iPhone XR won’t turn off what to do

Repair method

Only the specialists of the service center can correct the situation. Replacement of the failed power controller will be required. This process is associated with work in the iPhone motherboard, where unprofessional actions will lead to the complete unusability of the device.

Battery problems

This is the most popular, common reason. The malfunction can occur in several cases.

iphone, turn

Power controller problems

Smartphones from Apple. these are devices where everything is thought out. There is a special chip that controls the voltage supplied during charging. The phone’s battery is powered from the AC mains through a special adapter. Before getting into the battery, the voltage passes through the power controller (the same chip). It acts as a barrier that prevents damage to the battery. When the voltage meets the requirements of the battery, then charging is in progress, and when it is higher, the chip is triggered, preventing the pulse from reaching the battery.

If the iPhone shuts down on its own, it could be a breakdown of the power controller. In this case, the operating system of the phone tries to “protect” the battery from power surges.

iPhone turns off by itself (on its own). reasons and explanations

In this article, we will look at the main reasons why the iPhone turns off by itself, what led to this and how to fix the problem now. The material is relevant for all models of iPhone X / 8/7/6/5/4 and their modifications S and Plus.

iPhone is the accessory that provides endless possibilities of communication, while being a stylish gadget that emphasizes the excellent taste of the user. Every day people spend a lot of time texting with each other, calling, surfing the Internet.

The smartphone has taken a big place in human life. It is all the more offensive when the device malfunctions during operation. Serious Malfunction. iPhone shuts down by itself. During an important conversation or correspondence, the device may simply go out, causing a lot of negative emotions. There are several reasons and ways to fix the trouble. Let’s consider each separately.

How to fix

If the loop contacts are broken, you should contact the service center. it’s good if the warranty on the iPhone is still valid. An independent unskilled solution to the problem is fraught with more disastrous consequences.

When a non-original battery is used, the way out of the situation is simple. change to a certified one. Just first you need to find out the power that the phone consumes, and then purchase the appropriate battery.

When the battery is faulty or has worked out, then we proceed in the same way as in the previous method. we buy a suitable original battery. There is one important point here. Replacing the iPhone battery is not an easy process. You can find a lot of instructions on this topic on the Internet. But in reality, sometimes everything is different. In addition to skills (or at least experience), the user will need a special tool. Its cost varies. It will be easier to immediately refer the iPhone to specialists who will quickly change the battery for a modest fee.

Operating system errors

iPhone, like any modern device, has many functions. One of them is direct interaction with the components of the phone. This is done by reading information from certain sensors. But this function does not always play into the hands of the owner. Some software bugs cause iPhone to turn off on its own when fully charged.

How to fix the situation

The first and easiest option is to completely reboot the device. To do this, you need to simultaneously hold down the power and Home buttons. They should be held in this position for at least 15 seconds. If the restart is successful, the manufacturer’s logo will appear on the display.

It happens that the charging indicator is faulty. It has already been noted that the system works with iron in complete symBIOSis. There is an error in which, despite the fact that the battery is charged, the corresponding indicator shows “0”. The system immediately reacts to this by turning off the phone. The fix is ​​easy:

Another way to deal with errors is to restore the operating system. The process is carried out through the iTunes program (any user of Apple devices has it). Then we get a completely “clean” gadget with the newest (available) operating system. Before restoring, in order to avoid the loss of important information, you should make a backup copy of the data in the same iTunes or save it on the iCloud cloud server.

Conflicting Applications

There are applications that, when activated, conflict with the operating system. This is caused by the incompatibility of the program and the IOS version, the result of which is the shutdown of the device. There are two ways out of the situation.

Some programs require additional hard disk space. An example would be a photo editor that processes an image, saving the result separately, without touching the original. When there is not enough memory, the system can react by turning off the phone. Exit: free up hard disk space or not use the application.

iPhone may shutdown due to processor overload caused by a large number of concurrent applications. The component is overheating and to protect it, the operating system gives a command to shutdown.

The Apple lights up and the iPhone turns off. what to do

The Apple lights up on the iPhone, after which the smartphone turns off. the wording of one of the most common iPhone problems. It can appear really suddenly. Many users who have encountered a problem say on our forum that their smartphones turned into “brick” after making a call, removing some applications from the device or other very standard actions. Whatever reason brings your iPhone to a similar state, this guide will help you solve the problem.

