Is It Possible With Samsung To Control The Tv

Galaxy Universal Remote

OS version: Android 4.0 or later
Price: 219 rubles

A universal application for a smartphone that allows you to make a gadget a remote control not only for a TV, but also for any household appliances with a built-in IR port.

If there are several TVs in the house, the user of the application can bookmark each model for quick access at any time. If additional devices are connected to the TV, such as amplifiers or game consoles, the universal remote can be configured for each device from one menu.

The application has extensive functionality:

  • Unique control panel. The user can add his own command buttons, set their shape, size and color, set their own icon on each button.
  • Creation of macros. The ability to customize a list of actions for one click. This can be turning on the TV, switching to a certain channel, increasing the volume.
  • Create and save custom IR command codes
  • Scan Device Models to Set Up Phone Alignment
  • Backup. All settings and commands can be transferred to another phone.
  • A widget for the home screen of an Android smartphone. You can control your TV without even entering the app.

If the application turns out to be incompatible with a specific TV model, the developers have provided for a refund system for the money paid for the program.

5 easy ways to make a TV remote from your smartphone

22.03.2017 20:52:00

The possibilities of a modern smartphone are endless. Almost any technical problem, whether we are doing complex computational work, or simply want to “teach” the gadget new features, can be solved in a few taps across the screen. Let’s talk about how you can control your TV using a mobile gadget on Android. This may be needed if the original remote control is out of order and there is no way to quickly replace it.

Not so long ago, in order to turn on the TV from a smartphone, you had to have special technical knowledge, but now it is enough to install a special Android application. The TV must have certain functions with which you can establish a connection between the TV and the smartphone:

  • Smart TV. Allows you to connect to your TV via Wi-Fi
  • Infrared port
  • Bluetooth module

The corresponding modules must be installed in the phone.

Large manufacturers such as LG, Panasonic or Samsung develop applications specifically for their models. We will consider universal programs for Android that turn a smartphone into a remote control for various TV models.

Table of contents

TV Remote Control

OS version: Android 2.2 or later
Cost: Free

A universal application that allows you to control your TV from your phone. The program does not support Russian, but even a novice user can figure out a simple menu. It is enough to set the connection mode (infrared or Wi-Fi), register the IP address of the TV and set the desired model.

The application supports a huge number of TV models, including:

  • Lg
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • Vizio
  • Sharp
  • Funai
  • Akai
  • JVC and many others

The application has a basic set of commands for the TV: power button, numeric keypad, buttons for switching channels and setting the sound. The app does not have a paid extended version, so ads will appear on the control panel from time to time.

Remote control

OS version: Android 4.0.3 or later
Cost: Free

A handy application that turns your smartphone into a TV remote control. In the settings, just select the connection mode: via infrared or Wi-Fi. In the second case, the program itself can determine the IP address of the TV and connect to it. The phone software allows you to manage models from seven manufacturers:

  • Samsung
  • Lg
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • Panasonic
  • Phillips
  • Sharp

The developers of the application assure that they add new TV models with each update.

Controlling the TV from a smartphone is carried out through a simple menu in which you can select the signal source (TV or AV), enter the TV menu, change channels using the numeric keypad or separate soft buttons and adjust the sound.

The app doesn’t have a paid version, so you won’t be able to disable pop-up ads.

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Easy Universal TV Remote

OS version: Android 2.3 or later
Cost: Free

A smartphone app that turns an Android device into a TV remote control. It differs from previous programs only in the interface: with it you can control the sound, change channels and turn off the TV.

To get started, you need to select one of three connection modes and the TV model.

Most free apps have one major drawback. You can’t turn off ads. You can get rid of annoying banners, as well as significantly expand the functionality of your smartphone as a TV remote control by installing paid applications.

