Is it possible to use iPhone without SIM card

Is it possible to use iPhone without SIM card?

The iPhone can be connected to a cellular network without a SIM card and the operator at the end of November, Apple published on its American website the rules for connecting the iPhone of the latest models-XS, XS Max and XR to mobile networks without using SIM cards.

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The second method of activation of the iPhone without a SIM card is using the iTunes utility for Windows or OS X. First you need to download the latest ITUNES version and connect the iPhone to a computer. Follow the screen instructions and soon you will receive an activated smartphone without using a SIM card.

We activate the phone imitating the call

By pressing the power button, the owner’s greeting will light up on the screen. Click on the “Home” and “Emergency Call” buttons sequentially. As a room we drive 1-1-2 and the “Call” button. I did not have time to dial the phone, the beeps have not gone yet, and you have already dropped. Your task is to dial the number and immediately drop the call. After such a simple manipulation, the phone will be activated and ready for further action. This method has been used repeatedly in mobile stores in order to familiarize customers with the new iPhone model.

If you are not sure of your own furrost, and imitation of an emergency call seemed too complicated to you, then we move on to a simple way. In addition to the iPhone, you should have a “at hand” computer. You download the latest version of iTunes to PC. Next, using the cable, we connect our new iPhone to the computer.

When connecting, there may be a notification that a SIM card is required for further work. But, the message may not be displayed on the screen of the phone, which means that you can successfully use it without a cellular card.

If you have a second option, then we proceed to the phone settings. Choosing “Next” or “Continue”, the activation of the iPhone is launched in iTunes. Following the prompts, you indicate the location, password, personal data, etc.D. After the phone is activated and ready to use.

Use R- or X-Card

This is a very simple way, but you need to buy such equipment. If the user has a R- or X-card, then he can use it. This is necessary:

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  • Insert a card into a smartphone. A list of service providers will appear. In it you need to choose a suitable operator. If it is not on the list, click on the “Enter IMSI” button.
  • The user will need to write a special code. For each service provider, different combinations. You can take them on the NETPAL website.Co.UK.
  • Select the version of the smartphone. However, before activating the iPhone 6 without a SIM card, it is worth charging it. This applies to only sixth generation phones.
  • Determine the method of unlocking. It can be 3G, GPRS, LTE and so on. It is worth choosing the most suitable method.
  • Agree with the reboot.

After the user, you have to configure his smartphone. In addition, the system will offer to register Apple ID. You need to write truthful data, since it will be impossible to turn the process.

How to make an iPhone backup to re.Activate the old iPhone

You can consider this itself that activation. This is a process for new iPhone. If you need to change the cellular network for the old iPhone, you can re.Activate the old IPhone using the ITUNES automatic re.Activation protocol. Backup your iPhone. This is always an important step before iPhone activation. Anymp4 iOS backup and recovery data. This is a simple way to backup and restore the selected data from your iPhone.

Backup and restoration of iOS windows data

  • One. Make a backup or restore all the iPhone data or part of them with one mouse click.
  • 2. Support for most types of iPhone data, such as photos, video, etc. D.
  • 3. Set the password to easily protect backup files on your iPhone.
  • 4. Save all iPhone data in the initial state to restore and restore.
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How to make a backup copy of the old iPhone before the activation of the iPhone

Before you configure the old iPhone in the new cellular network, you can install the IPhone backup program. Connect the iPhone to a computer using Lightning cable. As soon as you run the program, it automatically recognizes the iOS device.

Step 2: backup of data from your iPhone

Click backup IOS data in the main intese to start backup your iPhone. Select standard backup and select backup files. Click the Start icon button for backup file. When it is done, disconnect your iPhone. Now you can activate your iPhone without a SIM card.

Activation using iTunes

To activate the iPhone without a SIM card first, you need:

  • Go from the computer to the official ITUNES page, download the program in the most new version;
  • Connect the iPhone to PC via a USB cable;
  • Run itunes;
  • Following the instructions, perform all activation actions.
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How to delete ESIM with iPhone

If you need to remove ESIM, follow the following actions.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Select “cellular communication” or “mobile data”.
  • Select the tariff plan that needs to be removed.
  • Click “Delete the cell tariff”.

If you need to cancel the tariff plan of mobile communications, contact your operator. ESIM removal with iPhone does not break your contract with a mobile operator.

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Will iPhone Work Without Sim Card?

Why is the iPhone not activated

If the iPhone is not activated, this is not a sentence

If you opened this article, you probably have already made sure that sometimes I just can’t activate the iPhone. He writes. The activation failure or iPhone could not be activated, since it was not possible to get information about activation from it. The reasons why this happens can be very different. Here are just the most common ones:

  • The iPhone activation requires update (your iPhone works on an outdated version of the OS, and it cannot be activated). Fixable;
  • The activation server is not available (at the moment too many devices are activated or it just “fell”). Fixable;
  • Your mobile operator does not allow you to unlock this iPhone (perhaps your iPhone is tied to another operator). Anglock is required;
  • Wi-Fi is not a cellular connection or connection (activation is carried out only using the Internet, and a stable signal is important for this)-fixable;
  • Itunes could not verify your device (it happens if any internal components of the smartphone do not work)-fixable;
  • The iPhone is blocked by the previous user (this happens when the activation of the previous owner is active on the smartphone). Fixable.

In fact, most of the reasons that impede activation are solved quite easily. It does not matter what exactly provoked the iPhone activation failure. The need to update, the inaccessibility of the activation server or the inability of iTunes to verify the device. In both in the other and in the third cases, activate the iPhone, if he writes “Activation Failure”, you can without third.Party help. Just wait until the Apple server earn money or a cell signal will work out.

Using special utilities

How to configure the iPhone without having a SIM card and purchased in another country? You will need a computer based on Windows or Mac OS and USB Cabel.

Important: In the latest IOS versions, the company allowed activation without an iPhone SIM card inserted. It is enough to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Consider how to activate the iPhone through the iTunes program without SIM card. Download the application from the official Apple website and install on the computer. The installation will not take much time and supports the Russian language.

Run the application. For work you will need an registered Apple ID account. We enter it using the personal data specified in the registration.

We connect the smartphone to a laptop or computer via cable. We follow the simple instructions shown on the screen, and get access to the mobile. There is little free space on the smartphone? We recommend that you use one of the wedgers presented in the article: “Analogs of CCleanner for iOS”