iPhone XR is waterproof or not

Is it possible to shoot video underwater

If you submerge your iPhone 10 in water and shoot a video, then most likely nothing will happen to it. However, this is not recommended, since the protection of the iPhone X in the form of the IP67 standard is provided by the developer in order to protect the gadget in the event of force majeure. It does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the device after immersion in the aquatic environment.

Also, the touchpad will not work underwater. For those who still dare to take video with the iPhone X underwater, you will have to turn on the camera before diving. Instead of a sensor, you can use the volume button.

iPhone X is waterproof or not?

Ever since the iPhone X was released, it continues to be tested for durability and durability, coming up with new tests and tests. Advertising posters and videos showcase the latest smartphone in splashes of water, hinting at the water resistance of the glass case.

IPhone X water resistance rating

According to the official information provided on the Apple website, the iPhone 10 is water and dust resistant, the degree of which is expressed in the IP67 index. What does this mean and which term is best applied to the iPhone X: water resistance or water resistance?

According to the international classification system that determines the degree of protection of the enclosure of devices. IPXX (Ingress Protection) indicates the level of protection of the enclosure against water and dust penetration. The first digit X. characterizes the parameter of protection against the ingress of solid objects (including dust), and the second. from water, moisture. In the IP67 index for iPhone 10, the number 7 means that the device will withstand a short immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter. It is not assumed that:

  • IPhone Functioning Underwater.
  • Long stay in water.
  • Diving deeper than 1 m.
  • Hot water jet exposure.

It is worth noting that “7” is not the coolest indicator of the degree of protection. Most of the flagships based on Android are certified IP68, which makes them more resistant to moisture.

Protection against moisture penetration is provided by a sealed rubber frame located along the perimeter inside the case. However, the material wears out over time, and the rubber plugs gradually lose their properties after moisture ingress.

From the above, it follows that the iPhone 10 is water resistant, not water resistant. He is not afraid of falling into a vessel with water, drops or jets on the body. However, if you dive into the pool with it, then under the pressure of the water, the protective mechanisms are likely to collapse. It is also recommended to avoid contact with salt or soapy water, tea and other liquids that could damage the rubber components of the protector. If this happens, then rinse the iPhone with clean water, wipe it with a soft cloth and leave to dry for a couple of hours. Refrain from charging the device after exposure to a humid environment until it dries completely.

Is breakage due to water covered by the warranty?

There are many videos and life hacks posted on the Internet offering to make sure whether the iPhone 10 is waterproof or not. For fans of experiments and underwater photography, it will be useful to know that if the cause of the breakdown of the iPhone X, as well as of the gadget of another generation, is the penetration of moisture or water, then it will not be repaired under warranty. This is clearly spelled out on the official Apple Internet resource.

This means that the iPhone owner will have to pay for fixing the problem from his own wallet.

What does the IP68 standard mean??

Smartphone makers are talking about this standard less and less when presenting new devices, and for good reason. The fact is that according to the IPM classification (International Protection Marking, International Protection Marking) IP68 is the penultimate in the list of possible protection levels, and the next (IP69) already implies the possibility of exposing the device to high-temperature water jets under high pressure. Consequently, marketers cannot draw a new label on the box every year, which means that much attention is not paid to this issue.

So, in the IP68 marking there are two numbers, the first of which (“6”) means complete protection against dust getting inside the case, and the second (“8”) indicates the possibility of immersing the device in fresh water to a depth of 1 meter for a period of up to 30 minutes.

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Do I need to protect my smartphone from water and dust?

It may seem strange, but many users do not consider dust and moisture protection of the case to be an important advantage over devices that do not have it. Say, not in the pool with a smartphone to swim. In fact, the iPhone can always be dropped, if not into the pool, then into the toilet, a puddle or snow, not to mention the fact that you can “light up” the moisture level sensor of an unprotected smartphone just by falling into a rainstorm. Therefore, when it comes to modern premium-segment devices with a price tag of over500, good moisture resistance should be considered not desirable, but a mandatory attribute.

Water resistance of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro: can you shoot underwater and swim?

One of the imperceptible, at first glance, but rather important in practice improvements of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max is an increased degree of protection against the ingress of microparticles and water. Despite the unchanged IP68 marking, in fact, the iPhone 11 is better protected and can withstand more aggressive environmental influences.

iPhone XR and XS extreme water test

How the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are actually protected from water?