Smartphone as TV remote

It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without television. The abundance of entertainment shows, films, TV series and other programs allows you to satisfy the tastes of every viewer. It is even more difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without a smartphone. Today, almost everyone has such devices. And therefore, quite naturally, the question arose “Can I use a smartphone as a remote control for a TV?” And if so, then another question appears on the scene. “How to use a smartphone as a TV remote control?”.

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Panasonic TV

To control this manufacturer’s TV from a smartphone, download and install the Panasonic TV Remote app. This software is rightfully considered the best in its category, which once again confirms the high Japanese quality. The interface is made in a minimalist style, there is nothing superfluous in it. At the same time, the functionality deserves the highest mark.

A distinctive feature of the application is the presence of swipes. All management is built on them. Switching between screens, the user gets access to the device files (they can be played on TV), navigation menu, settings. It is possible to use the smartphone as a game controller, enter online mode, turn on the sleep timer and much more.

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Popular software to control TV from a smartphone

All the variety of available software can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Special (proprietary) programs;
  • Universal utilities.

The first category is designed to control TV models of specific manufacturers. Keeping pace with the times, the best manufacturers of household appliances must create an interface for the functional interaction of the TV and the smartphone as a remote control. The second category software is designed, ideally, to control all TV models.

Considering the special software that allows you to make an Android, iOS or Windows Phone smartphone a remote control for TV, let’s pay attention to the most popular manufacturers:

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Samsung TV

To solve this problem, you need to download and install the Samsung TV Remote app. The interface is designed quite simply and clearly. On one screen there are buttons for dialing the channel number, as well as keys for switching them and adjusting the volume, turning on / off the TV, sound, going to the navigation menu.

The second screen is the interface for controlling the multimedia functions of the TV: colored keys, joystick, access to favorite files or channels. It should be noted that advertising has been added to the application, which is a significant drawback.

How to use your smartphone as a TV remote control

First of all, it should be borne in mind that TVs from different manufacturers have a lot, not only in common, but also different. Therefore, the methods of managing them are not the same. In general, a smartphone, like a remote control, influences the operation of a TV by means of special software. And to establish a connection, modern wireless technologies are required (selected depending on the TV model and software):

  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Infrared port.

The latest communication technology is considered to be outdated and is finding less and less use every year. However, it is still used today. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth are the main communication technologies. On their application, the principles of functioning of a smartphone as a remote control for a TV are built.

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your LG TV

To control this manufacturer’s TV from a smartphone, you need to download and install the LG TV Remote app on it. When scanning starts, the program detects an LG TV in range and connects to it via one of the wireless communication channels.

2 screens appear on the display. The first of them is an interface that allows you to adjust the volume, switch channels. From there you can go to the home screen, take a screenshot. Also from here it is easy to get into the list of all or favorite channels, turn on / off the 3D effect. The second screen presents a menu that provides access to installed applications.

The interface allows the user to slide his finger across the display while the mouse pointer follows on the TV screen. With this software, you can play multimedia files stored on your smartphone on TV and even play. In this case, the screen becomes a gaming field, and the display can be turned into a joystick controller.


A useful and convenient software that can remotely provide access to a PC using a special application that looks like a browser. The developers have added many optional features to the program, which allowed the software to become one of the leaders in the market.

  • The program is distributed free of charge.
  • The picture from the phone screen is transferred to the PC screen.
  • Quality product.
  • Function of remote work with contacts and file documents.

Even novice users can work with AirDroid. To get started, you need to download the application to your mobile phone from the Play Google Market and run.

The main window of the software will be displayed, where you need to enter your username and password. It must be taken from the account created on the official developer portal during the registration process.

After that, we connect the Android smartphone to the PC. Now we have the opportunity to visit our own personal account and start remote work.

If the software is unstable, then it is not running on the gadget. Airdroid Features:

  • Sending and receiving SMS.
  • The user is provided in the cloud with 200 MB as storage.
  • You can view and edit contacts on your smartphone.
  • Accessing the front camera.
  • Sending and Receiving File Documents via PC.

