JBL Link Music does not work microphone. How to connect a microphone for karaoke to a computer?


One of the most common scenarios, why the column with Alice does not work. If the microphone is turned off, then the voice assistant simply will not hear you.

When the microphone button on the column burns red, we immediately press it

Interaction with Alice will be problematic if the microphone is closed by any subject. The assistant will not answer in the case when you are far from the column, and in the room is very noisy.

Activation button

When Alice does not answer, perhaps you incorrectly uttered a voice team to start communication.

Alice reacts only to appeal by name

Come closer and clearly contact Alice. Check if the column activation button is pressed.

When the question arose why the Alice column does not work. check if it turns on at all.

If the Alice column does not turn on at all, immediately hand it over to the service. In other cases, just reboot the device

For reboot, turn off the power adapter and after 5-7 seconds turn it on again. Wait for a full load.


To configure the station, click the activation button for 5 seconds. Open the application and say the command: “Alice, the mood of the column”.

Select the device from the list on the screen. Click “Reference again”

After-you need to select a Wi-Fi network and enter a password. Bring the smartphone to the column and click “Lose sound”. When the connection is completed, Alice will report this.

JBL Link Music reviews

Disadvantages: Alice still needs to learn, reads answers to questions from Wikipedia.

Disadvantages: only works from an outlet

For such a form factor, a column, a good enough sound, did not even expect this. All the same, JBL makes columns well. It looks good too.

The sound is good. Alice inside too.But this is not a smart column “Alice”. : (In a couple to the TV cannot, something else, I have not mastered either.But listen to music. Good!

Advantages:. Laconic design, ideally approached the interior- a rather dense and pleasant sound, the presence of Alice

Comment: During the month of using the column, I did not find any minuses. The column was not packed very much, but everything came whole. It is convenient to use both when synchronization with an account, and with a simple wireless connection. Plays loud enough, crying a neighbor’s child is not heard. The sound is good. In the price segment of the best option, probably not to find. I recommend buying.

Disadvantages: The first was returned under the guarantee the next day: turned off and did not turn on (returned money). Retroded the new one, 3-4 months work, but it was not possible to make friends with Alice with the phone, says that there is no access to the network. Well, if you leave the column on, it is randomly starting the welcoming speech of Alice, after which you can very efficiently take tests of the hour in 3 nights). Well, since there is no connection to the phone and account, each time you need to listen to the speech of the first start for about a minute. It is very inconvenient when you need to move the column from one room to another. Everces his wife))) two girls in one apartment.

Comment: I put a solid 5 for my money as a sound column, but JBL clearly strongly resists Alice illegally hooked and is trying to expel the emigrant with all its might)

Advantages: design, build quality, chic sound.

Comment: if there is a subscription Yandex plus, just space!

Disadvantages: he does not hear well with loud music, but this is normal, but each other is also badly audible when music plays loudly. He hears well at medium volume

Comment: Satisfied with the purchase! I advise

Advantages: good sound.The volume supply is large

I did not expect such a high.quality and bass sound from such a crumb, I am satisfied with 101%

Advantages: I like everything, later I will complement the review.

Disadvantages: Sometimes, while playing music, a voice does not hear well. But not criminal

There is no sound when you set the command. In ordinary columns when launching the Alice “team”. The column makes a characteristic sound of inclusion and you understand that the column hears you. There is no such thing here. you have to repeat several times

They took the child for 8 years, he is delighted, excellent sound, the voice from the next room recognizes well, we are satisfied with the goods ?

Comment: Awesome column for its 5500

Disadvantages: Basic drawback. it is wired, only from the network works.

Comment: I did not expect such a trick in 22 from JBL, the column wired, works only from the network 220. I can’t take it anywhere with you, do not include in Powerbank or cigarette. Connection only with a fork to a socket, only through a native cable. Cave age and disappointment. I thought the difference with the same one was the same in size and took it because of compactness, and then the difference is. That is huge. The large and wireless charging and wire with a Type-C connector, charging from anything through USB, a battery full of autonomy. But there are simply no words. Column for 8,200 r. The sound is normal. The promised Wi-Fi broadcast does not work. Briefly speaking. I do not advise.

Advantages: despite the small size, the sound is very worthy.

Comment: took as a gift, the birthday person is satisfied!

