It is impossible to delete the iPhone payment method. How to untie the Apple ID card through settings

How to delete the payment method in the App Store and iTunes on the iPhone and untie the card

Often, while passing the registration procedure in Apple ID, users enter the bank card data. This happens for various reasons, but over time, many come to the conclusion that it was an erroneous decision. And here the question arises of how to untie the card from your accounting. Please note that changing the bank card in Apple ID and AP Store is an ideative operation, so the data change both in the first and second cases.It is quite simple to make it:

Important! When implementing family access, the ability to make changes to payment information has one user who has the rights of the administrator.

In Play Market

A simple way is also a fairly simple way, the algorithm of action is as follows:

  • Open the official Play Market application on the mobile device;
  • Select the desired account, the menu will open, where you will need to click on the item with the name “account”;
  • click on the “Payment Methods” tab;
  • If you need to delete the card, select the section “Other payment settings”;
  • You will get on Google Payments, where after entering the password you can remove the card.

It is worth saying that such an operation will not work if you have an active paid subscription. First you should go to the user’s personal account and find the point “Accounts” and accounts “. Having highlighted the desired subscription, find the “Pay using” section in the menu and select another payment method.

You can tie another card or electronic wallet. One option is to cancel the subscription.

Why remove a bank card

Periodically, a person changes banking tools for payment, since the validity of such a device is far from eternal. As a rule, it is limited to three years, and the expired period of validity becomes the main reason why the owner of the smartphone unites the payment props.

But this is not the only reason for the user to get rid of a bank card. You can imagine a situation when a person gives an iPhone to a child for a while. Of course, no one wants a boy or girl to accidentally make a purchase.

How to untie the Apple ID card via iTunes

Another option that allows you to disable the payment props from your account in the Apple ecosystem. In this case, you need to use the ITUNES branded application, which is loaded onto the computer. Thus, to perform the operation, you will need to connect the iPhone to PC.

Itunes is a multifunctional program that is most often used to exchange files between the computer and iPhone. But itnes works only on MacOS, Windows 7 and more new versions of the OS.

If the program has already been installed on your PC, and you have passed authorization, you will need to be unleashed:

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Put the mouse cursor to the “Account” section.
  • Select “View”.

So you can untie the bank card from your account. Now the phone can be safely given to a small child, and it also becomes possible to add a new payment props.

Apple Pay

The latest models of the iPhone and iPads support the function of contactless payment by Apple Pay. To do this, you need to tie a credit or debit card in the phone settings. There it can also be removed at any time.

Sometimes a situation arises in practice when the point “No” is simply not displayed in the mobile menu.

delete, iphone, payment, method, untie

This happens if some payment was expired. Then first you need to pay off the debt, and only then start turning off the card.

Apple id Greyed out in iPhone settings fixed! Unable to delete app from iPhone fix.

Sometimes the problem is the presence of subscription. Then first you will need to cancel it, and only then change something in bank details.

This item is absent if the owner of the account changed the country of residence. In this case, you must first update the information by selecting any of the indicated payment methods, and then enter the menu again and now, in accordance with the algorithm described above, select “No”.

In addition, if a person visits the store for the first time in order to buy an application, he simply has nothing to delete, and for registration you need to enter all the data. But experts emphasize that it is easier when creating an account simply not to write information about the card or first choose a payment method, and then after the end of the registration immediately remove it. This will save in the future from the need to change the settings.

Default card replacement

Starting to use Apple drink the first attached card is automatically remembered by the system, as a default payment product and when paying for purchases, the money will be removed from it precisely. If you need to make the main other payment tool, it should be:

  • Go to the “Settings” smartphone.
  • Go to the “Wallet and Apple Pay” section.
  • Below Click “default payment parameters”.
  • Click on the default card.
  • Choose another from the list of attached.

It can also be done through the Wallet application, dragging the one you need to the very top, making the first on the list. So the payment product will automatically become default.

How to remove “update payment information” on iPhone and iPad

Categorical hello! A terrible situation happened to me today. on the map (which is tied to the Apple ID account), the money ended. precisely, they ended a few days ago (self.isolation, so that it!), but my iPhone reminded me of this only now. you, you see, needed to write off funds for another subscription!

And well, I would just remind and sent a letter to the mail.

No, he acted much tougher-in the iOS settings there was an annoying “red number of one” (I don’t know how you, but for some reason I really do not like this indication of notifications) and a little annoying inscription “Update payment information”.

After thinking that some data got lost, I climbed to update payment information. This can be done on:

  • Apple website.
  • iPhone or iPad (in Apple ID settings).
  • Computer in the iTunes program (you must log in under your account).

I remembered the balance, went to the ATM and threw a little money on the card. The subscription instantly paid. I relaxed.

delete, iphone, payment, method, untie

In the iPhone settings, the uncomfortable inscription “Update payment information” was still hung and, apparently, she was not even going to disappear.

I, in surprise, decided to act decisively. IPhone reloaded rigidly.

And very in time I remembered one universal way that allows you to get rid of many failures and “glitches” with the Apple ID account.

We are talking about the famous method. “go and go out”.

Updated or very important. I was rightly corrected in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев (Ivan, thanks!) that with this method, all previously loaded music (Apple Music) is removed from the phone. The list of added songs will not suffer. Unfortunately, I missed this moment, since I never download music (I listen to Apple Music via the Internet). Therefore, if you have a lot of loaded music on your phone, get ready for the fact that you will have to download it again (not to add to the media. it will be there, namely, download it to the device).

So, in order to remove the inscription “Update payment information” on your iPhone or iPad, you must perform these actions:

One-two-three annoying notification finally disappeared-the iPhone settings again became “clean”.

