JBL Harman headphones how to connect. How to check the charge level

How to use JBL wireless headphones: turn on and configure

Before using it, perform some preliminary actions. First, disassemble the kit, which includes the devices themselves, a cover, a charging cable, a guarantee, three pairs of headphones (different sizes) and instructions.

Before turning on the JBL wireless headphones, follow the following actions:

  • Find the best solution for you. Try all the options to find the most convenient.
  • Charge your devices to maximum. Most often they go into a discharged state, so before connecting you need to provide the necessary power. Charging can be done both in headphones and extracted from packaging. Use special LED indicators to check the charge level.

Turn on

After the preliminary steps of the device, you can activate. JBL wireless headphones are included as follows:

  • Remove devices from the case.
  • Press and hold the right / left headphone or both simultaneously for 2 seconds.
  • Wait for the device to turn on.

If you want to enable JBL wireless sports headphones connected by a special arc, just click the power button. In both cases, an appropriate indicator should light up, indicating a readiness for use.

To plug

To use the JBL wireless headset, you need to connect it to your smartphone. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • On the left headphone, press the control button three times and brush the same on the right “ear”. This is necessary for synchronization and allows you to use two headsets at the same time. In most cases, this should not be done, as this is done automatically.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device. To do this, go into the Bluetooth settings and section or open the upper revealing list and click on the icon of interest.
  • Make sure the headset is turned on. Many are looking for how to activate Bluetooth on JBL headphones when connecting. This is not necessary, because the module works immediately after turning on.
  • In the list of devices, find the JBL wireless devices and accompany pairing.

Successful connection is confirmed by the inclusion of the appropriate indicator. In this case, you can use the device in normal mode. The charge level can be viewed at the top of the mobile phone or tablet screen.

After the first connection, use JBL Harman Bluetooth headphones or another model easier. This is due to the fact that after the first conjugation they will connect automatically. Also, on request from the case, you can remove only one insert. In this case, you need to use the right “ear” because it has a built.in microphone.


The no less important question that the owners of the devices faces is how to configure JBL wireless headphones on your phone. After a successful connection, you can immediately use the headset. If you need to change the volume, add high or low frequencies, as well as make changes to the balance, then the capabilities of a smartphone or tablet are used. In this case, you can use both built.in software and software installed from the application store.

For example, to configure JBL Bluetooth headphones, you can use a music player available in Play Store. This program has a good sound, support for all formats, the presence of a universal equalizer and other useful options.


Management is carried out using a remote control placed on the wire. There are three buttons on the remote control panel: the call / end button and buttons to increase and decrease the volume also used to switch tracks.

Call management

  • To respond to the incoming call, you need to click the button located in the center of the remote control, which is the switch button on / off.
  • To increase or decrease the volume during conversation, use the “” and “-” keys on both sides of the response button to call.
  • To reject the call, you need to press and hold the answer / end button for 3 seconds.
  • To complete the conversation, press the answer / end button.

How to connect headphones to the phone

There is only one way to connect the phone to JBL wireless headphones. using Bluetooth. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Charge the smartphone and the headset up to 100%. This is necessary so that the devices are not discharged during the first conjugation. If discharge occurs, connect the device will not work.
  • Turn on JBL headphones. Depending on the model, it is enough to get the headset from the case and wait a few seconds. It may be necessary to press a special button on the right / left liner before ignition of the LED.
  • Make sure synchronization. Before the connection, you need to synchronize JBL wireless headphones in order to connect them. To do this, just get them from the case. Depending on the model, you may require pressing additional buttons. These nuances are indicated in the operating instructions.
  • Act the Bluetooth module. Before connecting JBL wireless Bluetooth wireless Bluetooth, you must enter the “Settings” and Bluetooth section. Here it is required to translate the toggle switch to the right side. As an option, lower the top panel from top to bottom and activate the wireless module by pressing a special button.
  • Depending on the version of the OS on the phone, click on the “Add / search for the device” or “Update” button.
  • Wait for the appearance in the headset list to connect the wireless headphones of the ZhBB to the phone. If for some reason the device is not detected, make sure that it is turned on and the presence of a pairing mode (you may need to press a special button). Most often in this case, the JBL indicator begins to flash.
  • Find the right name in the list and click twice on it to connect to JBL wireless headphones and convey the sound to them. Keep in mind that the manufacturer can use the abbreviated names of the headset, so with a large number of devices, confusion may occur. Most often, the name of the model appears in the list and it remains only to conjure and legitimate the device.
  • Enter the PIN code if it is required. Depending on the situation, the necessary numbers may be indicated on the smartphone screen, it is required to enter “0000” or the data indicated on the gearbox with the device.
  • Wait for the sound signal. If you correctly figured out how to connect to the JBL headphones via Bluetooth and did work according to the instructions, the corresponding sound should be heard. In this case, the interfacing indicator stops flashing.
  • Pay attention to the list of wireless devices on the phone. If you managed to connect the headset, it is displayed in the list of connected.