It is known that Apple is always reinsured and indicates the minimum values ​​in various warnings, while they can differ significantly from the critical ones. That is, if the description for the device says that it can be immersed in water to a depth of 4 meters, then, most likely, in fact nothing will happen to it at either 8 or 12 meters deep. Nevertheless, it is definitely not worth conducting such experiments.

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have a maximum long dive depth of four meters, while the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are only capped at two meters.

Similarly, the iPhone 11 can float twice as deep (two meters) and therefore withstand higher pressure than the iPhone XR, which was IP67 protected (one meter for 30 minutes).

And if the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro breaks after water, is the Apple warranty still valid?

No, alas, it does not work. If you still manage to drown your gadget or disable it by getting liquid inside the case, then for the company such an iPhone will be considered irretrievably damaged through the fault of the user and not subject to repair (unless you can prove that moisture protection was violated due to factory defect in production).

Please note that after unintentionally bathing the iPhone, it will not be superfluous to additionally rinse the smartphone with clean running water. Many user complaints are related to problems with the iPhone after contact with the liquid, when in fact the problem lies in other substances that this liquid contained. For example, if you drop your smartphone into a pool of chlorinated water, after drying, the particles of the chemical may remain on the speakers and noticeably distort the sound.

One moment!

Even with improved water resistance capabilities, Apple’s standard warranty still does not include any damage from liquids. This means that if you do manage to get your iPhone wet, the company will not repair or replace the device under warranty. Therefore, you will have to pay for the repair yourself. But still, if you live in the USA or Europe, then there is a high probability that Apple will replace your iPhone XS.

Water resistance in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max: it really is?

The iPhone XS and XS Max presented the other day have smashed all popular smartphones! They got IP68 certification. What does this really mean? Read more below!

The design of the new XS and XS Max line of smartphones is based on the style of the iPhone X, but they received one key difference: improved IP rating. Unlike the IP67 certification of the iPhone X, the two new iPhones received one more unit. IP68, which is conceptually reflected in the technical characteristics of new smartphones, and of course, at their price. What does this certification mean? How is it useful for modern electronics? Does this mean the new iPhones are waterproof? Let’s consider in more detail.

IP68 water resistance for iPhone XS

From the beginning, let’s understand what is the IP68 certification for the XS smartphone. IP to “IP68”. it is Ingress Protection (“protection from penetration”. Google translator), and “68”. digital expression of the level of sustainability. Currently IP68. this is the highest certification class found in consumer devices.

Each digit in the IP68 certification has a specific meaning and bears characteristic indicators. The number “6” in IP68 means protection against dust ingress, and “8”. from liquid. Both phones have improved levels of protection, making the iPhone XS and XS Max arguably the best dust and water resistant smartphones available today. IPhone XS is more IP68 certified than any other featured device with the same level of protection, so waterproof cases are no longer needed.

Why iPhone XS IP68 Certification Is Better Than Galaxy S9 IP68 Certification?

IP68 certification is the highest level of protection available for a consumer device, but this level is dependent on the OEM. original equipment manufacturer. Mostly OEMs offer 1 to 1.5 water ingress protection for 30 minutes for their IP68 certified devices. For example, Samsung Galaxy S9, S8 and Note 9 are also IP68 certified, which confirms their water resistance to a depth of 1.5m for 30 minutes. Apple developers claim that the IP68 in the iPhone XS and XS Max will protect phones from damage at a depth of 2 meters with a 30-minute dive. What’s more, they tested resistance capabilities to other liquids: tea, coffee, and even beer.


It’s worth noting that the iPhone’s water resistance level can decrease over time due to wear and tear. Plus, if you often submerge your phone under water, the liquid pressure will rupture the seal and damage the inside of your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. Frequent submersion will reduce the internal seal over time, ultimately resulting in an undesirable outcome under immense water pressure. Likewise, if the integrity of your iPhone XS is compromised by a drop or impact, it is best to avoid using your phone in water.

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Yes, the new iPhones definitely deserve respect and occupy a high position in the consumer market. But it is recommended that you do not test the strength of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max once again, avoiding any contact of the phone with liquids. So put your iPhone in a new case and keep it out of the water!

What for? iPhone XR is worse than “ten”! (not)

Yes, technically it is. If we take dry numbers, then in the top ten the screen is better, the weight is lighter and.

