Knock the laptop to Lenovo factory settings. What are the factory settings of the laptop

How to drop a laptop to Lenovo factory settings via BIOS?

You need to completely turn off the laptop, clamp the reset button for a few seconds and release. The computer will turn on and start the special launch menu. select the System Recovery or Lenovo Factory Recovery option in it.

  • Go to the BIOS to the Main tab and check that the “D 2 D Recovery” option has the Enabled state (included).
  • Click the ALT F 10 combination until the Acer Recovery Management utility window appears
  • Select “Restoration of factory settings”.

How to drop a laptop to Lenovo Ideapad S145 factory settings?

Connect the power source to the Lenovo laptop, press the novo key (recovery key) for 5 seconds. When the Novo-Knopka jumps out the menu, press down with the arrows to select the “recovery of the system” option and press the “Entering” key. to enter the recovery environment.

  • Go to the parameters (through the start and icon of the gear or the Wini key). update and safety. restoration.
  • In the section “Return the computer to its original state” click “Start”
  • You will be asked to either save personal files or delete them.

Lenovo laptop recovery: main options for actions

Bringing the operating system on laptops of this manufacturer can be performed by several simple methods. Conventionally, they can be divided into the use of built-in tools, so to speak, “sewn up” directly into the computer system (hidden section with the initial backup on the hard drive), and the use of installed operating systems for cases, if the section with the factory tool is damaged, the user produced Upgrade/Dawngraid of the operating system or changed the hard drive. Immediately, you should pay attention to the fact that with the recommended reset of settings to the factory state, all user files will be completely deleted. How advisable it is to use just such a tool, everyone decides for himself. However, in some cases, you can do without it, but if the system does not load, and no other methods help, such a tool will be the most effective.

Before proceeding to the direct description of the reset, it should be noted that on different models of Lenovo laptops, the restoration of the system in terms of actions performed may differ slightly. Firstly, the instrumentation itself can be called differently (Onekey Recovery, Onekey Rescue System and T.D.). In most cases, such utilities are available on almost all devices of the IDEAPAD line or series G. But on the devices of ThinkPad, this procedure differs quite strongly (we will dwell on it separately).

How to start the restoration of the Lenovo system using a tool?

Now let’s move on to the consideration of the discharge process. To begin with, consider the restoration of the system on Lenovo Ideapad, Essentials and models like G50.

On all such devices, next to the power button or on the side panel, there is an additional button, which is just responsible for calling the system instrumentation of resetting parameters without using any removable media or tools of existing operational or even damaged operating system. To start restoring the system on the Lenovo G50 or other similar models, the laptop first needs to be completely turned off, and then to start the tool, press the same Novo button button instead of the power button.

Reset methods to factory settings

As for the discharge parameters, there are no unusual features for gadgets from “Lenovo”. Reset to the factory settings of the phone occurs according to a completely ordinary and logical algorithm. And this operation can be carried out in several ways. All of them are extremely simple and will not cause any problems.

  • Using the settings of the apparatus. In all versions of smartphones or tablets from “Lenovo” there is a systemic discharge option to factory settings using the parameters of the device itself.
  • Forced discharge. If for some reason the above option does not work, that is, the option of forced discharge through the telephone or tablet recruitment. But you need to use it in the most extreme case.

That’s all the ways. But if you need to reset the Lenovo laptop to factory settings, then everything will be a little more complicated. Although there is one very simple option. disassemble the laptop and remove the battery (tablet), which is responsible for preserving the biox settings in the off state. The settings will instantly drop to standard.

It is also worth considering that the reset to the Lenovo factory settings will be accompanied by the removal of all user data and applications from the internal drive of the device. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to create a backup copy of the data. And now you can proceed to the very process of discharge.

We use the settings of the Android operating system

This is the simplest and most affordable way to any user. So you can force the “Lenovo” tablet to work. Reset to factory settings is carried out according to the maximum simple algorithm. There is nothing complicated about it. And the following is required:

How To Factory Reset Lenovo Ideapad 5 Laptop & Reinstall Windows 10 (2021)

  • Open the settings menu using the appropriate shortcut on the device’s desktop (usually a gear).
  • In the “System” block, click the “Restoration and Reset” item.
  • Next, select the item “Reset of the settings”.
  • There will be a message that all user data from the device will be deleted.
  • We confirm the action using the “Reset phone settings” button “.
  • We are waiting for the completion of the process (usually it takes 5-7 minutes).
  • Reload the device.
  • We adjust it again and enter user data.