After performing the steps discussed above, it remains to check whether the device managed to connect correctly. To do this, turn on some song or video on a smartphone and make sure that the sound is transmitted to the device. In the future, you can control the volume, change frequencies, control calls by phone, call the voice assistant and solve other problems.

For iPhone

No less important question. how to include JBL wireless headphones to the phone with iOS. To connect the headset, you need to adhere to the principle considered above. After including and synchronizing the audio device, enter the iPhone settings, turn on the Bluetooth and withstand pause to detect the headset. After that, wait for the conjugation.

In both cases, if you managed to enable the JBL headphone mode on phones with Android or iOS, subsequent connections are automatically. It is enough that Bluetooth is turned on on the smartphone, and the connected devices were turned on and are in the connection mode.

You can connect to any phone

Before connecting Bluetooth JBL headphones to the Samsung, Sony or other model, you must make sure that there is compatibility. As a rule, for the conjugation, several conditions are necessary:

  • Included and working Bluetooth module on a mobile device.
  • Charged to the required level of the battery.
  • Android operating system or iOS.

In the case of a wireless connection, there is enough a special connector by 3.5 mm or another, but with an adapter. Modern smartphones with Bluetooth are all compatible with JBL wireless headphones, so it is not difficult to connect them. But you should not exclude difficulties when performing work.

How to connect to iPhone

The process of connecting headphones to the iPhone is slightly characterized by the settings of the smartphone itself:

  • Open the menu “Settings on a smartphone”.
  • Select the Bluetooth tab.
  • Activate the connection (by pressing the power line/off line).
  • Turn on the JBL T450BT overhead headphones (lower button on one of the headphones).
  • In the line “Other devices” on the smartphone the name of the headphones will appear, you need to click on it.
  • After synchronization, sounds begin to play through headphones.

Preparation of headphones for connecting to the phone via Bluetooth

First you just need to turn on the headphones. On ordinary headphones that are not separate, there is a separate button for this. The sound signal must sound and/or light up/shake the indicator.

If you have TWS headphones, separate, then they usually turn on as soon as you get them out of the charger case. This usually also signals the sound signal, or indicator. If you took out the headphones from the case and they did not turn on (at the same time they are charged), then click for 3-6 seconds the button on each headphone. Be sure to get both headphones!

harman, headphones, connect, check, charge

In some models you just need to open a charger case. For example, in the case of Airpods.

What to do if the phone does not connect to Bluetooth headphones?

To do this, follow the following actions:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Click “Connections” and then Bluetooth
  • Then turn on Bluetooth and wait until the list appears a list of devices.
  • Press the gear icon next to the device, then “turn off”.
  • Repeat for all devices.

Why does the phone not find wireless headphones?

To figure out why the phone does not find a Bluetooth headset, you need to exclude some shortcomings: make sure that the batteries in both gadgets are charged. Make sure that the accessory is not used by another device. Check if the synchronization of the smartphone with the set is activated.

What to do if the headphones are not connected to the phone?

  • We check whether Bluetooth is turned on, turn on;
  • We check if your headphones are in the list of connected Bluetooth devices;
  • We are convinced that the headphones are in mating mode;
  • Try to connect other Bluetooth headphones;
  • We connect the headphones to another phone;

How to connect

There is only one way to connect JBL wireless headphones to the iPhone 11 or a device with another version of the OS. via Bluetooth. To do this, it is enough for the specified module to work normally, and the user follow the instructions below. Below we will deal with the peculiarities of conjugation on different devices from Apple.

How to connect to iPhone

First we will figure out whether JBL headphones work with iPhone, and how to connect equipment correctly. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Make sure the wireless module is included on the smartphone. If necessary, activate it through the settings or from the control panel.
  • Put the hBL headset into detection mode. Detailed information should be in the instructions for the device of the device. In some cases, it is enough to charge the device and get it from the case or additionally press it on a special button.
  • Go to the settings section and enter the Bluetooth category.
  • Wait for the smartphone to find the headset. In the presence of compatibility of JBL wireless headphones with iPhone, the search takes no more than three to five seconds.
  • Find the headset in the list. If you do not know the name of the accessory, try to find this information on the case, in the instructions or packaging.
  • After detecting devices, click on the name twice to connect them to a smartphone.
  • Enter the PIN code if it is required to conjure. This information is most often applied on a box or in the operating instructions. Sometimes this information appears directly on the display.