Operation and services are different for different smartphone models. This is due to the installation of different browsers in phones.


The program has a web interface, so no software needs to be installed. This tool provides a display of the phone’s desktop on the PC screen, so you can take screenshots. The software is distributed free of charge, users highly rate it.

First you need to follow these steps:

Is It Possible With Samsung To Control The Tv
  • Downloading the Air software for Android in the Play Store.
  • On Windows PC, open the developer resource

Instructions for working with the program:

  • Click “Launch Air Web to Connect” on the official website of the program.
  • You will be offered the following connection methods: QR code or Wi-Fi.
  • Launch Air on Android, click on “Scanner”.
  • The QR code is scanned from the computer monitor, after which we allow the software access to various options on the smartphone.

After completing the above steps, the web interface will display all the data about the gadget: OS version, name, battery charge, storage capacity, etc. You can also transfer files between your phone and PC. Functions for taking screenshots and recordings from the screen are provided, you can view the list of messages and contacts.

Air demonstrates excellent performance, but the main disadvantage of the service is the lack of a Russian-language version. Developers are constantly improving the product and releasing updates.


The program has a high speed of work, and when executing tasks, errors do not appear. The user can control his phone from the computer, regardless of where the gadget is located.

Instructions for working with TeamViewer:

    We download the software to a PC, carry out the installation. It is necessary to ensure that the OS of the downloaded software matches your system.
  • Install and activate the program on the Android phone.
  • In the utility on the PC, you need to start an account.
  • Run the application.
  • We enter the ID code, password, which will allow the two gadgets to combine and work with remote access.
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    Now the settings are complete, you can start working.

    Device Manager

    There is a special service from Google called Android Device Manager, with which you can remotely control your mobile gadget via a PC.

    This application functions only if you have a Google account. There are free and paid versions. The user does not need to download anything to a smartphone, all actions are performed using a browser.

    Instructions for working with Device Manager:

    • In the Internet browser, enter
    • Go to your own Google account. It should be created in advance.
    • In the gadget, we activate the Internet and geolocation option. This function is responsible for recognizing the location of the smartphone and the user.
    • Configuration complete.

    After that, you will have the following opportunities:

    • Lock your device.
    • Determine where the smartphone is located with an accuracy of a meter.

    The paid version has many more options. The free version has limited features.

    Remote control Android

    To control an Android device through a computer, you need special tools and programs. Although gadgets contain a large number of convenient and necessary options, it is not always possible to carry out the desired action through them.

    Users resort to using a PC, for example, when they have forgotten their phone, and it contains the necessary data. There is special software that allows you to receive data from the phone at a distance.

    Requirements for the programs:

    • Free to download and apply. This will save money and get an excellent product in terms of functionality.
    • Decide immediately what you need from this utility, what functions it should perform.
    • Ease of use. The application should not contain unnecessary additional options and long incomprehensible instructions.
    • If, when using software, the response rate to these tasks is very long, then look for another program.

    Consider the most popular and effective methods and programs for controlling an Android phone via a Windows computer.

    Via USB cable and Vysor app

    First you need to activate USB debugging on your phone:

      Click “Settings”, select “System” and “About phone”.

    We go down, after which we press 7. 10 times on the line “Build number”.

    We return to the past menu, where we select the tab “For developers”.

    We go down to the section “Debugging via USB”, click on the switch.

  • For a computer on Windows, you need to install ADB drivers.
  • We connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable.
  • Now download and install the Vysor utility. This can be done on the official developer portal http://vysor.Io. After launching the software, your phone will be detected automatically, a connection will be made to it.

    After that, the user gets full control over his own smartphone. You can records from the screen, take screenshots, work in applications.

    In the settings there are options for enabling full screen mode or for choosing the image quality. These functions are available only after subscription, as well as providing access to the phone to other users. Another limitation of the free version is the inability to connect the phone to a PC via Wi-Fi.