That’s the whole discharge process. In this case, no special knowledge is required from the user. The device will do everything itself. But it also happens that this item is not working for the settings menu. In this case, you need to use an alternative way.

When may you need to reset the settings

A return to the factory settings will be relevant in case of serious violations in the operation of the operating system, with frequent critical failures caused by problems and errors in the software part, infection of Windows viruses, as well as its blocking. Reset can also be used as an alternative to manual reinstalling, the need for which is caused by other reasons.

If you purchase a laptop without an operating system, you should not expect that the recovery section will be on its disk. It will not work to return the factory settings on such a laptop, other methods are used to reset the system to the initial state in such cases.

It will be impossible to roll back to the initial parameters and when the recovery section was, but in the process of manual reinstalling Windows the master or the user himself deleted it, wanting to get more free space on a hard disk. The solution in this case may again be reinstalled or search for the image of the system section for this laptop model on torrents or the official website of the manufacturer.

The sequence of restoration of factory settings on laptops

The sequence of actions when resetting a portable computer to the original settings may differ from the model to the model, but, as a rule, these differences are insignificant. For example, we will show how to return the factory settings for ASUS, Acer, HP, Samsung, Lenovo and Toshiba laptops.

For asus

To load the mechanism of recovery on the laptops of the ASUS brand, a F9 key is provided, which needs to be clamped at the time of turning on the laptop, but before that you need to make sure that you have a quick loading function. You can deactivate it (if PC is not loaded) in BIOS on the Boot Boot (Boot Master option).

In the recovery environment, select the diagnosis. return to the original state, agree with the deletion of personal files and click “Next”.

Then we press only the disk on which the system is installed. just delete my files. return to its original state.

After that, the recovery procedure will be launched, at the end of which you will be invited to re.create an account and configure the computer.

For Acer

The reset procedure for factory settings for laptops Acer is somewhat different. If the system is loaded, tinctures can be reset using the proprietary utility of the Acer Recovery Management, launched through the Start menu (all applications). In the utility window, you need to select the “Restoring Factory Settings” option, after which the recovery environment will be loaded in which it is necessary to repeat all the actions described in the previous paragraph (for ASUS laptops).

If Windows does not load, to enter the recovery environment, use the ALT F10 key combination, after making sure that the BIOS on the Main tab includes D2D Recovery option. If it is disabled, be sure to turn it on, otherwise Alt F10 will not work.

Otherwise, we act according to the first scenario: select diagnostics on the screen. return to its original state and so on.

For HP

Like Acer, HP brand laptops are supplied with a HP Recovery Manager, which can be launched either through the Start menu or by pressing the F11 button when the device is turned on. Rolling a laptop to factory settings with its help is not difficult. If the computer is not loaded, click when it is turned on F11 and select the diagnostics in the standard menu for choosing a record. Recovery Manager.

Further in the utility window, click “Restoring the system to the original state when delivered from the manufacturer”.

In the next window, we turn on the item “Restore without creating a backup of files” and click “Next” as many times as the master will ask for.

After a short preparation, the discharge process itself will begin, at the end of which you will only have to configure the computer. If the operating system is still capable of loading yourself, start the HP Recovery Manager through the integse, select the Windows Recovery Wednesday. After rebooting, select the diagnosis. Recovery Manager and repeat the actions described above until the account settings.

For Samsung

Samsung laptops also have its own utility to restore the system. It is called Samsung Recovery Solution and is called by pressing the F4 button when you turn on the computer. The recovery procedure in it is not too complicated, the only thing that needs to be done before starting is to copy the files important for you to a removable hard drive or other portable medium, since it is highly likely that in the process of returning the factory parameters the sections created by the user will be removed with everything their contents.


To understand how to return the Lenovo laptop to factory settings, first you need to find a small button “Onekey Rescue” on the laptop case, which is responsible for the launch of the recovery utility utility.

Then follow the following steps:

Wait for the completion of the rollback procedure and be sure to reboot the computer so that the new configuration starts to operate. The answer to the question of how to return the Lenovo laptop to the factory settings is received, but there are other manufacturers, so we go further.


It was the turn of the South Korean manufacturer and the answer to the question of how to return the Samsung laptop to factory settings.

Return of the factory settings of the Samsung laptop:

How to return to the factory settings Samsung laptop you figured out, so you can forget about the need to reinstall the system.

The queue of the following manufacturer came: let’s see how to return the HP laptop to factory settings.