As soon as the inscription “Connected” appears on the screen, we can conclude about the successful connection. At the same time, the question of whether the JBL wireless headphones are suitable for the iPhone 11 or with another OS, you can answer positively. After that, you can use the device for listening on the battery charge.

After creating a couple, further connection is automatically. The main thing is that Bluetooth is included on the iPhone, and the products themselves were active.

How to connect to iPad

In parallel, the question may arise how to connect the HBB headset to the iPad if the iPhone is not at hand. Here the algorithm of actions is the same as in the case of connecting JBL wireless headphones to iPhone. It is enough to enable Bluetooth, put the headset into detection mode and find it in the list of detected devices.

How to setup

After conjugation, another question arises. how to configure JBL wireless headphones on the iPhone to improve sound quality and set the desired output parameters. For these purposes, special branded software is used, allowing you to configure work for yourself, change management, adjust the sound quality, put updates, etc. D.

Note that not all brands are produced in terms of this, but JBL has such an opportunity. So, after connecting JBL wireless headphones to the iPhone, you can install the JBL Headphone program. This software is supported by a large number of JBL headphones and opens the following opportunities:

  • Setting a voice assistant.
  • Head of the headquarters charge indicator.
  • Setting up touches.
  • Multiple noise reduction mode.
  • Frequency changes using an equalizer and t. D.

Using the application for wired and wireless headphones, it is easier to configure the parameters of interest and use all the functionality of the headset.

How to conjure the Bluetooth-strata-shy with a smartphone Huawei (Honor)?

As a rule, difficulties arise when configuring the Bluetooth protocol. Typically, the smartphone when conjugating itself automatically selects the Bluetooth-link protocol.

  • HSP (Handset Profile) and HFP (Hands Free Profile) are the profiles necessary for the usual work of the Bluetooth monarter,
  • A2DP and AVRCP are used for stereo shutters.
  • HSP Protocol (Handset Profile). provides the main functionality necessary for the interaction of a smartphone and headset in telephone conversations.
  • HFP (Hands Free Profile) protocol. extended compared to HSP Protocol Functionality that are used to control a mobile phone from the station in the Hands Free automobile unit (“Free Hands”).
  • A2DP protocol (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). transfers stereo audio signals. It provides sound transmission of a much better quality than a mono.used mono and HFP protocol.
  • AVRCP protocol (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile). used to transfer commands (for example, pause, playing, moving forward and backward) from the stereo control unit to a smartphone.

Typically, at the first mating, the procedure is carried out as follows:

The first conjugation order of the Bluetooth devices with the Huawei (Honor) smartphone:

On the phone, turn on Bluetooth. To do this, lower the swipe of the curtain of the notification panel from the top line of the screen down and on the notification panel click on the Bluetooth icon.

On the shut-off stereo, click on the power button and hold it for 10-20 seconds. In the beginning, you will turn on stereo warehouse and light up for 1-2 seconds LED indicator, usually blue light. After some time, while you hold the power button, the LED indicator begins to blink alternately, as a rule, with two colors blue and red or blue and white. It is possible that the indicator will light up with continuous light. This means that the stereo warewell to the conjugation mode in which it will be from 30 to 60 seconds.

After that, the smartphone will make a list of Bluetooth devices discovered by him, ready to connect.

Next, on the screen of the smartphone in the list of detected devices, click on the icon of your headphones. After that, the headphones will be associated with a smartphone.

On some models of headphones, a request may appear to enter a password, dial “0000” (four zero) or other, indicated in the instructions for the device.

At the first fraud, the smartphone remembers the profile of connected headphones and puts it on the list of connected Bluetooth devices.

The interface procedure for Bluetooth devices with the Huawei (Honor) smartphone, which has previously been connected:

With subsequent headphones to the smartphone, it will be enough for you to first enable Bluetooth on the smartphone

The smartphone itself will see that a Bluetooth device, previously included in its list, appeared in the surrounding space, and automatically connect the stereo to the smartphone.

What are the difficulties and how to eliminate them when connecting the Bluetooth stereo shutters to the Huawei phone (Honor).

1 case. First of all, headphones should be charged.

