Is it possible to charge a laptop via Type C

Is it possible to charge a laptop via USB?

Until recently, with the help of a USB port to the laptop, almost everything could be connected, except for the charger. But progress does not stand still and for four years it is possible to charge the battery in this way.

Pioneers in this area were Apple engineers, one of the models of which, in principle, had only one universal connector for all peripheral devices and battery charge. Now other manufacturers are approaching this.

Is it possible to charge a laptop using Type-C?

USB 3.One. The Type-C connector, unlike other usbits, provides a current of up to 100 watts in both directions: from and to the loaded gadget. This is enough to replenish the power supply of a portable computer (PC). Important: for the method to work, it is necessary to have a Type-C connector laptop.

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How to charge your Surface with a USB-C Cable. 2020 Update

That in the end, you can charge my laptop via USB or not? From all of the above, we conclude: if you are interested in the question of whether it is possible to charge a laptop through a USB. Yes, you can. But in this case, the device must be equipped with an USB 3 integust.1 (aka USB Type-C), which was mentioned above.


Just a good cable. For me personally, he does not contain special scenarios, t.To. It is needed only to power a laptop and sometimes a 65W banks, for the rest there are cables with USB-A. And so, yes, with the screen it is more convenient to.To. You can quickly evaluate what power is the charge of the phone or laptop. Of the minuses, this is a higher price than that of cables without a screen, although the normal 100W cables cost 7-10.

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Thank you for reading to these words. If you have questions. Write, I will try to answer. All warmth, peace and sanity!

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Can you charge a phone with a laptop charger? EXPLAINED

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How to understand whether it is possible to charge a laptop through a USB?

How to find out if your laptop has a USB-C port that supports charging? The easiest way is to just inspect the charger itself. The adapter with Type-C can be easily determined by unique characteristics, since the connector is small and rounded, which is significantly different from the old USB version.

Type-C PD (Power Delivery) allows you to charge laptops from portable powerbans. A series of ROG Gaming laptops with support for Type-C PD battery charging can be charged through a power port (DC) and a Type-C port at the same time or separately.

The introduction of Power Delivery technology in 2015 or the latest models of commercial laptops and HP adapters

Nutrition supply technology via USB Type-C allows HP computers to increase the output current strength for different output voltages. The supply and output voltage differ depending on the computer or device.

Some computers have support for the maximum power current of 1.5 A or 3 A, but there is no support 5 A.

Some commercial laptops HP 2015. Or more new power from external devices, such as adapters of alternating current, at various input voltages, for example 5 V, 9 V, 10 V, 12 V and 20 V. Not all models have support for all voltage values.

The computer adjusts the output power depending on the power supply circuit. For example, HP Elitebook will provide 5 in at 3 A. In addition, under certain conditions, the computer can change the output power parameters up to 5 V at 1.5 A or 5 V at 900 ma.

What laptops are charged from Type C?

Type. C Pd (Power Delivery) allows you to charge laptops from portable powerbans. A series of ROG Gaming laptops with support for Type.C PD battery can be charged through the power port (DC) and the Type.C port at the same time or separately.

Just connect the cord to the phone and laptop‘s USB port. USB parameters will appear on your phone screen. Select the first option that reads: “Serve for another connected device”. Now you will notice that your laptop began to charge.

What laptops can be charged through USB

Based on the previously considered, it is clear that for an autonomous recharge, the device must be with a special Type connector C. But not everything is so unambiguous. Still for USB ports, the main task is to connect the periphery, to ensure high-speed information exchange.

USB Power Delivery Standard

One of the specifications invested in Type C is the open USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) USB standard. He describes the transfer of power between devices that are equipped with connectors. Transmission, not recharging, since it can serve at the next moment in time. Charging (source / source) or whom is charged (sink / receiver). According to a special protocol, working parallel to ordinary USB, they exchange messages among themselves. Using them, the donor and the acceptor can change roles at any time, change the current, tension, go into sleep mode. Energy transfer is provided up to 100 W. Energy, which is enough to recharge any mobile device, periphery (monitor, printer, scanner). If necessary, it is provided with five energy profiles: up to 5v@2A, up to 12V@1.5a, up to 12v@3a, up to 12–20v@3a and up to 12-20v@4.75-5a.

For example, any external device is connected. By default, the first level is used. The rated voltage 5V by the power of current 2A. There is an exchange of information, determination of the required voltage, current strength. Adjustment occurs and after that the required device is submitted to the device.

Determine the purpose of USB Type C

The easiest and most effective way to find out the purpose of the ports is to study those. Laptop documentation. It always describes in detail the purpose of each port and its functionality.

At the USB-X international consortium, unified requirements for external labeling are approved, but manufacturers do not always apply it correctly and in full.

Type-C power in the old laptop (weekend craft)

Seven weekend craft mini-review: installing a trigger PD with a Type-C nest in an old laptop. After a couple of sales of Baseus products, pieces of 3-4 power sources with Type-C outputs and PD support. At first, only cell phones charged them, then I bought a Type-C adapter for 5 for a laptop 20V for 5.5/2.1, but I wanted “so that everything is beautiful”. It turned out not perfect, but it is to blame.

Review hero: compact PD trigger based on the IP2721 chip in this board, the microcircuit operates as USB Type-C PD3.0 trigger for a fixed voltage of 20V (without t.N. Voltage enforcement from 5V to 20V). Automatically communicates with the power source via Type-Ctype-C Cable (bought separately) using specially designed CC1 and CC2 signals for this. Type-C nest on Foxconn trigger, which indirectly promises good electrical and mechanical characteristics. The size of the board is 16x10mm, which almost perfectly fits into my ASUS X550.

So, I remove the cover with the keyboard, the standard laptop nest is located near the left loop. Just below there is a free space right for my trigger. Preliminary fitting:

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The thickness of the laptop body in this place is 2mm. Cable plug plugs are not fully in the trigger nest, just 2mm gap remains, so not to cut the edge of the nest into the side wall of the case is required. It is only necessary to ensure the “passage” of the cable plug through the hole, it will snap normally. I drill holes:

Gently grind (periodically checking the cable):

possible, charge, laptop, type

I make an fitting the cover and remember such and such a mother: “Suddenly” it turns out that in this place there is a fee with a power button and a hall sensor, which went to that figured neckline what I needed 🙂 I had to expand the hole and cut the partitions in the bottom with such calculation so that the trigger stands 3mm below.

Next, I solder the short jumpers with and. The trigger’s exit to the standard nest of the laptop, isolate with capton tape and glue it on epoxy resin. Five minutes, by shaving the resin in the form of the wall of the “extra” part of the crack. In the photo, the cover is not yet attracted by bolts, so a thin gap is visible.

Once again, I will pay attention to the need for insulation of the trigger: from the inside, the plastic of the laptops is covered with a conductive layer for shielding, it gives plastic copper/bronze color. Without isolation, get a short circuit through the case.

Next, the call and check: 20V power appears about 1 second after connecting the cable. Switching time from 5V to 20V may depend on the brand of power supply.

The laptop according to the documents consumes 19v 3.42a, charging Baseus BS-E915 from the first exit can give 20V 3.25a, balance. Observed (there are economical SSDs in the laptop).

UPD A couple of Комментарии и мнения владельцев: this mod will not work if you have a three-pin plug in a regularly installed, on the additional wire of which the identification of the charger of its own or foe ‘. At a load 90.120W may be required to apply t.N. Chip cables where high.Power profiles are sewn up. On my laptop, a simple cable is one and a half meters for 450.5 behaves the same with chip.Shaped BASEUS at 100W and 60W.