract the interlocutor.

At the hour “X”, your new friend writes something like this:

Help Help urgently needed, help out!

The following is the tearful story of a missing iPhone, a broken screen, or a drowned device. The result of the story is a request that relates to Apple ID. An experienced user, knowing about the possibility of blocking, will suspect something is amiss. However, attackers will immediately reassure you. No one is going to ask for an Apple ID and password, on the contrary, they immediately tell you their credentials, which leads to a complete loss of concentration.

Under any pretext, you are asked to connect to this record and provide the necessary data. For example, they may ask you to look at the number of the boss to urgently call him or see a note with the name of the medicine. Fraudsters will insist on the extreme importance of the request and say that they have no other acquaintances who are ready to help.


As soon as a gullible user from his iPhone or iPad connects to someone else’s Apple ID account, his device is immediately blocked. A similar message appears on the screen:

Knowing Apple Id What You Can Do

Further, the attackers reveal all the cards or do not contact at all until a ransom is received.

How not to get caught

The specified scheme will not work if you disable the option before entering another Apple ID Find iPhone \ iPad in iCloud settings on the device. Naturally, the best precaution is to refuse to enter other people’s credentials.

Keep in mind that all the manipulations that scammers kindly ask us for can be done through the iCloud web version. Let them know about it or log in to the provided account yourself and see if there is the data you are looking for (phones, notes, photos).

Do not forget to look in the section Settings and see which devices are tied to this account and if there is one among which they are talking about.

If the device you need is on the list and the data you are looking for is in the appropriate section, inform the owner and look at his reaction. Careless scammers who have devices connected to this record can even be taught a lesson by turning on lock iPhone or iPad In chapter Find iPhone.

If caught

Unfortunately, there is no easy way out of this situation. You can only rely on the carelessness of the scammers and that they did not change the password from Apple ID. For verification, go to this address and try to enter the username and password that they specified. If you are logged in, you can disable the loss mode, but the set password will remain on the device.

You can disable the password only when restoring the firmware via iTunes and specifying the ID and password of the attackers in the process. You need to do this faster until the password for the account is changed.

Be careful and warn your friends!