Is it possible to connect a graphic tablet to the phone

How to connect a tablet as a tablet for drawing: how to connect a graphic tablet to the phone?. Connect a graphic tablet on Android: review, setting,

Consider the best tablets for drawing for any budget and for different levels of artistic skill. The tablet will allow you to go to a new creative level and transfer your work to the digital format.

Which tablet is better to buy?

The tablet market offers a huge number of models and technological solutions. These can be tablets for children, professional expensive devices with high resolution or affordable with functionality of no worse than eminent brands.

Which one to choose exactly?

  • Dedicated budget. And how long do you plan to use the device.
  • Type of device. This can be: a graphic tablet, a graphic tablet with a monitor or a tablet computer.
  • Technical requirements. Wireless model or not. The presence of functional keys. The size of the working area and t.D.

We will try to consider tablets for any budget and for different tasks so that you select the best tablet that can be found on sale.

We take into account advantages and disadvantages by user reviews. But do not forget that every artist puts his requirements and preferences to a graphic planet. And they may differ from your. Someone is important to the sensitivity of the pen for the exact display of the thickness of the line. For others, a large area of ​​drawing is more important. Or the presence of functional buttons. Or so that there is a familiar operating system (we are talking about Android and iOS). Or a wireless connection. Or maybe you immediately want to buy a professional Wacom tablet. A leader in this direction, but with a high price, or his cheap analogue. The brand Huion. Or do you want to buy a universal model from Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung.

Yes, too many parameters. So let’s understand.

What tablet do we recommend

At the time of publication of this article, we are more than sure: Wacom Cintiq 22 is the best drawing for drawing that you can buy.

If you are not ready to lay out money for Wacom, then look at the model

XP-Pen Artist 15.6, although a competitor in the same price category is already breathing nervously in his back. Wacom One 13 (but the reviews have not yet been pleased).

And the most affordable option for the price is Huion H530P.

Digital Drawing Tablet You Can Use With Your PHONE!. Huion HS64 Review

Next, we will consider the full rating of tablets for drawing. Some models have their own “features” and unique solutions, and you yourself decide what parameter for you will be more relevant.

If you do not know anything about graphic tablets, we note that they can be divided into 3 types. Our rating will be divided into these types.

  • Graphics tablet. You need to connect to a computer so that your art in the selected drawing program is visible on the monitor.
  • Graphic tablet with a monitor (or interactive display). Directly on tablets, you draw using a stylus.
  • Ordinary tablet (tablet computer). To adapt it to drawing, you need to install additional applications.

The best graphic tablet in 2020 (with a monitor)

  • Working area: 495×292
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Pressure levels: 8192
  • Connection: HDMI, USB 2.0
  • Great sensitivity of pressing
  • Adjustable stand
  • The working area of ​​the A3 format
  • The price is higher than that of direct competitors
  • Low screen resolution for this size
  • There are no built.In hot keys

For such money, Wacom Cintiq 22 offers a large working area for drawing and an extremely sensitive stylus. Complete with the tablet, PEN PRO 2 with 8192 levels of pressing. The anti.Reference cover of the screen gives an acceptable level of work with “extra” light sources. Yes, there are cheaper analogues, but the high price is dictated by the level of quality from the leader in this niche. Wacom.

The best cheap graphic tablets with a monitor

Good screen size for a pleasant price

  • Working area: 343×193
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Pressure levels: 8192
  • Connection: usb-s
  • Good screen for such a price
  • Comfortable handle and surface for drawing
  • Passive feather
  • Assembly quality is not on top
  • There are no stands in the kit
  • You need to apply additional effort to the pen

Tablet with the XP-Pen Artist 15 stylus.6 does not have a large screen, but this is enough for drawing. Removing a couple of inches, we noticeably reduced the price. The handle is pleasantly in the hand and has 8192 pressure levels. A qualitatively made screen. Yes, in the tablet there is no such attention to details as in Wacom, you need to get used to the stylus (due to the shift between the tip of the pen and the cursor on the screen), but you will receive a professional device without laying out a lot of money for it.

possible, connect, graphic, tablet, phone
  • Working area: 294×165
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Pressure levels: 4096
  • Connection: usb-s, hdmi
  • Wacom brand quality
  • It is convenient to always keep at hand
  • Small area for drawing
  • There are no functional buttons

This tablet for drawing was recently introduced at the CES 2020 exhibition. Its “original” name echoes the old Wacom ONES model (not to be confused!). With his tablet with 13 inches Wacom wants to lure customers from XP-Pen. Full HD screen provides 72% NTSC color renders, anti.Reference coating. Convenient as a tablet that can be taken with you on the road. To do this, they adapted him legs that replace the stand.

Is it possible to connect a graphic tablet to the usual?