All. Otherwise, the iPhone XR is better, faster, more convenient; from processor to screen size.

Yes, compared to X, the screen of the iPhone XR has literally increased by a little bit, but reading books, watching videos, playing and surfing the Internet has become really more comfortable.

The dimensions of the iPhone XR are the same as the iPhone 8 plus. The difference is in the diagonal of the screen, which is much larger here.

There is no point in comparing the performance of smartphones. both the X and the iPhone XR work equally well. So no revelations here.

But what impressed me with the iPhone XR, and what became one of the decisive facts that influenced the decision to upgrade to it, is the screen.

Killer feature. My iPhone is bright scarlet without any cases

Color is missing from the boring whites and blacks of the iPhone XS, XS Max and X.

Rose gold does not count. for me this color stands next to white. It is not bright.

Holding all the colors in my hands, I chose red PRODUCT (RED). At this point, those who consider red to be “girlish” should urgently scroll down the rest of the article and immediately scribble a furious comment about my orientation.

For more sensible readers, I will say that the red color of Apple smartphones can by no means be considered feminine. This is a noble scarlet that looks harmonious in a man’s hand and turns a smartphone from a means of communication into a bright accessory.

I look forward to summer days, when in the sun my smartphone will literally burn in my hand.

Because of the color, I get used to carrying my iPhone XR without a case. It is sacrilege to hide such a body even in transparent “clothes”. Aluminum frames are moderately rough, until I dropped the gadget.

A separate plus. the frames are not scratched, unlike the polished iPhone X.

The iPhone XR’s screen is worse than the iPhone X. But that’s just in numbers.

Hatred. Hayterie. Contempt. These are the emotions that the iPhone XR collects, as soon as the review shows the comparative characteristics of its screen with the screens not only XS, XS Max and X, but also with the previous “pluses”.

Let me remind you that the iPhone XR has an LCD screen (as on the iPhone 8 and earlier), not OLED (as on the X / XS). Its resolution is 1792 × 828 pixels, which is less than even the iPhone Plus, with its screen of 1920 × 1080 pixels.

In simple words, the iPhone XR screen does not even reach Full HD, not to mention anything more. The same iPhone XS has a screen resolution of 2436 × 1125 pixels.

Everything, after this, the eyes become bloodshot, fists clench, and the negative towards the iPhone XR and personally Tim Cook begins to go off scale: he slipped us some kind of ugliness for big money, and not a screen.

After a year with the iPhone X, I picked up the iPhone XR and didn’t notice any difference in picture quality. No blood came out of the eyes, the pixels did not come out of all the cracks: a bright, clear screen with excellent color reproduction.

Yes, there is no 3D Touch, but yes, I did not use this feature of the OLED-screen in the “dozen”.

Really, the screen is great. No Full HD? Yes, if you really notice it personally, then you just have an eagle eye. Or are you just an xx fan.

iphone, waterproof

Apple iPhone XR Water Test

Camera. It’s better, albeit without optical zoom

If the nominal number of “eyes” is important to you, then alas. The iPhone XR really has one module less than the “dozen”.

If the quality of photos and videos is important to you, you will be surprised as much as I was: the camera in the iPhone XR perfectly photographs and shoots video in 4K.

I have already tested the camera of this smartphone, and among the pictures I inserted one frame taken on the iPhone X. You can look at the comments and make sure: no one guessed which one of all the pictures was taken on the iPhone X, and not on the iPhone XR.

Changed iPhone X to iPhone XR. Never been so wrong

I held on for a long time. When Apple showed new smartphones in September 2018, I held my top ten in my hand and felt completely at ease.

There was no desire to run after the new XS or XS Max, and even more so for the iPhone XR, for a number of reasons, which I shared in a separate article.

A week ago I swapped my black iPhone X for a red iPhone XR.

I’ve never been so wrong. iPhone XR is just beautiful

If you thought that this article would praise the iPhone X, then I have to disappoint you.

The iPhone XR turned out to be an excellent smartphone in all respects and makes me happy every day. I especially want to note the simply unkillable battery: on the weekend it was stuck in toys, since the screen is larger and it is more convenient to shoot enemies, constantly switching between the game, messengers, YouTube and Safari.

