It is not possible to update Android Web Viyev systems. How to update Android WebView?

Is it worth updating the Android WebView system?

It is necessary? Yes, upgrade him. Here’s a description: “Android WebView. This is a system component based on Chrome, which allows Android applications to display a web content. This component is preliminarily installed on your device, and it should be constantly updated to ensure the presence of the latest safety updates and other error corrections.

Solving chrome and web inspection Android is not updated. In the latest versions of Android, Google added a new system application called Android System WebView. This is a lightweight browser engine attached to Google Chrome, which means that it is its integral part. This application allows applications (for example, Gmail, Instagram, and T. D.)

What is the Android WebView system and whether I need it?

Android WebView. This is a system component for the operating system (OS) Android, which allows Android applications to display content from the Internet directly inside the application If an error has been found in the WebView component, Google can release it in the Google Play store and install it and install it.

A brief answer to this question: yes, you need Android WebView system. However, there is one exception. If you use Android 7.0 nougat, Android 8.0 Oreo or Android 9.0 pie, you can safely turn off the application on your phone without any adverse consequences.

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What is Android System WebView and what is used for

Surely many have noticed that when trying to follow the link to any site from a social network or other application, the link opens inside the same program, that is, without redirecting to a separate browser window-it was for this that the Android System WebView utility was developed.

  • Convenience. viewing news, information sites from the links from social networks immediately in the program, without redirecting to the browser, which saves the time and resources of the system.
  • Saving the battery charge, since the application consumes less energy, unlike ordinary browsers.
  • Helps developers in collecting additional data on your actions to monitor and improve the work of the program, because if you use a browser, the developers will not have access to this information.
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There are many programs in the code of which the use of Android System WebView is originally built into the code. For example, in applications for social networks Classmates, Instagram, various messengers, browsers and others. WebView is responsible for the functioning of such applications without system failures, so it should be periodically updated for correct and safe operation.

Where to find WebView on Xiaomi (Redmi, Poco) and how to activate

As a rule, the application is actively default and is part of the software of devices operating on Android 5.0-7.0 inclusive, as well as in versions 10 of the operating system. If for one reason or another the component is disabled on your device, then you can turn it on as follows. In the “Settings” of the smartphone, you need to follow the path of “Applications and notifications”. “show all applications”. “three points” (in the upper right corner of the screen). “show system processes”. “Android System WebView”. “enable”.

Starting with Android 7.1 and up to 9.0 inclusive, the WebView application is inactive by default, since most of its functions began to perform the Google Chrome browser. However, you can still find this component in the phone’s memory, but, with the active Chrome, it will be turned off. To activate the component and fix the corresponding functionality behind it, you just need to turn off Chrome. In Android 7.1-9.0 go through “Settings” to the “Appendix and notifications” tab. Next, click “Show all applications” (the names of the buttons or menu items may differ slightly on different devices, so focus on the meaning), find in the “Chrome” list and click the “Disable” button.

Also, note that often the shutdown of Chrome itself automatically activates WebView and other actions (described in the paragraph above) may not be required.

Now, through the “search”, you can easily find the application icon, it looks like this:

Click on the name and if you see the “enable” button in the new window. then the application is inactive. If the button is active, you need to click on it to start the service:

If webView is not found in the list, then go to Google Play for downloading and installation. After that, in order to check whether the application is really activated, you need to go to the “All Applications” menu and through “Search” you will see that everything works.

Android System WebView is not updated on Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco?

Many owners of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones, as well as devices of other manufacturers, often face such questions as “Android WebView is not updated” or “System WebView is not updated” and, accordingly, are interested in what is the Android System WebView and how Update it.

Android System WebView, or just WebView, is the system part of the Android operating system, which is responsible for viewing web pages within other applications without going to the browser. Surely you saw how when you press the link in any messenger or social network, the site opens in the application itself without launching a browser. This solution is quite convenient for developers. in this way it is much easier for them to track and analyze your actions, since it is quite difficult to get data about them from a browser.

It should be noted here that owners of Android Smartphones often face problems in Android System WebView, including users of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco devices. This is due to the fact that System WebView is still an independent component, and not part of the application.