Great news, now the graphic tablets Wacom intous (models CTL4100 and CTL 6100) can be connected to mobile devices based on Android (6.0 or later), now you can create anywhere! Make sure your Android device (smartphone, tablet) is compatible.

Click on the XP.Pen logo to go to our site. To open the DECO 01 V2 driver settings, open the Pentablet application search. One.One. On this tab, you can configure the functions of your pen buttons or select “default buttons settings” to return to the manufacturer’s settings.


How to use a graphic tablet? This procedure is simple:

  • You need to connect the device to PC.
  • Then you need to make sure that the OS determined the tablet.
  • Then you need to install the drivers that are complete with the device. If the technique is used, then it is unlikely to have documentation, that is, the drivers must be downloaded from the network.
  • You need to configure the work and sensitivity of the pen.

Graphic tablets from Wacom: 3 categories, their connection and setting

If you need a device, to create illustrations immediately in PC memory, then the first thing, of course, is worth paying attention to graphic tablets. Such a gadget will allow you to transfer information from paper to web, as well as from scratch to create illustration masterpieces. The recognized leader among the manufacturers of these devices is undoubtedly the company Wacom. Products of this brand are used by both novice artists and professionals of this sphere. And if you are interested in the question of how to choose and how to configure the Wacom graphic tablet, we recommend reading this article.

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Description of models

Wacom graphic tablets are products that are in demand both among those who first decided to try their hand at digital art and among advanced illustrators. They are equally good for creating both simple funny drawings, and serious 3D graphics. Depending on the price, functions and additional features, Wacom gadgets can be divided into three categories:

First level. This group includes simple and inexpensive models that are suitable for a novice user or even a child. The level of pressure of the pen in gadgets of this type reaches, on average, 1024 levels. Inexpensive tablets for newcomers from the Vacation include two models:

If a person has not used such a technique before and is looking for which WACOM tablet to choose for drawing is the most suitable option.

Middle level. This group includes tablets that have advanced functionality and are suitable for creating serious work. Resolution for all gadgets of this type is 2540 lines/inch. The pen pressure reaches 2048 levels. The series is called intuos and includes the following models:

Advanced (professional) level. This includes the expensive multifunctional models of the row with the Intuos Pro, in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Also, the assortment of this level includes Intuos Pro ProPer gadgets (dimensions, respectively, L and M). They have a paper holder and a gel pen. This is very convenient for those who are easier to create sketches on paper. Because the fewer intermediaries between the idea and the leaf, the more clearly it is possible to convey it.

How To Use WACOM ONE BY CTL-472 With Android

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How to choose a Wacom tablet: tips and choice parameters

When the question arises: “Where to buy a Wacom graphic tablet and which one to choose”, first of all, you need to focus on your level of ownership of the device and how it will be used. If the user is a beginner, then it makes no sense to immediately buy an expensive professional model. And at the same time, if a person is professionally engaged in illustration and earns a living, then a regular budget or even average gadget is unlikely to suit the number of functions and quality.

When choosing a tablet, the following nuances must be taken into account:

  • Optimization and recognition. The surface of the gadget should recognize the touch of the pen and at the same time not react to random touches of the fingers or palms. Otherwise, this will interfere with the working process.
  • The presence of express caps. This accelerates and greatly facilitates the work.
  • Mobility. The tablet should be such that it is convenient to use outside the desktop.
  • The presence or absence of a display. It can be difficult for beginners to adapt to the fact that they draw on the black surface, and the pattern itself appears on the computer screen. Therefore, there are devices with a standard black surface for drawing and more expensive models that look like a regular tablet and allow you to create drawings immediately on your own screen. So, for example, makes Cintiq Pro Touch 16 FHD.
  • The presence of the holder and the features of the pen.

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How to connect a Wacom graphics tablet

Usually the user does not have a question: “How to connect a Wacom graphics tablet to a computer”. The gadgets of this brand simply and quickly connect to the laptop or PC through any free USB port.

The gadget consumes quite a bit of electricity, even less than an optical mouse, and therefore it is enough to work on an intense cable from a computer. And the pen for drawing does not require charging, since they receive food from electromagnetic radiation of the gadget or from a mini.Act (battery).

Setting up the Wacom tablet

If Windows is installed on the computer, then the tablet will be able to work without installing drivers. You can verify this by connecting the gadget to the laptop or PC and trying to draw something with a graphic pen. The cursor will move, while displaying its trajectory on the screen. Thus, the user will understand the principles of working with the Wacom tablet.

Useful information: tablet or e.Book. What to choose? Review 2 devices review

Installation of the necessary software

First of all, it is necessary to make sure that all the drivers tablet necessary for a particular model of the tablet are installed. Otherwise, it will not be possible to force the gadget to work at full capacity. Basically, all the necessary software for tablets from the Higher Attestation Commission is provided at the CD, which comes with the gadget.