The Apple lights up and the iPhone turns off. what to do

Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and launch iTunes. Make sure iTunes is up to date. You can check for iTunes updates on Windows by going to Help → Updates, on a Mac, from the Updates tab in the Mac App Store. You can download the current version of iTunes on the official Apple website.

Press and hold the Home and Power buttons on iPhone at the same time for 10 seconds.

Then release the Power button and continue to hold the Home button until iTunes detects the device in recovery mode (about 10 seconds).

In iTunes, click “Restore iPhone” and confirm to start the restore. Important! All media and other device data will be erased. The iPhone will also have the latest iOS version for your device.

In the window that opens, click “Next” and “Agree”.

Note that initially iTunes will download the version of iOS required for the device from Apple servers, and only after that the recovery will begin. You can track the progress of the firmware download by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of iTunes.

It should also be emphasized that after connecting the iPhone to iTunes in DFU mode, nothing will be displayed on the smartphone screen. And only when iTunes downloads the firmware and starts direct recovery, the progress bar will appear on the iPhone display.

After successfully restoring the iPhone, all that remains is to make the initial setup and start using the device.

What to do if iTunes does not detect iPhone in DFU mode

There are several reasons why iTunes may not detect the iPhone in DFU mode, ranging from an old version of iTunes to a technical malfunction. Before going to a service center or starting repairs on your own, it is recommended to check the integrity of the USB cable and USB port. Ideally, you can try to connect iPhone to iTunes on another computer using a work cable.

Also, the problem might be an iTunes error. In this case, iTunes must be reinstalled, but do it correctly by removing the program components in the following order:

  • iTunes.
  • Apple Software Update.
  • Apple Mobile Device Support.
  • Bonjour.
  • Apple Application Support (32-bit).
  • Apple Application Support (64-bit).

An extensive guide on how to properly reinstall iTunes is available here.

If nothing helps to determine the iPhone in iTunes in DFU mode, then there is a high probability of a technical problem. In most cases, the battery is the culprit, and after replacing it, the iPhone starts to function normally again. For detailed instructions on how to change the battery yourself on various iPhone models, visit our website:

But be warned, there may be a problem with other iPhone components, so the best way out of this situation is to go to a service center.

How is iPhone XR repaired??

The repair technology and the use of certain techniques depend on the type of breakdown. For example, if the iPhone XR does not turn off with the side button, then most likely the problem is with it. To do this, the master will disassemble and replace it.

If the smartphone freezes and does not turn off, then you will have to do it forcibly. To do this, the master will disassemble the case and disconnect the battery, because when it hangs, no buttons respond to pressing.

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After the phone is turned off, the specialist, by pressing and holding certain buttons, will transfer the smartphone to the service mode, from which you can reset to factory settings. It is important to know that if your data has not been saved in the cloud, then it will be lost.

IPhone XR won’t turn on

Quite often, after a certain period of operation of an Apple smartphone, various problems begin to arise with it, expressed by various defects. For example, it may turn out that one day the iPhone XR does not turn on.

What could be the reason for this phenomenon and how to eliminate it. The main thing is, do not rush to try to carry out repairs yourself, because you can easily introduce additional breakdowns, for the elimination of which you will have to pay.

If a problem occurs, the first thing to do is contact the services of our service center. We have been servicing smartphones of this brand for a long time, so we guarantee all our customers high quality, reliability and durability of the device after our intervention.

Why iPhone XR won’t turn on?

To find out why the iPhone XR has turned off and no longer wants to turn back on, you need to run a detailed device diagnosis. This can only be done by our experienced professional. As for the reasons, over the entire period of repairing these smartphones, a variety of situations arose in our workshop. The most common are:

Why is it better to turn to the services of a professional workshop?

If your iPhone XR has turned off and won’t turn on or off, don’t rush to tamper with your phone, because you can easily damage some parts. For example, the same building. Who therefore will be pleased to use a crumpled phone.

If you decide to carry out the repair yourself, then consider the following points:

Considering that there can be many reasons for smartphone breakdowns when it does not turn on or off, the wizard will first of all perform diagnostics. It will allow you to exclude unnecessary actions that will not lead to a positive result. Usually, after carrying out diagnostics, our master finds a specific reason, after which he performs a high-quality repair.

