It is impossible to send an iPhone code method. How to untie the phone from Apple id

Error “Payment method is not intended”. what to do?

Hi all! I hate the long names of errors in the products and services of Apple for only one reason. it is almost impossible to fit the instructions in the headline. No, well, it is true, if you write the whole text of the error in the heading, then, from the point of view of readers, it will be simply “not at all. why he was bothering such a huge name”?

Yes, and search engines (hello, Yandex and Google!) may not understand.

Okay, “this is all the lyrics” and “the author’s thoughts on the topic”, which are of little interest to anyone. Therefore, let’s quickly return to the essence of the article and look at why the App Store does not accept your card for payment and rejects it with an error.

By the way, here is the text of the error that (returning to the first paragraph) did not fit into the title

The payment method you specified is not intended for use in this store. Please choose another payment method.

When she (error) appears? Then, when you are trying to add a bank card in order to pay for the purchase in the App Store or iTunes Store.

Why is this happening? There are two options:

  • Apple ID account and the card that is attached to it belong to different regions (countries).
  • Short.term mallets of Apple servers (how to find out if everything is in order with Apple services at a given particular moment in time?).

We cannot influence them. Apple engineers know about it and do everything themselves. Our task is to just wait.

But about “different countries” let’s chat in a little more detail.

So, the error in the App Store “The specified payment method is not intended for use in this store” occurs due to the fact that Apple prohibits the use of cards of one country, in the Games and Applications store of other countries.

Yes, yes, yes, each region has its own App Store. With your set of applications, games, localization, etc.D.

Do not wait for anything good. there will be a mistake “The payment method is not intended for use in this store”.

  • “Synchronize” map and region. Change the Apple ID settings and fit them to the right country or somehow get a card of the country that you need (for example, as far as I know, for users of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus you can easily get a Yandex and calmly use the App Store).
  • Buy iTunes Gift Card. It is important to purchase cards for the region that you plan to use the App Store. then for payment you will not have to tie a bank card.
  • Recall alternative payment options. For example, in some regions (in the App Store so accurately), payment from the SIM card is available. Sometimes it can be easier than all previous points.

Information, as you know, is not verified.

I read that you can call the bank and disable the check of the CVV request on the map. Say, then the App Store will not be able to trace the place of origin of the card, and the error “The specified payment method is not intended for use in this store” will disappear.

I don’t know whether it is true or not, but, in my opinion, disconnect the CVV undertaking request “”. this can greatly hit the safety of your card and those means that are on it. Therefore, it is better to use the methods that I talked about a little higher. it will be calmer, more reliable and stable. What are we, in fact, achieved.

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Thank you very much! They helped a lot, for a long time I was looking for information about this

My country has not changed (Ukraine), but simply expired the deadline for the default payment card. There is a new payment card in the wallet, but payment for the storage is not dumb not removed! I suffered a lot of time and nothing happens: I go in a circle: I went to the settings to the ITUNES Store and App Store section, then I clicked on the Apple ID and in the “Payment Management Management” paragraph: “Add the payment method”, but to me, according to still does not succeed, just as before it has not succeeded, because the same inscription stubbornly appears for the hundredth time!

“There were no cards in your wallet that can be used with Apple Pay. Make sure the cards in your store coincide with the card in your wallet.»I have become a hundred times last night

Despite the fact that there is a new, current card in the wallet and it is clear that the old is blocked. But!

The system does not automatically find and does not offer to add a card tied to the Apple ID to the Apple ID. What to do?!

Apple ID Account Recovery Methods

You can try: 1. Add the payment method through Apple. section “Manage Apple id”. 2. Check if the “Operations on the Internet” option is connected on the new map. 3. Call the bank. four. Contact Apple’s technical support.

Your payment method is not accepted

The most common case: you drive a credit card (which is absolutely “normal” and works without any problems), and iTunes Store or App Store refuse to accept them.

