JBL Connect how to use the application. What does the button mean

Functional keys of the portable column JBL Flip 4.

1 pause/loud connection

2 increase the volume

3 Reduce the volume

4 Bluetooth

5 Turning/off the system

6 inclusion of the JBL Connect system

Using the speakerphone (“speakeon”) on the portable column JBL Flip 4.

After connecting a mobile device via Bluetooth, you can respond to a call using the “pause/loud connection” key on the audio system. Music reproduction will be suspended and resumed after the conversation.

How to reset the settings on the JBL Flip 5 column

To reset the settings of the portable JBL FLIP 5 column on the factory, click the power button to enable the device.

After turning on the column, press and hold the volume increase button and the Bluetooth button together until the device is turned off.

Now turn on the column again by pressing the power button. Your device should be prepared for conjugation (blinking blue indicator), which means successful reset of settings.

Instructions on how to control the Bluetooth jBL column

Link. The models of the line differ little in management, the differences in them are in some technical, constructive, functional innovations.

On the first pages of each operating manual, the contents of the package are indicated, as well as the location of the control buttons and the connection ports.

On the latter. warranty obligations.


  • The presence of special emitters in the device improves bass intensity.
  • JBL Charge 3 can be connected to other types of speakers, which allows you to improve a reproducible sound.
  • JBL Charge 3 tolerates moisture and therefore suitable for use in the pool. You can put it in the bathroom and enjoy music, taking a relaxing bath or bath.
  • The presence of a lithium battery in the device allows it to work without interruptions and additional recharge for at least 15 hours, and even charge gadgets through a special cable.
  • The rubber coating of the case allows the player to resist all environmental influences.
  • The presence of an echo and noise suppression function provides its owner with a high.quality telephone connection with the subscriber, and his strong rubberized coating reliably protects against possible damage.
  • The JBL Charge 3K mechanism is used to connect three gadgets with alternating reproduction of melodies on them.
  • At the same time, the battery charge is enough for about 12 hours of continuous listening to music, and 4 hours are required for full charging.
  • JBL Charge 3 also has a call button that you can use to respond to a call while listening to music. Voice communication is transmitted clearly, with the accompaniment of noise reduction and extraneous sounds, however, to ensure good audibility, the speaker should be at a distance of no more than one meter from it.
  • The device can eat both from the battery and outlet.
  • The column has a high.quality plastic coating, so it is very nice to hold it in the hand.
  • You can connect up to three gadgets to the device.
  • On the housing there are volume buttons, as well as LEDs showing the remaining battery charge.
  • Outwardly the column looks like a regular box. Such an original design allows you to easily fit into any interior and be as comfortable as possible to use.
  • There is a flash drive or memory card.
  • The special Mode key is designed to add musical radio stations in the “Favorites” menu and subsequent quick switching between them.
  • JBL Charge Mini is able to play songs with Micro SD and USB, as well as radio stations and melodies from gadgets.
  • The case is made of durable plastic. It is equipped with buttons of one.time or long.term pressing.
  • Two small speakers with a capacity of 3 watts are able to give out a very loud and rich sound that any owner will like.

Control of the column along with the charge indication, two connectors are hidden under a huge cap located at the bottom of the column, since 2/3 of the top is designated under the LED screen.

In addition to the main buttons, JBL Pulse 3 has Connect and Light (Light). By clicking this button, you can choose one of the 8 modes of LED backlight and, holding it for 2 seconds, turn it off to save battery charge.

You can change the brightness, color in the application on the connected device. Battery charge indicator. five sections. than 100 speakers that support this function can be connected by a wireless network by pressing the “Connect button.

To respond to the incoming call on the JBL speaker, click the on / off button indicated by the triangle on the panel. Power, Bluetooth, Connect and Light buttons have a backlight.

Despite the degree of protection against moisture, the column should not be exposed to water during wired connection and open protective cap of connectors.

