Is it possible to pay for the Apple Pay bus. Application of transport maps

Payment of fare on a bus with a bank card: Procedure for action

Technical progress does not stand still. Today, living in large cities, can contactly pay for travel by public transport in one touch. To do this, just use the terminal. Payment of travel on the bus with a bank card greatly facilitates the lives of people and helps them save their time.

When using contactless payments, users do not need to purchase special travel agencies in transport organizations. Another advantage of paying by card in buses is to protect personal property. In urban transport, there are regular cases of petty theft. When using a card, they may not carry cash in bags and not worry about the safety of funds. And if the ill.wishers will steal a bank card, it can be immediately blocked by calling a hot fishing line for a bank trimmer.

The third plus is comfort and convenience. Today you can pay for goods and services using a simple application of a card to the terminal. The process takes a few seconds. This is convenient and practical for modern citizens who want to live with the times. Also, the user has the opportunity to receive bonuses.

With regular use of the card in transport, banks charge their client with a good cashback, which will subsequently help drive buses at a more acceptable price. In addition, when using the MasterCard bank card in the ground transport of the region, you can reduce the usual ticket at the same time costs 42 rubles.

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The necessary conditions

Consider how to make a travel payment instead of a card. For contactless calculation, you can use credit cards such systems as Visa, Mir, Mastercard. Users should take into account that not all cards are suitable. The procedure will turn out if the credit card is equipped with PayPass technology. You can determine its presence yourself. To understand how to pay by a way, you should find the following signs on the card:

If such icons are detected, you can safely pay by the method in the buses and trolleybuses of your city. If there are no inscriptions, you need to contact the bank and ask about issuing a new model card.

Mobile ticket

This payment option is available for those who have a tele2 SIM card. MTS, Beeline and Megafon subscribers cannot yet use all the possibilities of the “mobile ticket”. The main condition for transferring funds is that the phone must have a NFC module. You can pay for travel in this way not only in the subway. But also in public transport.

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The possibilities of the mobile application “Troika”

The application is an analogue of the electronic wallet. With it, you can pay for trips with a contactless way. Payment on the subway using a mobile phone occurs through NFC.

The Troika mobile application on the smartphone gives the following operations:

  • Pay travel in public transport;
  • track the number of remaining trips;
  • tie a bank card;
  • monitor the current balance and, if necessary, replenish the score;
  • Watch the history and details of each trip.

How to record tickets for the “Troika” card

Before the trip, you need to present a ticket. In the Troika application, they are available in electronic format.

To write tickets for cards, it is required:

  • Go to the program.
  • On the main page, click “Buy a ticket”.
  • Select the desired type of ticket.
  • Pay the purchase with a bank card.

There is another way to buy tickets for the Troika card. You can come to the cashier of the metro, ask the cashier to write down tickets and pay for the purchase. You can pay in cash or from a bank card.

How to find out the balance of “Troika” by card number

There are several way owners of cards:

  • When paying. The terminals that write off the money are at the entrances of the landing. On the screen, they show the amount of and the rest of the funds on the map. Unfortunately, some terminals leave much to be desired. The screen quickly goes out, or the amount is written in small print.
  • Yellow terminals. They are installed in all halls in the subway. Put the card to the yellow circle and get complete information on the map. Including an affordable residue.
  • In the Troika Appendix. Balance check “. You need to install this program on the phone and undergo authorization. Then turn on the Internet and attach the card to the back cover of the smartphone where SIM card is installed. After that, the current balance will display in the application. This method is suitable for those who have NFC phones equipped.
  • In the application “My travel”. The procedure is the same as described above.
  • By SMS. Send the word “balance” to number 3210. In response, a message will come in which the current residue will be indicated.
  • By phone of the support service. Call the free number 8-800-100-77-90 and ask the operator to name the balance on the map.

Instructions on how to pay a “triple” for travel in the subway and bus

The procedure for paying for travel from a mobile phone:

  • We take a smartphone.
  • Remove the lock.
  • Open the payment application.
  • Choosing a card with which money should write off.
  • We bring the phone to the rear panel turnstile.
  • We are waiting for the payment to be made. It takes 2-3 seconds.
  • We pass through the turnstile.

There is no commission when paying. The travel price depends on the tariffs set by the metro. The instruction of the fare on the bus is the same.

Google Pay or Apple Pay

This option is suitable for those who have NFC on the smartphone. The technology of contactless payment allows the user to pay a trip in public transport. As payment services, Google Pay or Apple Pay, depending on the operating system of the phone.