  • First of all, check for whether this card really works, there is money on it to pay for purchases, the validity period has not expired, it is not blocked by the bank, etc.D. Yes, these are quite obvious things, but everything happens.
  • Make sure you are absolutely correctly entering all the data (name, surname, etc.D.). All this should completely (letter in the letter, digit in the digit) coincide with what is indicated on the map.
  • Once again, pay attention to the validity period of the card. Even if he did not expire, but he is about to end, then Apple will not accept such a card.
  • When you enter these cards, you should pay attention to one wonderful field. “Accounts for the account”. So, it is necessary to indicate not your home address in it, but the bank address! I had a case when it was this moment that Itunes Store and the App Store “stupidly” rejected quite a working credit card. I changed the account address and everything worked.
  • Check that on the card there is an opportunity to make payments and pay for purchases on the Internet. not all banks provide such an opportunity “by default”.
  • Mir cards, Maestro, Visa Electron, various “virtualists” are also at risk. I don’t know what it depends on (probably on the mood of Tim Cook), but sometimes there are problems with these payment systems.

Apple is a serious company, and she needs the owner of the card and the owner of the Apple ID account to be the same person.

That is, if you tie a card of another person to your account, then either at once (rarely), or after some time (often), iOS can make you happy with the error “invalid method of payment”.

A little more about the second paragraph: if the accounting was originally registered “Tyap-Lap” and half of the data was introduced from the series “I Vasya Pupkin living in the country of unicorns”, then the system will consider the owner of the map and the owner of Apple ID completely different people.

Open the control page of the account (here is the link) and, if necessary, correct the information.

Invalid method of payment. an unknown error occurred

If you think about it, then an “unknown mistake” is just a brilliant description of the problem. What happened there and why she doesn’t like the payment method? Unclear…

But even in this case you can do something:

  • Check everything that is written a little higher. Perhaps the whole catch in the card or account saw that the services work unstable? It is worth trying to add a payment method a little later.

There is another option, which, in my opinion, is the most logical. You need to call or write to the technical support of Apple. Perhaps, with lively communication with the operator, it will be much easier for you to get to the bottom of the truth and find out what they mean by an unknown error?!

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How to update the payment method?

So, in order to remove the inscription “Update payment information” on your iPhone or iPad, you must perform these actions:

  • Open “Settings. iTunes Store and App Store”.
  • We see an account. click. select “Exit”.
  • Reload the device.
  • Again, go to “Settings. iTunes Store and App Store”.

How to untie the card from iPhone if there is a subscription?

How to create an Apple ID without a bank card with iPhone or iPad

  • Launch the App Store app store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to the TOP CHART tab and try downloading any free application.
  • Click on the “Enter” button, then select “Create Apple ID”.

How to delete a mobile phone if it is attached to the Apple ID balance

If you have an iPhone at least one active subscription (for example, iCloud or Apple Music or Apple One), then your mobile phone cannot be deleted if it is the only one in the settings. If only one mobile number is added to the iPhone payment data, then with current subscriptions it cannot be deleted.

You need to either add a second phone to delete a single attached phone and then you will delete the first. Or cancel all Apple subscriptions and after that you can delete the phone.

You can add several phones to the iPhone payment data. Only MTS or Beeline phones can be tied currently.

How to throw money from a mobile phone balance to iPhone balance

Apple turned off the ability to pay for Apple subscriptions through mobile payments of Megafon and Yota operators. It is possible that this will follow the remaining Beeline and MTS. To protect yourself from this, you can replenish the Apple ID balance for an amount sufficient to pay for subscriptions for several months.

Add the funds to the Apple ID from a previously attached mobile phone can be like this ( instruction):

  • On the iPhone, open the App Store application.
  • Press in the upper right corner to the avatar (if you installed it) or on the icon with the person’s face (if you did not install the avatar).
  • In the downstream of the window, select the link “Add money to the account”.
  • Then you can click on the “other” and enter the amount from 100 rubles to 9000 rubles or choose from the proposed options 1000 rubles, 1500 rubles, 3000 rubles. The amount indicated by the manually does not have to be “round”. It can be any in the range from 100. 9000. It is important that these funds are on the balance of the mobile phone indicated in the settings of your iPhone!

If the mobile payment was successful, then the added amount and the total amount on the balance ID will be displayed on the iPhone screen.

What are the tariffs of Beeline or MTS to choose to pay for subscriptions (if you are not initially their subscriber). see below.