Here is a story that tells us that iOS is not an ideal system. nothing “human” (malfunctions and “glitches”) is not alien to it. Fortunately, in most cases it is easy to get rid of them. And this is good!:)

P.S. Instructions “worked”? Write a couple of lines in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. the author will be pleasant. There were some questions? Destroy boldly! I will definitely try to help.

delete, iphone, payment, method, untie

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How to change the payment card tied to the account in the iPhone

If the user has several cards attached to the account, then he can change and vary the method of payment for goods and services right on the phone. The algorithm is quite simple, all actions also occur in the settings, so that the user does not need to download additional programs and other functions.

First you need to go to the settings, which are also located on the main screen, and then you need to find the itens Store and Apple Store item. This section was used during a bank card unraveling.

We look and find on top written by Aidi. This is the account to which all the necessary cards are tied.

delete, iphone, payment, method, untie

Next, go into it and click on “View”.

The menu opens where we can configure our payment card.

Your Payment Method Was Declined Update it or Provide a New Payment Method and Try Again | iOS 15

To switch from one type to another, just click on the desired card and confirm the action.

You can see more about the binding of cards to the account in this https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?v = xhlw2vnukdk.

Thus, the payment card is changing directly on the iPhone.

Possible problems

The problems of binding and unholes can also appear at an unexpected moment. To summarize all the information, there are problems and their solutions.

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

This may be due to various situations. For example, a person has debts. Accordingly, the system blocks the course.

To solve this problem, you need to turn off this function temporarily, untie the card, and later activate it again.

In this case, it will reasonably turn directly to a hot fishing line for a trimmer to help there. You can make an anchor through iTunes in the settings.

Thus, you can easily and simply update the payment system directly on the phone.

Can remote cards be preserved in the profile

After the breakdown of the bank card, many people continue to worry that information about the payment props somewhere still remains. But you don’t need to worry. If you pressed the “Delete” button at the corresponding stage, the card will not be displayed anywhere else. For confidence, you can double.check all the sections of the phone where the purchase payment is used:

Once again, see the information about the saved cards in order to make sure that the payment props successfully removed the successful removal. Nevertheless, if you once decided to untie the card only for the subsequent resale of the iPhone, it is better to use another method:

So all the information will be removed from the mobile device, which also applies to bank cards. The new owner will not be able to find out information about your payment details. You can feel in full security.

Problems and methods of solving

IPhone card damping does not look like a complex procedure. over, there are several ways to perform the operation. However, it is not worth excluding the possibility of any problems at one of the stages of removal. We offer you to get acquainted with the most common mistakes and methods for their elimination.

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It is likely that you simply did not pass the authorization and primary settings on this device. In this case, the name of the account is not displayed on the iPhone, and you do not have the opportunity to delete or tie a new card to your Apple id.

Such a problem is not a rarity. The main reason for occurrence is the debt in one of the Apple services. As soon as you repay the debt, the “Delete” button will reappear.

The debt is also understood to mean a subscription to a particular service with an option of auto.propeller. To get started, turn it off, and only then delete a bank card with iPhone.

Perhaps you have already untied the bank card or it was turned off automatically due to the expired validity period. On the iPhone, a similar situation occurs quite often, so in no case can it be excluded. Anything could happen.

How to delete the Apple ID payment method for iPhone and iPad

Regardless of whether you use a credit / debit card, PayPal or Apple ID loan, deleting payment information tied to your Apple account is a fairly simple procedure. Let’s look at the necessary steps to delete the payment methods from Apple ID using iOS or iPados:

    Open the “Settings” application on the main screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Now the Apple ID will not be tied to the payment method. From this moment you do not need to worry too much about unauthorized payments on your credit card account.

If you have been written off money by chance or someone else made an unauthorized purchase in the App Store, you can always request a refund, and in most cases they usually accept the request and offer a complete return of funds if you are not late and if your request justified.

“I cannot delete the payment method from my Apple ID, help!””

It is not possible to delete the payment method? This usually happens because you have an active subscription for which you pay now.

You will need to cancel the subscription and wait for its expiration before you can delete this specific payment method.

However, this should not be a problem if you have several methods of payment and you are trying to remove only one or two of them.

We hope that you managed to remove the methods of payment from your additional iOS devices, which are used together with one of your family members. You deleted it for a certain reason: due to unintentional purchases or unauthorized payments, to be especially careful, or due to the fact that the device with this Apple ID is used by several people? Tell us your thoughts and opinions about how Apple processes payments in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below section.

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This spring, Apple forbade residents to use the Apple Pay payment service, and also limited purchases in the App Store. Bank cards in the Apple ID account are no longer needed, and they can even interfere if you use other payment methods in applications.

Apple still allows you to pay for purchases on the App Store (including the design and extension of subscriptions) with the debt of money from the MTS or Beeline account, but payment by bank cards does not work. If the card is tied in your account, and Apple has not untied it, it may become a problem: when trying to automatically write off the money for extending a particular subscription, the payment will not pass, and there is a risk that this subscription will be canceled. Worst of all, if it was decorated at a preferential price, which acts only until you cancel it. If such a subscription canceled, you may not work out anymore at a discount, and then you will have to pay according to full pike.

As in the case of Google Pay, in bank cards added to the App Store or Apple ID, there is no sense for it, so you will not lose anything, untie them, and you will even win the point of view of security.

How to untie the Apple ID card: take iPhone or iPad, open “Settings”, go to the icloud profile and select “Payment and Delivery”, find the card that needs to be untied and click on the “Delete Payment” button. If Apple someday returns the opportunity to pay for applications, games, subscriptions and other content using bank cards, you can add a card back.