Sometimes there are situations when some parts are not in stock. In this case, you will have to wait some time. If, in the course of diagnostics, it turns out that an expensive part needs to be replaced, then before performing the repair, the master will definitely contact the client and inform him about the upcoming waste.

If you decide to repair the iPhone XR yourself, which turned off and does not turn on, then you can always contact our specialist for advice. He will be happy to explain all the subtleties of the process and point out the pitfalls that you may encounter during the repair process.

If you have any problems, then contact us at any convenient time. In this case, it is not at all necessary to go to us, because our courier will independently come to you and pick up the device for repair. After, he will bring and carry out the calculation on the spot.

We take inexpensively, carry out high-quality repairs and provide extensive advice on any issues.

Why iPhone turns off by itself and how to fix it?

Greetings! iPhone, like any other technically complex device, is prone to breakage. Yes, yes, there are no perfect gadgets (this is news!) And a smartphone from Apple is no exception to this rule. One of the most common ailments is that the iPhone turns off on its own for no reason. That is, there seems to be charging, in general everything is working fine, and sometimes he will take it and turn off. over, these “tricks” occur periodically and often enough!

Now we will find out about the reasons for such a breakdown, as well as whether it is inherently a defect (and in some cases everything is logical and more or less normal). And of course, we will find out what can be done with the iPhone that is constantly turning off at home, without visiting the service center (we always have time to go there!).

So why the situation arises when the iPhone turns off by itself:

  • Spontaneous reboots may be due to software issues. For example, if you have a beta version of the iOS operating system or its jailbreak, you should not be surprised at periodic shutdowns. Although these options do not only happen in these cases.
  • If this happens on the street in the cold season, then this is just the case when turning off the iPhone (even if there is still a charge) is quite a logical phenomenon. Read more about how to help the battery in cold weather.
  • Iron problems. In 95% percent of cases, this is either a battery or a power controller. For a start, it would be nice to find out more information about the battery. to find out how many recharge cycles have already taken place, the actual capacity, etc. We check the battery of our iPhone and if it is completely bad, then a replacement is inevitable.

This is essentially all that iPhone can upset you with intermittent shutdowns.

Let’s take a look at the steps that need to be performed in order to fix this ailment and the iPhone stopped, for no reason, turning off by itself:

  • The best way to deal with various software errors leading to reboots is by using iTunes recovery. As a result, we get a “clean” device with the latest current firmware. If you have important data on your smartphone, do not forget to create a copy of it in iTunes or save it to iCloud.
  • It is possible that the iPhone simply cannot turn on. the screen lights up and the device itself turns off immediately. Be aware that simply plugging into an outlet will not save him. Read here on what to do in such cases.
  • A hard reboot might help! At the same time, we hold down two buttons. Home (round under the screen) and Power (on) and hold them for 10-15 seconds before the screen lights up. Updated! This combination does not work for all models. here is an article with up-to-date information on how to force restart any iPhone. There is no need to worry about your data, with this manipulation they will not be lost.
  • As I already said, if the problem is “iron”, then in most cases the battery or loop is to blame and they need to be changed. If you do not have sufficient skills and experience in repair, we contact the service.
  • By the way, if a few more problems are added to the shutdown. a blue screen, various stripes on the display, then the problem can be somewhat more difficult than a simple battery replacement. Microcracks on the board and other terrible things are possible. Here you definitely need to be diagnosed. Although. read about the iPhone blue screen of death, there are some smart ideas for dealing with this and other ailments.

As we found out, there are only two “global” reasons why the iPhone turns off by itself (we will not consider a special case with use in the cold season). these are either numerous software glitches, or all kinds of problems with the hardware inside the gadget.

And if you can and should fight the first on your own, then in case of any breakdowns it is better to contact the professionals and visit the official Apple service center. Especially if you know for sure that warranty service is available for your device and its period has not yet expired.

What to do if iPhone is frozen

Freezing is a problem that any computer hardware faces. At some point, one of the programs begins to behave incorrectly or conflicts with another program, and as a result, the entire device is inoperative. This situation is called freezing.

iPhone is also prone to this issue and may freeze from time to time. Usually, when the iPhone freezes, it refuses to turn off or restart, which confuses the user. Most often old models freeze, such as iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and 6. But sometimes even iPhone 6s and 7 users face freezes.

