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How to turn on and tune the radio on your LG music center

Music centers, or as they are often called today, music audio systems, LG have an impressive design, powerful surround sound and a wide range of options that will satisfy even the most demanding music lover. Among them are karaoke functions for those who like to sing at home, club or LED-lighting for party lovers, DJ effects and more. Also, all LG music centers, without exception, provides the ability to listen to the radio (FM-tuner).

After you turn on your music center for the first time, you will need to configure the radio stations and enter them into memory. Depending on the model, LG audio systems can be stored in the memory of about 30 AM/FM radio stations. It’s very convenient because you don’t have to tune the radio manually every time you turn on your music center. To find out how to turn on the FM tuner and tune the radio on your LG music center, see the owner’s manual that came with your LG music center. However, if for some reason you have lost the instruction manual, you can find the manual here on the official LG website, the more so that the radio tuning process does not take much time and does not require special knowledge.

Tuning the radio on the music center LGStep by step instruction

Before you start tuning the radio, make sure that you have turned down the volume of your LG music center to the minimum setting.

  • Turn on your music center by pressing the Power button. It is located on the front panel.
  • Find the Tuner/Band button on the music center or remote control. Press it repeatedly in sequence until the AM or FM symbol appears on the audio system display window.
  • Then press and hold Tuning Down / Up until the frequency indicator begins to change. Release the button. The audio system will start scanning and stop automatically when the station is found.
  • Then press the Prog. / Memo on the front panel. You will see a number on the display. Under this number the radio station will be stored in the memory of the system.
  • If you wish to change the number, press Preset Down / Up on the music center itself or Preset on the remote control.
  • Program the desired number using the Prog button. / Memo button, located on the front panel of your LG system
  • You can program other radio stations you want in the same way: press and hold Tuning Down / Up until the frequency indicator changes. The system will find the next station, and you just have to enter it into the memory of the music center with the Prog. / Memo.

Important: You can also manually tune the radio on your LG music center using the Multi Jog Dual Control. This feature can come in handy in case you want to tune a radio station with a weak signal.

Deleting radio stations from your music center’s memory LG: step-by-step instructions

If you want to delete all radio stations from your music center’s memory, here’s what you need to do:

Samsung Galaxy S10: how to listen to FM radio

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is packed to the brim with features. Samsung actively advertises some of these features, while others are hidden. One of those hidden features of the Galaxy S10 is FM radio support. In this day and age of streaming music, if you still love listening to FM radio, then the support for it on the Galaxy S10 should make you happy.

There is only one catch here. Although the Galaxy S10 supports FM radio, Samsung doesn’t include an app on the phone that can actually take advantage of FM radio. This means that right out of the box, even though the Galaxy S10 has FM radio, you can’t use it. In some parts of the world, such as China and Hong Kong, where FM radio is still popular, Samsung offers an FM radio app. But in other parts of the world, this app is not available in the Galaxy S10.

Don’t worry, you can use an app like Next Radio to listen to FM radio on your Galaxy S10. The app is able to take advantage of the hidden FM radio hardware in the Galaxy S10 series. Note that this app only works on the Snapdragon variant of the Galaxy S10, which is sold in the United States, Hong Kong and other parts of the world. Most Exynos Galaxy S10 variants already come pre-installed with the FM radio app.

In addition, in order to listen to FM radio on the Galaxy S10, you must first connect wired headphones / earbuds to it. This is because the wired headphones act as an FM radio antenna and without it, there is no way you can listen to FM radio on your Galaxy S10. Finally, note that the quality of FM radio just won’t be as good as music stored on your phone or streamed from Spotify, Apple Music or any other music streaming service.

Do you still listen to FM radio? Or have you abandoned it in favor of Spotify or Apple Music?

Is there a future in fm radio

It’s even telling that phones have started to appear without headphone jacks, but if anyone thinks that the lack of FM radio in mobile devices can be attributed to the loss of the headphone jack, that’s not really true.

For the uninitiated, let me remind you that in order to use the radio, you have to plug in an antenna for which headphones fit.

Why it doesn’t matter? Because USB-C analogs work, too. Of course this requires additional software, but let’s leave this aside.

I don’t listen to everyday radio. precisely, I listen to it, but only in the car, although sitting alone at the wheel, I often prefer to use streaming services.

Nevertheless, I firmly believe that all the headlines about the death of FM radio a few years ago are exaggerated.

There are still a lot of people who listen to radio, but don’t necessarily use smartphones and maybe even analog waves for it.

