Is it possible to charge and use the tablet at the same time

Why you can’t use the phone when it is charged?

Sometimes it’s so difficult to postpone a smartphone or tablet aside, distract from correspondence on a social network that you have to use the device during charging. Is it possible to use your smart phone while charging? This question is asked by visitors to our site in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, so we decided to write this note for doubters.

Over time, the capabilities of smart bodies are expanding, energy consumption is growing along with the advent of a new functionality. At the same time, the battery capacity increases, they have to charge them longer or use chargers with large currents. Therefore, the use of a smartphone or tablet during charging may not be unambiguous. We will analyze what this is fraught and whether some media outlets exacerbate the situation to attract attention to themselves?

Charging Wireless and Wired at the Same Time

Where to buy an original exercise?

Buy an original power adapter for a phone, smartphone and tablet in a regular store and not run into any Chinese analogue for a lot of money, today it is quite difficult.

It is best to contact the brand representatives of the brand of your device, a service center (order as a spare part) or to an online store, if it has it with a manufacturer.

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Examples of such stores for Apple and Samsung we attached below. Other companies have such sites.

  • Original charging for iPhone. Sale on Apple website
  • Original charging for iPad. Also sale on Apple website
  • Original charging for Samsung Galaxy. Through the official website

, And for the latter iPhone. 2939.

Myth 2: You can not use the phone during charging

This myth has been this myth for many years, but many users are still sure that if you use the phone connected to charging, either the phone or charging will explode, well, in extreme cases, it will kill the current. All this, of course, is not true if you listen to our first advice. Use a reliable charger.

The only thing that threatens excessive use of a charging phone is a slight overheating of the device, but in this case, in most modern devices, protection is provided.

Why you can’t sit on the phone during charging?

The more energy stored, the more likely the heating of the smartphone during active operation of the electronic components. This is the main danger of using a smartphone during battery charging. The device can simply overheat, at best it disconnected, at worst. An explosion will occur.

Why you can’t use the phone during charging

You can not use a telephone for charging for several reasons:. The work of the phone on two sides can cause overheating of the batteries and its possible bloating, which leads to an undesirable consequence. It can fail or even explode.

The myth must only be loaded with fully discharged batteries

Another myth from the dark, when the batteries were only NIMH (nickel-metall-hydride) and Nicd (nickel-cadmium), which have a “memory effect”. Indeed, when charging such batteries with incomplete category, over time, their capacity decreased. Today, the vast majority of devices uses more advanced lithium-polymer (Li-Pol) batteries. “Memory effect” is generally absent. Plus, unlike the ancestors, the process of their discharge is controlled by a microchip. Even with a small residue of the charge, they give it with the same voltage and current power as with a “complete tank”.

But here it is worth making a reservation: for the operation of this chip, you also need food. Therefore, when the charge level falls “below zero”, the battery can simply ignore the charger. And then you have to “pump” this process with non.Traditional methods that can already affect the service life of the battery. In the general case, it is recommended to replenish the battery charge when falling to a level of 20-30%, without bringing it to 0%. As for the tips for conducting several full charge cycles before using the device. Such a “training” will only be a useless waste of time. The controller of modern lithium batteries will perfectly cope with the definition of capacity.

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Recharge from Power Bank

To make up for the battery capacity, an external battery of increased capacity (usually 7000-10000 mAh), which is called Power Bank, is used on the road. Its use only requires the presence of a connecting cord, and one charge is enough to completely charge the smartphone 2-3 times.

You can use the phone while charging the Power Bank battery without restrictions. A lower current is supplied from an external supply element than when using a network orb, so there will be no processor and battery. However, the rate of replenishment of the container is minimized. To speed up the process, it is recommended to disconnect not used communication channels, reduce backlight and reduce operation time.

The phone is charged as quickly as possible with a complete disconnection. So the battery only feeds on energies, but does not consume it.

To extend the battery life, one should not allow its full category. The optimal interval for lithium-ion batteries is 40-80% of the charge. T.E. It is necessary to start the process of replenishing the container at 40%, and end when reaching 80%.

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What Happens If You Plug 100 Chargers in an iPhone? Instant Charge!?

Is it possible to use a phone or tablet during charging?

First of all, we should consider the issue of security in order to exclude the likelihood of a shock and even death. In the case of charging devices for mobile gadgets, this is not just a warning for the Promise, but a very real threat from which the use of the original (complete) adapter saves.

However, not everything is so simple, because many are not happy with, for example, a 5 watt charger, which is placed in a box with iPhone. For a more efficient charging apple gadget, you can purchase a device with a greater current force from Apple or other trusted manufacturers. In this case, using a smartphone during charging will still be safe, but will be reduced (for very small value) the shelf life of the battery.

List and for power adapters and USB cables for accelerated and fast charging iPhone

The most dangerous option is to buy a cheap charger from a nameless manufacturer. Such an adapter can really kill a person and such incidents have already taken place. Over, in several cases it was found that the user simply talked on the phone during charging, and did not play heavy games or launched energy.Intensive applications.

Another problem is slow charging and heating the battery while using the gadget on charging. Having launched a game or even a film on a smartphone, which is connected to a power source, you will notice an increase in the temperature of the case, and this is not at all useful for the battery of the device. If such loads are regularly given to the battery, this is reflected at its service life, and in the worst situation it is possible to even fire the battery. Naturally, the owners of smartphones from a cheap segment are primarily susceptible to such a risk, however, the memories of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions are still fresh in memory, as well as a recent story with Apple MacBook.

You can use a charging smartphone if you are sure of the manufacturer of the gadget and charger itself, however, the battery will experience additional loads and heat up. If you have in your hands, for example, the Apple iPhone, the flagships of Samsung and other top smartphones with a complete adapter-there is nothing to fear (when heating the device will simply be automatically turned off), while a non-decorated Nonym-decker with the same nameless adapter can make troubles.

How to charge a new battery?

You can use a new battery only after complete charging. Wait for the indicator 100%. And then leave the device for another 2-3 hours for “drip charging” (when the indicator operates in the mode of 100%-99%-100%and so on).

The first charging is important for maximum filling the battery with energy. The electronic circuits in the phone and controller of the batteries exchange a full capacity with each other, so that the value of 100% accurately corresponds to complete charging.

possible, charge, tablet, same

The level of charge that you see in the new phone, tablet or separately bought battery. This is a charge for warehouse storage, but not for the first use!

In the new phone and tablet, the level of charge is 30-70%. The same applies to the replaced batteries. The manufacturer from the plant deliberately charges them in order to ensure minimal loss of battery capacity due to long storage in the warehouse.

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