Advantages: not a bad soundbluetoothalisadely collected

Disadvantages: Alice differs from versions on columns from Yandex.lane microphones

Comment: Alice differs from versions on columns from Yandex. It feels less talkative (many dialogs are simplified), it may be a matter of firmware, as I understand it, this column receives them much less often. Weak microphones. It is difficult to shout at sound levels above average. In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, enough for the kitchen.

Comment: very raw product, drizzle specifically. Now speaks to any questions. I’m sorry, I did not understand.

Advantages: Deep basics.Convenient management of a smart home through the voice assistant “Alice”.Power of the column 20 watts.The presence of a Bluetooth module for broadcasting sound from external devices.

Disadvantages: lack of HF tweeter because of this, speech details are worse than Yandex Mini 2 (with a clock).Due to the built-in power supply, the upper control panel sometimes warms up.I would like touch control buttons on the top panel instead of mechanical.

Comment: if you need to have a column with good bass and at the same time small, then the choice is obvious.

Working modes JBL Link Portable

At the moment, JBL has two smart speakers equipped with Alice’s voice assistant. this is Portable and Music. This instruction is suitable for any of them, since both have two main modes of operation:

  • As an ordinary wireless column that connects to the phone, laptop or TV prefix Bluetooth communication, after which it sounds from these devices on its speakers.
  • In the role of the header of the smart house Yandex, which is controlled by a voice through Alice. You give the JBL smart column, and it regulates light or other household appliances in the house.

We will analyze both of these scenarios right now

How to connect to phone

First you need to figure out how to connect JBL Link Music (stationary version) and Portable to the smartphone. The algorithm of actions is the same as for other devices:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on a smartphone.
  • Activate the column and go to the mating mode.
  • Wait until the Bluetooth module finds the device.
  • Press twice to the name of the column for connecting via Bluetooth. To obtain complete functionality, you must connect and configure the device through the application, which will be discussed below.

Turning on the column

As we said, the setting of the JBL column with Alice will be carried out through the Yandex application. Open it (you did not forget to log in?) and do the following:

Previously, you have already tied other smart home devices to your account (not necessarily a station)? If yes:

  • Click on the icon in the form of a plus;
  • Choose to the menu add a “smart column with Alice”;
  • From the list you need to select your model. portable or stationary.

Separately, let’s say how to set up a JBL column with Yandex Alice, if you have not used such devices before and go this path for the first time:

Found the desired device on the list? If everything went well, the next screen will open, where a system notification will appear.

  • Your device should start blinking blue backlight automatically;
  • If this does not happen, then hold the activation button manually (the assistant icon on the lid) and hold for about five seconds. wait until the indicator lights up with blue.

We complete the review of how to configure Alice on the JBL column:

  • If everything is done correctly and the connection was successful, a list of available networks will appear on the screen;
  • Choose the desired finger press, then enter the password and click on the connection button;
  • Wait for the successful completion of the procedure. as soon as the Internet works, the sound losing window will open;
  • Bring your phone closer to the device and click on the purple button on the screen.

Everything went well, the assistant will tell you about the completion of the setting. now you can start using a smart device. A list of Alice’s capabilities will immediately appear on the screen, study them, save the most interesting teams and immediately test them in practice!

It is important to remember that the setting of the JBL column with Alice is made one algorithm. no matter what device you have chosen, stationary or portable. There will be no differences in the process, you just need to choose the appropriate model in the menu. that’s all! The rest of the steps are absolutely identical algorithms.

You managed to configure the JBL Link column with Alice? Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how simple or complex the process was, what difficulties arose, how you coped with them? Perhaps your experience and reviews will help other users connect the device. or even make the final decision to buy a smart device!

JBL LINK Music Обзор и отзыв от НОУ-ХАУ.

How to connect a wireless microphone

This is a technique equipped with a receiver, it is not equipped with a cable. It is built into it and there is a battery. You can connect it to the TV (a technique with a SMART TV function is best suited), a computer or a mobile phone with any Android or iOS operating system using Bluetooth. You need to enable Bluetooth and the device itself, and then the function on the mating device.

On the phone, the setting can be done in the point “Sound and audio device”. The volume rises or decreases in it.

In all Karaoke programs, an understandable integration is possible, it is possible to change the sound, connect the Echo effect and other functions, while you need to make sure that Bluetooth on the smartphone will be active.

