Keyboard replacement Lenovo G580

We continue our step-by-step instructions for disassembling and cleaning the Lenovo G 580 laptop and other similar models.

In the previous parts of the manual, we made initial preparations for disassembling the laptop and removed some components.

Let’s continue disassembling the laptop and start with the keyboard.

We remove the keyboard of the Lenovo G 580 laptop

Almost all laptop models have identification badges near the mounting bolts that secure this or that part of the laptop.

In order to remove the keyboard, we need to find the mounting bolts, which are indicated by the keyboard icons.

The G 580 notebook model has three mounting bolts for the keyboard. one is in the center and the rest is on the sides.

After all three bolts are unscrewed, we should find the fixing keys that need to be snapped off.

If you find all 4 mounting keys, then move them to the sides and remove.

After all the fasteners are removed, we need to disconnect the cables that are attached to the motherboard.

Keyboard replacement Lenovo G580

With gentle movements, lift the latch that holds the keyboard flex cable and remove it.

Everything, at this stage, we removed the keyboard from the laptop.

We continue to completely disassemble the laptop case

So. Now we need to disable the Touch Pad of our laptop.

To do this, raise it and pull it out of the connector. Now let’s see what other parts are attached to the case.

Next in line are the speakers of the laptop. Grab the speaker cable and swing it to the sides and pull it out of the connector.

Next, turn off the on / off button of the laptop. Also, with careful movements, we snap off the wire and remove it from the connector.

Next, we find the sticker with the Lenovo logo under which there is another mounting bolt.

It should also be unscrewed from the housing. That’s all, now we need to close the lid of the laptop and proceed to the next steps.

We open the laptop case

After we disconnected all the parts that were attached to the case and closed the top cover, we break into unscrewing the fixing bolts of the case.

Turn the laptop upside down and unscrew all the bolts one at a time. There should be 7 pieces.

Also, in the corners of the bottom, you can notice two more mounting bolts. They hold the matrix of the laptop and they also need to be unscrewed.

After unscrewing the bolts, carefully check whether you have left any parts of the case fixed with screws.

Otherwise, opening the lid may damage the case.

After a thorough check, we need to turn the laptop back to its normal position and open it.

At this stage, we will open the top panel, which is reinforced with special latches. In order to snap off all the latches, you can use a plastic card.

Do not push the plastic card deep into the corner of the top panel and start snapping the latches.

Carefully, so as not to break anything, snap off all fasteners around the entire perimeter of the panel. Along the way, remove the card reader cover so that it does not interfere with your work.

After you click off all the fasteners, you can proceed to the next part of our manual, in which we will begin to remove the motherboard and continue the rest of the work.

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