If you find yourself in such a situation, then this material should help you, here you will learn what to do if your iPhone is frozen.

iPhone frozen and won’t turn off or restart

Usually, if the iPhone freezes, users try to turn it off or restart using the standard procedure, namely by long pressing the Power / Lock button. Unfortunately, in most cases, when the iPhone freezes, this shutdown method does not work. iPhone keeps running and running frozen applications no matter how long the user presses the power button.

But, the iPhone has an alternative shutdown method that bypasses the iOS operating system. Due to this, this shutdown method works even on tightly frozen devices. The method consists in simultaneously pressing the Home button and the Power / Lock button.

The Home and Power buttons must be pressed simultaneously and held until the frozen iPhone turns off. After turning off, you need to wait a few seconds and make a short single press on the power button. After that, the iPhone will turn on and start working normally.

It should be noted that the key combination “Home Power” is also responsible for taking a screenshot. But, to get a screenshot on these keys, you need to press literally for 1 second, if you hold the keys longer, then the anti-freeze protection will work and the iPhone will reboot.

If you have an iPhone X or newer, then you need to use the new reboot method.

iPhone freezes when turned on

Pressing the Power Home buttons at the same time allows you to turn the device off and on in any situation. However, this procedure does not guarantee that the iPhone will not freeze again during the startup process.

If your iPhone freezes before the device is fully loaded, then you can use the recovery mode called “Recovery Mode”. With it, you can restore your iPhone to its original state and bring it back to life. But, it should be borne in mind that this procedure is equivalent to a factory reset and leads to the deletion of all user data.

In order to enter Recovery Mode on iPhone and perform recovery, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off your iPhone and wait a couple of minutes for all programs to finish their work. If the iPhone does not turn off in the standard way, then you can resort to the combination “Turn on Home” described above.
  • Then you need to press the “Home” button and without releasing it, connect the iPhone to the computer via the Lightning cable.
  • Once connected, continue to hold the Home button until the iTunes logo and cable image appears on the iPhone.
  • Now you need to release the Home button and start iTunes on your computer.
  • In the iTunes program, you need to go to the iPhone settings and click on the “Restore iPhone” button.
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Thus, you can solve the problem with the iPhone freezing during startup, but, as already mentioned, for this you will need to donate all user files. You can read more about Recovery Mode in our article on resetting iPad to factory settings.

Also on Apple devices there is a so-called DFU mode or Device Firmware Update. If recovery mode does not help, then you can try to enter iPhone into DFU mode and try recovery again.

Force restart (before iPhone 7 and after iPhone 7)

Standard shutdown and forced reboot are not exactly the same concepts. To turn the device off, just hold down the “Power” button. To forcibly restart the device, you need to hold down two to three keys at the same time. This is the most effective way to resolve the error, especially if the screen is not responding to finger taps. Let’s analyze this method for three types of gadget models, because they differ from each other.

iphone, turn

For iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, and SE: Press the Mechanical Home and Lock key simultaneously until the screen goes blank. Then the Apple logo should appear and the phone will turn on. If the logo does not appear, then press the lock key once.

For iPhone 7 and up. Starting from the 7th generation, the mechanical Home key was replaced with a touch-sensitive one, and in X and above, Apple completely removed the recognizable button. If the operating system is not responding, then the touch key will also not work. How do you do an emergency reboot? Hold the lock and the volume down button and do not release it for 5-6 seconds until the screen goes out. After that, the logo will appear and the iPhone should work without interruption.

For models 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS: first, hold and release the upper volume button, then repeat the action with the decrease key, then hold the lock button until the Apple logo appears.

What to do if iPhone is frozen

Gadget freezing is a very common phenomenon that occurs with almost every mobile and computer equipment. At a certain period of time, the device slows down, freezes at the same moment, does not turn on, and, in general, behaves incorrectly. As a result of a conflict with an application or problems at the system level, the device freezes, does not respond to pressing mechanical buttons (“Home” or “Lock”) and touching the display with your fingers. Apple products are no exception. The user has encountered this at least once.

My iPhone XS, XS Max, Or XR Won’t Turn Off. Here’s The Fix!

Naturally, the reasons for freezing can be different. from software problems to physical damage. In the material of this article, we will analyze all the possible reasons for freezing and show you how to urgently “revive” the iPhone. The instruction is suitable for any current iPhone models.

