Is It Possible To Swim With The Apple Watch In Water

Is It Possible To Swim With The Apple Watch In Water

Many physically active owners of smart watches want to use the maximum capabilities of their gadget:

  • do sport;
  • swim and dive in the Apple Watch;
  • Do not part with them while taking a shower or bath.

Let’s see what actually can iWatch in the aquatic environment?

Water resistant and moisture resistant Apple Watch. different concepts

According to the instructions on how to use iWatch, smart watches have a degree of protection against moisture IPX7 according to IES 60529. This means that they can be at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes without harmful effects. If both indicators are increased, then the device may lose moisture resistance. Obviously, before assigning this degree of protection, the company conducted the appropriate tests.

Swim with the Apple Watch

However, Apple clarifies that IPX7 compliance protects against accidental moisture:

  • raindrops;
  • sweat during training;
  • splashing water when washing hands.

I.e, waterproof apple watch are not. And to the question “Is it possible to swim in salt or fresh water in iWatch?” The manufacturer answers. definitely, no. The watch lacks applications for water training.

However, this does not stop. Curious users arrange smart watches with water tests, which the latter do very well.

IPhone application developer Craig Hockenbury, who loves to swim with the iWatch in the ocean, claims that after two months of active water training, they work like new. Craig notes only a couple of points:

  1. The capacitive display under water does not respond (although it is quite distinguishable), so the Workout application must be run on land.
  2. Salt water contains highly conductive minerals. To avoid breakage, after contact with such an environment, the watch must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water.

Curious fact: Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, told the press that he was taking a shower at iWatch, and they were fine.

Can I swim with the Apple Watch in the water?

What is the difference between Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, the Sport modification is not at all richer in terms of sports functions. The difference lies in the more budget materials of the case and display and equipment from the manufacturer. There is no exact answer to the question “Can I swim or take a bath in the Apple Watch Sport?” But practice shows that it’s worth a try.

Why doesn’t Apple recommend water diving?

Two possible answers suggest themselves:

  1. The manufacturer is reinsured: the product is new, it was not tested for long, with prolonged exposure to water, the protective layer may be broken, moisture will penetrate the work units, and a breakdown will occur that will cause user complaints.
  2. Tricky marketing move: the buyer expects less, but gets more opportunities. Nice, isn’t it?

Still, I want to believe that in the near future Apple will have a model of smart watches, which the company will officially declare waterproof, and the ability to swim in iWatch without fear of spoiling the gadget.