Return HP laptop to factory settings:

Now you know how to return the HP laptop to factory settings. It remains only to wait until the procedure for returning the factory settings is completed. and start working with a laptop again.

Want to know how to return the MSI laptop to factory settings?

There is nothing complicated here too:

This is all you need to know about how to return MSI laptop to factory settings.

How to restore factory settings on Lenovo laptop

If your device began to work slowly, you picked up some very serious or rare virus, or you just want to clean your memory, in this case you can roll back the laptop to factory settings to correct the situation. This is a simple procedure, however, performing it for the first time there is a slight probability of harm to the laptop. If you are not confident in your skills, Lenovo laptops repair master will qualitatively perform any job for you.

You do not need any settings for resetting, which highlights Lenovo laptops among others. The manufacturer made sure that all devices (popular G50, B50 and B57) were installed by a special software called “Onekey Rescue System”. If you deleted this utility, then download and install it.

Now pay attention to a strange and seemingly useless button next to the power button. It depicts a bent arrow (see. rice.).

So, this button can help you to restore factory settings. Turn off the laptop, and instead of the power button, click on this very button called “novo button”.

In the menu that appears, select System Recovery using the keyboard arrows to move.

Now you have launched a recovery program and you can start work. Onekey Rescue System is also notable for you not to create backup copies of your files. Just note the item “Restore the source backup” and continue the procedure with complete confidence that you are safe.

All your settings will be removed after you press the “Start”.

In the event of such a window, yes, click “Yes” and continue to agree with all warning inscriptions.

Only after you confirm your decision, the OKT of the device to factory settings will begin directly. Pay attention to the fact that you can not turn off the laptop power during this process, which the program will also inform you.

At the end of the reset of settings, an information window will appear on the monitor in which a message will be posted about the completion of the process.

What you need to know before the recovery starts?

Before performing the Lenovo laptop to the factory settings, it should be noted that in different models of laptops, the restoration of the system in terms of steps performed may differ slightly. Firstly, the set of tools can have different names (Onekey Recovery, Onekey Rescue System and T.D.).

On all such devices, next to the power button or on the side panel, there is an additional button that is used to call the system discharge utility without the use of removable media or tools from a working or even damaged operating system. To start restoring the system on Lenovo, first completely turn off the laptop, and then press the same Novo button instead of the power button to call the tool. description of how to drop the Lenovo laptop to factory settings:

  • When you turn on the computer device in this way, a menu with points of action appears on the screen in which you need to activate System Recovery or Single Key Recovery (depending on the model). After that, the menu for choosing a special task with two points will appear.
  • Assuming that you have not created your own backup, you choose the restoration of the Lenovo system from the source backup for G50.
  • Then it is necessary to accept warnings about the start of the discharge and that all user data will be deleted.
  • Then the recovery process itself will begin, and after its completion, you will need to press the Finish button, and then manually select the reloading of the system, since there is no automatic restart option here.
  • But that’s not all. The next stage of restoration of the Lenovo system includes data entry and the choice of settings, as when installing the operating system. However, for IDEAPAD devices, these actions do not need to be performed. On these devices, rebooting after the end of the discharge will occur automatically, and you will receive a “clean” system that it was at the time of purchase of the laptop.

Using Windows operating system tools

When it comes to Lenovo laptops and Windows 10 restoration, you can also use the tools of the operating system itself.

How to drop Lenovo laptop to factory settings? Use the section “Update and restoration” in the parameter menu where you will find the corresponding option.

Sometimes it may also be necessary to load diagnostic tools that can eliminate problems with the loading of the operating system, preserving the user data. If none of the proposed solutions works (for example, if you replaced the hard drive or accidentally damaged the section by factory means), you can try to perform the same procedure by loading from a removable carrier containing a distribution, or using a disc program, for example, LiveCd.

By the way, it is not always recommended to restore the Lenovo system with complete discharge. Quite often, some problems can be solved through the command console (Shift F10) using BootREC.Exe, System Component Check (SFC) and T.D.

How to lose BIOS to factory settings from any laptops and netbooks.

In this video instruction, I will show how to return or restore the factory settings of any laptops myself and there are no beech.

I will show this on the example of the Lenovo G570 beech, but this is applicable to other models of laptops:

Asus, Acer, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Lenova, Sony Vaio, Roverbook, Fujitsu, Dell, Toshiba, Packard Bell, DNS.

Reset or restoration of the factory settings BIOS. This is his default reset or default settings.