Resetting all information

The most drastic method is to erase all data. If you cannot guess for sure which file, application, or something else caused the freeze, then it is better to clean up the device. You can always load data from a backup. We recommend that you restore not the latest version, because several backups are usually stored in memory. In any case, at least partial data loss cannot be avoided.

If the iPhone is frozen and does not respond to finger gestures, then the device will have to be connected to the computer and use iTunes. Do the following:

  • After the gadget is connected to the PC via a USB cable, iTunes should start automatically. If it doesn’t, run the utility manually. If the application does not recognize your device, perform a forced restart (the procedure is described above, you do not need to disconnect the device from the computer);
  • Select the connected device and put it in DFU mode (how to do this is also described above);
  • Next, find the “Browse” tab and select the “Restore (gadget model)” action;
  • Confirm the action by choosing “Restore” again. Wait for the end of the action;
  • After the device has been reset to factory settings, it will start to reboot. iPhone will offer to restore the backup (remind you that it is better not to choose the most recent from the list) or create a new Apple ID account, setting up the device as new.

Factory reset on iPhone

If you are unable to identify a program, file, changed setting, or service causing the freeze, then try resetting the settings to factory defaults. This does not in any way imply the deletion of all information. just the parameters you have set will become standard. So you can easily eliminate the cause of the lags, and besides, it is done very quickly.

Nevertheless, there is a significant disadvantage. if you have been delving into Universal Access for a long time, customizing a gadget for yourself or exhaustedly putting a custom ringtone, then all this will naturally be reset. You will also have to enter the password for the wireless Internet Wi-Fi network. Save important parameters in advance by taking screenshots.

To reset to factory settings, go to “Settings”, then open “General”, select “Reset” and click on “Reset all settings.

Hanging problem in application

If, when you launch any installed program from the App Store, the phone hangs and / or after some actions the application crashes, then the matter is definitely in it, and not in the system. In this case, it is enough to delete the downloaded program and not use it again.

What if the freezing application is the standard Safari browser, mail or other programs that cannot be removed? Launch “Settings” on your device, then select the application that hangs when interacting. If you have changed some settings recently, then it is better to return everything to the previous parameters. For example, for the Safari browser, you can clear the search history and the cache saved there (it is better to do this periodically, since the memory is clogged with unnecessary files). To do this, select in the list “Clear history and site data”.

If the mail hangs, log out and log in again with your correct username and password. Most of the time this helps.

Reboot to Normal (before iPhone 7 and after iPhone 7)

The easiest method is to try restarting your iPhone by manually turning off and on the gadget. We recommend that you try to reboot your iPhone as usual before proceeding with other methods.

For iPhone 4th generation through 8 models: Simply hold down the Power button until “Power Off” and below “Cancel” appear. Touch the top strip with the red off symbol icon, and without releasing your finger, swipe the screen all the way. After that, the device will turn off. Wait until the display is completely off. Then hold the power key again (no more than 10 seconds) until the corporate logo in the form of an Apple appears. The smartphone will start to boot and should work normally.

For iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, and more: Press the lock key (located on the right) and the lower volume button (on the left) at the same time. In the same way, slide your finger across the screen as described above. Follow the same instructions.

Reboot without button

Some functions of the iPhone can be controlled through the virtual button located on the home screen and the lock. In this case, interaction with mechanical keys is not required. Apple has made sure that, in the event of a malfunction of the mechanical controls, you can control the device with gestures. This is especially true if one of the main or side buttons is broken.

The function responsible for this is called “Assistive Touch”. It is an icon that does not interfere with your work, which is always at hand. Allows you to assign multiple gestures, including bind the lock key to restart. To activate the function, do the following:

  • Launch “Settings”, go to “General”;
  • Next, select the “Universal Access” tab;
  • Find the “Interaction” section in the list below. Tap Assistive Touch directly below it;
  • Move the checkbox on the function name with a swipe to the right;
  • It is not necessary to assign a key that will be responsible for the mechanical lock button. Just click on the icon that appears in the corner;
  • In the new menu, select “Device”, then find “Screen lock” and hold this function until the screen darkens and the inscription “Turn off” appears on top.

In order to restart the iPhone with a faulty mechanical lock key, it is enough to connect the gadget to the computer via USB. The smartphone will start on its own.

This method is only suitable for those users whose touchpad is working properly and is not damaged.

What to do if iPhone X won’t turn on?