Connecting the microphone to the columns through the laptop

If Windows 7 is installed on your laptop, perform three simple actions:

  • Click on the dynamics icon in the field of notifications. Select “sounds”, and in the window that appears. “recording”
  • Find your device (the name of your device or part will be displayed in the list).
  • Click on a line with its name with the right button, and then select “Properties”. “Listen”. “Listen from this device”. Do not forget to save the changes by pressing the “apply” button. After that, the sound from the microphone will be displayed on the speakers.

Is it possible to connect the microphone to the JBL column?

It is possible to connect the microphone to the JBL column using a bluetooth. The most important thing is that your microphone supports Bluetooth and you can find it through the column. You can also connect the microphone through AUX output. There are also microphones that are connected through a USB output plays very high quality.

  • Turn on your Bluetooth device
  • After turning on the BT module on the phone, you need to open a list of devices available on Bluetooth
  • In some wireless microphones, the method of turning on the network may vary, but in most cases it is enough to turn it on and squeeze the power button.

Why isn’t My Headset Mic Working & How do I Fix it?. Windows & Software Settings

How to connect a wireless microphone to a TV?

Connecting the microphone to the columns through the laptop

Click on the dynamics icon in the field of notifications. Select “Sounds”, and in the window that appears. “Record” find your device (the name of your device or part of it will be displayed in the list). After that, the sound from the microphone will be displayed on the speakers.

Setting and checking a microphone on wireless headphones

First of all, you need to connect wireless headphones to a computer. Most likely, you are already connected by you. If not, see the instructions: how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a computer or laptop on Windows 10. And separate instructions for connecting Airpods.

Next, you need to check the status of connected headphones. Near them it should be written “connected voice, music” (there can only be “connected voice”). This means that headphones can be used as a Bluetooth headset.

Next, open the sound parameters and move to the “sound control panel”.

A window opens in which you need to go to the “Record” tab. There should be our microphone (headphones) and it should be turned on. Selected as a default device (by pressing it with the right mouse button).

To check whether the microphone works or not, you need to start saying something, or knock on the headphones, and at that moment look at the scale on the right. She must move.

The same check can be performed in the settings of almost any application that uses the microphone. For example, in Skype.

The microphone that appeared after connecting wireless headphones is displayed in the system and works. When talking, the scale for determining the volume level of the microphone moves. AirPods 2 as a Bluetooth headset in Windows 10 work perfectly.

An important point: when using headphones, the sound in headphones will not be of very good quality as a Bluetooth headman. Such a feature of the work protocols of sound transmission via Bluetooth. Either high.quality stereo sound without using a microphone, or a mono sound and a working microphone. You can read in more detail in this article.

Then we will consider possible problems and their solutions.

Why is the microphone not working on Bluetooth headphones?

Only “connected music” and “head phone” is disabled

The status of “disabled”, or “the connection is interrupted”.

If there is a microphone, it is turned on, but does not work (you are not heard)

This is the problem that I had. Everything seems to be fine in the settings, but the microphone does not respond to sound. When checking the scale does not move. The reason may be that it is disabled in the confidentiality settings.

I hope you managed to set up the microphone work on wireless Bluetooth headphones. If the article did not help, you have a problem that there is no information about the article, then ask your question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Only a small request: indicate the headphone model, what is the Windows system installed on the computer, and attach the Sound window screenshot (recording tab).



Working hours

JBL Link Portable battery capacity. 4800 mAh. Everything is very simple here, because the column does not have any special operating modes. At the volume in the region of 80%, the battery is discharged in about 6-7 hours.

From a typical power adapter 5V/2A, the column is filled with energy to 100% in 3 hours 20 minutes.

About sound

The first thing to say about is the volume. Despite the relatively compact dimensions, Link Portable sounds very loud. At the maximum level of sound, the column is perfectly audible in a radius of 30 meters. Of course, it can be heard further, but this is no longer listening to music.

Judging by the specifications on the official website, we will learn that Link Portable theoretically plays 65 Hz. 20,000 Hz. On my hearing, this is approximately 80 Hz. 14,000 Hz.

They tried to pump the column with low frequencies, but in most situations there is a slight overload. Apparently, because of it, the overall volume level is reduced at the time of supply of low frequencies. Especially noticeable when playing Yandex.Music “. In other sources, the effect is weaker than.

The best column is given electronic music without abundance of lower. Pop, jazz. also suitable. If something is harder, the sound can turn into porridge.

I won’t talk about Alice. I think, so everyone knows her possibilities. The only thing to note is the sensitivity of microphones. If the music plays loudly and you are trying to ask Alice at a distance of two meters, you will have to scream. Well, or you have to come closer. I had a LG XBOOM column with Alice at the review, and there the sensitivity was high: we talked with an assistant in an ordinary voice, even when the composition sounded.