How to configure contactless payment from the phone

Before you pay for the fare, you need to install a payment service. And then tie a bank card.

Install the application

Android owners can download Google Pay in Play Market:

  • We go to the app store.
  • In the search bar we drive Google Pay.
  • We find the program.
  • We open a page with the specified application.
  • Click “Install”.

IPhone owners download Apple Pay in the App Store store.

We tie the card

The user needs to perform the following actions:

  • go into the installed application;
  • undergo authorization;
  • Select “Add the map”;
  • indicate the details of the card;
  • agree with the rules of service;
  • Confirm the binding using SMS.

Now the card is added. You can use the Google Pay or Apple Pay application to pay for the metro or trip on the bus.

How to pay for travel on the bus from the phone

To pay a smartphone with NFC, you need:

  • Unlock the phone.
  • Go to the Google Pay or Apple Pay application.
  • Select a card to pay on a bus from a phone.
  • Bring a mobile device to a payment terminal.
  • Wait for a successful of money. The operation will take a couple of seconds.
  • Go through the turnstile.

Is payment from a tram and trolleybus available? There is such an opportunity. But it is necessary that the smartphone support NFC technology. If it is not, then the mark can be set manually.

How to pay for travel in the subway phone

The procedure for paying for the fare in the subway using a smartphone is similar. The only thing is to check the available balance in advance. If there is not enough money in the account, then it will not work out for the ticket.

Which metro stations are available by phone

In subway and St. Petersburg, you can pay a phone instead of a card everywhere. In other cities, such an option is partially limited. People have to buy tokens or tickets at the cash desk in the old fashioned way.

How to go in the subway by phone

Go to the metro station and bring the phone to the payment terminal. If there is money in the account, then the transfer will be. You will find out about this when look at the terminal screen. There will be a green checkmark. After a successful payment, the turnstile will open, and you can move on.

How to pay for passage with smart clocks

Phones are not the only tool for payment in public transport. You can also pay for trips with smart watches.

  • Set Apple Pay on the iPhone and add a card to write off funds.
  • Launch the Apple Watch program on a smartphone.
  • Open the menu “My watch”.
  • We go to the Wallet and Apple Pay tab.
  • Add a new card or use previously attached plastic.
  • We follow further instructions.
  • When paying a ticket on a bus or metro, we turn on the NFC on smart watches.
  • We bring the device to the terminal and look forward to writing off funds.

Payment on smart watches as fast as on the iPhone.

Using the function “eco.mode

Cards for quick payment of transport services are used in eco.regimen if they are synchronized with smartphones iPhone XS, XR and XS Max. This function allows you to quickly transfer funds for transport services for five hours if the battery of a mobile device needs to be charged.

When checking the availability of travel card on a mobile phone in need of recharging, a button located on the side is pressed. If such checks are carried out constantly, the level of charger used by the payment card is significantly reduced.

When you turn off the phone, the payment function ceases to be affordable.

How to change the card

When the Wallet application supports several payment cards at the same time, and changes should be made on the express product, actions are performed in the following order:

  • In the iPhone we enter the “settings”, we scroll down, press the “Wallet and Apple Pay” key, go to the position “Transport Card with Instant Payment”, carry out authorization by involving a scanner of the face or fingerprint or secret code;
  • On the Smart hours, open the Watch application to the iPhone, go and activate “Wallet and Apple Pay”, and only after all the “transport card”.

There is no desire to configure the function of the card with the operational fee. determine the position of “no” or “turn off”.

It is possible to configure one payment card for the express payment for Apple Pay services of a certain type of transport (for example, on the bus), or a card paying for all trips.

Payment of fare using an express card in Apple Pay with a discharged phone

The benefits of using an express card in Apple Pay are not only that the fare can be paid with a contactless and quick way. Apple in 2019 made some interesting changes to its equipment. Now, in order to pay in transport with a phone, it is not necessary to have a full charge of the battery on it.

Developers from Apple into the new system introduced an additional battery charge reserve. Energy enters it automatically, so that people do not need to take care of it. Thus, when turning off the phone in it, there is still a certain amount of charge in order to spend it to pay for travel.

The developers also note that the user himself will always be able to check whether the energy apparatus is enough to pay for the passage using an express card in Apple Pay. When pressing the lock button at the bottom of the screen, a small inscription will be visible, notifying that a bank card in action.

The fare on the card “Troika” with Apple Pay

Within 90 minutes, the transplants between the metro are free. Using the Wallet application is absolutely free. Only the cost of the ticket itself is paid.

