Is it possible to connect a laptop screen to a computer

How to make a computer monitor from a laptop

To remove the image from a stationary PC to a laptop can be several ways. Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.

The easiest way to connect the laptop display to the processor using the cord. Carefully inspect both devices to search for common features. Perhaps each of them has VGA or DP connectors. There may also be HDMI or USB. Depending on the presence of connectors, select a cable with the corresponding ends.

If they do not match, do not be upset: you can always use the adapter.

As you can see, nothing complicated. Even a novice user will cope. If you want to return the image from a laptop, do the same by choosing a monitor

How To Make Any Laptop Touch Screen!

If the laptop is equipped with a HDMI-OUT connector, then it is only able to display his image to another screen, and not vice versa. Connecting its monitor to PC will only be in the presence of HDMI-in.

Why can not be connected by the monitor cable?

The overwhelming number of laptops is equipped with a video intake. This is usually VGA or DVA. You might think that it is enough to connect the computer and the corresponding connector with the cable. But this is not so. Do not forget that such video intenses are a video output, that is, the signal is broadcast from the laptop.

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In some premium models, there are video inputs that act as a signal receivers. Separate laptops also have an appropriate switch, which is located near the connector, but such chips are quite rare. Therefore, in most cases, you will not be able to transmit a picture from PC to a laptop using a regular cable.

Ways to connect a laptop as a monitor

There are several ways to connect the computer and laptop to display the contents of the screen. But synchronization is possible only under the following conditions:

  • 2 devices should have the same intenses for which the connection will be carried out.
  • The connectors are different, but the user has an adapter that eliminates the problem.

For the interaction of devices, HDMI, DVI and VGA ports are used. In modern laptop models, Display Port ports are used, which are an analogue of HDMI, but with another connector.

How to connect a laptop as a monitor via HDMI and VGA

To implement a cable connection, it is necessary to prepare a suitable cord. Depending on the intense, your devices use VGA, HDMI, DVI cables. Next, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Insert one end of the cord into the desired connector of the portable device, and the other is a desktop PC.
  • Turn on the laptop and go to the display settings menu. For this, the “control panel” or the “Properties” button on the desktop is used.

When working with MacOS, you will need to go to the system settings, activate the “Monitors” section and adhere to the same action algorithm as on Windows:

  • The operating system must determine the connected devices. At the same time, a picture with several devices with an appropriate serial number will appear in the displays settings menu.
  • After that, you need to select the demonstration settings and click on the “Choose Monitor as the Basic” button “.

With the help of utilities of remote control

Laptops under the control of Windows 7 or higher maintain conjugation with a system unit without wires through the Air Display program or utility for remote access. To use this method, you should download and install software on 2 devices, and then set suitable parameters.

If you plan to apply a remote connection, pay attention to the following programs:

Such applications allow you to quickly and conveniently share the display without the use of physical wires. For successful conjugation, ID-identifier and password for access should be clarified.

How to use a laptop as a display through Wi-Fi

Another option for transmitting a computer screen to a laptop is to connect via Wi-Fi. However, this method is considered only in cases where there is a wireless adapter on the computer. In portable devices, the Wi-Fi module is provided by default.

To start a display demonstration via Wi-Fi, do the following:

possible, connect, laptop, screen, computer
  • Launch Wi-Fi on a laptop and PC. If it is absent, you can buy a removable adapter with an USB or PCI integen. The first option is preferable, t.To. It has greater bandwidth and reliability.
  • Create a wireless network via the Networks Management Center in the “Control Panel”.
  • Find the section “Creating and Setting up a new connection”, select manual setting.
  • Enter the name of the network, safety protocol and password in empty fields, activate the auto.Starting point and click on “further”.
  • After that, a new network with automatic download will be created.

Using utilities for remote access (or control over employees)

There are a number of programs that allow the Internet to connect from some computers to another. Of course, when connecting, you can see everything that happens on the desktop of another device (and even control it!).

Anydesk program impresses me very much in this regard. By installing it on both computers and once set it up-you can quickly (literally 3-6 seconds.) gain access to the desktop. Computer.

Of course, it can be used at home, even if your PC in the neighboring bedroom.

To help!

[Anydesk] How to configure remote access: connecting to the desktop, transfer files and computer management via the Internet

possible, connect, laptop, screen, computer

“Alien” desktop. Now we can manage this PC remotely. (well, or just observe)

By the way, for this case, you can adapt some utilities to control the work of employees (though they are paid for the most part). For example, Clever Control allows you to easily get an image from both the desktop and from the webcamer of the computer (even over the network. ).

Clever Control is one of the programs to control employees

Briefly on the case!

What are your colleagues at the computer or how to keep records of working hours of employees and subordinates

Connect the monitor via HDMI, DisplayPort or VGA

If you have the most ordinary computer monitor, just connect it to the laptop via HDMI, DisplayPort or VGA. On most laptopes to configure several monitors, a combination of the [fn] [f] keys is served. In this menu you can choose whether only one screen will be used or all at once.

Does your laptop support several external monitors, the easiest way to find out on the manufacturer’s website. Most devices are not capable of this, even if they have two connectors. There are monitors such as ASUS MB168B, which can be connected to a laptop via USB. In this case, the power is also carried out according to the USB connection.

Our advice. Connect two monitors to the laptop at the same time: one through the VGA or HDMI port, and the second via USB. With most laptops, such a combination works great.

Use a Laptop as a Monitor. How to Use Your Laptop as a Second Monitor

❺ Wireless display connection

If you have a second laptop (or monoblock / PC). Then it can be connected as a wireless display to your current computer. To do this, it is necessary to:

  • On both devices, a modern version of Windows 10 Pro 1809 // or Windows 11 Pro was installed (how to find out the Windows version);
  • Both devices are equipped with Wi-Fi adapters.

The connection process itself is quite simple: on both devices it is necessary to open the parameters of Windows 10/11 (combination of Wini) tab “System / project on this computer“.

Further on one of the laptops to allow projection, and on the second. Find this wireless display and connect to it.

Launching the application for this PC / parameters Windows 10

Just in case, below, I leave a link to an article with a detailed description of the process (in some cases, not quite obvious nuances can “surfacing”. ).

To help!

How to create a second monitor from a laptop (or a few words about widi. Wireless projection on this computer, with sound).

How to use a laptop as a computer monitor or other laptop

Several situations may arise when there is a need to use a laptop as a monitor. The most popular problem is the failure of the main display of a personal computer. Therefore, in order to use in the future power unit power and the data that is stored in it, a monitor of another external device will be required. The same situation may arise with the incorrect operation of the display matrix of another laptop.

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