Is it possible to listen to music on Apple Watch

Do Apple Watch work without iPhone?

Apple Watch quickly turned into one of the most advanced devices that you will find in the assortment of the company.

Since its appearance in 2015, the electronic clock has become a dominant player in the developing sector of wearable technologies. Throughout different generations, Apple added functions such as GPS, LTE and protection against atmospheric influences that make Watch even more independent device. But is it possible to completely untie them from the iPhone?

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In this article, we explain what exactly can be achieved using Apple Watch without the help of iPhone.

Questions and answers about Apple Watch

Much depends on personal preferences. But all episodes have key differences. Focusing on them, you can choose a watch that suits you the most. We recommend watching the reviews of individual series Apple Watch. Newer models, of course, give more opportunities.

How to use Apple Music

By adding compositions to the memory of the wrist, you need to take into account the maximum allowable Play List size that is 1 GB. To increase the quota, you will need to make appropriate adjustments to the settings of the gadget. Having opened the “Music” application, the storage limit should be increased to 2 GB. There you can also change the restrictions on the number of tracks by choosing one of the proposed options. You can listen to Smart hours from 15 to 250 songs.

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The loading of music collections on the “Apple Watch” is performed in the following order:

  • On a mobile phone you need to open the Music tab. In the “My Music” section, the option of creating a new Play List should be activated by loading the selected compositions. For convenience, he needs to give an original name, for example, “Melodies for vigor”. To save, click on the “Ready” key.
  • Connect smart watches to a charger.
  • On a smartphone in the My Watch application open the “Music” tab. In the “Synchronized Play List” section, select a musical selection created for “Apple Watch”. Wait for the completion of synchronization.

Loading melodies on Smart hours-the procedure is not fast. Therefore, it is performed with a charged device connected.

Listening to music with Apple Watch

Now that you have music on Apple Watch, you will need to listen to a couple of Bluetooth headphones. Connecting Bluetooth headphones to Apple Watch is a fairly simple procedure, and you can do this by simply performing the following actions:

  • Open the “Settings” application on the Apple Watch and find Bluetooth: on Apple Watch, go to the main menu and find the “Settings” application. After you open the “Settings” application, scroll down to find the Bluetooth parameter.
  • Select “Bluetooth”: click, open the Bluetooth icon and find Bluetooth headphones you want to connect in the list of devices. To do this, make sure your Bluetooth accessory is available for detection and that it is included for the conjugation settings.
  • Choose Bluetooth headphones: as soon as you find your headphones in the list, click on them to connect to Apple Watch, and Voila! Now you can play and listen to music on Apple Watch without iPhone!
  • Open “music” and click “Play”: open music on Apple Watch (this is an icon with a musical note) and choose what you want to play. Enjoy.

You can choose the same process for playing music from Apple Watch on the dynamics of Bluetooth. However, Homepods are not supported.

Use Siri with Spotify on Apple Watch

Thanks to Siri support on Apple Watch, you can say “Hello, Siri”, and then ask to reproduce a song, playlist, performer, album or podcast from his wrist.

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You can also use voice commands to control the volume of multimedia, skip the path, playing and pause, as well as to like songs or ask siri, which is currently reproduced.

Be sure to complete each command with the word “On Spotify” to inform Siri, which service should access.

Playing music with Apple Watch

The last step, and the whole reason that we are here is the reproduction of music from Apple Watch to headphones or Bluetooth speakers. To do this, open the music application on the Apple Watch using the Glances label or the application menu.

The key step here is the switching of the source for the Music application. By default, the “Music” application is connected to the music library of your iPhone. Thus, if you click on the “playlists”, you will see the playlists of your iPhone, not the playlists of the watch. To change this, you need to click and hold the music anywhere in the application screen.

Click on the “Source” and select “Apple Watch”. The musical application on your watch will now be sent to the internal storage and the list of playback, and not to the reproduction and playback lists on your iPhone.

Select “Playlists”, the only playlist that you uploaded to the clock, and while the Bluetooth device is currently connected, it will begin to play (otherwise you will receive an error message indicating that you need to re.Connect your device). All functions of the musical application are identical. The only difference is that you play, suspend and miss music that is stored directly on the clock, and not on your phone.

We had to switch a little between our iPhone and Apple Watch, and the way you switch from playback to the iPhone to play on the clock is not immediately obvious, but after very minor troubles of setting up you have smooth playing music directly on your wrist.

Other applications

Other audio applications that you can install and listen to on your watch include Deezer, Radio FM and Music TV. Player for YouTube. However, some third.Party applications also have the reverse side.

Those that are mainly intended for the iPhone are simply compatible with Apple Watch and do not support Bluetooth-dynamics or headphones. In this case, you can play music only through the iPhone (or connect the iPhone to the Bluetooth dynamics as a passage to the clock). Thus, you still need an iPhone to listen to music offered by such applications.

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Which of these musical applications are installed on Apple Watch? Share with us your loved ones in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

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