What’s new in the ways to pay

The fee can pass by any type of plastic cards. mastercard, visa, world, etc. The only thing the carrier should have is the ability to make contactless payments. Calculation is also allowed using mobile phones and SMART hours working using technology:

For citizens who regularly use public vehicles, special NFC media are offered to conduct calculations. Among the common cards of this type are known “Troika”, “Plantain”, “Strelka”. They will have to be regularly replenished, and operations tracking is carried out using a mobile application. Payment by specialized plastic passes according to the standard scheme.

Which option of the above is preferable: to choose a passenger. He can use any method convenient for him, from a wristwatch with special functionality to a plastic “ticket” with an updated number of trips.

Bus Validator and Card “Troika”

Passenger actions when paying

To pay, you need to activate a bank card in advance. It must comply with the requirements at the time of the transaction and have a sufficient amount of funds to purchase a ticket.

Important! The passenger must remember that the ticket must be paid immediately after entering the bus or other vehicle. An attempt to drive a few unnecessary stops will “count” with a fine from controlling services.

Payment of fare with a bank card

Users believe that payment with a card on the bus is more profitable than purchasing a one.time ticket or cash in cash. Many financial organizations give cashback (return of a certain percentage) for such operations. Travel ticket is cheaper when using a contactless calculation form.

The procedure goes through the following algorithm:

  • The passenger must make sure that the carrier supports the technology of payment of a contactless type. PayPass or other. There should be enough money on the account. if the amount is less than the required, you will not be able to pay for using the bus, minibus or trolleybus.
  • The card is applied to the validator. a special reader.
  • Only after the report of a successful operation arrives, the carrier is removed from the apparatus.

Important! Excessive haste can lead to errors of the system, prevent the passenger of the opportunity to pay for the trip. The consequence of the “speed” will be the introduction of a banking medium in the “black” list of a transport company and the inability to make a fee with this card.

Calculation rules

Payment of fare with a smartphone or clock

Differences in conducting travel fees depend on the city of stay. The owner of a mobile device in St. Petersburg must conduct the following algorithm of actions:

  • Carry out an unlocking cell and activation of NFC.
  • The rear part is brought to the Device terminal. it is necessary to observe the distance, it should not exceed 10 cm. Practice shows that it is better to push the device 2-5 cm and keep it motionless.
  • A notification of the process and a request for confirmation of payment will appear on the screen.

Important! Check if payment has passed, you can by the appearance of a green checkmark. it will occur at the payment terminal. Similarly, it is possible to conduct calculations for travel and on all other types of ground city transport: trolleybuses, trams.

NFC in transport

Smart hours are popular with phones. Devices perform many functions (step calculation, froze the pulse, oxygen in the blood, etc.), are able to answer calls and pay for movement in urban and rural areas in vehicles.

Popular gadgets include Apple Watch, with which you can purchase tickets. Preliminary preparation for the procedure includes the initial configuration of the device:

  • Adjust the “Apple Pay” section on the phone, add information about the bank card to the program.
  • Launch the Apple Watch utility on a smartphone. After its opening, it will move to the subsection “My Watch” and to the “Wallet and Apple Pay” block.
  • Find the shortcut “Add my card” and press it. The system will begin to display the indications of the screen, with the exact execution of the operation will end successfully.

Important! The program allows you to choose one of the carriers as a device used by default. It will be applied as a payment fund for the services rendered. After performing the initial setting, you can try to pay for the fare:

  • Immediately activate NFC functionality on Smart hours;
  • bring the gadget to the reader;
  • wait for confirmation of the system that the operation was completed successfully.

The calculation through the chronometer passes at the same speed as from the phone. For small amounts, confirmation of the operation is not required, so in public vehicles the smartphone will not have to be additionally used.

The contactless payment method is supported by devices of many manufacturers. When buying a clock with the aim of calculations, you need to make sure that they have support for Google and Apple services.

Calculation through the validator for hours

How is the Apple Pay payment and a little about security

Apple Pay provides a secure data storage, which stores information about bank cards made by users.

When you pay for a smartphone, no one sees your card and PIN data, you can only see which bank issued a card and the last 4 digits of its numbers. Thus, it is protected from the seller’s attention too closely. As for the payment terminal. When paying, he receives not complete data of your card, but a temporary code, which is neither when intercepted or when your card is lost in any way. Thus, the safety of transactions with the Apple Pay system is really on top.

Apple Pay Limit: restrictions on the amount of payment

It is worth noting that in some countries and regions, if when paying for purchases you exceed the limitations for the maximum amount, you will need to enter a PIN code from you. Sometimes you may need to sign a check or even use another payment method.

