Keyboard Does Not Work On Hp Laptop

Keyboard Does Not Work On Hp Laptop

If the keyboard does not work on your HP laptop, it doesn‘t respond, the keys fall down, then its functionality can be restored using the recommendations described below. Although not in every case. the intervention is appropriate to a certain level. Next, we consider the following points regarding the situation when the keyboard does not work:

  • Consequences of careless operation;
  • Pollution;
  • Software failure;
  • Hardware malfunctions;
  • Service center recommendations.

Consequences of careless operation

This includes liquid spills on the keyboard and the consequences of hitting the keys. If the panel does not work due to water getting on it, you need to dry the laptop in the off state, and then carry it to the Hewlett-Packard Service Center. If using a hair dryer, do not turn on the warm air blower. It is also important to remove the laptop battery.


When part of the keys does not work on the keyboard, the cause is trash under the buttons. Foreign objects may interfere with the operation of the panel. However, if all buttons do not respond to the touch, the problem is not clogging.

Software crash

It happens that the cause of the failure is in the software. By setting up your Windows environment, you can resume the keys on your HP laptop. It is recommended to use the following manipulations here: starting the computer in safe mode; checking keyboard activity in the BIOS; driver installation. If these verification methods fail, the problem is with hardware problems.

Hardware malfunctions

When the standard recovery methods did not help and not a single key works, then you need to look for the reason inside the HP laptop case. The following malfunctions cause a malfunction:

  • controller burned out;
  • malfunction of the connector contacts;
  • the train has departed.

Addressing these keyboard malfunctions involves opening the HP Notebook PC case. It is contraindicated to independently perform this procedure, this often leads to a break in the loop. There is also a risk of short circuiting the microcircuit, showing inaccuracy. After careless intervention, a situation may arise when the computer stops turning on.

Service Center Recommendations

HP laptops are characterized by an increased density of components, which causes difficulties in resolving hardware failures. Therefore, in order not to cause additional harm to the device, contact the Service Center. Service staff will diagnose and find out why the keyboard does not work on your HP device. Repairing a breakdown by a service engineer ensures that tampering with a laptop does not result in failure of expensive components.