    Despite the minimum number of options, Vysor allows you to work efficiently at the computer and not be distracted by the phone when a notification comes to it.

    Smart TV Remote app. How to control Samsung TV using your smartphone

    Good day! In today’s short article, you will learn how you can easily control your Samsung Smart TV using your smartphone or tablet on the android operating system.

    And why do you need it at all, you might ask? After all, there is a standard keypad, why all these unnecessary gadgets? And here the author of the article, fundamentally disagrees with you, and that’s why.

    Firstly, the factory remote control may fail and as a temporary solution it will be possible to use a soft remote control, which can be easily organized using the Smart TV Remote application on a phone or tablet.

    Secondly, if you have already tried installing widgets on your “smart” TV, then you may have encountered the problem of entering the ip-addresses of the installation servers on the F-series TV sets, which do not always come with a full-fledged push-button panel.

    In general, as you can see, there are enough reasons for using Smart TV Remote for Samsung TV. It is also worth noting that there is an analogue of this program for devices of other popular brands, for example LG. Well, let’s put it on.

    And this despite the fact that the program does not support TVs of the H-series (2014), since Samsung changed the encryption protocols and thereby cut off the possibility of interaction of TVs of this series with third-party applications.

    Here is what the Samsung Smart TV Remote developers themselves write about this:

    But for the owners of TVs in 2014, I recommend not to get upset about this in advance, since for your “pets”, the manufacturer himself has prepared very interesting mobile solutions.

    And in the next articles we will consider them. Therefore, subscribe to blog updates so as not to miss interesting information.

    Now let’s move on. At this step, be sure to check that your smartphone and TV are on the same home network and after that launch the application itself:

    Now let’s move on to the simple setup of Smart TV Remote. And first of all, we will pair with the TV. To do this, click the button marked in the screenshot below:

    In the window that opens, check the “Automatic search” item and click the “Search” button below. The network discovery process will start, as a result of which the application will detect your TV set:

    At this time, a message will appear on the TV screen asking for permission to add a new device, answer in the affirmative.

    Now select your TV in the program window and click “Finish”. After that, in the status column, the message “Connection established” should appear:

    This is where the simple settings of the Smart TV Remote application end. As you can see, everything is very simple. Now let’s go directly to the overview of functions. Uh, the fun begins.

    For example, if you want to watch terrestrial, cable or satellite broadcasts of programs, the program will easily allow you to select the desired input:

    And when you click on the gear icon, you will open advanced settings. Personally, the author of the article, left everything as it is:

    If you click on the plus button, a menu will open where you can edit the channel list:

    But since the author prefers to watch television via the Internet, this point turned out to be irrelevant. The purpose of the remaining buttons in the main window of the Smart TV Remote program is intuitive and should not cause difficulties.

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    I would like to note separately the button with the image of the palm, which, in theory, should activate the touch functions of hand control:

    Unfortunately, on the experimental TV (UE40ES6100), this counter did not work, so I can’t say how and what works. But if it starts up in your friend, then write in the comments about how it still “functions”.

    In the meantime, we are slowly but surely moving on to the analysis of Smart TV functions:

    And here you will see a complete analogue of the capabilities of a standard push-button remote from the TV set:

    By the way, pay attention to the bottom of the screen, there are additional tabs “Media” and “Text”, which significantly expand the capabilities of the application: As you can see, there are really many functions. So there will be something to do at your leisure.

    Well, and this article comes to an end. Slowly explore the capabilities of the Smart TV Remote app for Samsung TVs. It should be said that this is a really interesting solution that deserves your attention.

    In one line I would like to note one significant drawback, namely: you cannot turn on and off the TV set using the program, and this is very bad. If this opportunity were realized, it would be possible to talk about a complete replacement of the factory remote control.

    But if only, if only. We, Slavs, love to dream. # 128578; On this occasion, I suggest you watch a cool musical parody on this topic.