Bluetooth version four.2
Power 20 W (3 speakers)
Charging time four.5 o’clock
Working hours 12 hours
Dimensions (edit 223x92x92 mm
Weight 960 g
  • The impact.resistant coating reliably protects the product from possible damage.
  • Using a special button, he has the opportunity to take an incoming call by phone, providing excellent sound transmission, without external noise and interference.
  • Its special system allows you to simultaneously combine several JBL speakers, improving their sound characteristics.
  • The device case is protected from spray, which allows you to use it in the rain and wash it without plunging completely into the water.
  • Allows an alternative connection to three gadgets.
  • The column weighs about 2 kg.
  • The dynamics battery allows it to work without recharging for at least 15 hours.
  • The call through the loudspeaker can be displayed by pressing the button. In this case, the resulting sound is as pure as possible, without noise and interference. There are also functions for calling Siri or Google Now.
  • Coverage of the device case is a special fabric resistant to moisture and reliably protecting the device. The color scheme of the dynamics is very diverse, and the presence of a special systemic “gadget” in it allows you to combine more than a hundred speakers connected by a single JBL system, which significantly improves the resulting sound.
  • JBL Flip musical player can work without recharging for about 12 hours thanks to a built.in lithium battery.

Instructions for Chinese acoustics JBL

As a Chinese replica, we will consider a column that can be sold in online stores such as Charge 2 or Charge 2. There are differences from the original:

How to Pair JBL Flip 5 with Bluetooth Device

  • on the connectors panel to the left of MicroUSB is a slot for Micro CD.
  • LED indication of the battery charge is located at the top of the control panel;
  • terrible logo;
  • A button with the image of three people is used to switch the input signal from Bluetooth, radio or from the flash.
  • prolonged pressing “-” reduces the volume, short pressing returns to the previous path;
  • Long.term pressing “” increases the volume, and a short press. the transition to the next path;

Only for the speakers of third-party manufacturers: the USB type connector can be used to connect the USB flash drive and antenna connector.

Reproduce music on Bluetooth from a flash drive or a microcompact disk is not difficult, but you need to configure the radio: to listen to the radio:

  • Having found the list, you can change them by shortly by clicking “” or “-“.
  • To search for radio stations, press the button on the tube;
  • The button with three people includes the “radio” mode (background hiss will appear);
  • We insert the cable into the USB-A port;

If music is not played with flash drives, it should be formatted in FAT32.

How to enable Bluetooth

Before turning on the JBL column via Bluetooth on the phone, you must activate the Blue Tooth on the mobile device itself. To do this, just activate the column by pressing the corresponding button and wait for the sound signal. After that, click on the Bluetooth symbol to further connect the device to the smartphone. In some models, the Bluetooth option may turn on automatically.

A lot of questions concern how to set up a JBL Charge 1 column or other models. To do this, you can use two ways:

  • The built.in capabilities of the smartphone. The easiest way is to connect the device to the mobile device and use one of the existing applications (musical players). In this case, you can add effects, change the volume, adjust the frequencies, etc. D.
  • Additional applications. Here you can connect JBL and use third.party programs. As an option, it can be an ordinary Music Player or a special application. In the latter case, you can use JBL PartyBox, JBL Music and other specialized software. With it, you can perform the necessary settings in terms of music and other features.

How to manage

A lot of discussions raises the question of how to control the JBL column from the phone. To do this, you can use the same applications that are discussed above or other programs that have the functions of musical players. It is enough to connect a portable device, after which you can turn it on and disconnect it, put the songs to a pause, switch to another track, etc. D. In this case, turn on the JBL column through the phone will not work. You can only manage music, and the inclusion should be carried out manually.

Figure out how to connect and find a JBL column via Bluetooth is not difficult. This requires no more than 2-3 minutes and the presence of a smartphone at hand. But sometimes it is not possible to resolve the issue due to temporary failures, the binding of the portable device to another phone, damage to Bluetooth or other reasons. Below, we will consider in detail how to solve the issue on your own.

  • Try to restart the column or make a full reset. In the latter case, click for a few seconds the volume reduction buttons and Bluetooth.
  • Reduce the distance between the JBL and the phone to quickly connect the device.
  • Fully charge the battery in a portable audio device.
  • Disconnect and turn on Bluetooth, and then try to connect the device again.
  • Remove the connected equipment and try to carry out the conjugation from scratch.