After all, there are special apps to receive native radio stations regardless of signal strength.

Will this FM radio end? There is no definite answer to this. Should the appropriate modules still appear in smartphones?

I have the impression that this is still too general a question. Of course, FM fans are not lost yet. many companies still use receivers, and in this case it is worth mentioning, for example LG, which has shown over the years that sound is important to them.

Of course, we can also choose Asus or even bring Vivo, but do not forget about situations such as deliberately blocking FM radio.

Although in Russia it is not noticeable and depends on many factors, but owners of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 had to wait until Samsung releases the update. Good luck.

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I came here. I looked and wondered: I see that the radio really dies on smartphones. I do not even have a slot for headphones on my smartphone. I honestly do not want radio to die in smartphones, I think it will not disappear, you can just install the Internet radio and listen, but I prefer FM. FM radio fans may be in minor shock now that radios are not available in most smartphones. Not everything is lost. Are there more modern radiorimachy. They are on flash drives. I plan to buy myself such a modern receiver. So then tell me, Mr. Yaroslav: it turns out that the radio is disappearing from smartphones, so that we again began to buy radios and listen to them, or they just want to listen to Internet radio and buy wireless headphones?

I tend to the fact that, according to statistics, FM radio is not popular anymore, because Internet radio has a lot more opportunities, so it is removed.

I see. Well, I think we are far away from Norway: a highly developed country, that’s why they stopped using FM, but we are still a long way off, so we can still dance. We just got the light on, so I’m signing in a little later. Have a nice evening and goodbye, Mr. Yaroslav!

Shanovny Yaroslavl and here’s another question for you: sorry so much luggage, but I would still like to learn from you like this: I remember from this news report how people disassembled, soldered the TV set, turned it on and it still worked. And there was also a black and white image. Why is it clear to me: the old dozhe. But when he turned on the radio, the TV was simply turned off, i.e. the screen turned off and the radio went on with the sound of shh-shh-shh. True, there was also a bad antenna and not much was caught. And I would like to know if it’s possible to somehow display on your TV the radiochvili numbers that would show, for example, 103.2 FM, or 107.9 and so on. It turns out that the TV screen is turned off and nothing is displayed only music played from the speakers and a black screen, but when the TV screen certainly works. I know that if you connect the Android device to the plasma TV set and download the “Audials radio” add-on, I will definitely be able to see the radio’s name and songs directly on the TV screen and listen to them. And so it turns out that in this old Vitek TV, which he affectionately calls “Vityok”, there is only a scale of the twisters on the panel and the image when the radio is not. Whether it is possible to so set up to show the frequency on the screen or you have not dealt with it?

Classic radio

The first thing you should do. connect wired headphones to your smartphone, as they will act as an antenna when searching for occupied radio frequencies.

After plugging the headphones start the application “Radio” and wait while the system scans the frequencies. It is possible that some of the found channels will be white noise (hiss) and not a real radio station and subsequently they can be removed from the list.

In the case if the radio station is of interest, you can click on the star icon near it and thus add it to Favorites, which will allow you to quickly switch between your favorite FM channels.

To listen to the radio through the main speaker, you need to click on the triple dot in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Play through the speaker”.

For those who want the radio turned off after a certain period of time, you can go to the settings and under “Sleep Timer” set the desired period.

How to turn on the radio on your Android Samsung Galaxy smartphone

On your smartphone, FM radio usually only works with headphones. they serve as an antenna to receive signals.

To turn it on, go to the menu (all programs) and click on the “Radio” icon.

Next, select the “Stations” option and tap “Search” at the bottom.

The system scans the airwaves and finds all available frequencies.

All you have to do is to click on one of them and the music starts rolling.

At the top right there is “Options” go there and find the settings. There you can choose to play through an external speaker (hands-free) and add found channels to your favorites.

How to connect your phone to the TV via Miracast

Miracast technology is also designed to mirror the screen of mobile devices on TV and works in a similar way to AirPlay. It’s supported out of the box on Smart TVs. And with a special adapter, you can add it to any TV with HDMI port.

What to do if you have a Smart TV

  • Open the network settings on your TV and turn on Miracast.
  • On smartphone go to “Settings” → “Screen” → “Wireless Monitor” and turn on the function.
  • Select the TV in the list of found Miracast devices.
  • The image from your smartphone appears on the TV screen as soon as it is connected.