    Remote control via phone: how to set up a remote control on Android

    Today, even the most ordinary smartphone can perform dozens of tasks that required a separate device ten years ago. Talking about a mobile device as a replacement for an audio and player, a digital camera, a portable game console does not even occur to anyone, so these functions naturally passed to smartphones and became a part of everyday life.

    In a short time, new features will be added to this ever-expanding natural arsenal of smartphones. For example, today, to pay for purchases in supermarkets, it is enough just to bring an Android smartphone with a built-in NFC chip to the terminal, or more and more automakers are equipping their new models with the possibility of remote control from a smartphone, even if for now only to start the engine or feed a car from the parking lot to driver, but this is just the beginning. Therefore, the remote control via the phone is unlikely to surprise anyone.

    So, managing the infrared port in our life is becoming not only a reasonable, but also an absolutely natural choice. After all, everyone sometimes, comfortably sitting on the couch with a phone, may want, for example, if you do not check the contents of the refrigerator, without getting out from under a cozy blanket, then at least turn on the TV and watch your favorite show or TV series after a long working day, without searching the entire neighborhood in search of an abandoned remote control unknown where.

    The capabilities of Android today allow you to use almost any phone as a TV remote control. For connection, you can use different interfaces, the most common are infrared port or Bluetooth module. Let’s take a look at how to set up a remote on an Android phone using a variety of free and paid apps. Smart TVs usually also support Wi-Fi connectivity, many major manufacturers have their own Android remote control apps with advanced features such as LG TV Remote, Samsung Smart View, TV SideView: Sony Remote.

    To set up the remote control via your phone to control different TV models, there are many paid and free universal programs, the most popular of which we will consider.

    How to set up the remote control via the phone: TOP applications

    Galaxy Universal Remote

    A paid program that allows you to control your equipment via the infrared module of your smartphone. With this application, you can configure the remote control through your phone for a TV, receiver or tuner, audio system, media players, air conditioner, projector, digital camera, game console and other types of equipment.

    Among the main functions of the program:

    • Creating bookmarks for individual devices and saving settings;
    • Control of the IR port for several devices using the function of a universal customizable remote control, where, for example, you can set the channel switch button from the TV, and the volume control from the audio system;
    • The ability to customize the appearance of the remote control (choice of color, button size and much more);
    • No annoying ads and banners;
    • Saving a sequence of actions (for example, turning on several devices by pressing one button);
    • Backup of program data and recovery on another smartphone;
    • Using widgets to control devices directly from the main screen of your phone.

    TV Remote Control

    A program that allows you to use your phone as a TV remote control. The application does not have a Russian-language version, but to understand the simple interface, how to set up the remote control via the phone, is not difficult anyway. You just need to select the operating mode (infrared port or Wi-Fi connection) and the TV model. You can install the remote control on your phone for free, but in this case you have to accept the fact that it sometimes shows ads on the control screen.

    The program supports standard TV switch functions: power management, volume control, number keys and channel switching.

    The application is compatible with TVs Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Akai, JVC and other manufacturers.

    Easy Universal TV Remote

    Another simple application that allows you to use your Android tablet or phone as a TV remote control. The program is similar to similar in functionality, differing mainly in the interface, it is possible to turn on / off the TV, adjust the volume, change channels, etc.

    To configure the remote control via the phone, you just need to select the connection type from the three available and the TV model; declared support for most brands of TVs: Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic and others.

    TV remote

    To use it, you need to install the remote control on your phone, after which three modes will be available:

    • Infrared control;
    • Extended mode;
    • Universal mode.

    The program interface is quite simple and intuitive. The application is compatible with most models of modern and old TVs, so it can be used both for old models that support IR control, and for new smart TVs.

    To control the device’s IR port, a corresponding module is required in the smartphone, other modes work via Wi-Fi, then the program can connect to the TV in the home network automatically.