Try connecting JBL column to some other phone / device. If this was not done, perhaps the reason is a malfunction of the portable device. In this accident, you need to contact the service center for repair.

As you can see, connecting the JBL Extreme column or other model to the smartphone will not be difficult. This can be done according to a wireless connection or wire, and then control the portable device through a special application.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us whether you managed to do this work, what difficulties arose, and in what way they managed to decide.

How to connect 2 JBL columns with the same function

Instructions for connecting several JBL audio devices together:

  • There are 2 buttons on the outer panel of the device. One of them depicts a sign of inclusion in the form of a closed ball with a longitudinal straight line inside. Press this button.
  • While the speaker is not connected, the button will gently blink with bluish light. Use your phone to find it in the list of available Bluetooth devices. So connect to it. If your smartphone does not see your speakers, update the page. When the operation ends successfully, the indicator will stop flashing and begin to glow with even light.
  • There are Connect or Connect buttons on the speakers, they are located on the same panel as the device for turning on the device. They depict a symbol of the infinity of JBL Connect, which also resembles an angular sand clock. Click this button.

While the speakers are trying to install the connection, open any musical application or your play list on a smartphone. Run the audio file and listen to whether everything works fine. You can adjust the volume both on the speakers and by adjusting the sound on the phone cover.

Why do you need to connect 2 JBL columns

Portable audio equipment JBL provides a very pure and voluminous sound. If you connect 2 or 3 of these devices together, you can get an even stronger effect. JBL equipment is so qualitative that in aggregate these columns will easily replace professional stationary sound sources. At the same time, they clearly win in practicality thanks to a small size and small weight. These qualities allow them to take them on vacation or at parties freely.

JBL Connect application

To work with portable Bluetooth-disems, the company released the JBL Connect application, which allows:

The application is supported by the following portable columns:

Visually determine whether the application is supported by the purchased Bluetooth Damage, you can by the presence of a button in the form of an infinite angle icon located next to the inclusion key.

Launch the application as follows:

  • Download the program for smartphones with Android in Google Play and for IOS devices in the App Store.
  • Confirm your consent with a licensed agreement by setting a flag next to a “licensed agreement with the end user”, and confidentiality policy, adding the flag next to the “Harman Privacy Policy”.
  • Allow access to search.
  • Turn on the speaker, then press the Bluetooth button.
  • On the device, also turning on the Bluetooth, they establish a connection with the acoustic device.
  • After the application recognizes the gadget, instructions for using the program in pictures will be displayed on the smartphone screen.
  • Scroll down, on the last page, click the Start button, the image of the connected device should appear.
  • Every time you touch the screen, acoustics make a sound.

In addition to connecting two speakers, using the program you can:

  • turn off the sound accompanying the inclusion and off of acoustics;
  • Give the gadget another name in a special field, which will identify it when connecting several identical models;
  • Using a microphone built into the speaker, communicate with a voice assistant and receive answers from him in the form of text and audio;
  • control the reproduction of a musical work;
  • In columns with light effects, select one of the installed and also set the color.

Problems and their solutions

The reasons why the speakers may not synchronize each other and not connect to the smartphone, the following:

  • columns support functions;
  • models with the same function, but the phone is not installed by JBL Connect;
  • the columns have incompatible firmware;
  • In one of the speakers there was a program error;
  • the same software failure on the device itself;
  • One of the gadgets did not have a previous conjugation from the memory with another transmitting device;
  • One of the devices conflicts with the MAC address;
  • low battery charge on any of the devices.
  • Before the first combination, check the operation of the devices and completely charge the batteries;
  • The activation button of the bluetooth we hold 5 s, waiting for the module to connect (the backlight should blink);
  • The primary connection is best carried out by placing devices nearby;
  • If one of the gadgets has previously been synchronized with another device, reset the settings;
  • If the firmware on the columns does not match, download a special application in the market of the installed operating system;
  • If the first column is connected to the device, but there is no sound, you can select the “Forget this device” column in its menu, and then try to connect the gadget again;
  • If the program does not work, the smartphone itself is rebooted;
  • And even when reconnecting, you need to check whether the phone is connected via Bluetooth to another gadget;
  • If columns with different functions are connected to the device using wires, carefully check the integrity of cables and connectors.

