Is it possible to broadcast from phone to TV

How to broadcast videos from phone to TV

Our house is gradually acquired by new digital and smart devices: smartphone, computer, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner, TV. This list can be continued for a long time. But it is important for us that some of these devices can interact. From this article you will learn how to broadcast or transfer video files from your phone to your TV.

Perhaps the most universal, but not common is the way to transfer the video to the TV screen through the phone. HDMI cable. It is easily implemented if your TV has a port for this type of cable. The absence of it on a smartphone is easily solved using an adapter from HDMI on MicroUSB or USB Type-C, depending on the model and manufacturer of a mobile device.

You will have to purchase an adapter in a store. Then combine the wire of the smartphone and TV.

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In the same way, you can connect a laptop or computer to a TV to watch a video on it, streaming video from a browser.

Or even use it as the main monitor. It is important to support the MHL smartphone or HDMI.

How to Mirror Netflix From Phone to TV

This information can be found from the instructions for the smartphone. But if there is no access to it, it will help to check support for the mobile application Checker for MHL.

Install it and start the check by clicking on the “Check MHL” button. As a result, the result will be displayed in the next window. The application does not have a Russian language, the phrase of the answer will need to be translated in the translator.

Even if your smartphone or TV does not support HDMI, you can still connect the devices with the RCA wire (“bells”, “tulips”) with an adapter on the connector in your phone. This will allow you to broadcast the video from the device on TV.

How to convey a picture from a smartphone on TV: wired methods

The usual connection of dad-mam in the case of a mobile phone often does not work due to the features of available ports on a mobile device. Often you have to use special adapters. All the main methods of communication of the smartphone with TV are considered below.

Through USB Type-C

Most of the modern smartphones of the middle class and above are equipped with a USB-C connector. To this popular port, it is really possible to find almost any adapter.

How to connect a phone to a TV via USB:

Advice! There are universal adapters with 2-3 and a large set of available ports. They will allow you to connect the phone with most TVs of different manufacturers and years of production, as well as monitors and other devices.

Using HDMI Standard and MHL adapter

HDMI is the most modern, common and convenient connection standard, but it is used only on large devices, among which there are no smartphones. For this reason, we consider the method separately.

Since it is impossible to connect the phone to the TV through HDMI directly, an auxiliary accessory will be required, in our case we are talking about MHL adapter. It can be with MicroUSB or USB Type-C to HDMI. However, we recommend that you immediately take an extensive adapter, which also has Microhdmi, it will allow you to transmit the picture from the phone to the tablet or from the tablet computer to the TV.

This is an old standard, so not all smartphones support it. In the case of the correct selection of the cable, it remains only to combine the corresponding connectors: USB. To the smartphone, and HDMI. To the TV. You may also need to go to the “Source” menu on TV and select a channel to display the image.

By Slimport

Analogue of the outdated MHL standard, but used mainly by LG and Samsung devices. It offers the best image quality due to the lack of signal decoding. To implement it, you also need an adapter of MicroUSB-HDMI, on which there is an additional entrance to power smartphone.

How to connect a phone to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct

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Wi-Fi Direct is a wireless connection standard that makes it possible to connect a smartphone with a TV without using an intermediate link in the form of a router. It makes it possible to transfer files to a large screen, sitting in front of it on the couch, without any additional equipment.

In order to use Wi-Fi Direct, you must first activate the appropriate opportunity on a TV with technology support-usually it is hidden in wireless parameters. After that, you need to go to the “settings” of your smartphone, find the point of the same name, which can be hidden in the advanced Wi-Fi parameters, and choose a device for connecting, focusing on the name of the TV. After that, you can transfer files and even use repetition of the screen. The latter is especially convenient if you do not just need to show the last photos on the big screen.

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Officially, the Wi-Fi Direct function also works on the iPhone. However, its use will require additional software, which most often works extremely unstable. For example, I personally tried the IMediaShare application, which is recommended on the official website, and it often refused to work at all, so it is still better to find another way to connect to the TV for the iPhone. Over, it is also important to note that the Wi-Fi Direct function is not supported by all TVs-it will be possible to check this through the settings for their wireless connection parameters.

  • Additional equipment is most likely not needed;
  • A wide range of supported TVs and smartphones;
  • The possibility of repeating the smartphone screen on the TV.
  • Cannot be fully used on the iPhone;
  • Security experts also note that Wi-Fi Direct is relatively easy to use to intercept translated data.

What to do if it did not work out

Sometimes it happens that it cannot be connected. The TV does not see the smartphone. This can happen for various reasons.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the type of connection noted on the phone. In Android telephone you need to swim down the top panel and change the type of connection. If this did not help, you can try to connect the gadget to the computer, change the type of connection, and then connect it to the TV again.

If this is still not the case, you need to check whether the TV model supports the format of what is displayed on the screen. In the operating instructions, you can find a list of all permitted formats. To solve the problem, you can convert phone files into the desired format.

Also, the TV may not support some applications from Play Market, which is why the picture displayed on the screen will not be shown.

If the connection is established, but the picture is not shown, perhaps the case is in the phone model. Old models have a lower image quality and slow data, which is why the picture can slow down or not at all display.

5 Ways to Screen Mirror Android Phone to TV for Free

How to watch videos from a phone on a TV using Screen Mirror

Special technology “Screen Mirror” (screen mirror) will allow you to watch a video from a smartphone to TV.

For example, to use it on Samsung phones, follow the following:

  • Go to the gadget settings;
  • Find the “connection” there;
  • Next, select “Other Networks”;
  • Tap on Screen Mirroring;

Miracast technology for transmission transmission

To work with Miracast technology, we need a TV that supports this technology. Its functionality allows you to mirror the screen of the mobile device on your TV. If your TV does not support Miracast, you can purchase a special adapter for it.

The connection procedure itself is as follows:

    Go to the settings of your TV, select the network settings there, and turn on Miracast;

General diagram of phone connection to TV

Always focus on the features of the technique itself. Smart TV is easier to connect the wireless method. In other cases, you will need either an additional program or a cable for connecting devices.

The program “Translate on TV” for a smartphone

The Google Play applications have another development useful for us. To “broadcast on TV”. It is an analogue of the previous one with similar functions. And also free for home use. To work it, you will need to connect your devices to one Wi-Fi network so that they can work locally. Over, even in the absence of the Internet, you can transfer files to TV.

The application supports most popular TV firmware. And easy to use file player.

Other advantages of the application: Explanation:
Built.In browser. Knows how to look for a video on the Internet. You can quickly find the desired picture to view it on the big screen of TV.
High quality. Support for resolution 1080p.
Data conservation. If you accidentally stop playing and turn off the device, the application will remember this place. And at the next time the turning on will begin playing from it.
Capture video. The application is able to record in real time videos in YouTube.

If your TV for some reason does not accept data, make sure that the necessary functions have the available. Also make sure that it is currently connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the smartphone. If you can’t connect the device using a cable, use the application for Android or iPhone. Or a built.In function that allows you to broadcast a video from a mobile phone to a home TV.