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That’s real, all day. Well, do you remember how it happens when you buy a new smartphone and do not let go of it for the first time?

So, the battery not only coped with such a load, but pleasantly surprised. I was already going to sleep, but the iPhone XR did not even hint at the small amount of charge: it was even possible not to put on the charge, the gadget would have survived until the morning without problems.

Let me remind you that the iPhone XR of any color costs from 59,990 rubles. for the version with 64 GB. For this money, you just get a great new iPhone.

The Truth About Iphone X Waterproofness

The flagship iPhone X is very different from its predecessors. the frames have become narrower, instead of the fingerprint scanner and the Home button, face recognition technology and gestures have appeared, allowing you to interact with the iOS operating system on a new and slightly more intuitive level. Even the display has acquired new technologies. But the protection against water for the iPhone has remained the same, and therefore it’s time to figure out whether it is worth worrying about Apple’s mobile technology during photo sessions at the bottom of the pool.?

Will the device survive submersion in water?

Immediately after its release, the iPhone X went from a hotly debated novelty with the innovative Face ID scanner and an emerging gesture system to the subject of endless stress tests. Apple’s novelty was dropped on the floor, frozen in the refrigerator and even boiled. The enthusiasts did not pass by the test for water resistance. the iPhone X repeatedly swam in pools, sank to the seabed and even had fun in the washing machine. And, oddly enough, the novelty coped with all the tests, and even with 100% efficiency. As noted by the experimenters from the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, the iPhone X is able to withstand immersion to a depth of 6 meters, and at the same time it is able to stay in the water for up to several hours in a row.

And, although the tests do not take into account the fact of gradual wear of the protection, the answer is obvious. an Apple smartphone is really capable of surviving falling into water, especially in cases where the owner does not abuse checks.

Does the breakdown from the ingress of water into the device belong to warranty cases??

The following information is listed on the official Apple website: “Damage to iPhone or iPod caused by contact with liquid is not covered by the limited one-year warranty.” As a result, when contacting the service immediately after a photo session under water, the likelihood of repairing for free is reduced to zero.

It will not work to deceive the technicians from the service, calling another reason for the breakdown. in the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, since 2008, special indicators have been installed that confirm the fact of contact with liquid. If the indicator looks the same as in the image above, then you should immediately forget about the guarantee.

Is it possible to shoot video underwater?

From a technical point of view, you can: iPhone X, according to the IP67 standard, is capable of withstanding a half-hour immersion in water to a depth of one meter. We are talking exclusively about clean flowing water. the photo shoot at the bottom of the sea will end for the iPhone X with a hit on the table of a surgeon technician from the Apple service. And therefore. is it worth the risk of expensive equipment, when it is much easier to use either special cameras or covers that protect against water with double strength??

iphone, waterproof

How the company provided protection

The way to protect the internal components of the iPhone X, the developers from Apple chose the standard one for IP67. a special sealed rubber frame is located around the perimeter of the case, which acts as a barrier that does not allow dust and moisture to pass through.

And, although the protection has already been tested by time (Apple has been introducing IP67 technology since the iPhone 7), it is worth remembering the natural wear and tear of the rubber frame components. With frequent contact with water, the protective mechanisms are destroyed and become unusable. As a result, do not deliberately immerse the iPhone in liquid (especially soda, tea or coffee)!

Is the iPhone X really waterproof?

Splash, water and dust resistance in Apple mobile devices first appeared in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in 2016. The degree of protection is IP67 according to the IEC 60529 standard. This combination is deciphered as follows. the technique will cope with immersion to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. After the “Seven”, the protection technology reached both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, and unchanged. the same standard, the same immersion depth, familiar indicators of life under water.

What to do if your phone falls into water

If your iPhone X hasn’t survived contact with water, liquids, or beverages and has stopped turning on, you should go straight to the emergency response procedure. It is recommended to immediately dry the smartphone (talking about paper napkins or a towel, not a hairdryer!), And then leave it alone for 3-4 hours. Next, you should hold down the power button located on the right side of the case until the Apple logo appears on the screen or at least a special notification reminding you of the need to recharge the battery. If notifications have appeared, you should count on the early return of the iPhone X to life. Alternatively, you will have to wait a couple more hours, and then try again.

In addition, it is worth remembering the use of cleaning agents and compressed air. both “components” of cleaning can disrupt the iPhone’s performance even more than salt water.