How to replenish Apple ID, App Store with MTS or Beeline

  • We open the iPhone and go into “Settings”.
  • We go along the highest inscription with the name and signature “Apple id, icloud, content and purchases”.
  • We go to “Payment and delivery”. Here we must see that a mobile phone is tied to Apple ID. Its last 4 digits will be displayed, and the rest of the number is hidden.
  • We go to “Apple ID” and click on “Replenish the score”.
  • After that, the iPhone will open the App Store application, in the window of which the amount of replenishment will be offered: 1000, 1500 or 3000. You can also set any other amount by clicking on “other”. We recommend that you set the amount convenient for you and click “Next”, after which this amount will be written off from the tied phone number and immediately adds to the Apple ID balance sheet.

That’s all and no QIWI wallet is needed! You can go further and automate this process.

How to configure an auto payment from a mobile phone to the Apple ID account

The disadvantage of the auto payment is only that in the absence of a sufficient amount on the balance of your cell number, the payment will not pass and the Apple ID replenishment will not occur. And subscriptions for iCloud, Apple Music, App Store may not last. With manual payment, you will most likely throw money to the Apple ID account by checking before that the balance of the tied mobile phone.

Here’s how to configure an automatic payment from a mobile on Apple ID:

  • In the iPhone we go to “Settings”.
  • Click on the upper line “Apple id, icloud, content and purchases”.
  • We go to “Payment and delivery”.
  • Now in “Apple id”.
  • In the window that opens, select “Replenish the score”.
  • iPhone will launch the App Store application and redirect you there, opening a window with pre.installed replenishment amounts. Follow the text link “Reference Auto Execution”.
  • A window will open with the choice of the amount of auto.filling and a minimum threshold balance to write off this auto.filling. For example, if the “minimum balance” in this window is set to 100, then when the Apple ID balance drops below this value from the mobile one will be sent the amount indicated by you in these settings. In these settings, you can not set the amount of auto.filling manually, when you press the numbers, a drop.down list will appear. For auto payments in the drop.down list, you can set the values: 150, 500, 1000, 1500, 3000 or 9000. The values ​​of the minimum balance cannot be set manually, you can only select from the following values: 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 or 1000.
  • You can configure auto.filling Apple ID from a mobile phone on schedule. To do this, go to the tab “on the schedule”. Here you can set the amount of auto.filling, while again you cannot set arbitrary values, and you can only choose the amount of replenishment from the drop.down list: 100, 150, 300, 500, 1000 or 1500. Auto filling on the schedule does not really mean that you can set an arbitrary date from the calendar. In the drop.down list, the options are offered to choose from: “weekly”, “once every two weeks” and “monthly”. You can also choose the initial day, starting from today or any day of the week from Monday to Sunday.

Connection of the Mir “Mir”

The use of Mir cards for purchases in App Store and iTunes is in question so far. Judging by the reviews of the owners of smartphones, the success of attaching the payment system through the Mir card depends on which bank released the card.

Some Apple cards refuses to register, saying that “the payment method is rejected”. “Update the data or indicate another payment method, and then repeat the attempt,”. such a message appears with a red text.

However, in exceptional cases, the Mir card can be tied to the App Store.

This method is extremely unreliable, and can only work in a small percentage of owners of the company’s gadgets from Cupertino.

Enter this to Remove iPhone Locked to Owner! Unlock iCloud Lock Fast

Through a banking application

The replenishment of the account of the Apple gadgets acted through banks. Most often, for this it is only necessary to find the “Payments” section and drive into the “App Store” search field, and then select the “App Store iTunes” provider in the results.

Payment works as follows: you need to register your mobile number in the field. It will come to the activation code in the SMS message. You must first choose the amount of replenishment.

However, in the last hours, messages have come from users that this method of payment began to work with failures. Several customers of banks noted that the payment has passed, but the certificate with the code never arrived. In this regard, it is worth considering potential problems with obtaining code and checking different banking applications for the performance of the method.

Megaphone. Mobile payment is temporarily unavailable to replenish Apple ID balance and Apple subscriptions

Pay monthly payments for iCloud, Apple Music, Apple One and subscriptions for applications from the App Store from May 6, 2022 only from the balance of the mobile phone of one of the MTS, Beeline, Megaphone or Yota operators. From the evening of May 11, attempts to pay for Apple subscriptions from the balance of Megafon phones or an attempt to replenish the Apple ID balance through a megaphone led to errors “Mobile payment is temporarily unavailable. Repeat the attempt later ”and“ Your payment method has been rejected. Click Continue and update payment information. If you do not do this, you can not make purchases until the problem with payment is solved. “.

