It’S Time To Clean The Apple Watch Silicone Strap

ItS Time To Clean The Apple Watch Silicone Strap

Friends, I will not hide, I fell in love with the official Nike silicone straps for the Apple Watch for a long time. Most of all I like a couple Obsidian / black and Pure platinum / black, and most often I wear it.

Of course, I have no problems with the dark blue grating: it is dark, therefore it is not painted with clothes and dirt is not visible on it. Another thing is white with a black backing. After a day of active wear, he is covered in stains.

Good thing I found a way to quickly clean it!

Use a melamine sponge for this

Interesting fact: I even tried to remove such impurities once with a nail polish remover. it didn’t help

Yes, Apple Watch branded silicone straps can be easily cleaned with a melamine sponge. But how do I know that?

About three months ago, the furniture maker Vadim, who worked in the kitchen for my small apartment, advised me to use melamine sponges to clean countertops and facades. Matte white furniture easily absorbs dirt, so the question was difficult.

This dirt is already eaten, it is not washed and is not erased without special means

A month later, I had a box with sponges.

With their help, I cleaned not only the countertop and facades in the kitchen, but also removed the stains from the painted walls, brought my AirPort Express to a new state, as well as the coveted white strap for the Apple Watch.

The strap can be cleaned in 5 steps.

Strap before procedure: dirty, very dirty

Step 1. First, a clean melamine sponge should be wetted in cold running water.

Step 2 After that, squeeze out all excess liquid from it as carefully as possible so as not to break.

Step 3 With the Apple Watch, be sure to remove the silicone strap that needs to be cleaned.

The picture clearly shows that all the dirt that was on the strap remained on the melamine sponge. before the procedure, it was new

Step 4 With a little effort, remove all dirt from the silicone strap with sweeping movements. do not rub on the surface, but wipe it off.

Step 5 Rinse the silicone strap in cold running water and wipe dry with a dry cloth or towel.

Melamine sponges easily absorb dirt, which is very difficult to wash. It is better to use a new one than to grind the pollution on the surface with the help of the old one.

These sponges are very flimsy and you can easily tear them on a metal strap lock. Yes, they cost a penny, but it’s better to be careful.

And what kind of sponge is it. “melamine”

This is what melamine sponges look like

Melamine sponges cannot be called know-how, but they appeared relatively recently. They immediately fell in love for the ability to remove complex contaminants from the surface that other products cannot cope with.

Each sponge consists of almost 100% melamine. These are colorless crystals that practically do not dissolve in a liquid.

Melamine sponge villi visible even in macro

In the laboratory, foam is made from hot melamine resin, which turns into a soft porous material and becomes the basis for sponges.

The main feature of the sponge. villi of microscopic size, with which it is all dotted. It is with the help of them that it is possible to clean even the most complex contaminants.

Melamine sponge has grinding properties. It is capable of scraping dirt from the surface and absorbing it into its fibers. Think of it as an eraser that can erase a pencil on a piece of paper.

Pros of the sponge: with it you can clean even the most unexpected surfaces, including silicone straps for Apple Watch.

Cons of the sponge: despite the fact that the sponge is worth a “penny”, it is extremely short-lived; and due to its abrasive structure, it can erase excess, so you need to be careful.

I have another way to clean for you

By the way, if the strap is too sloppy and the melamine sponge does not help anymore, you can use it together with liquid for washing windows. it won’t get any worse

Before I discovered melamine sponges, I used Apple Watch straps to clean liquid for washing mirrors and windows.

As I understand it, in this case, alcohol helps to get rid of dirt, which is part of most of these products.

I just sprayed the strap abundantly with liquid, and then wiped it off with a regular sponge. The result was almost always not much worse than when using a melamine sponge.

The result is obvious. the strap is almost like new

In this picture it is clearly seen that with the help of a sponge it was possible to beat 99% from pollution

I’ve been rubbing a white silicone strap with melamine sponges for more than a month, and everything is in order with it. It is not just clean, but also not rubbed into holes in unexpected places. Therefore this I consider the method of cleaning safe and advise him to you.

I would also like to add that any light straps for Apple Watch are difficult to consider practical, since they really get dirty easily. they are painted on the long sleeves of jackets and jackets, they absorb dirt no worse than a sponge.

Key findings:

one. The melamine sponge does an excellent job even with the most serious dirt on Apple Watch straps.

2. I tried to use even nail polish remover, but melamine sponge is better.

3. An alternative to melamine sponge can be a liquid for washing mirrors and windows, but melamine sponge is still cooler.

four. Light straps are easily smeared on clothes with long sleeves, so it is better to leave them for the summer, and wear dark ones in the cold season.

Be sure to tell how you handle the dirt on your straps. Don’t say that everyone has only black!