Connection, opportunities and impressions of work

At the first inclusion of Alice on the network, it loudly notifies its new owner that to work with it will need to install Yandex mobile application on the smartphone. It notifies so loudly that I can’t even believe that this sound comes from such a small column. In principle, to listen to music with JBL Link Music, you can not connect “Alice” at all, leaving it to be in a “sleeping” state. In this case, the column does not need to be connected through the Yandex application with the Wi-Fi home network, but you just need to manually convert it to the Bluetooth VID mode and connect it to any sound source that has an appropriate communication technology. In most cases, it will be a smartphone or laptop.

JBL Link Music connection via Yandex mobile application

But JBL Link Music is primarily interesting precisely by the built.in voice assistant, “Alice”, and therefore not to use all the capabilities of this column would be completely wrong. Searching and connecting a device in the Yandex mobile application is held quickly and without any difficulties. Like “Yandex.The station “, the JBL Link Music column during the connection asks the user to bring the phone closer to transmit special code sounds similar to the conversations of the R2D2 robot from the well.known cinema saga. Well, then JBL Link Music turns from a simple column into a center of entertainment and managing your smart home, if it has any other compatible devices-sockets, lamps, air conditioners, televisions and other household appliances.

We have repeatedly met the capabilities of Alice when testing various Yandex devices. In addition to the voice control of the smart household appliances, Alice is able to chat a little about life, talk about weather and traffic jams on the road, find the answer to some question on the Internet, learn by the voice of its owner and, in accordance with his preferences, for example, change Lighting in the apartment or turn on the music of a certain style. The latter, as before, Alice is looking exclusively in the Yandex Appendix.Music “in the presence of a designed subscription. In this case, “Alice” will also find films in this case, but he will not be able to broadcast, since JBL Link Music has no video output.

But the sound of JBL Link Music was very pleasantly surprised and even a little shocked us. We did not expect such volume and bright pure sound from such a baby: a room of 20 square meters is easily filled with voluminous sound. At the same time, I do not want to set the maximum volume level. at least for such a room it is redundant. The sound of the column is very bright, voluminous. over, it literally spreads 360 ° around the column due to horizontal placement of the speaker inside the case.

At an average volume level, the sound is decorated with deep saturated bass, which is much less pronounced both with low volume values ​​and with the highest possible. Middle and high frequencies are pleasant for hearing even at minimum volume, which will be in handy if you use calm music as sleeping pills at night. Well, for a noisy party, it is better to have JBL Link Music closer to the center of the room. The main thing is that the power cable does not interfere with the guests.

If we talk about the most preferred musical styles for JBL Link Music, then, as in the case of any other monocolon, this device most fully reveals itself when playing rock, jazz, electronic and popular music. Instrumental music also sounds good. Also JBL Link Music is a great option for voicing the film when watching from a laptop. Anyway, for a laptop with a built.in Bluetooth module, this column can become a good home assistant. It is a pity that you can’t just transfer it from the room to the room. you have to turn off the power supply.

The work of two built.in microphones is no different. Despite the fact that there are only two of them, Alice will recognize even a whisper well. True, in the evening, in complete silence. But to shout to it when playing at full power, alas, is not easy. To do this, in the literal sense, you need to shout loudly: “Alice! Make a quieter!””

The smart column JBL Link Music will be an excellent addition in the line of devices with the voice assistant “Alice”, which previously had a larger Yandex.Station “and tiny” Yandex.Mini station. And it is especially pleased that the novelty has joined these devices from JBL. Fans “Alice” such a pleasant surprise definitely should like. over, JBL Link Music has a lot of advantages:

  • design and quality of execution at the highest level;
  • The sound around 360 °;
  • very high level of maximum volume;
  • pure voluminous sound;
  • possibility of manual control;
  • The ability to work in the regime without a voice assistant.

The defects detected are not so significant. We are talking about the absence of a 3.5-mm mini-jack-section for a wired connection with a sound source and not too convenient placement of the microphone disconnection button. Otherwise, this is one of the best speakers with Alice on the market. True, without a battery. For those who need autonomous work, there is a model JBL Link Portable, but we have not tested it and we can’t say anything about the sound quality. As for our guest today, we can safely recommend it for purchase, if you were going to purchase a smart column with a voice assistant.