It is noteworthy that earlier when adding a mobile phone to the IPhone settings (“Settings” “Apple ID, ICLUD, Content and Buying” “Payment and Delivery” “Add Payment Mobile”) in the explanatory text, MTS operators appeared, Megafon, Beeline, Yota and Tele2. At the same time, Tele2 could not be tied to pay for Apple’s subscriptions and this was known, but the numbers of the remaining 4 operators were added normally.

From the evening of May 11, only 3 operators remained in the explanatory text when adding a mobile phone to the Apple ID payment: MTS, Beeline and Tele2 (the latter did not work with Apple and is not going). Our readers, who are simultaneously subscribers of Megafon, sent us several complaints about the problem with payment.

Payment for Apple subscriptions from the balance of mobile numbers of MTS and Beeline are carried out at the time of publication of the topic normally (they checked). Megaphone does not pass. Yota was not checked.

All April 2022 and until May 6, it was possible to replenish the Apple ID balance through QIWI, but this method no longer works. Now it remains only to tie the mobile phone to Apple id.

Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев of this topic about whether you can continue to pay for ICloud, Apple Music, App Store from an attached phone. If so, please indicate the operator. Комментарии и мнения владельцев can also be left in this topic on our Zen Canal.

Error solution “Payment confirmation” in the App Store is required

Gather everyone categorically! “Payment confirmation is required” is perhaps one of the most unpleasant mistakes that can be encountered when using the App Store. In fact, its appearance on the iPhone or iPad causes to block absolutely any actions with the application store. it comes to the fact that you can not download or update even free programs and games.

That, in my opinion, is not at all fair.

After all, if you do not have to pay for the application, then where does any information about payment? I want to download a free program. Guys from Apple, you’re like there, you haven’t shown anything? However, what to ask them. there will still be no answer. Therefore, let’s understand all this disgrace on your own. Let’s go!

Confirmation is required. To view payment information, click “Continue” and enter the system.

Based on this, only one conclusion can be drawn-they want us to confirm that method of payment (bank card, SIM card) for our Apple ID account, with which we will make purchases. Speaking briefly. they want money. But why is this required even when downloading free applications?

The thing is that if you are faced with an error “you need to confirm payment. To view the information “, then your account has a debt. It can be unpaid:

And thus, until the debt repayment, all operations with the App Store will not be available to your Apple ID. And now what to do with all this?

Firstly, to prevent further debiting of money, it is necessary:

By the way, here, in the information about the account, you should look into the section “Shopping History” and see if you have owed something (the line “Total for payment”)?

Everyone checked, canceled, owed nothing to anyone? You can begin to fully use the App Store! However, if there is still a debt and Apple continues to persistently demand the confirmation of the payment method, then we have two ways:

  • Replenish the balance of the payment fund and yet do what they ask us-pay.
  • Forget about Apple ID account and start a new. A card tied to an old account cannot be replenished. the money will be written off automatically.

If your choice is to pay, then subsequently the money can be returned (do not delay with the solution of this issue!).

True, for this you will have to contact the Apple technical support operator and talk a little with him. But, in my opinion, the saved Apple ID account and the absence of any debts on it is worth spending for some time on the proceedings.

P.S. Put a “like”, get 23% of luck during a conversation with Apple Operator! You think a joke? Nothing of the kind. it really works. Check!:)

P.S.S. And of course, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев of history, questions and results of the fight against the error “confirmation of payment of payment is required”. your experience can be useful to many people!

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Good time of the day, the trial period ended and asked for payment I canceled it, but still asked when updating the free applications, I paid now everything was renewed, but for some reason it hangs in subscriptions and writes that it expects payment I don’t know what to do over time and there will be no need to pay for Her in the future what to do ?

Good. If canceled, then after the paid period the subscription should be the gap. But just in case, I would spend 10 minutes of time and contacted the technical support of Apple. they will look at the story of your Apple ID purchases and report the most accurate information.

The same problem, paid twice, unsubscribed before payment and still hangs on what to do? How to call Support Apple?