At the same time, in 2019, Google developers added another component to Android System WebView, which Chrome WebView, which allows you to open all links in the Chrome widget, already built into all default applications by default. The search engine explained this solution with a decrease in the load on the hardware of the smartphone and increasing the efficiency of the update, although, in fact, this even more confused users who simply ceased to understand what to do in the event of any problems with Android System WebView.

�� Как обновить Android Webview и Google Chrome на ЛЮБОМ Android?

But, since Android System WebView is still updated independently, but is closely connected with Google Chrome, if problems arise with its work on the smartphones Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco and other brands, you must not look for updates for it, which, in principle. it will not be superfluous, but simply update the Chrome browser itself. For ordinary users of logic, of course, there is not enough, but this is so.

Is it worth deleting this application

Is it worth turning off aswv? Absolutely not. As I indicated above, a number of mobile applications use the application capabilities for their work. In particular, the functionality of this application uses such programs as:

  • Asus weather
  • Appgame 4PDA
  • Baidu Browser HD
  • Google Play Press
  • GPS Status
  • ICQ Messenger
  • Mikuni Browser
  • Puffin Browser
  • UC Browser HD and a number of others.

Therefore, the stop (or even the removal of this application using a Root-right) is extremely undesirable, and can lead to various failures in the operation of the system (one of the users has the removal of this application led to a cyclic reboot of its device).

If the application is buggy

If you are faced with errors in the work of this application and the message “In the application of Android System WebView there is an error” then I recommend going to the settings of your device, then to “Applications”, find ASWV there and slip along it. By the transition to the application about the application, click on “stop”, then “Delete updates”, “Clean data”, “Clean the cache”.

What happened?

If you try to update Chrome or WebView (component for viewing web pages) via Google Play, Marketplais will give a message: “Failing to install the application”. The same story with the installation of these programs on a pure smartphone. The notification does not indicate the nature of the error. The press service of the Corporation of Goods does not comment on the situation.

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The described problem does not happen for the first time. Users cannot update Strava, Spotify, Powramp and other software. It is unlikely that these are sanctions: the creator of Poweramp, for example, extended the trial period for which the purchases through Google Play are now not available.

How to rectify the situation?

Some helps out of the Google account and update with foreign IP addresses. To exit the profile, open the Android settings, go to the “passwords and accounts” section and find your own Google mail. There will be the “Delete Account” button (it’s not about a complete distance, but only about the exit from the account on the smartphone).

Then you need to turn on any VPN, choosing an IP address outside, and go to Google Play. Next, upgrade Chrome and WebView with the usual method. After the procedure, just disconnect from the VPN and enter the account again.

Even Chrome and WebView can be updated in manual mode through the installation of a separate part along. This will require the current version of the Trichrome library and the SPLIT APKS Installer (SAI) application. They are on the APKMIRROR resource.

Download the latest version of Google Chrome from the APKMIRROR website. It is necessary to pay attention to architecture (modern smartphones are suitable ARM64-V8A plus ARMEABI-V7A) and choose a version with a Bundle label. There is a number next to the label. the more, the better.

Go to the SPLIT APKS Installer (SAI) application, click on the “Install APK” button at the bottom. In the menu opened, select “System Filepower”.

Find the downloaded APKM file Chrome in the smartphone memory. Mark everything or just the desired points, click on the “Install” button. The phone will show the system window with a request to confirm the appetite of the application.

And you managed to update problem applications? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

WebView and Google Chrome

At the end of last year, Google integrated the Chrome WebView component in Android System WebView. Simply put, the company simply made it so that now all links in applications will open in the Chrome widget, which will be built into all programs by default. The search giant explained this by the fact that this allows you to reduce the load on the resources of the device and facilitate the effectiveness of updating. But, as practice shows, this only once again confused users who generally ceased to understand what to do in case of problems.

Samsung wants Chrome for Android to receive extensions support

And, meanwhile, everything is very simple. Despite the fact that Android System WebView is still updated, it is deeply connected with Google Chrome. Therefore, when you are faced with interruptions in the operation of the system component, you need not to look for updates for it, but to install an update of the browser.