2 case. The smartphone cannot detect your headphones, t.to. They were excluded from the list of automatic connection of previously added Bluetooth devices. In this case, it is necessary to carry out manual conjugation as during the first connection in the manner described above.

3 case. The smartphone connects Bluetooth gowns, but the sound is mono and very low quality, or does not indulge in. This means that only one HFP/HSP protocol is defined in the settings of the smartphone with this device. And the protocol for the transmission of stereo sound A2DP is not defined.

This could have happened from the fact that during the conjugation on the air there could be interference that did not allow the devices to tune in accurately. Therefore, errors may appear in the recorded settings.

In this situation, there are 3 ways to eliminate the problem:

1 method: turn off and turn on both devices again.

2 Method: remove previously conjugated devices from the list and conjure as when the first turned on:

A) To do this, you need to enter the Bluetooth settings in the smartphone settings, for which you need to lower the curtain of the notification panel from the top line of the screen down and click on the Bluetooth icon on the notification panel and hold it for a while.

Notification panel. Press and hold the Bluetooth icon for several seconds

B) enable Bluetooth, click on the switch “Turn on Bluetooth” in the upper part of the screen.

C) in the list of “connected devices” opposite the name of your headphones you need to click on the I icon in the circle and holding it for 3-4 seconds to lower. So you will go to the “Confused Bluetooth Affairs” section of your headphones.

D) delete from the list of previously related devices by pressing the inscription “Cancel the conjugation”.

Screen. turn on Bluetooth and enter the settings of a conjugated device. Screen 2. delete a conjugated device from the list.

harman, headphones, connect, check, charge

E) re-fraud as when the first inclusion described in the above in the paragraph “Procedure for the first conjugation of Bluetooth devices with the Huawei (Honor) smartphone”.

3 method: if 1 and 2 methods have not helped, then it remains only to return to factory settings.

Some headphones have such a function of resetting all settings and a return to factory settings described in the instructions for operation.

The following is the text of the response of the editor-in-chief of the headphone headphones Headphone-Review.ru (http: // Headphone-Review.ru) to the question of the specifics of the conjugation of Bluetooth lungs with a smartphone:

Bluetooth is an integration, t.e. software and hardware, which works at the lowest level and provides physical transfer of data from one device to another.

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to the phone via Bluetooth ?

If a person does not want to read the whole review and expects to do with a short instruction, he should do the following to conjure the Huawei headset:

  • turn on the Bluetooth on the smartphone;
  • turn on the headphones by holding the main button for a few seconds;
  • Find on the phone in the list of devices available for connecting your Sports AM 61 and establish communication.

Blutuz on the phone

The first step towards establishing a connection between headphones and a smartphone is to include Bluetooth. This will need:

It is important to emphasize that the described approach is universal and works on various equipment, including Xiaomi and Samsung.

Preparation Bluetooth device for conjugation

The next step will be the preparation of the Bluetooth headset for the connection. Usually this process does not contain anything unusual and does not require unusual actions. At the same time, ignoring the recommendations below is undesirable, since otherwise difficulties are possible with the establishment of communication and the correct operation of the equipment.

How to move, remove and return the time on the locking screen Huawei and Honor


FreeLace owners will have to take several simple actions, after which you can proceed to the connection:

That is, only the part of the headphones where the control buttons are located should be in the user’s hands, the rest should remain packaged.

Freebuds Lite

It does not differ from the procedure described above and preparation for conjugation with the Freebuds Lite headphone smartphone. Users are also enough to verify a sufficient level of battery charge and open a cover. Nothing additional is required to do. Since the described actions are enough to achieve the desired result.

Flypods Lite

Do not have to perform unexpected and complex actions and owners Flypods Lite. They will also have to charge the headset and open the case to see the control buttons. Preparing for the connection is completed, and users are able to proceed to establish communication.

The first conjugation of the device with a smartphone

Having completed the preparation, users will remain:

  • turn on the headphones by holding the power button for a few seconds;
  • wait for a characteristic light signal;
  • look into the list of devices available for connecting on the Huawei smartphone;
  • Find the desired equipment and establish a connection.
harman, headphones, connect, check, charge

After that, you can proceed to listen to music.

If you still have questions or have complaints, let us know

Bluetooth connection.A device to the phone, which had previously been connected

With repeated conjugation of Huawei with headphones, repeating the procedure described above is not required. It is enough for users to enable wireless communication and headset, the rest will happen automatically, without their active participation, since the equipment retains old contacts and sets them again if such an opportunity appears.