Almost at the end of the article there is a link to all possible methods of communication with the technical support of Apple.

I don’t have such a section at all ^subscription ^.

This can be if the subscription was not designed through Apple, but directly through the application developer.

Hello, somehow 2 programs were in my subscriptions. 1 invalid, t.e trial period is probably over. the other is valid, since there is a month of free subscription. And they want money to snatch there and there for 400r. The history indicates “Subscription” totaling 800r, what the hell :(. Even if I have to pay, then why is 800 if one is no longer valid

Hello. Perhaps not only the trial period has ended, but also the first paid after the trial. That’s it and counted the debt.

Hello. I can’t download or update apps with App Store. When loading, they write “that there is a problem with paying for a previous purchase” all your options have tried. But they still write the same thing. Help solve this problem. So I can download and update the programs?

Hello. No unpaid subscriptions when viewing the Apple ID account is observed? SMS from the bank do not come? Then contact technical support. they will tell you with which application the problem arose.

Good afternoon, Mikhail) The situation is the same as many. Downloaded the application, deleted on the same day. But the free period passed and I am in debt) But the most interesting thing is that there is money on the card, but the bank itself does not agree with such types of operations. I contacted support, told everything, a certain Mark advised me to find a way to pay for the debt, I directly assured me that then the money would return.And so I want to clarify with you. Is it worth it to believe?Subscription costs 29 per week

Good time, Sergey) 1. “The bank does not agree with such types of operations”. apparently a ban on paying for purchases on the Internet has been established. 2. In my opinion, Mark cannot lie!:) but seriously, then they really do not make sense to deceive you. if such things happened, then the whole Internet would have already “tributarized” them. P.S. Just in case, save the appeal number (as far as I remember, he should come to e.mail). And if, with a subsequent conversation about the return of the money, “something goes wrong,” you can always safely say: “I called then, such and such an appeal, the operator asked to pay and said the money will be returned 100%”.

I also can’t update such a situation not to download it, I downloaded some kind of program, it turns out a paid one owes 100 I don’t know how to open a new account now help me please

Options two: 1. Contact Apple’s technical support (most likely you will be offered to pay off the debt first, and then they will make a return). 2. Forget about Apple ID and card (since if you replenish it, the debt will be written off automatically) tied to the account.

What to do if the mobile payment is temporarily unavailable by the App Store?

To buy applications in the App Store, Apple provides the opportunity to bind a bank card to the account, or mobile phone number. Sometimes various problems can arise with payment through a mobile phone, because here you will find out what to do if the mobile payment is temporarily unavailable by the App Store, and why this happens.

First of all, you should figure out how you can connect the ability to pay with a card. The easiest way to do this in the ITUNES program.

In order to connect this type of payment, you will need to go to iTunes on PC, and find the “Account Information Information” tab there. Here, the user needs to enter the “Edit” tab, which will be highlighted in blue, on the right side.

There will be a mobile payment tab in which you will need to bind your phone number. A code will come to the phone, which will need to be inserted into the corresponding column in the application. After that, click on the “Check the Code” button. The phone is tied.

Now, when trying to buy a paid application, money will be withdrawn from the SIM card account. And if some problems arise, then you can try to solve them.

Why mobile payment can be unavailable?

But, before calling the operator, first check whether he supports such payments at all. Not every mobile operator allows these operations to conduct these operations. For example, no operator of Ukraine supports mobile transactions in the App Store.

You can see information about the compatibility of your SIM card and payments on Apple’s official website.

In cases where your SIM card is suitable for payment in the Apple application store, you should call the operator and tell that your payment is rejected by the App Store communication operator. In such cases, they will try to help you. If help for some reason cannot be provided to you, then they will at least explain to you the reason.

Sometimes that the payment is not made in the App Store, the App Store itself may be to blame. Therefore, in cases where the operator is powerless, you should contact the technical support of the company. There you will need to explain the situation, say the name of the application that you want to purchase and point out the problem. If the problem is related to technical errors in the App Store itself, then the problem is solved.

Problems with payments in the App Store can occur quite often. In such cases, do not panic, you just need to check all the details. Perhaps you just incorrectly indicated the number, or there is no money on the account. If everything is in order with the details, you need to contact Support, where everything will be explained to you.