Is it possible to combine two columns among themselves

The modern market offers many models of devices from JBL. They differ in design, features of execution and functionality. At the same time, the owners of such devices often have a question of how to connect two JBL columns to each other, and whether it is possible to do it.

If there is compatibility, it will not be difficult to spell a couple or more devices. To do this, you can use the Bluetooth function or wired connection. In the complex, such a combination allows you to get a truly high-quality and powerful sound.

How to connect speakers among themselves

On the question of how to combine two JBL columns among themselves, there is nothing complicated. It is necessary to ensure the conjugation of two devices, and then connect them to a PC / laptop or phone. In this case, the connection should be automatically using the built.in Bluetooth module. Depending on the situation, a special program may be required that allows you to connect the JBL columns among themselves. Below, we will consider in detail the instructions for the connection and restrictions from the position of the firmware.

JBL Connect. demonstration

How to connect with a phone

The easiest way is to connect several JBL columns to the phone. To do this, take the following steps:

  • Wait until the devices are automatic synchronized (if they are the same model).
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the phone and start the search for new Bluetooth devices. If the mobile device does not see another device, try to restart the device.

One way to synchronize JBL columns is to press Connect button on both devices. They are on the same panel as the power button. At the same time, the keys are easy to recognize by the symbol of infinity (resembles an inverted hourglass).

Above it is considered how 2 JBL columns can be connected to each other. But if necessary, the number of devices can be larger. In this case, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Install JBL Portable by Play link.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.Harman.Ble.jbllinkhl = ukgl = us. For the iPhone, the program is available from the Apps link.Apple.COM/RU/App/JBL-Portable/ID994041762.
  • Connect one column to the smartphone.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on the second and the following connected devices.
  • Select the “Party” mode to connect several devices.

In this way, you can circulate JBL speakers among themselves, strengthen and improve sound quality.

How to connect with PC / laptop

Portable audio devices are more oriented for work with smartphones and tablets. But if desired, you can convey JBL columns with each other and with PC / laptop. For this, it is necessary that the device mentioned above has a Bluetooth module for conjugation. In the case of PC, you need to install a Bluetooth adapter and the necessary drivers.

To connect two or more devices among themselves on a PC / laptop, do the following:

Alternative option

Another way to combine JBL columns with each other and connect them for collaboration. use the wire connection. To implement this plan, do the following:

  • Make sure the AUX connectors in the accepting and transmitted device.
  • Find a couple of AUX cables at 3.5 mm “dad”-“dad” and an adapter for two AUX “dad”-“mother” connectors.
  • Connect the bias in the 3.5 mm nest on the phone, PC or laptop.
  • Connect on the other side to the JBL columns, which you need to connect to each other.
  • Turn on the track and get stereo sound.

The considered method is universal and works in almost all cases. The downside is that it is necessary to mating JBL speakers with the help of an adapter. It must be sought or bought separately. The advantage of the method is the lack of delay and better sound. At the same time, the distance between the variable devices is limited by the length of the cable. The connection cannot be implemented if the USB Type C smartphone and Type C adapter.

How does JBL Clip 4 sound (almost perfect)

It would seem what to expect from a tiny and inexpensive column. However, JBL Clip 4 gives out a solid sound in which there is even a hint of company low frequencies. The volume supply is also decent. enough to sit with music around the fire or ride a bicycle.

The first thing for which I want to praise the sound in JBL Clip 4 is depth. Of course, there is no pressure from the subwoofer, but it still does not work to complain about the lack of mass. Low frequencies are clearly heard at a volume above 30%, especially on electronic genres. Turn on the last album Call Me Karizma and it seems to be swaying on the waves of the trap-bit.