But if it was not or the device was bought in a used state, then it is best to load them from an official source. In addition, on the official website you can find and download more fresh drivers for the device than those in configuration.

If the graphic tablet was already in use before the purchase, then before using it, it is necessary to demolish the old version and establish new “firewood”.

Setting and choosing a brush

After the necessary drivers are installed, you can proceed to setting up the parameters of the tablet itself and the stylus. First you need to enter Photoshop and at the same time run the control panel through the “start” and “settings” in which you need to select the “tablet” label.

What programs are needed for drawing on a graphic tablet?

Press and hold the central button of the Touch Ring touch ring on the tablet for three seconds. The blue LED indicator located next to the Wacom logo will start flashing, and the tablet will become available for detection via Bluetooth.

Internet access via GPRS step by step for Windows operating systems


Make sure your phone supports GPRS data.

possible, connect, graphic, tablet, phone


Before you configure your phone and computer, you must make sure that your tariff plan allows you to use GPRS.Based services and that the necessary services are available from your service provider.


First you need to connect your mobile phone to the computer (laptop or tablet). This can be done in the following ways:

  • Using a cable to transmit data that is connected to one of the COM ports or USB ports on the computer;
  • Using the infrared port (IRDA);
  • Or using Bluetooth technology.


The next step is to install a modem for connecting (we consider the case when the modem has built.In equipment for mobile phones).

  • For this we must go home
  • Control Panel
  • Installation of equipment. Here you must manually choose the type of equipment (modem) and install the driver (program. Which ensures the operation of this equipment. The file extension.Inf).
  • Drivers are on a CD, which usually includes a mobile phone or purchased additional equipment. Also, drivers can be found on the website of the mobile phone manufacturer.


After installation, it is necessary to set a string of initialization in the properties of the modem. For this, the subscriber must go

  • Home in Windows
  • Settings
  • Control Panel
  • Phone and modem
  • Section “Modema”
  • Raise the cursor of the previously installed modem and click the properties
  • In the section additional settings for communication in the field additional commands for initialization, write a line of initialization: at cgdCont = 1, “IP”, “Internet”.MTS.Ru “(it is important to type the text correctly and not miss the characters, otherwise problems may arise when establishing a connection!)


After the successful installation of the modem and setting up the initialization line, you must create a new remote connection with a random name (for example, “MTS-GPRS”). For this you need:

  • Launch standard connection programs,
  • Select in the window that appears a new connection certificate. \ U003E, press the “Next” button,
  • Select the Internet connection. \ U003E, press the “Next” button,
  • Select the “Install manual connection element”. \ U003E. On the button further
  • Select the usual modem. \ U003E Press the button further nearby
  • With the previous installed modem, set the flag. \ u003E click the button further
  • In the field “Service provider” Enter any name (for example, “MTS-GPRS”)-click the “Next” button
  • In the “phone number” field, on which 99 1 # or 99 #. \ U003E is written, click the “Next” button
  • Enter the MTS in the user name, indicate the MTS in the Password field, specify mts- \ u003e in the confirmation field, click the button further and
  • Click ready.

Step (for Windows 95, 98):

It is necessary to remove the flag in the properties of a new link in front of the line “Use the country’s code and connection parameters”.

possible, connect, graphic, tablet, phone


The new connection is ready for work, you can start a session.

How do I connect the phone to the tablet? To begin with, you need to decide for what purpose you need such a link:

The cable is immediately turned off, although theoretically and almost can be produced. Long, awkward, dear. Not everything is against. As a rule, the phone is connected to the tablet for data transfer. Refuse video, photos or documents. Thus, in the literal sense of the word, you can connect your phone to the tablet directly via Wi-Fi or via the Internet.

In the first method, it is necessary to turn on the straight Wi-Fi on both devices (this can be called Wi-Fi Direct and T. D.).

You must go to the parameters and select the desired option in the “Additionally” section. The charm is that files are created at a high speed, on average about 50 Mbit. Then, in each file manager, choose what you want to transfer and send it to your tablet / phone.

On the Internet you can complete the task in different ways. The easiest way is to upload a file of the file exchange service, and then download it. We will not give examples, just enter the search query “General access to files”. But this method is outdated.

Is it possible to connect the phone to the computer as a graphic tablet?

A graphic tablet on Android without using a pen if your Android device does not support the input using a pen, you still have the opportunity to apply it for drawing on a computer, but already using a finger.

There are one or two graphic tablets with screens on the market, so you can even use a graphic tablet without PC. However, for most tablets, an additional monitor is actually needed, on which you can view and process your work.

How to connect XP Pen to iPhone?

Insert the installation disk into your PC disk and follow the instructions on the screen. For Windows operating system: the main installation screen should appear automatically, or you can manually start the installation [my computer] → [CD/DVD-ROM], and then click on the SETUP program.Exe ”(or“ Install.Exe “for deletion).