Even the happy owners of brand new iPhones are not immune to minor disappointments. But the biggest fear is caused by serious technical failures in the operation of the smartphone. If the iPhone X does not turn on or it restarts spontaneously, do not panic right away. Most problems are resolved without the intervention of the wizard.

How does the problem manifest

Before restarting your smartphone, you need to correctly assess the problem and understand its causes.

  • The battery icon is not displayed. Applicable if the smartphone is dead and you connected it to the network while it is off.
  • Loading stopped at the logo. This problem occurs in beta software.
  • Display stays dark or black, but sounds and vibrations are heard.
  • Touch ID screen not responding to touch.
  • Volume up buttons pressed but not working for no apparent reason.

First Aid for iPhone 10. Restart. Just do not immediately press all the buttons and take out your anger at an innocent device, exhale and perform a number of simple operations.

Check charge

In Russian climatic conditions, a common reason is subzero temperatures. The cold negatively affects the operation of the smartphone, in winter it discharges faster than in the warm season.

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Therefore, the first steps if the iPhone 10 does not turn on is to check if the device is charged. Connect the gadget to the network, within 10-20 minutes a charge level indication appears on the screen. If it doesn’t, consider other fixes.

Flashing and data recovery

It happens that the described measures do not bring results, or the device turned on, but it does not work correctly, turns off spontaneously, or freezes. A flashing or software change is required. The service is available in the service, but it is easier to remember and perform all the actions yourself.

Unlike updating, flashing is done via iTunes. The procedure restores the original factory settings, but all files and content are deleted.

  • Open the latest version of iTunes on the computer, connect the device, wait for it to be displayed in a special screen.
  • Download the software file to your computer.
  • Go to the page where the information is displayed, select a smartphone, click on the “Restore” button.
  • In the field that appears, select the software file with the resolution “.ipsw”, open.

The program will automatically remove the old firmware and replace it with the new one.


The main problem when the smartphone freezes is the loss of internal information, files, content. To avoid unpleasant consequences, you should carefully reboot the device and determine the cause of the problem.

  • The smartphone is dead. Put it on charge, if nothing is displayed on the screen for 20-30 minutes, check the USB cable connection. Please note that in winter the battery runs out of power quickly, loses power, and you might not notice a quick discharge.
  • Check the connectors for breaks, damage, or clogged holes with dirt.
  • Liquid penetration into the housing.
  • Mechanical damage when hitting a hard surface.
  • Non-original software or incorrect installation.

The latter reason is relevant in the case of using a firmware that has not yet been tested or downloading from unverified sources.

Force reboot

If you do not want to lose important information, take care of archiving it in advance. To create copies of data, the iCloud program is used: when creating or opening a file, select the iCloud key and “Save As”.

  • Using a USB cable, connect the device to your computer, go to iTunes.
  • Press, hold, and then release the volume up key until the recovery screen starts. Do not under any circumstances dwell on the Apple logo, otherwise the reboot will not be completed.
  • iTunes will offer a choice of actions: “update” or “restore”. Choose update, in this case all information from the folders will be saved unchanged.

Wait until the procedure is complete, if something went wrong, follow the same steps again. As a result, you should see the familiar iPhone 10 lock screen. If this does not happen, you will have to contact a workshop or Apple service. The manufacturer only undertakes repairs if the operating conditions are met.

ReiBoot program

Most iPhone X problems are caused by improper use. Apple has researched this issue and created a special program called ReiBoot. An application, a kind of ambulance for a smartphone. Used if it was not possible to reboot the device using iTunes.

The program is free, works with iOS of different generations. You need to download ReiBoot to your computer, connect the gadget and select “restore” in the menu item. Paid functions are available: search and solution of problems during software installation, cleaning, optimization, restoration of backups.

ReiBoot. does not solve all problems, if the cause of the malfunction is related to hardware breakdowns, exposure to water or mechanical damage, you will have to contact the service.


All reasons can be conditionally divided into software (they can often be solved on their own) and hardware (this is more difficult, most likely you will have to make repairs in a service center or even change the iPhone).

Software problems most often occur when downloading and installing updates. Many users ignore the manufacturer’s recommendation to update all applications involved in order to minimize the occurrence of errors. In case of problems with installation, the smartphone does not respond to pressing the home or power button, switches off spontaneously, and hangs on the “eternal Apple”. Sometimes it happens that the iPhone freezes during the boot phase after being able to turn it off.