The same depth effect is traced on vocals. This is due to the fact that the climb in the region of the bass extends to the lower middle, making the chest timbres more pronounced. If you drag from the voice of Machine Gun Kelly. such a sound will definitely come in.

Usually a weak spot of wireless acoustics is high frequencies. In JBL Clip 4, this problem was solved witty. High frequencies are allotted to the background and a slightly detached feed makes the sound comfortable even at high volume.

Volume supply of JBL Clip 4 solid. Ideal importance for background reproduction is 40%, everything that is higher already interferes with relaxed communication.

Why is the column not charged

The reasons because of which the JBL column is not charged may be as follows:

  • breakdown of a USB port or a special socket for charging on the column itself;
  • failure of the charger;
  • internal cliff or breakdown of the USB connective cable connectors;
  • cliff in the battery circuit, or exceeding the duration of its use;
  • Damage to the USB Type A on a personal computer or laptop;
  • In the outlet to which the adapter is connected, there is no alternating voltage of 220 V.

What to do if the nest breaks

The user can independently repair the charging port, you will need a set of screwdrivers, a soldering iron with tin and rosin, as well as minimal equipment repair skills.

An example is the repair of JBL Charge 3, which is carried out in the following order:

  • The thin blade is inserted into the gap on the bottom and the panel with the logo is laid out.
  • They act with the back panel in the same way, after which the upper casing is easily removed.
  • Twist 8 screws located in nests on a panel with speakers JBL Charge.
  • Gently peel off the rubber base on the bottom and unscrew 4 screws hidden under it.
  • After removing the unscrewed base, the case easily breaks up into two halves.
  • For safety from the main board, the battery is turned off.
  • And also before pulling the central board from the grooves, the speakers and the JBL Charge control panel are disconnected from it.
  • If there is a multimeter, then the charger nest can be checked for performance by connecting the connector of the working adapter to it. If when one of the probes is connected to the body, and the second to any of the connector legs. the device does not show the presence of voltage, then the nest needs to be changed.
  • A non.working connector is dropped and replaced with a newly purchased.
  • JBL Charge is assembled in the reverse order.
  • Glue a rubber lining on the bottom.

Precaution measures of the portable column JBL Flip 4.

JBL Flip 4 is an acoustic system with a degree of protection against IP67. The degree of protection IP67 means that the speaker system can be immersed in water to a depth of 1 m no more than half an hour.

IMPORTANT! To ensure water protection, make sure that the JBL Flip 4 is disconnected from all wired connections and cables, and also close the cap tightly; Do not expose the JBL Flip 4 exposure to water without performing this procedure. This can cause serious damage to the acoustic system.

Also, do not allow water to enter the JBL Flip 4 during charging the device. This can cause serious damage to the acoustic system and power supply.

Comparative table of a series of acoustics Flip

No. p/n Main characteristics Model JBL Flip 3 Model JBL Flip 4
one Dimensions 64x169x64 mm 70x175x68mm
2 The weight 450g 515g
3 Autonomous work time 10 hours 12 hours
four Power 16 T 16 T
5 Frequency range 85-20000 Hz 70-20000 Hz
6 Linear entrance AUX 3.5mm AUX 3.5mm
7 Bluetooth version four.one four.2
eight Bluetooth profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Water resistance. According to the IPX 7 standards, the column is protected not only from minor splashes, but also from the full ingress of moisture and dust with a special repulsive layer. In this model, the manufacturer tried to improve the quality of water resistance, and now promises that the device can withstand up to half an hour under water, and even at a depth of 1 meter. If the user does not dare to bathe the column in the pool or river, now you can not be afraid to get with it even under heavy rainfall. And at least it can be tritely cleaned of pollution under running water. You can even create a mini.show by pouring a little liquid on the lateral speakers. With increasing volume, the dynamics begin to vibrate, and spray of small drops look very impressive. USB and AUX entry connectors are also hermetically protected by a rubber plug.

Of course, the high.quality performance of the water resistance function is possible if all wired connections are disconnected, otherwise the water entering the connectors can cause damage to the acoustic system.