How to connect JBL wireless headphones to the phone

Wireless headphones, the sound quality and stability of which are gradually increasing, firmly entrenched in the market of sound devices. Owners of smartphones based on Android, iOS or Windows Phone can purchase such gadgets without any doubt. the device can be synchronized literally a few actions. In this article we will consider how to connect JBL wireless headphones to the phone.

Before proceeding with the connection, you need to activate the conjugation mode on wireless headphones. This is usually done by pressing or holding a certain button on the case. The inclusion should be accompanied by flashing light indicator.


The sequence of actions to connect the devices is as follows:

  • Open the “settings” on the smartphone through the application menu or through the upper curtain, go to the “Wireless Networks” section, activate the module
  • Wait for the phone to find all available for connecting the device. If you correctly activated the search mode on the headphones, then they will immediately display in the list.
  • Click on the found headphones. if the settings were set by default and no one has used the gadget yet, then the connection will be automatically made.

Without leaving the Bluetooth section, you can get information about all the devices connected to the smartphone at the moment. for this you need to go to the “Parameters”. If the headphones are absent on this list, then the connection was interrupted. In the case of a successful connection in the notification line, an appropriate icon and an additional indication on the battery charge level in a wireless device will appear.

Web programming specialist and computer systems. PHP/HTML/CSS editor OS-Shelper.ru.

To re.connect the headphones in the future, no passwords will have to be entered. the connection will be automatically performed until the settings are reset reset.

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Any modern wireless headphones are able to work equally effectively both with Android and iOS, while the owner does not need to install any additional applications. To connect wireless headphones to the iPhone, you need to follow the instructions below:

  • We go into “settings”. the icon can be found on the menu.
  • We move to the “Bluetooth” section.
  • We move the slider that activates the wireless communication module, and wait for the detection of audio devices.
  • Click on the gadget and expect the completion of the connection procedure.

Subsequently, you can turn on and disconnect Bluetooth through the lower system curtain. the headphones will be connected independently.

We solve common problems

Wireless communication technology does not always work without interruptions and errors. Often, users cannot immediately configure the connection, or they begin to experience problems when trying to re.connect.

The vast majority of failures during synchronization occur for the following simple reasons:

JBL Tune 230NC Tws Earbuds Connect With JBL Headphone App

  • The distance between gadgets is too large. a stable connection can be provided at a distance of up to 10 meters.
  • As a result of the failure or actions of the user, the saved authentication data were deleted. you need to carry out the re.connection procedure “from zero”.
  • Bluetooth on one of the devices is disconnected. the head of the headphones is activated by different methods, in connection with which the user may be mistaken and not turn on Bluetooth.
  • The battery is discharged. often the manufacturer supplies unlawed devices and warns about the need to charge.
  • Failure in the operating system. solved by the usual rebooting of the phone.

The breakdown of the audio device can be determined by the following signs:

  • Headphones are not determined by any of the available devices (tablet, phone, laptop, etc. P.).
  • Light indication and sound notifications do not work.
  • The gadget does not respond to the connection to the power supply.

Only a specialist can determine the problems with the Bluetooth module on the phone. you should not deal.

If you can’t connect

Like any other technology invented by man, a wireless headset at times gives a failure. In some cases, users cannot immediately conjure two devices, in the others problems begin when re.connecting.

Often problems arise during synchronization for the following reasons:

  • The distance between the gadgets exceeds the permissible norm for the conjugation of the devices, the minimum distance should not exceed 10 meters;
  • Failure or deletion of saved data;
  • Bluetooth is disconnected on one of the devices;
  • Discharged battery on a wireless headset;
  • Android or iOS operating system.

If the headset still does not connect, then perhaps the problem lies in the malfunction of the device. Headphones can be checked by trying to conjure with a tablet, laptop or other mobile device.

The absence of light indication and sound notifications when turning on or lack of reaction when connecting to the power supply will also be indicated on the breakdown of the device. Only a specialist can make full diagnostics, it is not recommended to reflash the device yourself.

Instructions for overhead headphones JBL

Some users are faced with certain difficulties when starting the use of overhead headphones. Therefore, the developers provided extensive instructions for the use of wireless headphones, which contains a universal specification of the product, its technical characteristics, as well as recommendations for long.term operation.

Activation of the device

The entire wireless headset is equipped with a sensor or key activation key.

Connection is carried out by a long press or holding this key for several seconds. When activating the device, LED indicators light up. A similar method can be turned off the device.