To reset, first of all, we need to enter the BIOS of our beech.

Each laptop can use its own keys.

I will list the most common keys for entering BIOS beech.

They need to be pressed immediately after the laptop start, on many beeches at the start from the bottom it is written that you need to press for entering BIOS.

After you and I got into the BIOS of your laptop, we must go to the ecrings tab.

The reset is done, namely, through the EXIT BIOS tab.

And there we get up on the Loud Setap Defaults to load the BIOS by default.

In English it will look like this: Load Default Settings or Load Setup Default.

Different laptops in different ways, but the words of Lowe and default should be present.

We need to stand on this inscription and press the Enter key twice.

At the first press of the input, the question will come up if we want to download the factory settings of the BIOS.

Select Yes (usually it is immediately highlighted) and press the input again.

After that, the bios settings are loaded by default, which come from the factory.

But now we need to save these settings in memory of our ROM BIOS.

To do this, we tear off the item with the inscription Save (SEV) if we want to save and stay in the BIOS.

If we want to save and exit, then we highlight the inscription Save and Exit Changes and click Inter.

Sometimes after loading the factory bios, the book refuses to load, and writes that the device is not found from which it is loaded.

Then you need to re.go to BIOS and configure the Boot menu, indicating your beech from which device or hard drive to load.

Such discharges should be done if with beech, Laptop, Notebook, problems of various nature begin.

The reason may be incorrect bios settings.

How To Fix / Factory Reset a Lenovo Laptop Computer. Restore to Factory Settings. Updated 2020

Below Watch the video instruction how to reset to the factory settings of the Lenovo G570 beech.

How to return Toshiba’s laptop to factory settings

3 We clamp the “0” button (zero, not the letter “o”) and hold until the laptop begins to squeak;

4 The recovery program is loaded, and then we follow its instructions.

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Nadezhda, of course, well done, that you collected instructions from official sites in one post (well, especially for those who do not have enough brains to contact the manufacturer first of all). Well, everything else it feels like I read the script of the program of Elena Malysheva.))) “Extreme measure”. this is just replacing a hard disk. But at the same time, why then your advice, if the “zero” HDD or SSD does not have this very recovery section. And if the BIOS does not see (damaged) a hard drive, then how can the recovery procedure go, for which it is needed. ))) I will add that very often on of.sites and just in the internet you can find images of “original disks” to restore the “factory” Windows for many models (and not only laptops, there are also branded desktop assemblies). And now “Fintt with the ears”: about the backups you have correctly advised (damn it, I switch to your story)))), but! All programs will still have to re.establish! Therefore, I want to advise a more progressive method: cloning the disk whole. For example, with the help of Aomei Backupper (I do not advertise, there are others, just this IMHO is the simplest in development). T.e. On a “freshly” laptop, put all the necessary programs, copy the necessary documents and throw off the full image of the system to an external hard drive. Periodically repeat the procedure (t.e. We create “fresh” images. Yes, and this external disk can be made loading so as not to shaman once again). And it turns out that you will have a “recovery disk” already with all the contents. And wines 7, 8, 10 and others. The programs will not even notice (t.e. the license will not fly), that the hard drive is different. verified. Some “recovery points”, but at the iron, not the program level. As for the update to the new version of Windows: you think that fools are sitting in Microsoft? And they will offer to upgrade the risk of getting a lawsuit?))) Do not advise not to switch to a more new version, it is better to: “Work in the one you are used to”.))

Thank you for your opinion. Everyone sees the situation with factory settings in their own way.

“Want to restore, insert the original disk”, so it gives out a computer when restoring. Maybe you have different.

Some laptops and computers when buying are equipped with loading disks. In this case, the restoration of a laptop or computer to factory settings is performed using such a disk. The article is only about laptops. There are described more common options for restoring laptops to factory settings. They relate to those laptops that have no separate discs for the restoration of the system when buying.

Nadezhda, thank you very much for your lessons. I have an Acer laptop, Windows 7, since there is no serious work, whether it is necessary to change the pro-gram.on 10. Thank you and success in all matters and health.

Hello, Raisa. I do not recommend changing the native operating system on another on the laptop. Acer laptop works with native Windows 7. It is not known whether the laptop will work after the transition to Windows 10 and how it will work.

If a notification of the transition to Windows 10 was sent to you by the manufacturer of the Acer laptop, then you can try to cross. If such a notice was sent by Microsoft (Windows Developer), then do not switch to Win 10.