How to update Android WebView

Often updating should not be Android System WebView, but Google Chrome

  • In the window that opens, click “Update everything” or find Google Chrome and update it;
  • For reliability, it is recommended to update Android System WebView if updating is also available for it too.

At first glance, it may seem that all these are nonsense, and in fact, updates do not decide anything, but this is not so. In the past, Google has repeatedly produced such patches that returned the performance of the system components, on which the work of applications depended in many respects. The last such case occurred in December last year, when, due to a malfunction in Chrome, users lost the opportunity to open links in applications that have nothing to do with Google. Therefore, do not neglect updates. They come out for you.

How to update Android System WebView (web systems)

Users of gadgets with Android OS periodically face the Play Market message about the need to update the Android System WebView utility update. Due to the lack of knowledge, what kind of program it is, for which he is responsible and why it is updated, the notice is ignored. However, the process does not take much time and guarantees the safety of personal data.

Is one of the Android OS programs. The task is to provide an opportunity to go to a web browser without closing other applications. When removing the program, the risk of errors increases.

Is it necessary to update

Developers release updates that eliminate vulnerabilities and problems in the utility. In fact, the program gets access to pages with logins and passwords. Therefore, refusal to update increases the risk of data leakage.

  • Open Play Market on a smartphone.
  • Find Android System WebView among service applications. Another option is the transition from the profile with the installed on.
  • Near the utility badge there will be a message about the need to update.
  • Click “update“.
  • Wait for the end of the process.

If you could not update the application in the Play Market, see the working versions on the 4pda forum and this link https: // = 705513st = 2440. Immediately you can familiarize yourself with the list of applications and games for which an updated library of web systems is required.

Also, Android has a lot of useful information on our website:

Android System WebView renewal

Chrome is not updated on Android

Google simply does not allow CHROME and Android Web View

I decided to check and requested new versions of all my applications and system components on Google Play, which have not been updated at that time for about a couple of weeks. In most cases, the catalog sent updates, but Google Chrome and Android Web View (component responsible for displaying the web content in applications) did not receive updates. They just gave out a text with the text: “failed”.

The situation, frankly, is quite strange for several reasons:

  • Firstly, because Google did not announce any restrictions on updating free and even more systemic software for
  • Secondly, Google would not be easier not to send an update for applications and system components for if she wanted to somehow limit us.
  • Thirdly, the remaining Android system components like Arcore Services, Carrier Services, as well as the “Phone”, “Messages” apps, etc. Updated without problems.

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What does all of this mean? And the fact that the reason why applications and system services cannot be updated is highly likely to be a banal failure. Because it is pointless to block only two components and continue to support everything else. over, the choice looks rather strange: Chrome and Android Web View. After all, in fact, these are components of the same nature, and that they cannot be established on Android, most likely is interconnected.

How to update Google Chrome

Get out of the situation, if you desperately, you need to update Chrome on Android, you can by installing an actual APK version of the browser. This will be the same update that you will have to download, and then roll it on your device manually. Do not be afraid: there is nothing wrong with this. just download the installation file, click on it and confirm the installation.

You can update Chrome by installing the latest version of the browser APK

For your convenience, Android does not create a duplicate application, despite the fact that they have conditionally different nature, but simply replaces the old version of Chrome by a newer. After all, in fact, this is the same browser, albeit installed in a slightly different way than Android itself is used to. The same will be with Android Web View. download the updated version of the component and install it manually.

What is the goal of Android System WebView?

Android WebView. This is a system component for the operating system (OS) Android, which allows Android applications to display content from the Internet directly inside the application.

Most devices will be updated to this version automatically, however, you can also follow the instructions below to get the update: on Android 9 and below, you can get the correction by manually updating WebView in the Play Store manageable. On Android 10 and 11, the correction will need to be installed using automatic update.

What to do if Google Play services are not updated?

Eliminating problems with Google Play services

Не обновляется Google Chrome и Android System WebView (РЕШЕНО)

  • Make sure Google Play’s services are updated. On the phone or tablet Android open the “Settings” application
  • Clean the cache and delete the data from the Google Play services. On the phone or tablet Android open the “Settings” application
  • Clean the cache and Play Store data.