After that, you will need to activate Bluetooth on a mobile device, and start searching for a wireless headset. Next, press the key to connect and you can check the conjugation on both gadgets by activating music on a mobile phone. The re.search for the periphery is required only if the user removes a wireless headset from the conjugation settings.

Setting up the headset

Activation of devices and personal settings of a wireless headset are carried out using a set of keys located on headphones, each of which performs its function. Fortunately, there are not so many buttons. The instruction involves the presence of only three buttons on the JBL wireless headset and provides light indicators on the device case, which gives certain information to its owner with their signals.

A flashing light indicator provides information on the inclusion, charge level, and also signals when the device is fraught. All other settings affecting the quality of sound are carried out by setting up the equalizer of a mobile phone.

The manufacturer provides a cable and a charger with a wireless set. The built.in indicator will give an exhaustive response about the need to charge periphery.

Sound setting

Sound setting is primarily carried out through a mobile phone, since the headset is equipped with minimal technological keys. The mechanical keyboard is responsible for activating the device, pause and playing, as well as adjusting the volume of music.

Buttons /- most of them mean increasing or decreasing volume. Some devices in the presence of a microphone through these keys can take or reject the call. In addition, in the functionality of some models of the headset with a long press on the increase or decrease in volume, it involves rewinding the listed track to the next.


In some cases, the user will need to reset the sets of the headset to make changes to the settings modes. Gadget settings and reset control are taking place using the settings menu built into the mobile device.

To reset, you will need to go to the Bluetooth section, select the corresponding headset and remove it from the list of active devices. To re.connect both gadgets, the user will need re.activation and search for devices through a mobile phone settings.

Mating by models

Usually, in order to connect JBL headphones, you need to do the same actions. because why should the brand mock your client. Here I propose to record the features of the conjugation for each model. It is not necessary to include everything here, only the most popular or with the features of the connection.

  • Headphones JBL TB460BT (T450BT). The inclusion button is located separately on the right headphone under the volume control buttons. We clamp, headphones are turned on. If it burns blue, the headphones are already associated. If it blinks, they are ready to conjure. Burn white. just turned on, you can’t do a new conjugation, you need to restart them.
  • JBL Harman. One of the most popular sets. Activation also occurs after turning on as in the case above.
  • Intra.channel T110BT. And again no difference, turned on and works.
  • JBL Tune T120TWS. TWS headphones, from here there are features. We take out both headphones from the case for 5 seconds. they are mating among themselves. We pinch the button for 5 seconds on the right headphone. the headphones go into the mating mode. And then already as in the instructions above.
  • JBL Reflect Flow. Another TWS. Everything is done similarly. The couple finds each other automatically, and for the first pairing, clamp the button for 5 seconds.

Possible problems and ideas

In the instructions on the links proposed in the first section, there was already consideration of the most popular problems with the connection, here I recommend that you run in the main points.

  • Connects to another device. T.e. If earlier you have already associated JBL headphones with your phone, it is quite possible that even before you start looking for them on the TV, they will already be connected. and from here you can not find them. The simplest solution is to temporarily disable Bluetooth on the phone (well, or on another device that intercepts the connection). I often get on this problem myself.
  • There are no headphones in the list of detection. And even if everything is included, the most common problem. you need to enter them into the mating mode (described above). In extreme cases, just try to start the detection procedure again. The problem is treated with simple reboots. You do not need to watch the Bluetooth version and compatibility. all the devices are back compatible, the problem is definitely not of that.
  • No sound. The most running solution is to add sound, without jokes. The fact is that the volume of the sound of a simple linear output and Bluetooth is usually considered different. over, some applications (I am more about Windows) have a sound output channel in their settings. T.e. there may be a situation that you are waiting for a sound in headphones, and it is displayed somewhere else. Solution. watch the program settings.
  • Connecting several devices to one headphones. Now this technology is only born, we are waiting. But the future, when it will be possible to display the sound from the laptop on one headphones and at the same time take the call from the phone is not far off.
  • Headphones are not connected to the phone or other device. This is primarily about the very moment of connection, and not about finding a device. This usually does not happen. Save repeated attempts or rebooting. Very rarely, this is the problem of the device driver (check the drivers), internal failure of the phone (reset to factory settings). In some cases, physical breakdown.

In other cases, we just try to reboot the headphones/phone/laptop or turn off/turn on Bluetooth on them. All usually sooner or later it turns out this method of pumpkit, and then you will already know how to do it right. Do not forget to try headphones with other devices or other headphones with your phone. this is how the culprit can be identified.