As for then this amount is 1000.

It varies depending on the country of your residence. For example, if you pay for purchases in the United States, the limit will be 50.

How to connect a world card to Apple Pay

Sanctions significantly worsen the use of some services, but almost always there is the opportunity to find loopholes and circumvent restrictions. However, as a rule, it costs more time and has to make more efforts. And with the binding of cards to Apple Pay. users found a way to indicate the world there in order to further pay from the smartphone. But, as usual, there are several “but”.

  • It became known about the method on April 11, 2022. He will stop working at any time.
  • Even if the method is now working, most likely it will soon cease to be a worker, because it is clearly a bug in the system that Apple developers will soon fix. The likelihood that it will remain forever, the minimum.
  • You can only tie to Apple Pay, and only those that were previously attached to this device can be. Use the world cards that have never been tied to Apple Pay or that were tied, but on other devices, you can’t.
  • This is not an official way, as it is called, it is “crutches”.

In order to try to connect the world to the Apple Pay, do the following:

  • To bind the card, oddly enough, use the search service for a lost device. Go to the locator page in icloud https: // www.Apple.COM/RU/ICLOUD/FIND-MY/, PLEASE there in your Apple ID profile. Do it from a computer.
  • Select the device to which you tie the card, and click on it on the “Loss mode” button.
possible, apple, application, transport

The ability to bind the card after converting the device to the missile mode is probably due to the fact that the system is rebooted and disables all the payment information that was previously entered so that it was impossible to use them on the lost device. And after the withdrawal from the loss regime, payment information is restored again. As already mentioned, this is just a system error, so it will be fixed by the developers.

Binding to Apple Pay Foreign Card

Some users advise to indicate in Apple Pay as a payment means of foreign cards. Before that, check out the list of HTTPS: // Support countries.Apple.COM/RU-RU/HT207957, where this service works. Cards issued by banks of only these countries can be tied to Apple Pay.

If you have relatives and acquaintances in these countries, then tie their card or ask to open a separate card specifically for you and tie it to Apple Pay. Replenish this card from (depending on the country and the bank, this can be done with an electronic wallet or money transfer), and use.

Also, if you are in another country, you can open a card in your name. In most states, this requires only the TIN in the local tax authority, a foreign passport and the SIM card of the local operator. The card opens within 1-3 working days, less often-within a week.

There are no guarantees for this method either. Perhaps in the territory with some countries and banks this will not work. Therefore, it is also “crutches”.

Payment Apple Pay in the metro of St. Petersburg

Residents of the Northern capital can also use the Apple Pay service when paying for trips to the subway. Payment is made by analogy with the same gadgets.

Currently, paying for an Apple Pay support for the subway will only work out in two cities in the capital and in St. Petersburg. In the near future, it is planned to launch such payment in the metro of Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk, and then in other cities.

possible, apple, application, transport

Payment by Apple Pay in the subway of world capitals

For a long time, there has been the possibility of paying from Apple Pay to the subway in world capitals: New York, Paris, London. over, for Londoners who pay the metro with a payments system, the passage is free if the total amount of trips per day does not exceed 28 pounds.

Cool! Today I tried to pay with Apple Pay Metro travel. It works like a clock. I felt like God))) answer

Is it necessary to tie Apple Pay to transport as a troika? Reply

All about how to use Apple Pay in the subway. described in the article) other is not required. That is, nothing needs to be tied to the transport card. Reply

Even did not roll, the turnstile began to change the inscription attach the card and even I had to get the card ๐Ÿ™ answer

Visa will work or only Mastercard? The metro website is only about the “Master”, the type of card is also not indicated in your article. Visa to ApplePay is tied, there were no problems with payment. Reply

possible, apple, application, transport

Logically, any card of any bank that supports Pay Pay should work. I don’t understand why only the mastercard is indicated on the metro website answer

It didn’t work either! Neither master, no visa. maybe some special turnstiles are needed. which are not at all stations? Reply

I didn’t work either, writes attach a card or ticket. I tried on Okhotny Ryada and Sviblovo Reply

Today I tried on Schukinskaya. Did not work. I think not all turnstiles converted. Reply

Is it possible to connect unlimited passage? Reply

Using Apple Pay you can buy unlimited travel. Reply

Using a smartphone, you can buy a ticket and attach it. You cannot pay about the turnstile! Reply

On the screen, it caught fire that the payment passed, but no notification, the money was written off only after 10 days) if the controller is suitable, how to prove that he paid for? Reply