The first thing to do in such cases is to try to turn it off in the standard way. by pressing power and sliding the slide to the left. If the iPhone does not respond to this command, read on.

Among the hardware reasons why the shutdown button does not respond is mechanical damage. They can be caused by the fall of the device, penetration of liquid under the case. Dirt trapped inside can cause sticking, locking the button. In all these cases, you will probably have to disassemble the smartphone and make serious repairs.

However, more often than not, the iPhone does not turn off due to the connecting cable moving away from the power button, and the system simply does not respond to pressing. Mostly this comes from falls. Sometimes the loop contacts simply oxidize. due to being in humid rooms, or from condensation that occurs inside during a sharp temperature drop (for example, when moving from a warm room to frost under.20˚).

To exclude possible wetting yourself, check the indicator specially provided for this. It is located inside the nano-SIM card slot.If it turns red, it means that moisture has penetrated inside, and you should prepare for repair at your own expense.

It happens that the iPhone does not respond to any pressing, due to the excessive agility of the owner, “clicking” on all buttons in a row, just to complete the current process as quickly as possible. And the smartphone at this moment simply depended on the abundance of incoming commands. Quietly wait until all running processes are finished and try again.

What to do if you can’t turn off your iPhone

There are often situations when you need to turn off your iPhone, on an airplane, for example. However, sometimes for some reason it is not possible to perform this simple operation. When the iPhone does not respond to the habitual pressing of the power button, the screen freezes on an Apple, then most likely it requires your urgent intervention. Unfortunately, sooner or later this happens with almost every smartphone. What to do in situations like this?

First, you need to figure out what could affect the incorrect operation of the power button, whether there were any drops, wet or system updates before.


If you encounter any software problems, as mentioned above, we recommend that you reboot. This alone is enough to solve the lion’s share of problems.

To start it, press and hold the shutdown button until the following menu appears on the screen. If the iPhone does not respond in any way, and hangs in a loop after updating the firmware, or as they say “in an eternal Apple”, we recommend performing a harder forced To perform it, press, holding for at least ten seconds, two buttons simultaneously. home and power, until the display shows the “negative” of the previous screen, which appears in a black Apple on a white background.
After that, the iPhone should start normally from any state, and you can now turn it off normally.

Although the manufacturer recommends doing the last operation as rarely as possible, it does not pose any threat to the data on the iPhone. everything will remain in place. Only the operating system suffers greatly. the load on the processor increases noticeably, so you shouldn’t abuse it.

If the problem occurs after the update, or the phone freezes during installation, then you will have to repeat the whole process again by performing a hard reboot and performing a system restore. And this time, after flashing, personal data on the iPhone will be deleted. Therefore, always create backups to be able to restore them after unexpected failures.

The shutdown button is broken

But what if everything is in order with the software, but the on / off button does not work (fuse, stuck or deformed)? There is another alternative way by which you can turn off the smartphone (the main thing is that it does not freeze before that), even when the power key is broken.

It implies the inclusion of the built-in AssistiveTouch option, which will allow you to control the iPhone only by using the touch display. To activate this service, find in the settings menu, in the General subsection, the Universal access tab. in it you will find the AssistiveTouch item. Or, alternatively, just ask Siri to turn it on, since she has long “learned” to understand Russian.

After activation, the corresponding launch icon will appear on the home screen, somewhat similar to the home button. When you click on it, the control menu drops out. To turn it off, we need an icon in the form of an iPhone, with the signature Device (or device). Tap on it and select the item. lock the screen. Although it is responsible for blocking, if you press it for a long time, it initiates a shutdown, so press and hold it until the standard shutdown prompt appears. To then turn on the phone with an inoperative power button, just connect it to the computer with a cable. This will force the system to start. For some time (before contacting a specialized service center), it is quite possible to endure temporary inconveniences due to broken control keys. But still, you should not postpone the repair for a long time, so that later it will not cost much more.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to cope with some iPhone problems on your own when it hangs on an Apple and does not respond to any requests. Even if now everything is in order for you, it will not be superfluous to study this topic, so that in case of unforeseen failures, be fully armed.

If our advice did not help, then the problem is more serious and requires the attention of a specialized specialist. It is possible that the existing defect is a warranty case, and the smartphone must be replaced with a new one.

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