What to do if you need an adapter

  • Buy a compatible adapter. It is desirable to choose universal models with support for Miracast, Chromecast and AirPlay.
  • Plug the adapter into the HDMI port. If necessary, connect the power to it with a USB cable.
  • Select the HDMI connector on your TV to which the adapter is connected.
  • Download the app from the QR code on the screen and connect via it.
  • Or use the standard Android function by activating it in “Settings” → “Screen” → “Wireless Monitor” menu.

If you’re one of those who prefer the native cell phone app to third-party radio apps, the models we’re talking about below are ideal because they have FM radio built in.

Analyzing the market in search of the best Samsung phones with FM radio, we have made a variety of choices that adapt to different user needs. So you will be able to find from the most modern cell phones from the firm to those with more basic features they offer you in return a more affordable price. Again, all have something in common: FM radio.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of the Samsung models with FM radio.

We started with this Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, with a list of very advanced specs, among which we highlight the presence of FM radio. By accessing the radio app on your phone, you can tune in to your favorite radio stations. Note that the Note 20 Ultra has no 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can listen to the radio aloud or with wireless headphones.

Other features that should matter to you in this Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are its 6.9-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen, its Exynos 990 5G processor, its triple rear camera and its 4,500 mAh battery with fast charging and fast wireless charging. As you can see, this is the most powerful terminal in Samsung‘s catalog, and it does not have FM radio.

Galaxy S20

With the Samsung Galaxy S20, you can also listen to FM radio.

If you want a Samsung cell phone with FM radio, another good option is the Galaxy S20, which we were able to analyze after its launch. We are again talking about a terminal that has no 3.5 mm headphone jack, so you have to resort to wireless headphones if you want to listen to the radio in private. When you want to do it out loud, you can do it with the best quality thanks to the Dolby Atmos Stereo Speaker from AKG which integrates this Galaxy S20.

We also see a 6.2-inch Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED screen, a Samsung Exynos 990 processor, a triple rear camera and a 4,000mAh battery with 25W fast charging, wireless charging and reverse wireless charging on the list of features of this high-end Samsung.

Galaxy S20 FE

In the Galaxy S20 FE features chart, we find FM radio.

He Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which we review in our analysis as one of the smartest buys of 2020, includes an FM radio chip in its long specs table. Like the top two high-end cell phones in previous models, this Galaxy S20 FE also lacks a headphone jack, so you’ll have to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

6.5-inch Infinity-O Super AMOLED display, Samsung Exynos 990 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 (5G) processor. Depending on the version. triple rear camera and 4,500 mAh battery with 25W fast charging and 15W wireless charging are other details that tip the scales in favor of buying the Galaxy S20 FE.

Galaxy M51

Samsung Galaxy M51, the mid-range with a giant battery.

Without a doubt, this is the Galaxy M51 It stands out above all because it has the biggest battery Samsung has ever seen, specifically the 7,000 mAh. However, if we dig deeper into its specifications, we see that it also has an FM radio and a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can use your wired headphones to listen to the radio on the phone.

In addition to that huge battery, the Galaxy M51 also has a panel, Snapdragon 730 chip, 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM and a quad-core rear camera with a main sensor of 64 MP.

Galaxy A71

So this is one of the best Samsung mid-range.

In the mid-price segment, Samsung has another mobile with FM radio, it Galaxy A71 we reviewed after the market release. In addition to the chip for FM radio, a 3.5 mm headphone jack appears in the connection section of the terminal, which means you can plug in wired headphones to listen to the radio, music or any sound.

A 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, Snapdragon 730 processor, 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM, quad-core rear camera with 64 MP primary sensor and a 4500 mAh battery with 25W fast charging make this Galaxy A71 more than an interesting mid-range terminal.

Galaxy M11

Samsung Galaxy M11. one of the cheapest possible.

As a good representative of the Samsung Galaxy M family, this Galaxy M11 It attracts our interest, above all, its 5000 mAh battery capacity. Terminal at a very affordable price, Has a chip for FM radio, so you won’t need to download third-party radio apps to listen to your favorite channels.

Also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, giving you the option to use wired headphones. Finally, this Galaxy M11 features a 6.4-inch LCD screen, a 1.8GHz octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, a triple rear camera with a standard 13MP sensor and a very attractive 5000mAh battery.

Different alternatives

You can also find out what music is playing in other countries thanks to the FM radio app, which groups over 10,000 stations by country. Finally, listening to the radio on the Samsung S6 is a reality, and it is impressive.